We are all so sad about the loss of our Angel, Farrah Fawcett.  Please send us an email and it will be post it on this good thoughts page for our favorite Angel.  email:  mike@charliesangels.com

I will miss her. She was a great person. I thought of Farrah as a friend. People are going to miss her. I think that M.Jackson is getting more cries than she is a I think they need to thought of the same. Farrah was a great angel. And I am going to miss Farrah.

From your Friend Farrah,

Very sad to watch the NBC special and then with Farrah's passing. I'm an RN but do some freelance writing/poetry on the side here in Central PA. I'm planning a second collection of my poems for a 2010 release, and I'd like to share this poem I wrote in memory of Farrah Fawcett. If I receive good feedback, I'll be sure to include it in my collection, which I think it deserves already. Sincerely, TIM

Heaven must be a sweet place
with the fairies and the angels
who scatter dust of moon and stars
a million and one times
on a girl wispy and aqua-eyed,
with her smile to restore electricity
to a million and one cities,
the object of a million fantasies,
but never one who steeled for the fantasy,
and the reality now is a sweetness lost
on this somber summer day,
as you progress from the angel
you were on earth as you are in heaven
by the million and one gamma rays,
so welcomed by his arms stretched open wide.

Dear Farrah

You have been a BIG part of my life for as long as I can REMEMBER, going back to the mid 70's. There isn't anything that you've done that I haven't seen. I've got quite the assortment of Posters, from the FABULOUS Red Swim Suit to others and several featured magazines devoted to you from the 70's.

My thought's are with you and YOU are in my PRAYERS..

I was GLUED to the Television every Wednesday night...and FELL in love and have loved you since.. and YOU will always have a place in my HEART... May GOD look over you and all of his BEAUTIFUL ANGELS..

It's has been a honor to be able to relay this MESSAGE to you...

Thomas from South Carolina.


Farrah's life and death have really impacted me and I have a deep feeling of sadness but thankfulness as well.

Farrah came on the stage as I was graduating high school and entering college. She was the epitome of womanhood to me (and obviously many others). That poster symbolized to me the woman that waited for me as I entered adulthood—being a smartassed, know-it-all teenager, perhaps I thought that some day in the not too distant future, we’d meet and she’d fall for me. Of course she was beautiful and sexy and that was a wonderful promise of pleasures ahead but really, looking back, it was that dazzling smile and joie d’ vivre that just added to the package—a woman who would truly be fun to know and be with. She wasn’t one of those old time movie actresses—she was now and real. Of course real life took over and I followed my path. I married an equally beautiful blond who’s delightful to be with and we’ve been together nearly 34 years now. Over the years, I followed Farrah’s life with interest and admiration.

With Farrah’s death, the sadness I felt I initially thought was a translation of fear of my own mortality. But as the days have passed, I don’t really think that’s it. The bright light of Farrah is extinguished—that genuine, dazzling, beautiful body and soul who beckoned me with such promise into adulthood left my life as she entered it—as a model to emulate but in this case, it’s courage. I think my sadness is because I never got the chance to thank her—I can only hope she knows. Can’t think of a better way to honor her than to echo “So long babe” but I’ll add…and thank you.

Yogi Bruce: Yoga Teacher

Dear Farrah:

As a very young teenager in 1976, I fell in love with you watching Charlie’s Angels. You were part of my teenage years, and so I feel as part of my youth as just died. I miss you, and will never forget you. You will always be an Angel in my heart. RIP Farrah, you are now an Angel of Heaven.

James Fabera
Fullerton, California

Ci manchi. Sei e sarai per noi la luce che brilla di più nel cielo.

Quanti momenti di spensieratezza ci hai regalato in questi anni passati con te.

Ora vivrai per sempre nei nostri cuori.
Non ti dimenticheremo mai.

Alessandro, Angelo e Mauro.

I have been a fan of Farrah's since 1976 when Charlie's Angels first aired. I was only 12, but the impact Farrah had on me was unbelievable. I loved all of the angels, but there was just something about Farrah that was different. There will never be another like her, ever! That hair, that smile, that tan. I wanted to be like her and I remember buying so many magazines just to look at her pictures. I have been so sad this last week since her death. I have never felt like this about any other celebrity, and I just can't seem to get over it. All I want to do is watch Charlie's Angels and every show with Farrah. She will be an icon forever. May she rest in peace.

My condolences to her family and friends. I grew up watching Charlies Angels and I remember her bright smile. She will be missed here, however the heavens now have a special Angel.
God Bless Farrah Fawcett

Garrah i have been a fan of yours for 33 years and so sorry to hear of your death. I hope your at peace now. i will miss your beautiful smile r.i.p.angel Brian from wales u.k

I truly feel for Farrah’s Friends Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson, and Cheryl Ladd, Her immediate family her father and son Redmond. The world has lost a very beautiful and talented actress. I know Jaclyn and Kate and Ryan O’Neal were like family to her as well and feel what they are going through. My Heart goes out to her Family and Friends. I am sure Farrah is in the one place that there is no hurt no pain and only peace and that is Heaven. She is in heaven with all the other angels.

May you rest in peace Farrah

You will be missed
Your fan,
Matt Heap

Dearest farrah. my darling angel, you may be gone, but I will never forget you. your sweet smile, your beautiful blonde hair, these are just some of the many memories, that I will permanently treasure in my heart forever. from the moment I first saw you in ''Logan's run'', i instantly fell in love with you. I saw every single episode of season one, from ''Charlie's Angels'', as well as episodes from '' the six million dollar man'', were you appeared in several episodes with your then famous husband, Lee Majors.

The world will never again be the same without you. you are now with the real angels in heaven, my darling Farrah. your fans may remember you, as the girl with the golden smile. but to me, you will be remembered for ever as the angel with the golden hair, because deep down in my heart, you really were an angel! my prayers and thoughts, go with Ryan, your son Redmond, and all the members of your beloved family.

Good bye, sweet angel. I will always love you, forever. from GEORGE VILA, LAVAL, QUEBEC, CANADA.

I'm hoping that Farrah is resting in peace in heaven she was a true angel and we were lucky to have her our loss is heavens gain as I am typing this tears are streaming down my face my heart breaks more and more every time I think of her my prayers go out to all her friends and family especially Redmond I know how tough it is to lose an parent my dad passed away 5yrs ago and to Ryan you and Farrah had a love that we all dream of having.

Rest in peace our dearly loved and cherished angel

Tu resteras à jamais dans nos coeurs, un ange ne meurt jamais, tu as eu un courage extraordinaire.

J'adresse mes pensées à la famille et aux proches de Farrah.
God bless you Farrah, we love you !!

Sophie, France

The news hit me like an ARROW THROUGH MY HEART!!!! It was as if someone punched me in the heart!!

I'm SO SAD!!!

May God Bless Farrah Fawcett and keep her in His care! May she Rest In Peace, and pray for us, the ones she left behind.

NEVER have I ever felt this way about any other celebrity. Ms. Farrah Fawcett was one of a kind and a very special human being. She was TRULY an ANGEL! A BEAUTY!
I was born during the airing of the Charlie's Angels episode "Angels on a String." It was little wonder that I would later grow up watching the show, captivated by Farrah's smile, spirit and stunning good looks.

" Farrah, the way that you fought with your disease show for everyone, how we have to appreciate this gift called LIFE!

Unfortunately, the world say: you didn't resist but to me not only survived but also WON!!

Thank you very much Farrah, thank you for make my life better with your job!

An Angel never dies! In this I believe!
I will miss you!
Rest in peace!

I love you, my eternal Jill Munroe! "

We here in the Boston area send our heartfelt condolences to the family of Farrah Fawcett.
The world has lost a shining star.
Rest in peace Farrah.

Robert W.
Revere, Massachusetts

Ryan, Redmon & all Who Loved Farrah & Farrah Who is listen from above with God & the other Angels.

When someone touches our hearts without being in our lives directly through their acting it is said they are a legendary actress Farrah did that. Yet I am only 56 and my Grandpa Humphries died of the same cancer that took Farrah way back in 1945 and I have yet to see a drive or walk done on behalf of Rectal Cancer. By your family sharing her story with all of us who have had loved one who have died with no one caring maybe we will finally have a voice. For all that was said about her by tabloid I know by being clairvoyant it was all lies yet I know it still weighted on her mind since she as I believed so truly in God.

She was and always will be a class act and one of the bravest women every to live on this earth. We must all remember We are not the body, or emotion, or thought; we are the soul. One with God. One with All people I think Farrah's Life Proved That She Was Just That Soul. One With God. Remember Farrah's Soul, & Spirit is still with you all watching over you. Loving you and living inside of your hearts now and always. Blessing Linda Humphries

Farrah: quizá ya no estas fisicamente, pero eternamente vas a estar en mi corazón y en el de millones de personas ,por estar presente siempre en nuestras vidas.
Jamas te voy a olvidar!!! ...que descanses...
Fabiana- Bariloche- Argentina

June 25, 2009 will never be the same for me ever again. I am heart broken that Farrah lost her battle with cancer. Farrah was a wonderful person she was talented, strong, a fighter to the very end. Farrah had many wonderful qualities and a beautiful soul. Farrah will be missed by many fans all around the world. Farrah will always be an angel and God took her under his wings. The people who met her, knew her or spoke to her were the luckiest people in the world. I consider myself one of those lucky ones, I spoke to her back in 1990 and she was wonderful a true lady.

My deepest sympathies go out to her family, first to her dad, her son Redmond, to her close and dearest friends Kate, Jaclyn and Alana and to her long time love Ryan. There will never be another Farrah. Farrah will always be in my heart.

Lucy Nemaric
Queens, New York

dear Farrah,
despite you have left the all of your beloved ones and your admirers, your heritage is massive and we will continue to enjoy that. You will not longer be in the public eye but you will be forever in our minds and hearts until eternity. You are in god hands now and I wish you rest and lots of love with your beloved ones. For us you ASTRE seem indefinitely and remain you to in the length of the days in our memory AND hearten.

Like Ryan ones said during an interview: life is sweetened by Farrah and despite you passed away, we will be sweetened by Farrah forever!
Los of love !
Rob, Utrecht, the Netherlands

now you are a real angel and God has you with him. we all will miss you a lot. God bless you. Joe from Nassau county ny

Unfortunately, we have lost an Angel; not just a Charlie's Angel, but an Angel. May she rest in peace. To her family, I am so sorry about her passing; but know that now she can keep an eye on each and everyone of you all the time, at the same time, and that her spirit and memory will live on within each and everyone of you!

Art Hammond,
Kingston, WA

So sad to hear of the lost of my favorite ANGEL! You will always be in my thoughts and prayers....
George from: San Antonio Texas

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of her family and friends, and everyone touched by her life.

One of my heroines since I was a little girl, now an angel forever. Her smile and strength will shine on.

Rest in peace, Farrah.

Love and blessings,

Jennifer--Stratford, CT

Dear Farrah!
I am a big Swedish fan to you and you always meant so much for me. You were a fantastic entertainer with a lots of charisma and it was big support for me thinking of you when i was harass in school. I hoped that god would give you power to fight the cancer but now you are an angel and you will always be my angel, god bless you and your family!


I can only be HAPPY for the fact that she didn't get the chance to marry that SCUMBAG Ryan O'Neal. Why GOD chose her instead of him, I'll never know ... BUT as the saying goes "Only the GOOD die first"

I never had the opportunity to meet Ms. Fawcett in this life time (although I did see her in person), I'm hoping in the next life, I will be able to meet her.

Until then, Ms. Fawcett ... REST IN PEACE and GOD BLESS YOU! XXXXX


Farrah é entrata nella mia vita fin dal '79, grazie a Charlie's Angels, e da allora m'ha accompagnato col suo sorriso. 30 anni !
Sono cresciuto, sono cambiato, la disparizione di Farrah é come una pagina che si volta e il realizzare il passare del tempo...
Ora riguardo le sue foto, i suoi film e cerco di fermare il tempo...
Un abbraccio a tutta la sua famiglia e i suoi amici e bravo a Mike per il suo lavoro straordinario !
Anton - Italy

Dear Mike,
I would like to send my condolences to Farrah's family and friends. I admired her so much and I cryed when I heard that she had passed. I was praying so much that she would beat this cancer. I grew up with Farrah. As a child watching her on Charlies Angels, then all her movies, my favorite was "The Burning Bed." She was so powerful in it. I don't know if I will ever have as much strenth as Farrah as she fought her cancer, and she never gave up. I hope that she didn't suffer to much in the end. I know now that she is a real angel with the Lord without pain, and her beautiful hair is with her. I wish I could have met her. She really was the girl next door. Rest in peace beautiful Farrah, I will miss you.

Trish Oldani

I remember watching her as a teen and wanted to be just like her she is truly and angel. God be with her family and friends. She is with god now in heaven where she will receive her true wings. -Jackie Llamazales

Good morning from Lyon, France ,

Fortunaly that there is your website for to talk about the Farrah Fawcett's death .Unfortunally poor Micheal Jackson is very sad also but the newspapers and tv talk so much about him but Farrah fawcett they forgot her .You do a great job!

Laurence from Lyon,France

Nos pensées vont à Farrah et à ses proches. Elle est un exemple de courage pour nous tous. Elle fut, est et restera un ange dans nos coeurs. Salut Farrah !

Our Toughts go to Farrah and her relatives. She is a model of courage for all of us. She has been, she is, she will be forever an angel in our hearts. So long, Farrah !

Martin et Pierre

Dear Farrah,
You have passed but your spirit is here. I met you and Ryan on my flight from Chicago to LA in 1993 and I have never met someone so nice! You commented that I had a "great" smile! I was floored---coming from a woman that made millions with her smile :)). Thanks for being my "angel" you made TV in 1976 worth watching. I love Kate and Jaclyn, but you are the Best! Rest well, the worst is over! See you on the "flip-flop" ;)).

Greg in Denver

I was a big fan of Farrah ,I'm crying her Death ,she'll miss a lot ,it's was a great woman and beautiful .I'll never forget her .
GOD BLESS for her family and friends .
Laurence from Lyon,France

I used to watch Charlies Angels "All the time." Farrah was an exceptional actress/lady.
She had so much to give, during her life. She was courageous,brave woman, whose loss is very
hard to deal with, for not only her family, but her "MANY" fans. It will be quite awhile before I am able to
get through this "extremly difficult" period of time.

"R.I.P." Farrah
Anne S.

I live in NYC. I wish to extend my deepest condolences to the family. I used to watch her on Charlies Angels when I was little. Me and the girls from the neighborhood used to pretend to be them. This angel has wings now and she can fly to heaven.
Love you Farrah,

God Bless,
Iris Cruz

We here at GBMC Surgical Posting in Baltimore,MD are sadden to hear about such a great loss. We will miss her greatly. She was a roll model and icon in her day with the Angel's. Our office was reminiscing about the shows we used to watch and how great an actress she was. Truly we consider her a loss to the film industry. Our condolences go out to Brian and family for such a loss. Our prayers will be with the family at this difficult time.
Tracie L. Brown

Dear Sweet Angel,
Our time has passed,
Beneath the Summer Sun,
I remember you with fond nostalgia,
You were the number one.
And in Heaven,
There you will stay,
Eternal everlasting,
An angel you'll forever be,
always in our hearts,
Your halo shining proud and clear,
Thank you for all our memories,
Thank you, Farrah Dear.

I just want to wish Farrah's family the best, and I will pray for them. I hope somewhere, wherever she is, she is smiling and is finally pain free and content. Her pain is over thank God, and let us all remember the legacy of Farrah Fawcett xx

Jack McInulty

My sincere sympathy to you and all who loved her. She and I had fun times when we worked on the Shampoo commercials. I will always remember her smile and sense of humor. She had strength, dignity and love of life.

With warm regards,
Joan M.Gringer

Desde que era un niño he siempre deseado enviarte una carta (no existía Internet), ésta es la primera vez que te envío una nota y queda registrado todo lo que hubiera dicho, siempre estarás en mi corazón. Mis saludos y respetos a Ryan O'Neal, su familia y Alana Stweart

Alvaro – Montevideo – Uruguay

Since he was a child I have wanted always to send to you a letter (internet did not exist), this is the first time that I send to you a note and there remains registered everything what he had said, you will always be in my heart. My greetings and respects to Ryan O'Neal, her family and Alana Stweart

Alvaro – Montevideo - Uruguay

Dearest Farrah,

Words can not begin to describe how sad I feel today on hearing the news of your passing. Watching your story I found an admiration for Farrah the person, not just Farrah the celebrity. You gave the greatest fight and made so many people aware of this terrible disease. You go to god leaving a great legacy of screen performances that your fans the worldover can cherish for many years to come. An angel on earth, now an angel in heaven.

RIP Miss Fawcett. You will be greatly missed.
Craig Cooper, United Kingdom

My heart today is heavier.today I am sad.god knows.others know.rip farrah.

We all have lost our "Special Angel", Love and Prayers to her loved ones.

Je suis tellement triste;nous venons d'apprendre en France le déces de Farrah .
Elle laisse un grand vide pour tous ses admirateurs.
Elle aura fait preuve de beaucoup de force et de courage.
Beaucoup de courage à sa famille et ses amis

Sylvie from Lyon in France

Dear Farrah,
You have passed but your spirit is here. I met you and Ryan on my flight from Chicago to LA in 1993 and I have never met someone so nice! You commented that I had a "great" smile! I was floored---coming from a woman that made millions with her smile :)). Thanks for being my "angel" you made TV in 1976 worth watching. I love Kate and Jacklyn, but you are the Best! Rest well, the worst is over! See you on the "flip-flop" ;)).

Greg in Denver

I just wanted to send my prayers to friends and family of Farrah. It is a sad day to so many. She was very courageous and I think she has given such encouragement to many who may be stricken with this awful disease. Please know that she is in Heaven and is healthy and smiling down on all of us. She will always be an "angel" on your shoulder.

God Bless You all and God Bless Farrah

Farrah made of Jill Monroe a legend and for me Charlie's angels continue to live.
An angel rose to the sky, Farrah, I love you of all my strengths!

Regards from France,

She will be missed, now her battle is over...Angel flying high.

you have so enriched my life for as long as I can remember. Your talent as an actress was incredible. Your talent as a sculpter & painter was amazing.
You were the last Icon. There will never be another.
Thank you for entertaining myself and my family and friends over the years.
And god bless you &
PS>>>Watch over REDMOND and your Father for me.

Thank you
(Stephen B. Goorbarry)

Dear farrah,

My prayers are with you. I hope you are at peace.all my best thoughts of you. You were a real angel. I hope to one day to be greeted by you. heaven's doors will be open for you.

Kevin Harrison east haven, CT USA

To dearest Farrah and her special loved ones ,

Ever since I saw you on Charlie's Angels, I was hooked on you and I followed your career ever since. With your pasing, the world has lost a very lovely and beautiful woman, not only on the outside but at the inside aswell. You will be greatly missed. I hope your loved ones will find the strength to recover from this terrible loss.

With love, Martin

I knew it was coming soon but I didn't think I'd wake up this morning to the news of u being gone already. It ruined my whole day, I was in such a great sadness to hear that you were gone ;( I am a great fan of yours & you will be very much missed by myself & I am sure by the whole world. I watched your story on TV back on May 15th & I seen how u went through your illness strong & heartfelt, your a wondeful woman/mother/actress & a friend. I admire you & your strength & I will never forget ur perfect smile. May you rest in peace with the other angles.
St.pete, FL


Fly, Fly little wing

Fly beyond imagining
The softest Cloud, the whitest dove
Upon the wind of heaven’s love
Past the planets and the stars
Leave this lonely world of ours
Escape the sorrow and the pain
And fly again

Fly, Fly precious one
Your endless journey has begun
Take your gentle happiness
Far too beautiful for this
Cross over to the other shore
There is peace forevermore
But hold this mem’ry bittersweet
Until we meet

Fly, Fly do not fear
Don’t waste a breath, don’t shed a tear
Your heart is pure, your soul is free
Be on your way, don’t wait for me
Above the universe you’ll climb
On beyond the hands of time
The moon will rise, the sun will set
But I won’t forget
Fly, Fly little wing

Love from ALL the Australians
Whom you shared your life
And shared your pain.
Kind Regards
Alicia Smith

Rest in Peace Farrah. You are our angel in Heaven. My condolences to the family of this genuine person.

Que decir parte de mi niñez y adolescencia se va con esta partida, Espero que su familia este tranquila con el cariño que en todo el mundo le tienen a esta Bella Angel de melena rubia, mil cariños a su familia y admiradores.

Un abrazo desde Santiago de Chile,


Dearest Angel,

I have been a fan since Charlies Angels burst onto screens in 1976. You are a truly remarkable actress and brave, courages lady. Your light will shine on forever. One day I hope I get to meet you in the 'other world'. I am sad today, but so lucky to have seen all your great work. From Angels to Murder In Texas, from Sunburn to Extremeties. Rest in Peace and our loss is 'their' gain.

Love Ross Holland. 46 Years old, United Kingdom.

Dearest Farrah,

My Name is Sabrina and I have always been one of Charlie's Angels! I have had the pleasure of watching you everytime you
were on T.V. I thought you were wonderful & I couldn't wait to see you again each week.

I am Jewish and we believe that G-D works in mysteries ways and I have been praying for you since you got sick. I truly believe
that he WILL save you, make you well again so you can resume a wonderful & happy life with Ryan & Redmond! Prayers are such
a wonderful thing and can have such an important impact on you I believe. Thank you for all your great movies. Your a great Lady!

Please know that you will always be in my prayers & in my heart!

Sabrina Heit
New York City

Dearest Farrah,

Thank you for everything you have given all of us over the last 40 years. You are America's angel and forever will be an icon in American history. I know you are getting tired my dear, you fought with more than most people could have wished to even thinking of putting into the fight you have won for so long. I know the priest came to see you and has read you your last rites, my stomach is heavy with sadness, my heart is empty with great loss, and my eyes will be filled with tears, as I do not want to let go and know that we have seen the last of your beauty as it graced our lives. My prayers have gone unanswered by the outcome that has begun. Please, my final wish is for you to be at peace and complete comfort now and forever. You will be so very missed and thought of with great fondness, love and respect for all of eternity. All my love dear Farrah. May you rest quietly in God's comfort and our prayers.

xoxo Always, John

Dear Farrah,

I hope you are at peace & resting comfortably. I of course, like most men growing up in the 70's, had a tremendous crush on you because of your beauty. As time went on I began to respect your acting as well. Anyone who doubts your talent should see The Burning Bed, Extremities, Small Sacrifices, and The Apostle. You were always an underrated actress, but as time goes on I suspect you will be remembered not only for your looks, but for the many fine performances you gave us.

Thank you.
Mike Minetti
Las Vegas, Nevada

Angel Farrah,

We're fighting with you and for you. Don't give up! It's not over until...well, you know the rest. And you are right, get Ryan to sign that pre-nup!

Prayers and love,

Farrah, keep fighting Angel, miracles do happen. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless.

Kelly, Coventry, England.

Dear Angel:
Every day I'm thinking about you.  I believe that all our positive thoughts will help you. I am writing and thinking about you from Buenos  Aires, Argentina and I know that people who loves you from around the world are doing the  same.. All my best thoughts for you because you gave us always the best.
Daniel Rinaldi.

Querido Angel:
Cada día pienso en tí.
Creo que todos nuestros pensamientos positivos
te ayudarán.
Escribo y pienso en tí desde Buenos Aires,
Argentina y sé que la gente que te ama en todo
el mundo esta haciendo lo mismo . Todos mis
mejores pensamientos para tí porque sienpre
nos distes lo mejor.
Daniel Rinaldi.

Farrah, I've been a fan since 1976!!! Stay strong and positive and  don't forget to laugh.

My thoughts are with you.

Dear Farrah ,

I pray for you, I'm with you .

 a big fan from Lyon, France

Dear Farrah!!

I am Brazilian and from here i pray for you every night before sleep. You are and always will be my angel.

I love you!

Querida FARRAH.
Tienes que ser fuerte y seguir luchando y no perder nunca tu sonrisa y tus ganas de vivir,tienes miles de fans resando por ti en todo el mundo ya que eres un angel.
Te queremos y que vivas por siempre.
Un gran admirador.
Christian O. M.
Un beso y un gran abrazo para ti.

My mom died from a battle with lung cancer and watching your touching story was heart breaking. My mom endured a lot of what you have had to with your own battle. I am so sorry for all you are going through. You touched my life. I am a huge fan of Charlie's Angels and back in the day people loved my Farrah like hair style.

All my love and well wishes, Liz from Michigan


Mes pensées vont actuellement vers toi. Tu as marqué mon adolescence à jamais. Chacune de tes apparitions m'ont révélé ta beauté et ton talent. Il y a désormais dans mon coeur une place qui t'es pour toujours réservée. Tu fais indéniablement partie de ma vie. Je me joins à toi dans ton combat et j'espère que ces quelques mots viendront réchauffer ton coeur.

Je t'embrasse bien fort,

Olivier, 34 ans (France)

Dear Farrah,

I 'm a big fan of you since Charlie's Angels ,when I was 10 years old now I'm 41 .I pray for you .I think of you .

a big fan from France

Dearest Farrah,

You are an inspiration for me and have been since I was 10.

No one can know how you feel, but know that there are people all around the world who are sending you lots and lots
of love and good energies for you to keep the fight.

You're with me always, so I hope I can be with you a bit too.

I Love You
Didier, Switzerland

My Dearest Farrah,

I watched you NBC special, my heart was breaking to see you in such pain it was unbearable.

I'm 45 and I too have this unbelievable thing called Cancer, and it's brutal..... Thank you for being so brave, courageous and raw for sharing it with the world. I would never have been able to do so.

I think of you daily and pray every night for a miracle.

Watching you in Charlie's Angles was a great pleasure for me as it was/is for millions of others .

Sending a huge hug with love and concern,
H. Haver Miller

Farrah, This is short and sweet, I think you're the best and very
special. Larry age 48.

To my darling Farrah,

May the wings of the angels carry you through any challenges you are going through.

May the healing white light full your body and ease your aching heart, body and mind.

May your spiritual guides stay near and care for you.

You will be in my heat forever... please get well soon

With love and light,

Sara Anderson
Sydney Australia

Dear Farrah,

I want to tell you how hard it is for me to hear that you are sick like this. I myself cannot believe it.
I have watched you when you were on Charlie's Angels and I am a fan of yours. Don't know what would happen or what I would do if you were never on that show. You are a very talented actress. I want you to know that I am thinking of you and I want god to rid of you this illness.



Mes pensées vont actuellement vers toi. Tu as marqué mon adolescence à jamais. Chacune de tes apparitions m'ont révélé ta beauté et ton talent. Il y a désormais dans mon coeur une place qui t'es pour toujours réservée. Tu fais indéniablement partie de ma vie. Je me joins à toi dans ton combat et j'espère que ces quelques mots viendront réchauffer ton coeur.

My thoughts go out to you now. You have marked my adolescence forever. Each of your appearances showed me your beauty and your talent. There is now in my heart a place that you're always booked. You definitely do part of my life. I join you in your struggle and I hope that these few words will warm your heart.

Je t'embrasse bien fort,
Olivier, 34 ans (France)

Dear Farrah ,I 'm a big fan of you since charlie's angels ,when I was 10 years old now I'm 41 .I pray for you .I think of you .
a big fan from France

Dear Farrah,
You have been a big part of my life since 1976. You are an amazing woman. You have given so much to your fans over the many years. You are a Brave and Courageous woman. You have lifted me up on a daily base. I consider you to be one of the most BEAUTIFUL woman that has ever graced God's green earth. It breaks my heart to see you in so much pain. I am so very sorry for that. I wish I could take it all away. And make you a Happy and Healthy woman again. You are a Rare Gem that is treasured and loved by millions. The things that I admire most about you is your Strength, Courage, Spirit and Selflessness. You are a fighter. And I know that you will fight this horrible disease. I Love You Farrah.
God Bless you and your family.

All My Love, Happiness And Hope.
David Manasseri
Saratoga Springs, NY


I am sending white light and positive thoughts to you during your struggle. God Bless!

Erin Hutteman, NY


My heart is breaking… I watched ‘Farrah’s Story’ the other night and prayed (as I cried)… for you to get your life back and for you to not have to suffer like you have. I am sending you all my love wrapped in warm hugs and kisses.

Love you, Farrah… forever!
Ray R.-Washington, DC

Dear Farrah,

please don't give up fight. Be as strong as you have always proved to be. Kiss, Cristina (Italy)

I have been a fan since I was 13 when I first saw Charlie's Angels.  Farrah, you have been a part of my growing up and therefore a part of my history. My thoughts, hopes and prayers are with Ms Fawcett and her family and  this comes with all my love and best wishes.
David, Sufffolk, UK

Dearest Farrah,
I first of all know that you are in my prayers each and
everyday! You are a fighter so keep on fighting. I can relate to the how bad the pain is because I am 30 years old and in
the last stage of Rhumetiod Arthritisis. When I found out that day I went out and had tattooed the word "BELIEVE"!! When I feel I can't  take it

The word "BELIEVE" and Ms. Farrah all we can do is believe!! My  prayers and thought


Dear Farrah,
I would like to Thank You so much for Your Documentary. The documentary showed how strong, courageous and determined You are to fight this cancer.
I pray a doctor somewhere has a miracle cure for You.
The last thing You said on Your documentary was "What are You fighting for?"
I am also fighting a cause.
By asking that question helped me so much. It made me want to fight harder, until I win this cause.
I know You will help so many people by making this documentary. You helped ME!
Thank You so much!
I pray that a Miracle comes to you soon.
God Bless You!
With Love,

honey NEVER give up love susan xxx

Dear Farrah,
i watched Charlie's Angels reruns when i was in high school and you were my favorite angel and still are.
i watched your documentary and haven't stopped thinking about you since you and your family are in my thoughts you are one tough cookie and i hope you get your chance at life
you are truly an angel in my eyes
i love you

Dear Farrah,
I can't really add anything to all the thoughts left below. I do want you how very proud we are of you. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Sending you all the love, prayers and positive energy in the world.
Mike Gregory, VA

Dearest Farrah,

My mother and I watched you Story and we were in tears but most importantly inspired by your strength. Since we have watched we have been praying for you and your family. We love you and have you and your family in our prayers. You are a true Angel and an inspiration to all. God Bless you.

San Antonio Texas.

Dear Farrah,
Hi I have been a fan of yours since your days on Charlie's Angels. I watched your heart warming story about your battle with cancer & I really respect you even more for it. I lost my mother from breast cancer in 2004. She was a fighter like you & I pray for you & your family. May God look over you & don't stop your fight.
Love your fan,
camilla matrz








Dear Farrah,
Mes pensées t'accompagne comme celles de milliers d'autres à travers le monde.
La France aussi pense très fort à toi et nous prions pour ton rétablissement !! Tu es une battante, ton courage est un exemple pour tous.
We love you and God Bless You
Sophie from France

GOD bless you for sharing your story. I am only in my 30's but I grew up watching Charlie's Angels, Wonder Woman, Bionic Women, The Almighty Isis. You women in the 70's inspired me to be something more than the airline stewardess or the librarian that they pushed on us during that period in time. I have been dealing with Multiple Sclerosis since I was 20. Watching you again is still inspiring. I am praying for you.

AJ in TX

Just thinking about Farrah
as I am a Born again Christian I just want to let Farrah know that I am praying for her the only one who can help her in her need is Christ please ask her to read John 14 v 6

From Ruth God Bless

Dear Ms. Fawcett,

I, like many others, watched you in everything you've done. Your documentary on May 15th was so very brave of you to do, making this very private matter a very public matter. I believe you will help others deal with their illness.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep your faith, your head held high and try not to lose hope. You have a world praying for you. I hope this brings you comfort to be loved by so many.

Laura Bottitta, New York


You are for more than thirty years in my life...
To date I have just seen your documentary and your pain makes me crazy about this cancer!
As you I wish with all my heart that this miracle arrives !!!!!!!!!!
Know that we shall always be with you !
You are a too precious person..... Your fan to FRANCE Véronique

I watched your amazing story and I have to say...you are truly an angel. Your incredible will and strength to fight and determination is so powerful and uplifting. You are a true inspiration and my love and prayers go to you and your family. You are such a beautiful woman whose spirit keeps shining even though you have been going through unimaginable hell. A funny story: I got my haircut in layers to try something fun and new. Well, a co-worker calls me Farrah so tell her thank you. I do the Charlie's Angels pose and she loves that. I look at it as a great compliment and in a way, it is my tribute to you.

God Bless you, Farrah.

All my love and admiration,
Christi in Colorado

Dear Farrah,

What can I say to you that hasn't already been said to you? I've been meaning to write you a fan letter since I was a 9 year old girl...the first time I ever saw you was the day you became my idol. You have been my idol ever since, and you always will be. You're a beautiful woman, both inside and out.

You're in my thoughts all of the time since I've heard of your cancer. I hope more than anything you can overcome this. I watched Farrah's Story and cried all the way through it. You are brave. You are sweet. You are such a wonderful person. I wish only good things for you.

Love to you always, Farrah.


Dear Farrah,

Argentina are all praying for you. I'm very sad. I love Charlie's Angels. You, Kate and Jaclyn will always have a special place in my heart for the  rest of my life. I thank you for everything you've given over the years.

God Bless and all my love
Daniel, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Dear Farrah,

You have made a positive role model to so many young women with your choices of roles on TV and the movies and I am one of those.

More than 30 years ago, I had the pleasure of being your salesperson at the old Bonwit Teller store (now defunct) on Fifth Avenue. You tried on so many outfits and bought everything and of course, you looked sensational in every one of the outfits. Not once during the hour-long shopping trip did you act diva-like, you remained unforgettably and genuinely down-to-earth, so polite and sweet and for saying sincere thank yous to all the besotted sales people. You were surrounded by your loved ones (I think, your parents were there) and clearly you were genuinely loved by your family and friends. I shall cherish this special memory forever. Your megawatts smiles that I was privileged to witness in person remain burnished forever in my memory.

Fast forward to today. I am a 12-year cancer survivor and since I heard about your diagnosis in 2006, you have been in my prayers daily and have been sending you energy to help you spiritually in this difficult journey. I pray that you continue to be gifted with tremendous courage to continue with your brave fight against this dreadful disease. You are a Texan, Farrah, and I can sense that you are a fighter so please keep fighting and continue with your positive thoughts to boost your immune system. I pray that your family members will remain steadfast and will continue to stay around you to lend their support in this battle. I am praying for your complete recovery and remission.

May God bless you, your family members and other loved ones. I am thinking of you, as we speak.

Your devoted fan,
New York City

My sweet Farrah Fawcett

I am from El Salvador, As a child, I used find a lot of comfort while watching Charles Angels. For some reason, I always felt safe (my country was at war). Even though we never met on behalf of my sisters and I...WE want to say how much We love you! We used to pretend to be Charles Angels and I loved being you.

Our hearts and thoughts are with you at the moment. We will be praying for your health well being.

I know how strong you are but please keep on being strong. Remember how much we all love you. YOU WILL WIN THIS FIGHT.You are one of the most brave persons i have seen in my life. I would also like to thank you for sharing your story. I never believed those words written on the magazines.

YOU ARE A "Phenomenal Woman"

Here's a big hug from me OOOOOOOOO X

Io Elisa Siliezar

Querida Farrah
Todos los dias rezo por vos, ruego a Dios que puedas salir de esta situacion extrema que te toca pasar. Nunca te des por vencida, ni aun vencida. Todas las oraciones del mundo destinadas a vos, haran el milagro. Dios escucha a sus hijos. Todo mi amor para vos, desde Argentina, Ito.-

I have been a big Farrah Fawcett admirer since I was so little I do not remember when it started.

Farrah, her family, and her friends are in my heart and in my thoughts at this time.

I hope Farrah will receive her miracle that she so desperately needs right now.

My admiration for her is deeper now than it has ever been. I am proud to call myself

a big fan of hers. She is truly one of a kind.

You hold a very special place in my heart Farrah, and I am thinking of you.



I remember watching Charlie's Angles when I was a young girl and remember thinking how pretty you were and wishing I could look like you. Thank you for the documentary showing us the details of your fight. Your hair was beautiful, but you are beautiful without it. You are truly a beautiful person. I am praying for your miracle. Farrah, keep up the good fight. Looking forward to a documentary where you can show us what life is like after cancer. Keep fighting.

St. Louis, MO


My name is Francine, I'm 43 years old and I'm from Montreal (Quebec, Canada). I've watched "Farrah's Story" which aired May 15 on NBC and all I keep thinking of is how brave Farrah is. I was young when I first saw her in, what I call, the best series ever; "Charlie's Angels" and had followed the Angels careers since. My heart is broken but I sincerely wish for Farrah that her suffering comes to an end. She'll always be an Angel to me.


Farrah, my angel,
don't give up now!!!

Dear Farrah,
I saw your documentary last night. I found it to be powerful, honest, and awe inspiring. While discussing the film with my mother, I admitted to be being heartbroken about your situation, to which my mother asked why? Hmmm that's a good question, I thought about it and this is what I've been able to come up with.

You came on the scene in full force when I was about 14. I guess if you mix that super impressionable age with the force of nature that is Farrah Fawcett you end up with some pretty strong impressions. For one thing, I couldn't believe that anyone that beautiful could exist. That smile, those eyes and oh that hair! The quintessential "California" beauty with the warmest laugh. You were strong and independent, yet you possessed a kindness and vulnerability that shines through-even now. It's like you are forever young, curious, hopeful and positive. You are like a breath of fresh sea air. You've been an icon for almost 40 years and yet I still get a sense of humility from you as if you realize you've been given a gift. I don't think the few celebrities who have reached your status ever feel that way. If they do, they hardly show it. Somehow you always seem grateful. That's probably it. The indefinable thing that makes you so special is that you rode a wave to fame but never lost sight of who you truly are and what is important in life.

God Bless you Farrah. You are in my heart and prayers.

Hi Farrah,
I loved your story and wanted you to know my prayers and thoughts are with you. I am a breast cancer survivor and with what I went through, I cannot imagine you going through all you have. It is definitely a tough fight and you have more than proven how tough you really are.
I love you!

Dear Farrah:

I am writing this after watching Farrah’s Story. How courageous of you to film all that you have and still are going through. It was very moving. You are in my prayers. You were correct when you say “you have been blessed by a wonderful life.”

May God be with you and your family.


Dearest Farrah -

I knew that you had been fighting your cancer for a while now, and I tried to keep up on it. I was unaware until yesterday when I saw your documentary that things were not going so well. It absolutely broke my heart. You were and are still one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. You have such a kind spirit and courage beyond belief. I cried the entire time I watched the show and just wanted to hug you so desperately. God bless you Farrah for opening up your life and exposing what all is involved with cancer and treatment of it to the world. Because of your courage it will help many, many people. You are a true inspiration. You have fought a very tough battle. You are an incredibly strong woman.

For a woman as beautiful as you, to show this, the not so beautiful side of what happens to people during cancer was amazing to me! You are beautiful Farrah from the inside out!!!

You are a true "ANGEL" Farrah. I have loved and admired you clear back from the Charlie's Angels days.

My thoughts and prayers are with you dear Farrah, and with your family. I wish you all the love and peace in the world.

Your fan - Susie Roberts

Dear Farrah

My prayers and thoughts are with you always . Farrah you are so amazing and brave woman . I have been a fan of your since Charlie's Angels you have a smile that light up a room just light a angel so please keep FIGHTING THE FIGHT please stay strong and never give up as i know you have always been.
Farrah we all love you and you are always in our hearts ALWAYS

God Bless you
love you Tammy
Kannapolis N,C

Dear Farrah,

Last evening, I watched your documentary and want you to know how much it touched me. I have been a huge fan of yours since the 70's and always admired your beauty and grace. From watching your documentary, it solidified for me no only the beauty that you emit on the outside, but also (and more importantly) on the inside. You are a very courageous soul. I admire your willingness to share with the world, the very personal struggles involved with living with cancer as well as the indignities that you are presented with. You are a 'true angel' and I will continue my prayers that God gives you and your family comfort and strength.

God Bless,


chère Farrah,

Je t'ai écris il y a quelques jours et ne cesse de penser à toi. Je suis en France et je n'ai pas pu voir l'émission hier soir.
Tu as encore beaucoup de choses à faire et nous voulons te voir encore longtemps. Bats-toi encore et encore.Je sais que cela doit être difficile, moi aussi j'ai connu des proches de ma famille combattre ce mal.
La vie est ainsi faite et nous serons tous confrontés un jour fasse à la maladie.
Nous avons besoin de toi pour nous faire rêver.
Je t'embrasse et espère te rencontrer un jour.

Brigitte qui t'écrit de FRANCE.

My Dearest Farrah

I watched your documentary yesterday, and was touched and saddened with everything you have had to go through and still fighting. I am a very proud fan of yours, you are so strong in letting us, your fans see what you are going through. Wish that your message gets across into doing more research in this type of cancer. I cried and cried throughout the whole documentary. The part that hit me the most was when you decided to shave of your beautiful hair. But needless to say hair or no hair, you remain the most beautiful person both inside and outside I have ever seen. I will pray for you to continue being strong and keep on fighting I will be fighting along with you. I always loved watching on Charlie's Angels just to see you.

With Love, God Bless you
Rosita Chung Sang

To my Farrah: Wishing you PEACE...LOVE...LIGHT...Thank you for being such a big part of my life.....Eder Pena, Pembroke Pines, Fla

Beautiful Farrah,

I am so sad to hear about your illness and I am praying for your recovery! You are so brave and so strong. I watched Farrah’s Story last night and I cried for you. You always had a way of lighting up the screen with your beautiful face and people just can’t seem to take their eyes off of you. You are the whole package Farrah! Talented, smart, and oh my God Beautiful! You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and no other woman in Hollywood can come close to you.

You could find me in front of the T.V. every week watching Charlie’s Angels, I never missed an episode that you were in, I loved that show. I remember when you ruled the world with that hair and that smile, you lit up the world Farrah and everyone was talking about you! Your beauty has always been breathtakingly staggering and I am a 43 year old heterosexual woman. I have always held a special place for you in my heart. You’ve always made me smile. You’ve had such in impact with everything you’ve done. When you made those T.V. movies, I said how can one woman have so much talent and beauty, you have been doubly blessed my Dear. You will always be an angel to all of your fans. I really hope you know how much you’re loved in this world Farrah! You had a great connection with females and we all wanted to be YOU and as for the men, well they just all loved you! I still wear my hair with feathers on the side “a la Farrah” and have been wearing it that way for most of my life. It is a tribute to you Farrah. I think about you every day and pray for a miracle.

GOD Bless you Farrah. I love you! And Thank you for being Farrah Fawcett and touching our lives, you are America ’s Angel! You will never be forgotten. Be strong and keep fighting the fight!

I really hope you know how much you are loved in this world Farrah……by the millions!

Judi Molinari
New York City

Dear Farrah,

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I am a chaplain at the VA Hospital in Durham . I’m saying a special prayer for you in chapel service this Sunday.

You are truly an Angel, Farrah.

Chaplain Christine Milam

Dearest Farrah,

I wanted to tell you that thru the years I've watched this vibrant, giving, open soul who inspired me to live my life, and I want to thank you for that. I want you to know that you are always in my prayers. I have hope and determination for you and pray that your undeniable strength, positive attitude along with the love of your family and friends you have surrounding you at this time will bring you thru this battle. Keep up the fight sweetie because we're all fighting along with you thru our prayers. God bless you & your family!

With love and hope!

I have always thought that Farrah would be amused by this story. In the 70's we had a neighbor with a pet ferret named Fawcah Ferret.

Thinking of you,

Dear Farrah:

I have admired you for many years - especially while growing up watching Charlie's Angels. (I was 12). That was my favorite show for a very long time.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I admire you now for your courage and strength. I also find it very brave of you to televise your battle. I feel that It will help many people struggling with a cancer battle. My family and I will pray for you. You are a wonderful person and always an Angel.

With love,
Kelly W.

Dear Farrah-

I first laid eyes on you in the 70's. I was in high school then and you became my role model for years. My heart breaks for you and your family and friends and pray for the strength that is needed during this time. I have had family members with cancer, some are gone, some have won. We will never really understand the illness and the reasons they take so many. Times like this makes me take each day as it may be my last.

The film you made will help so many, you may never know how many lives you have touched. I view cancer so much different now. If I am ever faced with this battle of my own, I now feel armed with knowledge and power to do what I needed. I also know to never fight something like this alone. Friends and family are there during good times and bad.

Farrah, you have more then earned your wings! Fly when you are ready, until then I pray for your comfort....

Thank you our dear ANGEL-May we all meet up one day....


Dear Farrah,

Thank you for creating "Farrah's Story" and sharing your most personal and intimate moments battling this insidious disease. Since I can not begin to understand what you and so many others live with, I can only offer my sincere gratitude for you sharing your inspiring story with us and creating awareness of this lesser-known cancer. I hope that knowing how blessed you have been in your life brings peace and resolve to your heart. Thank you for making a difference.

You're in my prayers,


Dear Farrah,
You have always, obviously, been a gorgeous person but I found out tonight that you are a beautiful person inside and out. I can't tell you how much your story about your fight has touched me. I know you will not only continue to fight but you will succeed in your fight! My hope for you is that you will beat this NOW so that you don't have to waste anymore time on this nonsense! I know that you will get better soon and beat this. You have proven that you can take whatever life throws at you, now it's time for you to only enjoy happiness! I have said many prayers for you and will continue to do so until you recover. Get better now!!! Now! All the best,

Dear Farrah,

Words can't express what you are going through. My mother went through a similar experience and I was supportive of her until the very end. She was an incredibly strong woman as I hear you are too.

God Bless You!
Rahman Thompson

Ms. Fawcett,

I just saw your Prime-time Special on NBC and the tears are still streaming down my face. My father had anal cancer but lived with such shame and privacy. Your special shed a light of awareness on this dis-ease. You took it out of the shadows of shame and put a real face on the experience of cancer and its treatment.

I'm knowing that God will continue to Bless You. My prayers continue to be with you.

Thank you for your work, for your beauty and for your Spirit.

Peace and Blessings,
-Bryan Edney
(Atlanta, GA)


What a remarkable person you are to share with the world this journey you are on. How touching your story is yet devastating to really see the face of cancer thru the eyes of the person experiencing it within their body. Your strength and courage is to be commended and I pray with all my heart that you will receive the divine miracle and your life will be spared.

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and friends. Thank you for sharing with us. May God Bless you.


I just want to give Farrah some information that I have recently come across about cancer treatment. If you Google a man named Max Gerson you will find a lot of information on his work. He has cured a number of people and his daughter has carried on his work. He has had really good results with late stage cancers as well. There is a documentary about his work called "The Beautiful Truth" it is very informative. I am not sure if Farrah has heard about him or tried any of his treatments, but it would be worth her checking into to possibly save her life. Please, I hope you can get this information to her.
God bless,

Dearest Farrah,

First and foremost I would just like to thank you for adding so much joy to my life over the last 30 some odd years. I was memorized by your beauty and charm from the age of 8 years old and still am, at nearly 41 .I have enjoyed your films, plays (I saw “Bobbi Boland” and was lucky enough to meet you after), television work and art .You inspire me every day , I keep a photo of you on my desk at work and I am greeted by your unforgettable smile every morning .

Whenever I have a particularly bad day, either at work or with a relationship or even just the crazy stress of living in NYC, I take great comfort in putting on a DVD of yours and escaping for a little while. ”Charlie’s Angels”, has especially been some of the best “medicine” I have ever had.

My world has certainly been a much better and brighter place because of you and all of the gifts that you have shared with us. Please stay strong and I hope that you are as comfortable as you can be given the circumstances. Know that you are truly loved by me and many like me and use it to fuel your passion for life.

I pray for a miracle, a remission and at the very least that you are surrounded by people that have only your best interests at their heart

With all of my love and admiration always,

Anthony Higgins

I just wanted to say i am a huge fan of yours have been since charlies angels you were always my favorite i been praying for you. ~Bryan C


I Love You, Farrah. I hope you can feel the warmth of all of us having our arms around you!
Kenny Strain
Cape May, NJ

Dear Farrah

My prayers and thoughts are with you as you fight with this battle of cancer. I think you are a brave woman to share your story with the world and to let us see how this is effecting your life. Farrah you are a fighter and I know you will keep on fighting with everything that you have. I lost my grandmother a couple of years ago to cancer and she fought with everything that she had till the end. I know you must have some days where you wake up and say I can't do this anymore or you give up. Farrah you hang in their and keep on fighting because us your fans will be fighting right along side of you as we keep you in our prayers each and everyday.

Sincerely Lisa



My Dearest Farrah,
You probably have no idea of the true impact that you have had upon so many. I was 12 years old (some 30 years ago now) when I first laid eyes upon your stunning beauty and grace and have been smitten ever since. Your strength and elegance serve as a guideline and foundation for true beauty and it's representation of both inner and external.

My heart aches when I hear of the physical and emotional struggles that you are and have experienced. Please know that not only are you an icon, but also a legacy as to why I KNOW that there are truly Angels on earth.

Thank you for your kindness, joy, insight, strength and radiance.... I pray for you and hold you in my heart...

Fondest Love,

Dearest Farrah,

How can I express how a fan like me feels at a time like this? You have been part of my life for 33 and I have always thought you were such an amazing woman. I am saddened, of course, with this situation and I think of you every day from the time that I get up until I go to bed, hoping for that miracle that we are all praying for. You are America's Angel, Farrah, one who has always brought so much joy and love with your work, as many of your fans have only gotten to know you. But please know that you are so much more to us and that we love you and we are here with you everyday.

Alex Hernandez

Dear Farrah,

You were the first Actress that caught my eye in 1969 and have been the only Actress that has held my interest since I was 8 years old. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
God Bless the world is praying for you.
Lyn Mar

Dear Farrah,
I want to say first, "You're a beautiful lady!" I am so glad that I grew up during the time you, Kate, and Jaclyn made one of the most popular television shows, Charlie's Angles. My cousin had her room decorated with the Angels on her wall. If you think there's still time and want to look at a good web site, www.gerson.org might be of interest to you. We all have you in our hearts and think of you warmly. Of course, we all love you dearly.


I have been a fan of yours since Charlie's Angels ran! I have very fond memories of my grandmother and me watching you together!

I pray for your pain to go away soon, by God's means! Blessings to you and your family and I will continue to keep you in my prayers!MY DEAREST FARRAH LENI FAWCETT,






Dear Farrah
I pray for you everyday and I do believe in Miracles and hope that One is coming your Way. I have been a fan since I first saw that Famous Red Swimsuit Poster and Of Course Charlie's Angels. We met back in Dec 2002 When you did a Book signing for your art book at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. You were so Gracious and Kind and you Looked Beautiful. Meeting you that day was a Dream Come True For Me that I will always Cherish ! Thank You For sharing your Story with us and I pray that your story has a Happy Ending! Tom

Dearest Farrah

I lOVE CHARLIE'S ANGELS! and all the movies and other TV shows you did.... and you will continue to do. I am at a loss of words
Farrah, when I heard of your condition I started to pray for you and thought of all the joy you have brought into these trying times.
PLEASE Lord God lift up an Angel that has temporarily been sidelined. WE ALL LOVE YOU FARRAH!!!! God Bless.

Jack Timmerman

Dearest Farrah, You have touched so many people through out the years!, We all love you and care for you. May the good Lord give you strength and courage. ~ Jack T.

Dear Farrah,
I just wanted to send more positive thoughts and prayers to you and your family. You are truly brave and beautiful and will always be an idol of mine. You define "grace under pressure".

Much love and many prayers to you, Ryan and Redmond.

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Dear Farrah,

You were and still are my #1 idol of all time. I was blessed to meet and know you on the tv screen and watching all your movies. You are a FABULOUS and GORGEOUS actress, who is always blessed with love, bravery and courage. I wish that when I grow up I could be half the woman you are. When I was little; I also ran home after school and finished all homework, so my parents could let me watch "Charlie's Angels reruns" and in the weekends me and two cousins would pretend that we are angels working for charlie and solving crime. In addition, my niece and her friends begged me to buy them the whole collection because they all wanted to be Jill Munroe just like you.

You are an inspiration to all of us, with the strength of a hundred women and a spirit of uncountable doves. God Bless You and ur family. We are all praying for you in your hour of need. You are like a second mother to all of us. We grew up knowing you, watching you, and even crying with you. So even though, you feel blue just remember that you have a very big family (fans) that are praying for miracles and knowing that God will hear our prayers and LET OUR ANGEL LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Farrah, I've always been a fan and always will be. I've always loved your movies and tv shows. You have always been an inspiration to me. You even inspired me to pick up a tennis racket when I was younger because I'd read about how much you loved tennis!! I enjoyed playing too! To be honest though, my backhand sucks!

My prayers and thoughts are with you all the time as you continue to fight the fight!
All my love,
Christopher in Sydney, Australia.

Dear Farrah,
My heart goes out to you & your family during such a trying time in your life. You are fighting the good fight & know that God & your guardian angel are looking out for you & are on & by your side. I just wanted to send my love & <<<<<HEALING VIBES>>>>>> & ((((((((a BIG HUG))))))) from a long time fan.
YOu are beautiful, a strong woman & a sweetheart. Take good care & keep fighting...you are a winner.
Sharon from Sacramento, CA

Dear Farrah I would love to say my heart goose out for you and your family at this time. I want you to know in all my life you where always my favorite Angle and will always be my name is henry and i lost my brother to cancer last year around June 4 he was brother and a friend.so if this gets to you my prayers go out to you with love your friend henry. ~ Martinez H

Dear Farrah-

You were my childhood idol and I was so blessed to meet you later in life, when I was working for Deepak Chopra in Del Mar.
You were so gracious and kind, when we met, which was truly one of the highlights of my life, thank you!

I wish you all the best and know that God and the angels are with you, as you align your body, mind and spirit with Divine Mind and perfect health.

God bless and lots of love,
Kathleen Kastner

Very Dear FARRAH this is the second time that I write to you to sent my assistance and all my positive force in your combat against the disease. It will not be my last message because I know that you will overcome and that you will not give up us - we need so much " fighter" (combatants) like you, of your beauty, your smile, your talent and your generosity. This is not easy; to be a public person and  is even more difficult when one is sick but you summers become carries it word of the patients and l hope of cure. I am proud that you could make documentary and once again to show us your force, faith, joy, sadness and hope. There are all be sometimes curious, on Internet, information on you but was to reassure itself and to have good news of you and especially because you are loved all I keep the regret not to have seen you in France (in canes), and same if in France one has little speaks about you during years we are many admirors   I will not manage to translate into English all that I want to say to you and I hope that if you read the messages someone' will translate it for you - I know only some English words, those of the heart (hearth): I LOVE YOU FARRAH and I pray for you - I send you all my positive force and coils kisses from Toulouse Alain

Tres Chère FARRAH
C'est la seconde fois que je vous ecris pour vous envoyer mon aide et toute ma force positive dans votre combat contre la maladie . Ce ne sera pas mon dernier message car je sais que vous vaincrez et que vous ne nous abandonnerez pas - nous avons tant besoin de "fighter"(combattants) comme vous , de votre beaute, de votre sourire , de votre talent et de votre generosite . Ce n'est pas facile d'etre une personne publique et c'est encore plus difficile lorsque l'on est malade mais vous etes devenue le porte parole des malades et l'esperance de guerison. Je suis fier que vous ayez pu en faire un documentaire et encore une fois nous montrer votre force, foi, joie, tristesse et espoir.
On a tous ete parfois curieux , sur internet , d'informations sur vous mais c'etait pour se rassurer et avoir de bonnes nouvelles de vous et surtout car on vous aime tous
je garde le regret de ne pas vous avoir vu en france ( en cannes) , et meme si en france on a peu parle de vous pendant des années nous sommes de nombreux admirateurs
Je n'arriverai pas à traduire en anglais tout ce que je veux vous dire et j'espere que si vous lisez les messages quelqu'un vous le traduira - je ne connais que quelques mots en anglais , ceux du coeur (hearth) : I LOVE YOU FARRAH and i pray for you - i send you all my positive force and love
kisses from toulouse ( not too loose but to win for you)

FARRAH,  Farrah you are beautiful and you are the best.  I embrace like your family and I hope how you will be among us still a long time!!!!! LARGE KISSES OF NORMANDY BRIGITTE.

Une pensée pour toi de Normandie, Farrah bats toi, tu es belle et tu es la meilleure.
Je t'embrasse ainsi que ta famille et j'espère que tu seras parmi nous encore longtemps !!!!!

Thank you for being the first role model to inspire me and show me "a way out" of an abusive home and toxic surroundings by just being you...

Abundant oceans of love, light, joy and gratitude to you,
Tamela Cole

You are brave and beautiful!
May God be with you,


Don't give up!! With all of the prayers that are going out for you, there is just no way that God won't answer. He is a loving, caring God that hears all of these prayers and I believe that people who have a great amount of faith, as well as people who maybe don't, are lifting you up in prayer.

When you look at the number of people that are praying for you...I believe that He will answer! I've been praying for you for more than a year now, but it has also been on my heart recently to pray that God answer prayers of His believers.
Those of us who believe with all of our hearts in Him and give Him the glory need simple or huge prayers answered too. Healing you would be a major answer to so many people that are praying for you! I know He hears and will respond!!
Believe and receive today!!! It will be done!

No need to say goodbye....YOUR MIRACLE IS COMING!!

Cathy S.
Southern Illinois

Dear Farrah,
I am sending my thoughts and prayers to you at this difficult time. You have been strong through this. I have admire you since the beginning Charlie's Angels and all your Great movies. Yes you are definitely an Angel and a Great roll model. Right now I know your Guardian Angel is by your side with your Family and Friends. Stay Strong and remember WE LOVE YOU!
Your Fan Always!

Dear Farrah,

I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, you have been a part of my life since 1976, I still have the original

red swimsuit poster that I've had since I was 10 years old hanging in my home. I love you-God Bless, John P. Kansas City, MO. USA

Dear Farrah,
I just want you to know that i love you. i know you are going to fine. i pray everyday for you. you have been in my life since i can remember. you inspired me and you have shown me how much of a true Angel you really are. i admire you for being such a role model and for being the fighter you are. everything will be fine...i promise. keep the faith and know how many people are here for you. with love, always, shae
orange county, ca


My message for Fantastic Farrah the Fighter:

Dearest Farrah,

You are a very courageous, beautiful woman—both inside and out. With everything you are doing to defeat your cancer disease is remarkable and goes beyond the specter of the human capacity to endure. You are so resilient and strong and hopeful throughout this entire process.

Yesterday, on ABC News (Local Station WPBF.COM), a physician announced that he believes he has the answer to cancer. The news station is based in West Palm Beach , FL or Palm Beach , FL. I thought I’d pass this onto you in the hopes that it can provide a ray of hope. If you go to www.WPBF.com, you may find more information about the research the physician has been doing. They aired the broadcast on Monday, May 11, 2009 at 11:00 p.m. Unfortunately, I was unable to stay up for it. I just hope and pray that this helps you in anyway possible.

You deserve that “miracle” that you are looking for and I hope my passing this information onto you can be of some help.

Good luck, my little dream fighter! I watched your show so faithfully, that I went out and bought the “Charlie’s Angel” car that Jacqueline drove—Ford Mustang with 350 rpm engine. It was my dream car! I cherish the memories when I drove that car around with pride!

God Bless, My Angel…

Rosemarie A. Stone

Dearest Farrah,

I have wanted to leave a message since the day Mike made it available on the website.....but I have not been able to find the words. But now I will try......

I cannot express what you have meant to me over the past 33 years. You have been an integral part of my childhood. You have been an inspiration to me in so many ways....your determination, your courage, your strength, your talent, your love for your family, your class, your elegance, your grace.
I first discovered you in 1976 with Jaclyn and Kate....and have been a lifelong "Angel" fan since that moment. You all taught me that women can be ANYTHING and EVERYTHING...they can be strong and independent and beautiful and smart and funny.....they can outsmart the bad guys, help out the good guys, be loyal to their friends and always look good, no matter what they're doing!!!

Get well soon Farrah. You are in my thoughts and prayers every single day. Fight the Fight....don't stop fighting. You are so strong and there is so much love all around you..............
'the songs are in your eyes
I see them when you smile
I've had enough I'm not giving up
On a miracle drug
Of science and the human heart
There is no limit
There is no failure here sweetheart
Just when you quit....."
-----U2 "Miracle Drug"

With my deepest respect and admiration and gratitude,
Leanne in Canada

My thoughts and best wishes are with you Farrah, the American Idol.


Cara Farrah,
in questo momento sei sempre nei miei pensieri e nelle mie preghiere. Apprezzo il tuo coraggio per affrontare questa dura prova della tua
vita. Grazie "Angelo" per tutto! Non dimenticherò mai il tuo sorriso.
Dio ti benedica.
Con amore e la mia ammirazione di sempre.
Stefano da Roma - Italia

Dear Farrah,
in this moment you're always in my thoughts and in my prayers. I appreciate your courage to face this hard test of your life. Thanks
"Angel" for all. I will never forget your smile.
God blesses you Farrah.
With love and my usual admiration.
Stefano from Rome - Italy

You’ve been part of my life since 1975 and I’ve never loved you more. You are an inspiration and I truly want to thank you for being part of my life.
Michel Côté

Dear Farrah,
You are a beautiful and talented lady. You are an inspiration to those who love and care for a cancer patient. Thank you for fighting so hard and being a public voice. I wish you comfort in this difficult time.

(Boston, MA)

I love you Farrah I always have and I always will.


I don't typically send emails to share comments on public websites, text vote for reality TV shows, write in to magazines, etc. however I had to send prayers and well wishes to you and your family. I grew up watching you and your co-stars on Charlie's Angels as a teen, and was a huge fan. I've always admired and cheered for you on your acting journey. You feel like a family member. May God bless and keep you and yours. ~Lisa F


I don't know if you'll read this directly, but my thoughts and prayers are with you. I was a big fan of Charlie's Angels. It aired 1976-81. On ABC? I also enjoyed your commercials, especially the Farah Fawcett Shampoo commercials. My favorite was the commercial you did with Joe Namath. The shower commercial, in which he says I just took a shower with Farah Fawcett. You said shampoo in the commercial, but you were both in towels and wet. Anyway cancer has hit my family too. I have lost to great uncle's to colon cancer, my mother to breast cancer. My Grandmother, and a cousin to lung cancer. My father is currently battling intestinal cancer, and my step mother is a 16 year survivor of breast cancer. There are charities I know of. The Jewel Hairston Bell scholarship fund at the University of Oregon. She is my mother, and she served as Head Council of Minority Education there from 1983-86. She died in 1990. Also the Fred Rittner Pemi Campership fund, at Camp Pemigewassett in Wentworth Nh. Pemigewassett is a boys camp, for boys 8 to 15. I went there at the ages of 10-15. The camp was founded in 1908, and is the oldest camp in the country. Under the same family management, and ownership. Fred Rittner was a friend of mine there. He is from Westport Ct, and was a camper and counselor from 1970-81. Fred died of colon cancer in 1983, he was 24. The camp is his final resting place. Since his death, at the end of every summer. There is a Rittner Run. The run is a 75 mile relay run. You can run as much of it, or as little of it as you choose. The last half mile is when everyone runs together, and the run ends on the camp soccer field. Fred was one of the finest soccer players as a camper. The run is to raise money for a campership (scholarship) fund to get kids to come to camp. For more information, log on to Camppemi.com. It would be nice to see a celebrity Rittner Run. With celebrities who are cancer survivors, battling cancer, etc. And I do mean celebrities as in entertainment, musicians, politicians, pro athletes, news media, etc. I do wish you well, and especially this last hope treatment.

Derrick Bell III
Pittsburgh Pa.

Hi Farrah,

I was in my teens watching you kick the bad guys ass J I always love the hot brainy beauty out smarting the bad guy. Farrah, you are a symbol of beauty, brains, and strength. I pray for you every day and very happy you kick those paps butt for saying horrible things about you. Tell them like it is but don't waste too much energy on them. They are not worth it. Farrah you deserve to live your life fully as you wish. As a fan I will admit I am very interested in your progress, and always love to hear you are out and about living your life. Hearing that makes me feel better with some relief. You look amazing as usual just so you know J Love your trademark hair style. Just know, Farrah, you are an icon and there are millions of fans who will always love you. Thank you for your inspiration and strength.

Love and prayers to you,

Laura Gullett

Cleveland, OH


My brother is currently battling cancer so I know what you are going through. Please do not give up hope...God is still on the throne and He works miracles. I pray for you and want you to know how much you have meant to me as well as all of your fans. I am so thankful that you have touched my life and keep the faith. God will touch yours. My room used to be covered with your pictures and I have kept them all after all of these years. I have put your poster up in my Salon so I can look at you and remember to pray for you daily...Fight the Fight Farrah...we love you!

Pat Tieman


Dear Farrah

Your smile has made so many of us happy for so long, now it is time for our smiles to brighten your days and our positive energy to help see you through this.

You are part of the reason I am who I am today.

All my love, respect and calm,

Toni -Illinois

You are in my heart, thoughts and in my prayers!

Marisol Robles

Dear Farrah,

On March 21, 1976 you came into my world through a TV pilot called Charlie's Angels. For me to be writing 33 years later reflects how much you've been a part of my life. I thank you for the many, many years of entertainment you brought to me. Your courage, faith, will and spirit shine. You are a light. My prayers and thoughts are with you. God bless.

All my best,
Jeffrey from NJ, USA

I thank you for being an inspiration. Today we are holding you up in prayer.

As I reflect back I can say that as of this writing you are still my earth angel.  As I look at the Hollywood sect of today they can never hold a light to your originality and staying true to yourself.

You may have left TOWNSEND AGENCY, But you remain an ANGEL !   Remember either way YOU STAY OR YOU GO -YOU ARE A WINNER !  Your battle has been an inspiration.
Your FIGHT has brought that one thing so many seem to have forgotten  and It is HOPE !

I LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU- Until we ever get to meet again.
Greg in Texas

Farrah Fawcett was our Marilyn Monroe for the seventies. It is hard to see her suffer so. I definitely wish her the best and for some miracle. I love you Farrah.

Sincerely, Perry Johnson

Hi Farrah,
We have been fans of yours since before Charlie's Angels. We remember you on your many commercials and appearing on The Bionic Man. We have followed your career and loved all your many movies: The Burning Bed, Extremities, Small Sacrifices, Poor Little Rich Girl, Between Two Women, Nazi Hunter and the list goes on. Through the years we have not only been fans but we have kept you in our prayers. Our Mom & Grandmother who both went home to be with the Lord would pray for you and we always did too. We pray for God to protect you, keep you and to draw you even closer to Him. We were touched by the many women you helped who were abused and how many lives and hearts you touched. We knew you had a heart of gold for everyone you came into contact with. So you were always in our prayers. That God would continue to bless you and your family. Now we are still praying for you but this time it is for your total healing and miracle. Jesus is a divine Healer and we have seen Him do amazing things for us. We were dying and not expected to live, we were born with life-threatening allergies that left us confined to our home for 7 years of our lives. The doctors gave up hope for us but we had a praying Mom, Dad, & Grandparents who believed in miracles and thank God - we were healed. Now we are 41 years old and we know that the Lord can heal you and raise you up out of that bed and give you a great testimony to share with the world. Farrah, you have always been one of our favorite actresses and we have always thought that you were the most gorgeous woman inside and out. We know that God wants to use you in even greater ways, call on Jesus. He Loves you and so do all us fans. We are twin brothers who sing and minister... we have an original song called Jesus Heals Them All. Jesus is faithful Farrah. We know you have faith in Him. Here is a scripture we want you to read and speak it over your body daily.

Psalm 103:
1Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.
2Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:
3Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;
4Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies;
5Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's.
As far as the East is From the West so far He has removed my inquities from me.

Farrah, we love you and we aren't giving up on your healing. We are fasting for you and lifting you up daily. Don't give up Angel, God has a mission for you and a plan for your life.
You remain in our hearts, thoughts and our prayers,
Brian & Shawn Chrisagis

Hi, I am sending you a message of good wishes. I know you would have receive many a good wish, I do thank you for all the good films you have made as well.

From a devoted fan, who lives in Churchill, Victoria Australia


Dear Farrah,
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You are loved.
Your friend,

All I can simply say is that I repeat ALL the comments, love and wishes of all your fans. Even though we are spread all over the world we all feel the same about you. We LOVE YOU  ........... Cancer will NEVER win, LOVE is greater.

Danny (United Kingdom)

I have been watching season 1 of Charlie's Angels all over again and just seeing Farrah with her beautiful smile and angelic presence is enough to make even the saddest person feel hope and remind me to live life every single second of every single day! Your always in our hearts Farrah....get well soon!

Jey Ellis

Dearest Farrah.

I feel blessed to have been able to be your fan for over 30 years. What more can I say only thank you for being you.

Keep fighting and God Bless you.
Robert x


You have always been very special to me and I have always loved everything you did in your career, Charlie's Angels wouldn't be the iconic hit it is with all the fan if you hadn't been on that first season to get it going, and all your other films, TV appearances are so wonderful. You are truly the best and I know you have what it takes to fight this cancer you are a wonderful strong and brave woman, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family..

Keep up the fight Farrah we all love you very much...

A Loving Fan,
Mike Maner H.S. Arkansas

I can not tell you how terribly crushed, and saddened I was to learn of Farrah's health issues. She has been in my thoughts and prayers these past weeks, and I can't seem to get her out of my head. With the way I'm feeling, you'd think she was a 'family member' In a crazy way, Ms. Farrah Fawcett is like being a part of my family. She was a part of my life, that's for sure! I grew up with her. I remember as a pre teen, I'd just stare at her photos, and be mesmerized by her beauty! She truly was an 'Angel'! Anytime I'd see her on TV, a movie, or magazine, I can't help but be filled with happiness, and smile! Till this day, whenever I'd hear the song "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel" by the group Tavares, I can't help but think of Farrah Fawcett. Throughout that song, only images of Farrah's beautiful face comes to my mind.

One of the GREATEST REGRETS I have, is never having the opportunity to met Ms. Farrah Fawcett. I did see her in person during her Off Broadway play in 1983, but I regret I didn't have the courage to speak to her. One of the co stars in the play was kind enough to take a magazine and post card, (I brought along), backstage, to get autographed by Farrah. It was a dream come true! Sadly, one of the autographs smeared, (for the ink from the marker was still wet), and the other autograph didn't come out too good. Plus with time, it faded. So another REGRET I have is never going back to the theatre for another autograph.

I've always joked and told people, as well as my wife and daughters, that Farrah Fawcett was my 'first love'. In a way she was, for it was with Farrah Fawcett I've learned what it feels like to 'love someone'.

Again, I am terribly depressed over Farrah's condition, and I pray that God will give her the strength she so desperately needs during these tough times. I will continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers, and may God Bless our Beloved 'Angel' I have never felt this way about a celebrity with the exception of Lucille Ball, yet for me, Ms. Farrah Fawcett is more personal and painful.

God Bless Ms. Farrah Fawcett,

Michael John Micallef
Malta, Europe


Hi I have been a huge fan of you for 33 yrs now. Truly love ya bunches. You are in my thoughts & prayers everyday. Since you first came out with that you had cancer....it upset me a lot to hear that.
Want you to know that i am praying for you......your a beautiful person, very strong, brave and a fighter. There is no one I know that is built as good as you are. Your a beautiful woman inside and out...... love you allot......Trish from NY

A higher power will keep you here Farrah.........please keep fighting, i want you to knock this out. It is a hard thing you are battling......love you!

Dear Farrah,

When I was kid, you were the first celebrity that intrigue me,
enough for me to buy posters, t-shirts, shampoos, teen magazines as well as fashion magazines( and being a nine year old boy and buying "Vogue" magazine was very embarrassing at the supermarket check-out stand.) I spent my entire allowance on you and with no regrets. I had to have everything on my favorite angel. Through out the years there have been others celebrities that have caught my interest but I am loyal and to this day, I feel that you are one of the most fascinating women on this planet.

Your illness saddens me, but please use your super angel skills to fight this devil. My Mother is a cancer survivor and I am certain that you will be too. Like you, I grew up catholic, and I prayed for my Mother's recovery as I am doing for you. I remember reading my old magazines and remembering how the press compare you to Marilyn Monroe. The truth is there was only one Marilyn, but the truth is there is only one FARRAH.

Your fans are with you,



You are still as beautiful as the first time I saw you on my TV back in 1976. I grew up in the UK. As a 9 year old boy, it was then that I fell in love with the United States. You and the Angels fueled my passion for this wonderful country that I have now called my home for the last 21 years.

Thank you for your strength and talent and for that wonderful smile. I had the poster on my wall and on a T-shirt, the poster is long gone but I still have my t-shirt. I will keep it forever and maybe one day I will get to meet you and get you to sign it for me......get well soon my Sweet Angel.....

Love always, Marty
(now in Atl Ga)

You always took my breath away as Jill Monroe so many years ago, and to this day, you still do. As you have battled the fight of cancer, it has given me inspiration to do that same battle when i was once a fat man ( I know you never had this issue) along with god himself and can say i am 100 pounds less come the month of July which will mark it two years ago. My prayers are for you, and one day you can be a real inspiration to many more. As you say fight the good fight no matter what comes your way.

Get well Angel, and soon
Eric Larsen
Annandale VA

Hello Farrah-

If you could only know just how many people, the ones who love you and adore you, are praying for you and thinking of you during this trying time in your life.

From the bottom of my heart, I'm wishing nothing but good things for you and can only hope and pray that things get better for you very soon.

If you don't mind my saying so, I Love you, Kiddo. If I were close by, I'd be helping you in ANY way I could.
Most Sincerely-

Kenny Strain
Cape May, NJ

To Farrah,

Farrah you wondered why so many people are interested and care about the things you do and I can tell you why, You are a special person with a Beautiful soul and spirit. Although you are an actress and that was the profession you chose in life I just have to say you have touched so many people in this lifetime in everyway you have a beautiful smile and a warm and caring nature.

Farrah I pray for you because I know that you are probably afraid and of course anybody would be but remember this God loves his own and you are one of his own. What ever the outcome of your ordeal is Farrah I pray that you always keep your faith and that you know that all of us who are also his are praying for you too and never be afraid because God loves you and is always there for you. I intend to meet you one day Farrah and I hope and pray that God will allow you to stay around a little longer to continue the love you give and to give us all a blessing in knowing you.

God Bless you Farrah, Faith and Love, Ruben Melendez


Just pray to God you the strength to get ahead of this suffering. I appreciate the opportunity to write and say that you are beautiful and the most beautiful I have ever known. Nobody can match your sympathy, joy, beauty and strength.
Thank you for the happiness you have given, Thank you for being with your fans.

Thanks to all your fans, especially Mike and Kiko has given us through his books and videos a piece of your life and love more.

Farrah, an angel, thank you for everything you've given over the years.

A Prayer for Farrah

We love you
Julio/ From Chile

Dear Farrah,

You are a "Class act".  My heart goes out to you .... G-d Bless you always and forever. 



Since my childhood I am a great admirer and you are one of the icons that I like has always been famous since the 3 angels fell from heaven! my worship series until today be as strong as your character jill, I thought about you every week and am sure that this disease will be dirty soon out of you, you let live in peace ...

all my love and support you very dear friend as you accompany me sad moments in my life

Stephane from France

chere farrah

depuis mon enfance je suis un tres grand admirateur et vous faites partie des icones que j'aime depuis toujours,depuis ces 3 fameux anges tombés du ciel !!ma serie culte jusqu'au aujourd'hui soyez aussi forte que votre personnage jill,je pense a vous chaque semaine,et suis sur que cette sale maladie sera bientot hors de vous,pour vous laisser vivre en paix...

tout mon amour et support vous accompagne tres chere amie comme vous m'avez accompagner dans des moments tristes de ma vie

Stephane from france


Sending you healing light and love Farrah. Beautiful spirit, beautiful soul, amazing actress and truly a gifted fine artist. You are deeply thought of and loved.
Be well-

Farrah ,

I like millions of people am a big fan of yours . My prayers and good thoughts are with you during this
difficult time . I wish you a speedy recovery so you can continue to bless us with your talent . You are wonderful .



My thoughts and prayers are with you during your time of need. I've always looked up to you, respected and admired you as an actress and as a person who follows your heart. You're a genuinely wonderful person!

Perry Russell

Très chère Farrah,

Toutes mes pensées les plus fortes s'envolent vers vous pour vous souhaiter beaucoup de courage, et pour vous donner la force pour nous faire rêver encore et toujours comme vous savez si bien le faire.

je suis de tout coeur avec vous, et vous allez gagner.

Avec toutes mes amitiés.

Valérie (France)

Dear Farrah,

I pray for your recovery everyday, this cancer is a horrible disease. I have been a fan of yours for a long time and have enjoyed all your movies and especially Charlie's Angels. You are a strong Texas Woman and can beat this thing. Always keep a positive attitude that is the key and have faith.

I live in Sugar Land, Texas and was diagnosed with Anal Cancer November 2007, I started chemo/radiation treatments on New Years Eve Dec 30, 2007 went through 6 horrible agonizing weeks of treatments only to learn that the treatments only shrunk the tumor it was too aggressive and large so surgery was needed. The tumor started to grow at a very rapid rate and I was in excruciating pain and could barely sit, stand, walk or sleep. My husband and I decided it was time to contact MD Anderson Hospital in Houston to see the specialists for a second opinion. I met with a surgeon end of April 08 and he said I needed a radical surgery ASAP this was the only way to get this cancer and save my life, they only do this type of radical surgery if there are no other opinions. In my case this was the only way. He scheduled the surgery for May 30th 2008. I was divested and very scared I did not think I was going to make it through the surgery but I knew it had to be done, I could not live with that unbelievable pain any longer. The surgery was 12 1/2 hours and they removed all of the tumor plus a lot of other things !!! My surgeon also had a plastic surgeon come in and reconstruct the area where they performed the surgery. They did an unbelievable job. I thank God everyday for these doctors at MD Anderson they literally saved my life. It took me 12 weeks to recover and am still recovering little by little everyday. It hasn't been a year yet since the surgery and the doctors watch me closely. So far all is good. I get stronger everyday. I even went back to work full time in August last year. So you keep the faith and know that you can overcome this.

I wish you love, strength, and perseverance while going through this difficult time. Keep strong in faith and know that God has heard all the prayers of your many fans, friends and loved ones and he will give you the strength you need to get through this.

Love & Blessings
Your Fan
Theresa Skeete
Sugar Land, Texas

I have met three of the six Charlie’s Angels from the television series, but Farrah was not one of them. However, like many people in the world, her personality and spirit have touched me in a very special way. Her ordeal is very upsetting to me. She has been in my daily prayers. I can’t tell you how many rosaries I have said for her, intentions for her at every mass, thoughts of her every time I read the bible. I have even had The Dominican Cloistered Nuns of Syracuse, New York praying for her. God is listening. ~ Stephen Morga

Dear Farrah:
I am really pulling for you. You are so beautiful and you did such great work. Please get well soon. I will be thinking and praying that you are on the mend and feeling like your old self once again.
All the best,

I'm crying in this moment.... after article in People... I love Farrah, she is an angel, forever, no only about Jill Munroe.. she is a survivor, a real angel in our real life... I'm 39 years old and when I was a boy with her poster and watching Charlie's angels... and so proud about her when she starred The Burning Bed, Extremities, Nazi Hunter... I loved Poor Little Rich Girl, Jewel, Chasing Farrah.... when I was a teen, in Peru, without internet, was very difficult buy magazines about Farrah, when I found one I copy the article, and send this to my friends... after a time, my career is JOURNALIST.... now, I am reporter in a TV show about TV stars, write articles for mira! magazine (same editorial group that national enquirer, American media) and, all the time, in TV, newspapers or magazines write about Farrah.... my dream, maybe for this I studied for a journalist, was, is, have a interview with Farrah, maybe now is impossible, but I happy for all the love that I have in my heart for this amazing woman who inspired me to be a better person... i prayed for our angel... I love you Farrah.  ~ Jorge Bracamonte

Dear Farrah,

I wish to share my strength and courage with you. My thoughts are with you and your family. Please be strong and get well soon.

Love and best wishes,


Dear Farrah,

You are truly loved by more people than you'll ever know. Thank you "Angel" for all the wonderful entertainment, artistry, inspiration and joy you have brought to my life over these many years! You've been such a strong presence in mine and all your fans lives for so long, we all feel we somehow know you personally. That's the impact you have had on your many, many friends unknown to you. We all are so proud of you and are astonished by your bravery and determination you've shown to win this battle. You've set a fine example to many! Please know you're in all our hearts and prayers at this time on your life's journey. May God bless and keep you always.

Sending much love and admiration,

Bobby in Los Angeles


It was 1976 when two 13 year old girls in a tiny town in New Zealand heard that a show called Charlie's Angels was coming to t.v.

Of course we had to watch it, as you were in it, and you were married to the true love of our lives, Lee Majors the Six Million Dollar Man!

So we watched, to see who this woman was that was married to Lee......we tried to dislike you.....but we couldn't!!

So as you did for many girls around the world, you gave us our new hair style, wardrobe and makeup style as we watched you every week. We THANK YOU!

We couldn't understand your decision to leave the show, however, when we became adults we understood why, so we admired you even more and THANKED YOU once again.

Your movies following the show were amazing. You proved your talent many times!

To shorten this up, we just wanted to pass on to you, that we can not explain how much you have meant to us over the years and how we have loved to see your youthful style.
So from all us girls around the world that you have helped keep youthful and in style, we THANK YOU again!

You truly are in our thoughts every day, and our thoughts are also with your family, we understand what they are going through, as we have both watched our mothers battle cancer.

So Angel, the two young girls who are now 46, say THANK YOU for all you have been for us.

Love from Karen (now in Canada) and Sandra (New Zealand)
xxx xxx

Dear Farrah

Everybody love & support you !
You will overcome all difficult because you are an ANGEL!

KAM - HongKong

Farrah! You were my childhood. My meager, sad, mundane life was brought to life by you and your fellow Angels. Even though I loved (still do) all the angels..Charlie's Angels would not be what it is and has become...without you. It might have dragged on for a season...but you made it front page news and allowed the show to soar....We love you Angel....spread your wings and fly like you always do!
Frederick M

Dearest Farrah,

You are a lovely inspiration to millions. I never missed an episode of Charlie's Angles! Loved the action, spunkiness, adventure, and the strength from all of the Angles.

I wanted to send my personal angel wishes, strength and comfort. We all love you Farrah~ Please win this fight~ You will forever be in my prayers.

Love, Sandi from California

Dear Farrah,

I just wanted to send warm wishes your way. Thank you for doing fantastic work during your career. Even in 'real life' you portray a woman of substance, gentleness and a good and sweet heart. Your acting ability has not been as admired as it should have been. You took your roles in "Texas" and "Burning Bed" for example...and put you whole being into them. And I loved you on Charlie's Angels too, but they did not show the enormity of you talent.

Please know that while you have been extremely private, as it should be, we (the public) want you to know how much I (we) care and hope you are not suffering too much. You have been very courageous and strong.

When you leave, it is a beautiful place that you are going to, free of pain, with beauty at every turn. Like you...beauty at every turn.

Take good care and I send you a huge huge from Canada.



Hello my name is Mike from Calgary Alberta,

We had a great pleasure to work with Farrah in Calgary and I was and am a personal fan of Farrah. I was one of the suppliers from a little grocery store that I owned and operated.

I send all my wishes and prayers to Farrah and hope she will do fine. I hope she will stay strong for us all. Farrah we love you.

From one of your biggest fans.


Mike from Calgary

I wish only the best for Farrah and her family. Farrah is my favorite ‘Angel’. I have always loved her acting since I was a little boy of 6 watching ‘Charlie’s Angels’, collecting Charlie’s Angels cards, Farrah notebooks for school etc. I was glad when she started her comeback career in the mid 80’s with TV movies like ‘The Burning Bed’ and ‘The Red Light Sting’. Her performance in ‘Extremities’ should have earned her numerous awards and accolades. I even drag out the old episodes of ‘Good Sports’ from time to time as well as ‘Charlie’s Angels’. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers……..stay strong.







Dear Farrah

We wish you the very best my dear.

Keep fighting that dreadful disease

My son age 30 now, was diagnosed two years ago with Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer, my only child
I was devasted when i heard this.

With prayers and good treatments he has survived . It has been a year and a half and I thank him up above every day for this i really do

he has since gotten married and gave us a little grand daughter who was named (Hope )after all he and his wife had been through, then came Hope.

She turns one May12th on our anniversary after all the sadness we had some joy!

There is hope really there is.

Keep praying my dear I did

Thank you so very much for your wonderful entertainment over the years, It was a pleasure to watch you.

God Bless you my dear!

We will be thinking about you at this time.

The Grimsdale Family
Alberta, Canada

My Angel, I`m a HIV survivor (17 years), and I pray for you to survivor also! Now I'm praying for your piece! Don't give up (for you, me and all fans).
Celso Lopes from Sao Paulo/Brazil


FARRAH (by Chris Amoretti)

I won’t forget the day, you came across my way, it was pure delight

You put a spell on me, I’m yours so faithfully from that day on

The brightest smile of an Angel who refuses to give in

The strength of a warrior, a true survivor indeed

Because you’re Farrah… Farrah… Farrah… Farrah!

Not afraid to lose, not afraid to choose grueling battles

You know well who you are, a mighty shining star and all the world can see

The brightest smile of an Angel who refuses to give in

The strength of a warrior, a true survivor indeed

Because you’re Farrah… Farrah… Farrah… Farrah!

You’re Farrah… Farrah… Farrah… Farrah!

Dear Miss. Fawcett,

I am a 45 year old woman from Canada who loved your show from 1976 to 1981 even though you were not on the show for the whole five years. I would like to THANK YOU for sending the message to the world that EVEN THOUGH you may be an attractive woman, one can still be feminine and able to do your job in a professional manner. As I get older, I realize more and more the strength and message that Charlie's Angel's send; even though some episodes, by today' s standards is considered "corny".

Your work in the" Burning Bed" was phenomenal
.. I will never forget it.

I sincerely wish you and your family all the best during this challenging time for you.

Please know that MANY people around the world are wishing you, through prayer and email a speedy recovery.

Please also know that through your profession of being an actor, you have inspired many people, men and women, to stay strong and inspired us all to stay positive through all adversity that life may throw at each and every one of us.

STAY STRONG, even on real bad days. The world is thinking of you and your family.

With Sincerest Regards,

Dear Farrah,
You are in my prayers. I have watched and collected on you and the Angels. You have inspired many people and I was so happy to get a chance to speak with you on HSN while purchasing 2 rings you designed. You have always responded when I wrote to you, you are a beautiful person. I have a friend in France her name is Veronique, and she adores you and is making a scrapbook of you. Ms. Fawcett you are not alone there are many people who love you. Farrah you have touched so many people and you are not only an angel but a diamond! May God Bless.
Love and many good wishes,
Lucy - Queens New York

Dear Farrah,
My thoughts and prayers are always with you. I know in my heart that you can beat this. You are a strong person and with the power of prayer and your fans, you will be able to go on. I've been a fan and supporter of yours for many years keep strong.  Love Bob Savidge, Doylestown, PA

Dear Farrah,

My heart and prayers go out to you. I'm one of your biggest fans that never had the chance to meet you and still hopes one day to meet you. I'm also a photographer that hopes to photograph you one of these days. Charlie's Angels is my favorite show of all time. And I like all 6 of the Angels and especially you, who started it all. I'm also an actor who hopes one day to get the chance to act with you, because Charlie's Angels is where I first realized I wanted to become an actor. Keep fighting the fight and stay as brave as you have always been. Watch over me forever. Daniel

I just wanted to send Farrah a small of faith and concern ...My family and I live here in Houston, Tx I know her parents live here actually My aunt is there next door neighbor ..That's cool ....But most all I want to sent my prayer's and thoughts with you and yours I'm recovering from a hysterectomy and I have allot of time on the PC lately I'm only 2wks in recover But I've been reading some thing on websites not those stupid tabloids that are a waste of money ...

My husband and I live in Magnolia, TX a suburb of Houston and we love it here its nice and relaxing I just turned 40 and my daughter is 19 and have a son that 16 so I have my hands full and My Husband is a District Manager Of the Texas gulf Coast For Smith Services. In Houston .....

I've been told my whole life that I favor you (Look like you Farrah and that's a great complent to me You have always been gorgeous to me since I watched my fav show "Charlie's Angel" Hope you (Farrah ) get this message and know that people love you and you have more strength than you know hang in there and keep the positive energy next time you are in Houston, Tx look me up ~Donna Wolfe

Dear Farrah,

I have thought of you throughout the years since we were at St. Patrick's School in Corpus Christi together. We used to have sleep overs and play in your play house in your back yard. I remember your Mom and Dad who were warm and thoughtful parents. We used to walk to Hamlin Pharmacy and babysit my baby brother, Jimmy, who came as a change of life baby for my Mom when I was 12.

I don't know if you remember me ... but, I pray for you daily and hope that God will heal you and restore your health. I will continue to follow your progress and know that nothing is impossible with God.

May God Bless and keep you always and forever,
Your long lost friend from Grade School,
Rita Sulak Cater

Dear Farrah,

I have loved and admired you for 33 years. You are an inspiration, an icon, an angel.


I am only 23 yrs old but My mom used to watch Charlie's Angels reruns all the time. You are such an inspiration to all women! Keep up the good fight. May god hold you tight in his arms, and carry you through this troublesome time. Keep your head high and your sprits higher!

with much love and respect

I used to watch you all the time. I even got your haircut. :-) When I heard you were fighting the cancer bug my heart went out to you. It can be a very trying time. It has run its course through several members in my family. Keep fighting as I know you will. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I know its tough on them to. Stay strong. God has a plan for all of us. Be brave. We all love you! ~ Cheryl in Kansas City


I know being scared and I just want to wish you strength and
peace...blessings to you and your family...never give up hope...look up;
look up; look up...

With so much hope for you and total belief in your recovery,
Barrington, NJ

Hello Farrah, sending all my best wishes to you and yours. I named my daughter Fara, and she is as beautiful as her namesake. May all the blessings in the world fall your way. We all know you are such a strong person. Soak in all the love that surrounds you. Be well !!

C. Barrington
Channelview, Texas

Dear Farrah,

I, too, have battled cancer and went through chemo and radiation. It was 9 years ago this month that I was diagnosed with stage 3 uterin cancer. You are a fighter, and I am a believer and pray for your recovery every night. All my very best to you and your family - good thoughts only! God bless you.


We LOVE you Farrah. Galveston Island and all of us are praying for your speedy recovery! Come on girl, you are a Texas woman and we know you can do it! You are our fave angel!
Love you, Tracy

Dear Farrah.I just thought I would let you know I'm praying for you it breaks my heart. Anymore I just loved that show I would turn it on and get in there with you guys. They sure don't make good movies like that anymore I miss the old and good ones my prayers are with you and the family My mother has alzheimers and I know what your going through I'm losing someone too keep Ryan he's a good catch tell him to get it in gear and clean up his act and be by your side.  ~ Diane W.

I just wanted to send you wishes for a Happy Mothers Day and for your recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time, and wishing you well. You are truly a fighter. I have always enjoyed all your acting over the years. Be strong, as I know you always have been. Know your fans are keeping you in their prayers.


To Farrah

Charlie angels was the best show on TV I was 16 teen when it came on .I had poster of all you girls.

Farrah I wishing all my prays we all love you. god bless you Farrah stay strong.

Joe from Nassau County NYC

Dear Farrah,

Thank you for 33 years of fond childhood memories. Every Wednesday night I so looked forward to watching you, Kate, and Jaclyn in Charlie's Angels. It was the highlight of my existence, and in between I had your swimsuit poster on my wall to keep me company.

When asked why I'm such a huge Farrah Fawcett fan, my answer is this - because you're an incredibly talented and gifted actress, artist, mother, and person who has inspired millions simply by just being yourself.

You (and Kate and Jaclyn) will always have a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.

May God bless you.
Austin, TX

I would like to send my prays and thought's to Farrah and if possible let her know that she was my very favored Angel I grew up with the show.

I wise her a fast recovery and hope she gets back on the saddle again.

Her Friend From Good Old Canada

Farrah, you've never stopped being in my thoughts and prayers since I found out about your illness. You've been a part of my life for over thirty years. It was love at first sight back in '76 when that incandescent smile, tossled hair and spunky spirit made me glad to be alive. I love you still today.

You've been an angel all these years and I know that there are angels surrounding you now. You are not alone. Miracles do happen.


I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. You are truly an inspiration! Not just this chapter, but your entire life. I love watching you along with the other millions because of your personality and character. You make me want to get up and be active and use everyday! You are one of those special people that brighten a room just by entering it. I have been told my whole life that I am one of those people. That, I think, is why I have always been drawn to you. I want you to know how much you, your family and your friends are in my thoughts. Thank you for being a "real" icon and idol that we can all look up to and never forget. ~ Much Love Brock

Dear Farrah

I know what fighting an illness is and i just wanted to send you from France strength, energy and hope. Because as a southern angel used to say: tomorrow is another day! Tomorrow will soon shine again for you ,be sure that all my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Stan from France

I remember the pilot of Charlie's Angel's like it was yesterday - instantly enamored by Farrah. She is, in my opinion, one of the most intense American Beauties of all time! I remember I was watching Charlie's Angel's during the 1977 Power Outage in NYC - I will never forget how upset I was to have the power go out! I had Charlie's Angels collectors cards and I had a sweatshirt with Farrah's famous poster pic on it. This from a straight female- the ultimate compliment.

May God Bless Farrah and keep her well - she's an amazing woman and will always be in our hearts. ~ Karen

To my beloved Farrah,

I have loved and admired you for decades now. You have brought so much joy and inspiration to my life. Anyone who knows me knows how crazy I am about you. You are an American Icon, a pop culture phenomenon, a legendary sex symbol, artist and mother. A true Texas beauty inside and out and so much more! So I want to take this time to send positive thoughts your way and let you know how much I love you and how better the world is with you in it.

your friend,
Kenny Gray
Galveston, Texas

Dear Farrah,

My name is Daniel. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I love you from the beginning but the most important thing is that I will love you for ever.
All your fans are thinking about you.
You are "the" great inspiration for all us.
Daniel Rinaldi.

Querida Farrah.
Mi nombre es Daniel. Soy de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Te amo y admiro desde el comienzo. Pero lo más importantees que te amaré por siempre.
Todos tus fans piensan en tí
Eres "la" inspiración para todos nosotros.
Daniel Rinaldi.

Dearest Farrah,

May God bless you always. You are an inspiration too all who have gone thru this terrible battle with cancer. You are loved so dearly by your fans. I have loved you ever since you appeared on Charlie's Angels which kicked you into high gear and launched your career to the top. I will forever keep you in my heart. God Bless you your family and Charlie's Angels co stars for sticking by you thru these rough times.

Much love from NYC,

Tommy T

I love you Garrah.  I have always been a huge fan.  I have 26 posters of you in my room, your poster in my office,  Almost everyday I have you on a t shirt.  On your birthday all my friends call me to say happy birthday.  I am the loon that showed up to Bobbi Boland with head to toe Farrah pictures.  That was the second time we met and you were warm an gracious… so sweet… which means a lot to us who have soooo much respect for you.  You have changed my life. 

My mom is suffering from pancreatic cancer.  The two women who have influenced me the most have this terrible thing.  My mom proudly wears her fight the fight t-shirt!

Hag in there girl!!!  You and my mom are the best!  I send you all my love!!

David Soloff nyc

You were an important part of my childhood and my adolescence. I had your poster in my room and I loved you. I love you, Farrah. There are a devout fan in a faraway city of Argentina praying every day for your complete healing. Have faith, Farrah. God bless you. With all my love, Rubén.

Je vous souhaite beaucoup de courage,durant ces moments difficiles.J'admire votre volonté face à cette cruelle maladie.Je pense très souvent à vous ainsi qu'à votre famille.
Que DIEU vous protège.

Sylvie from FRANCE

Dearest Farrah,
It's an honor for me to have been able to tell you how great and admirable you are. You are a remarkable person and I am sending you all the energy I can to give you strength. My heart is full of hope. Dear Angel, hang on. With lots of love from France. Pascale (Lyxie from MS)

"Farrah, my life without you will be empty I want not to believe in it ... I am your fan since 1976 and for me it was yesterday ! No, Farrah do not leave us ... I shall remain your fan for ever ! My heart bleeds to see you leaving!

With my love
Veronique to Gennevilliers
to France

Farrah and family,

I have you in my thoughts and prayers. I cant tell you what an impact you have had in my life. I watched Charlie's Angels and just adored all of you. The show had such an impact on me. The show was just such a great thing to watch and at that time was the best detective ladies show on tv. One of the best things about Charlie's Angels was you.

Thank you for being such a wonderful person and actress. Please know that the Lord loves you and is watching over you and protecting you at all times.

God Bless,


Tony and Luisa

I felt so much comfort reading all the kind words sent by Farrah's fans all over the world. I discovered Farrah when I was 11 years old and for 33 years afterwards felt like the only person who held her special in my heart. I'm so happy Farrah is embraced by so much love today. Both by Ryan, her son, her best friend Alana and all her fantastic fans. I met Farrah only once at the L.A. Museum of Art and was dumbfounded by her beauty and elegance. Like Ryan says, I can't imagine the world without Farrah. Mike suggested we pull out a Farrah movie for comfort. I chose "Extremities" because Farrah fought back and WON. I love you with all my heart. Ray

God bless you dear sweet Farrah. I am just a fan of yours, and it's important, right this minute, that you know where your final home is.

Dallas, TX

My Dear Angel Farrah Fawcett
You Are My Sunshine
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
and you know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away
I am wishing you good energy and healing light to you.
In name of all brazilians Fans
And all my love.
Kiko Chehin


Along with so many others, you have made a huge impact on my life. I will never forget the time I sent you a birthday card one year and you had your infamous poster sent back to me. Can you imagine the thrill I had when I received that poster and reply? I look up to you and admire you more than words can say. Please know God is with you each and everyday and I pray the pain you are going through in so many ways is lessened by His touch. You are forever in my heart and I wish you the most speedy recovery possible!

Peter Pierce

All the kids in Argentina, boys and girls watched your show. Every actress emulated your hair style. But...there is only one Farrah. I cried today when i read the news. I felt somebody was stealing my childhood. I hope that can fight and win. Miracles still happen now and then...
I`ll pray for you for i love you so much dear angel.

Farrah, You brought so much joy to our lives
Not just your beauty, not just your talent
but your courage and strength!
Your giving people hope in their battle
and letting them know they are not alone in their fight
And that is the most beautiful gift anyone can give
Take as much time as you need to get well and know that
we your fans will be here waiting and still loving you
Get well, Stay strong and God Bless You.
Like you said FIGHT THE FIGHT!

Farrah: I cannot tell you how much my heart aches for you. I pray for a miracle cure for you everyday. You have enriched and touched so many of our lives and inspired millions around the world. All you have to do is smile and the world smiles back. Keep fighting the fight Farrah. I love you so very much. You are a beautiful and special person.  Love, Fritz Sitterding

Dearest Farrah,

You were always my favorite angel. You have been one of my favorite actress’s for many years. From “Murder in Texas ,” to “Extremities.” You proved yourself as more than just a beautiful exterior. Your charisma and intellect radiated from within and made every performance so true. It has been an honor to call myself a “fan,” and I will never forget getting to meet you at the LA Museum of Art. The homage of “Myfarrah.com” was something I have enjoyed for many years and your wonderful hand written note to me is something I will cherish always. All my prayers and love to you and your family.

“Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” – Proverbs 16:24. Love and Light to you Farrah. – Steve McKinnis

Farrah you were such a big part of my childhood. I have grown up with you and have loved everything you did. I WISH YOU PEACE BABE. ~ D Reed.

Dear Farrah,

I have been a fan of yours for 30 years. I fell in love with you when I saw your famous red bathing suit poster. Not only you are beautiful and sexy but one very talent actress! Your work is outstanding in "Murder in Texas", "Between Two Women", "Poor Little Rich Girl", "Small Sacrifice", "The Burning Bed" and "Jewel"...the list just goes on and on. Today sex symbol cannot do what you have accomplished! I am sorry that you have to go though this battle with cancer but you are amazing how you are handling the whole situation. You never lost hope! I so admire you for this. My prayers and thoughts are with you every day! I believe in miracles. Don't give up the fight! We need our favorite angel with us.

Love, Joe


You know that I am wishing you all the best and holding you in my prayers. You also know that every time I go to NYC, I light a candle for you at St. Patrick's. I have always believed that God hears better at St. Patrick's.

Light and Love

Tom Ryan
Philly, PA

Hi Farrah, I know that you will beat this and I will have you in my thoughts and prayers. ~Kathy

First time I remember Farrah and that hair and smile would be the ultra brite toothpaste commercials with Joe Namath.  Then came the Angels, the smart one, the sporty one and the street one.  There is a certain magic about seeing Farrah ,Kate and Jaclyn together at one place and its never been duplicated.

You could see the magic and the gasps at the Emmy awards. The angels will always be remembered as the original cast, they were Kate, Farrah and Jaclyn

Those southern belles and their girl next door looks and talent. Jaclyn was always my favorite as she was the beauty without all the splash.  Farrah was a beauty with the splash and my heart goes out to Farrah at this time.   You were so much apart of 70's culture and your down home qualities always shone thru you're one spunky gal with a redheads feistiness about you and you always had humor in your candor.  May you always shine and just remember Charlie's Angels famous line ...call us if you need us ...well my dear the world still needs you ..don't give up
love from Canada

God Bless you Farrah and stay strong
Your in my thoughts and prayers everyday
Your loved and admired by so many
My mother is also battling cancer
But remember, Where There's Life There's Hope
Every step of your battle are in the prayers of all your fans

Love Nikki & Sonny

There is always beauty...

There is always inspiration...

There is always hope...

There is always Farrah.

We are thinking of you and sending you our love and positive energy.

Brad VanLerberg

Dearest Farrah,

It saddens me so that you are fighting this dreadful disease but I have strong faith that you will win this battle.

Only last night I was chatting with my friends at the pub about you and Charlie's Angel's as we are all huge fans, and how much I'd love to have the iconic 'Farrah flick' for when I go to a summer ball this June. Turns out one of their friends, and now new acquaintance of mine, could easily do that! Brilliant I said, then we have to do it! And we will as well.

I may be 27 and watching Charlie's Angel's as re-runs and now on DVD but I love it, every moment of it. I have enjoyed all of the TV movies I have seen you in and the guest appearances you made in Ally McBeal. You make me smile everytime I watch you on screen.

You may find this weird and kind of out there but one of my heroes is our own Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603), my mother gave me the middle name Elizabeth in honor to her as like me, she admires this Queen.

When Queen Elizabeth I addressed her army at Tilbury before they went to fight the famous Spanish Armada in 1588, she gave one of English histories most famous speeches in which she said:

'...I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king—and of a king of England too, and think foul scorn that Parma or Spain, or any prince of Europe, should dare to invade the borders of my realm; to which, rather than any dishonor should grow by me, I myself will take up arms—I myself will be your general, judge, and rewarded of every one of your virtues in the field. I know already, for your forwardness, you have deserved rewards and crowns, and, we do assure you, on the word of a prince, they shall be duly paid you.'

She was one of England's most amazing women and Queen. She was fierce and loving and didn't take any crap from anyone, brilliantly intelligent and wise, you can see why she is one of my heroes and I have her Armada portrait on my wall, I look to her for strength and I find it again in myself. I offer her to you also, she holds a lot of strength still for women today.

All my love Angel girl for I believe angel's truly watch over us all.

Love and well wishes
Jenni Newman - Suffolk, England.

Dear Farrah,
I hope that you beat this fight. I know you will. Just remember that you are "Jill Munroe". Your going to fight the fight and win it, I know that you are. Everyone loves you and has nothing but good words to say abut you. Fighting this fight will help others who are going through the same thing. And think if she can do it then so can I. I just would like to say that I don't know you personnaly but you have a heart make of gold and that makes you special. Good wishes and God Bless You and Angels are watching over you Farrah Leni Fawcett.  ~Erica Jones

Sending positive thoughts and energy to Farrah.

I've adore her since I was 13yrs old. I've collected everything and anything I could over the years.

Each piece of memorabilia is my personal treasure and I'll never part with any of it.

I've been lucky, or should I say blessed to see Farrah in person 4 times over the years.

The first time was when she was in NY doing Extremities, then when she got her Star on the Walk of Fame, then a taping of Spin City and finally at her Book Signing in LA

At that book signing being face to face with Farrah I thought she looked the most beautiful I've ever. It was truly an awesome moment for me and I'll never ever forget it.

People always asked what is it about Farrah that I love so much. I could never answer that. All I can say is that in 1976 this beautiful woman cast a spell on me that will never be broken.

It crushes me that Farrah is fighting for her life, I’m grown man and it brings me to tears thinking about it.

Farrah is beautiful, strong and courageous. I adore her, she's my Angel.

Loving Farrah Forever,  -Sten

It's everything you are,
and all that you have done.
So much still lies ahead,
Farrah you're the one!

-- Kadia and Vern

I have never been more proud to be a fan of Charlie's Angels than I am right now. Thank you for making this troubled world a much brighter place, and for making all of our lives extraordinary. We love you, Farrah.

Graeme Dempsey
Vancouver, Canada

Mon Cœur

I treasure all the kind words you sent me…..and the friendship between us….all my thoughts and my love are with you always… you truly are « l’Amour de ma vie » I pray for you with all my heart....God bless you "mon Ange" !!!

Your Songbird forever…..Alain L.


Sending you love and best wishes, keep FIGHTING THE FIGHT, I will have you in my prayers and thoughts ! It's amazing how you are standing up to this battle and sharing it with the world, knowing you would have no privacy, you managed to turn this into something to help other people who face this challenge as well ! A TRUE INSPIRATION AND SO BRAVE ! I am proud to be your fan and to have met you !


Much love, admiration and prayers,
XXX Raym

Throughout the journey of my life I've been guided from a distance by Farrah until my present 46th year. Farrah, the woman with the amazing appearance, the never lasting energy, the fountain of positivity, the woman who inspired me to life a healthy lifestyle filled with sports and creativity the woman who has an enormous inner beauty. I follow you already 35 years from out the Netherlands (Europe) and besides you being a great actress, a wonderful sculpturer / artist, you gave me even through your interviews the drive to follow my inner thoughts, doing where I believed in even when it failed. Your sentence: you grow from your failures not from your successes is always in my mind. Now I hope that praying for and thinking about you will give you even more courage, strength and the will to get back on your lovely feet again. I will sent all the energy I can to you to reach that goal !

Farrah, I regret that you're having cancer. Never the less I want you to fight your fight and I know that you will do it with dignity and respectful. There are so many miles between us so I can only give you an enormous cyberhuge and hope that it will do you good. To make it a bit more personal I include a personal photo so you can see who cyberhuges you :-).
With deep respect and devotion,

Rob, Utrecht, the Netherlands

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