2001 After Angels

Jackson, Hack, Roberts, Ladd, Smith, Fawcett, Doyle After the series ended, all six Angels went on with their careers.  Even with all their career highlights, they will always be best remembered as Jill Munroe, Sabrina Duncan, Kelly Garrett, Kris Munroe, Tiffany Welles and Julie Roberts - a part of the Charlie's crime fighting team.

In the fall of 1981, Charlie's Angels went into syndication.  Over the last 20  years, the show has aired in more than 90 counties and was  the first American TV show to air in Vietnam.  And now, it currently airs weekdays on TV Land

In more recent years, the Angels have had some notable reunions. . . . .

First was on October 12, 1990, on Larry King Live.  While Smith was being interviewed by King, Jackson called in and talked to her on the air.       

Then on March 17, 1992, on The People's Choice Awards.  Jackson, Smith and Ladd along with John Forsythe (Charlie) gave tribute to Aaron Spelling.  

In 1994,  Fawcett, Smith and Jackson posed together for a special photo spread in the 20th Anniversary issue of People Magazine (March 7 - 14, 1994).  Four years later, Fawcett, Smith and Jackson got together once again to pay homage to Spelling  for the All Star Party For Aaron Spelling on March 7, 1998.  This was the first time in 20 years that the three actresses had appeared together on TV. 

Followed by  Ladd and David Doyle being  interviewed on America After Hours on April 9, 1996.

Most recently, Hack and Forsythe hosted A&E's Angel Biography Week on October 30-Nov 3, 2000.   

And Jackson has been crusading for an "Internet" event to bring back original Angels.  There is no word when this event will take place. 


The Angels have also been "counterfeited"  . . . . . 

In 1988, Aaron Spelling began his search to find four new Angels for Angels '88, a new series for the Fox-TV network.  Even after the actresses had been cast, constant script problems prevented it from ever coming into fruition.  These poor Angels were never given the chance to fly. 

Eleven years later, in 1999 the Spanish network Telemundo re-created the series.  Angeles used modernized versions of the original storylines used during the first season of Charlie's Angels.   After thirteen episode, and excess hype,  the plug was pulled on the series.  

Then in October 2000, Columbia Tri-Star Pictures brought the Angels to the mainstream with the theatrical release of Charlie's Angels.  The film  starred Drew Barrymore (Dylan), Cameron Diaz (Natalie) and Lucy Lui (Alex).  It also had John Forsythe reprising his role as the voice of Charlie.  Fawcett, Jackson and Smith  turned down $1 million each for cameoCharlie's 2000 Angels appearances in the  film.  Since it's October release, the film has made over $250,000,000+ and has became one of the top grossing films of  2000.

Do you think it's over yet?  Not by a long shot!  Columbia Tri-Star Pictures has given the green light for Charlie's Angels 2, which will be in theaters by the Fall of 2003. 

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