Charlie's Angels was the star vehicle for a budding actress Kate Jackson.  Jackson was on Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg's series The Rookies and now was to star in their newest creation Charlie's Angels. Jackson was instrumental with the basic creation of the series and even came up with the name Harry's Angels. Which was later changed to Charlie's Angels due to another series Harry O.

From 1976-1979, Jackson was the anchor of the series being pegged as the "smart angel."  In 1979, after having to turn down a role in the theatrical film Kramer vs. Kramer due to "conflicting" with her Angels schedule, Jackson decided to leave the series to pursue a film career.  After notable theatrical & TV movies Making Love, Dirty Trick, Listen To Your Heart, Thin Ice, Jackson returned back to TV in 1983 as the loveable Amanda King in the highly successful Scarecrow and Ms. King.   In 1995 she adopted her son, Charles Taylor Jackson.  Jackson continues to work in TV/films and has two new movies A Mother's Testimony and  Larceny. 

Before joining the cast of Charlie's Angels, Farrah Fawcett was best known as the bionic wife of  the Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors.  Fawcett had done several films Logan's Run, Myra Breckinridge, Love Is A Funny Thing, TV guest spots Swat, Apples Way, Marcus Welby  and even released a " Swimsuit" poster.  But once she became an Angel, her star status turned her into a phenomenon.  Every you looked  Fawcett was there - on magazine covers, toys, pillows, rugs, bean bag chairs, mirrors and posters.  However all things must come to an end . . . in 1977, after only one year, Fawcett left Charlie's Angels to pursue film offers.  After being sued for breach of contract for leaving Angels, Fawcett settled out of court and agreed to make six  guest appearances over a two year period.  By the late 70s, Fawcett's star status was on the rocks after having three box office bombs, Somebody Killed Her Husband, Sunburn, and Saturn 3. 

In 1983, Fawcett signed on for the lead role in the Broadway play Extremities - winning kudos from critics for her betrayal of a woman who fought back and turned the tables on her attacker.  After "proving" herself a serious actress, more meatier roles followed with The Burning Bed, Between Two Woman, Margaret Bourke-White and reprising her role for the film version of Extremities. Later, in the early 1990s, she returned to TV with her long time boyfriend, Ryan O'Neil in the short lived TV series Good Sports.

At age 50, Fawcett posed nude for Playboy and the next year she created the erotic/artsy All Of Me video. She continues to work in film and guest spots on TV.  This fall she will be seen in  ABC's Spin City!

Jaclyn Smith as Kelly Garrett The last original Angel cast was Jaclyn Smith, a Southern Belle from Texas.   When Smith auditioned for the role of  Kelly Garrett, her initial reading didn't go too well.  Plus the producers were looking for a red head to play Kelly - not a brunette.  But Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg fell in love with Smith  and cast her in the series.  Prior to that time, Smith had many small roles in TV shows - Get Christy Love, The Rookies,  commercials - Wella Balsam, Breck Shampoo and printwork as a model - Max Factor.   Once Charlie's Angels hit Wednesday nights, all that was changed. 

After Smith ended the series' 5 year run in 1981, Smith ventured on to become  The Queen of the Mini-series in such highly acclaimed TV films  George Washington, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Florence Nightingale, and Rage of Angels I & II.  In 1989, she returned back to series TV in the short run Christine Cromwell.   Most recently Smith has had a recurring role on CBS' Becker and is still running strong with her signature clothing line at K-Mart (yes, Kmart).

In 1977, the fourth Angel Cheryl Ladd was begged, to put it lightly, by Aaron Spelling to join the cast of  Charlie's Angels!  When Ladd was originally asked to replace Farrah Fawcett, she turned the role down.  She was very hesitant about stepping into Fawcett's shoes.  After continuing his search for a new Angel, Spelling came back to Ladd once again.  Ladd finally agreed to take the role if her character could be funny and would be able to make mistakes. Then Spelling suggested her character could be the kid sister of Fawcett's Jill Munroe.   This casting worked as a charm!  Ladd soon became known as Kris Munroe, Jill's little sister and single handedly saved the series!

Prior to the series, Ladd was better known for her singing than her acting. In the early 1970s, she was the singing voice of Melody from The Josie and the Pussycats cartoon. During Angels, Ladd released two LPs Cheryl Ladd and Dance Forever which went to #1 in Japan. After the series ended, Ladd continued to work in films - Purple Hearts, Kentucky Woman, Grace Kelly and eventually returned the TV series One West Waikiki.   She has also had a recurring role on Two Guy and a Girl, and in 1995 she and her husband Brian Russell released a children's book titled The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship.  Last year, Ladd replaced Bernadette Peters in the Broadway Musical Annie Get Your Gun.

In 1979, fifth Angel Shelley Hack had the huge responsibility of replacing Kate Jackson, the "rock" of the series.  Hack was up against some very talented actresses including Michelle Pfeiffer.  Yet, the producers went with Hack due to her high profile as Revlon's "Charlie Girl."  After suffering from lack-luster ratings,  Hack was let go upon finishing her first  year on the show.

Upon her departure, Hack indulged in  theatrical & TV movies of the week King of Comedy, Vanities, Troll, Found Money.  In 1983 and in 1985, Hack once again spread her wings in two TV series - first was Cutter to Huston, followed by  Jack and Mike.  

In the 90s, Hack continued her TV & the film work with Blind Fear,  House Arrest, Perry Mason, SeaQuest DSV.   Most recently, she co-hosted with John Forsythe (aka Charlie) the A&E's Angel Biography Week.  

In 1980, the search was on once again for the newest Angel!  The producers auditioned thousands of girls to find the prefect Angel to lift the sagging ratings. The final choice was a young actress named, Tanya Roberts.  Roberts had just recently finished a guest spot on Vegas, another Aaron Spelling series for a potential spin-off The Ladies in Blue.   However, the network decided not to pick up the series, which inadvertently became a blessing for Roberts, as she was chosen to be the sixth and final Angel.

After Angels ended, Roberts pursued film work in James Bond's A View to A Kill, The Beastmaster, and Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.  In the late 80s and early 90s, Roberts continued to work making direct-to-video film releases.  Then in 1998, Roberts career took off again as she joined the cast of the hit Fox TV Series That '70s Show.

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