Jackson, Ladd, Smith, Fawcett, DoyleSeason three begin with game of dice!  For the season premiere, Angels in Vegas,  the Angels took off to Las Vegas with guest star Dean Martin. Then Fawcett returned for three of her six guest appearance in  Angel Come Home, Mother Angel and Angel In A Box.  All four Angels  together at last!  

Ladd released her first self-titled LP, Cheryl Ladd. Her single release "Think It Over" made it into the American Top 40 and went to #1 - even beating Elton John!!

As rosy as everything appeared on the surface, there were some undermining problems that began to occur.  Jackson was offered the lead role in film Kramer vs. Kramer.   However, ABC was afraid that if she took the role, she wouldn't return back to the series.  (That role eventually went to Meryl Streep.)   Having  to turn it down formed a wedge between Jackson and the producers.   Then with trying dailogue and long hours on the set, she began to wear thin.  By the end of the season, she was let out of her contract.

Thus, once again, began a race to find Charlie's newest Angel.   But this time around, it would prove to be much more of a  difficult task, especially  since Jackson had been the "anchor" of the series.  Barbara Bach, Claudia Jennings, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kelly Derek (Bo's sister), and Connie Selleca, to name a few, were in the running.  Only one would win . . . who would it be?

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