These are the angels of "Angeles", three beautiful women with dangerous pasts now fighting crime as private eyes for the mysterious, reclusive Charlie. At Angeles Investigaciones, in the not-so-peaceful coastal town of Costa Rosa, Adriana Vega (Patricia Manterola), Elena Sanchez (Sandra Vidal) and Gina Navarro (Magali Caicedo) at first have nothing in common except a passion for catching the bad guys. Strong women with special talents and hidden resources, they are forced to become a team, relying on their wits - and each other - if they are to survive their deadly adventures.

Against the sun-kissed backdrop of southern California, "Angeles" shatters Latin feminine stereotypes with a trio of smart, powerful women who know how to take control of a situation: Vega, an undercover chameleon with a talent for disguises and a chip on her shoulder after being thrown off the police force for exposing a band of rogue officers; Sanchez, a brilliant and elegant computer expert can hack into even the most top secret systems but won't reveal her own true name and identity, hiding from her past under the cover of cyberspace; and Navarro, an ex-cat burglar as out-spoken and sassy as they come.

Watching out for the angels is the brooding David Bose (Mauricio Mendoza), their sole link to the never-seen Charlie. These Angels have joined forces to fight crime as private eyes at "Angeles Investigations."

Angeles is the Spanish remake of the classic American series Charlie's Angles. Angeles which premeired on Telemundo on January 25, 1999. The first episode was a updated verison of Night of the Strangler and their second installment was Angels in Chains. The first year of Angeles finished with 13 epiosdes completed and a hopful return in the fall!

The series airs weekly:
Mondays at 8pm
Sundays at 10pm (EST/PST)

Season One
Episode Guide for "Angeles"!

#1 - Tragicamente a La Moda - The Angeles investigate the murder of a young model while posing as models themselves.
#2 - "Untitled" - Adriana, Elena and Gina go undercover to investigate the disappearance of a runaway girl.
#3 - Amor Perdido - Gina's old flame and former burglar partner shows up and reeks havoc on her life.
#4 - Quene Es El Blanco - Elena becomes the target of a shooter, who maybe connected to her FBI past.
#5 - Fantasmas En El Atardecer - The Angeles investigate strange occurrences at the mansion of a famous movie star. Guest Star: Angelica Aragon
#6 - Angeles Piedosos - Adriana poses as a nurse, Elena as a doctor and Gina as a homeless woman in ordered to investigate the disappearance of a friend of Gina's
#7 - Hasta Que LA Muerte Nos Separe - The Angeles are hired to protect a mob witness while attending the wedding of his daughter.
#8 - Double Peligro - The Angeles investigate the death of a wealthy businessman.
#9 - Se Solicita Unos Angeles - The Angeles receive gifts from a mysterious stranger who wants them to work for him.
#10 - Yo Mate Al Sheriff - The Angeles go undercover in a Stepford-type town in order to catch the killer of a local Sheriff.
#11 - Eternamente Angeles - Elena, Gina and David engage the help of a former Angel to help them catch a psychopathic killer. Guest Star: Daisy Fuentes
#12 - El Guerrero Negro - The Angeles investigate a terrorist organization.
#13 - Donde Esta Charlie? - The Angeles investigate the murder of a software magnate and encounter the biggest surprise of their careers.

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