Interviewed by: Mike Pingel

Cheryl Ladd, Charlie's fourth angel and Jill's little sister, hit the television scene in 1977! She had a lot riding on her wings...a hit show. And she did it! Since that time, she's paved her career with such projects as When She Was Bad, Grace Kelly, Purple Hearts, Deadly Care, Millennium and Poison Ivy to name a few. Currently, Ladd has two new projects, a guest spot on Jesse and theatrical film, A Dog of Flanders. Her career is still going strong as she seeks the next challenging project. Even with her busy career, she still has time for a wonderful marriage to Brian Russell and is the proud mother of two successful daughters! Cheryl Ladd and Mike Pingel chatted via phone in January 1999!

Q: You were on a recent episode of Jesse.
Cheryl: I sure was! I played "Mary Ann" a beer distributor! It was so much fun! Doing Jesse was sort of a reunion with Christina Applegate and I. We both worked on the film, Grace Kelly. Christina played Grace at 10 years old in opening credits! Christina has grown into a talented actress and her show is great!

Q: Would you ever return to a weekly television series?
C: Yes, but it has to be the right script! A half hour sitcom would be fun.

Q: When you pick a project to do what do you look for? Script? Actors? Director?
C: First, the film can't have snow in the title or have any snow anywhere in the film! (laughs) I spent too much time in South Dakota living in snow. (laughs) So no snow! But, I do have a list of actors and directors I would love to work with!

Q: What has been the highlight in your acting career so far?
C: There have been so many. But, I really don't feel I have hit my peak, there's so much more work to come!

Q: Has there been one project you wished you hadn't passed on?
C: The Burning Bed. I was offered the role and decided to pass due to how the main character kills her husband. I did not know if I could live with myself if someone watched the film and then set someone on fire. I asked myself "can I live with it?" My answer was "no", so I declined the role. After the film aired, three woman set their husbands on fire. Farrah (Fawcett) did a wonderful job in the role! But I will always wonder about that project.

Q: Any upcoming projects?
C: A Dog of Flanders

Q: When will A Dog of Flanders will be released?
C: A hopeful "Easter" release. It's a remake of the original, which was shot on location for three months in Belgium. The film is for the whole family, a fun "classic" movie full of good values!

Q: What is happening with your line of children books "The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship?"
C: We just got the rights back on "The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship" and have an agent looking for a new publishing house for the second book. I hope to get it published very soon!

Q: When will your new children's book "TAIL" be available?
C: TAIL is on hold for right now. I have been working so much this past year.

Q: This year you once again signed with Buick as their “Golf Ambassador.” Where will we see you golfing?
C: I will be at Buick's big four PGA golf events, Buick Open, Buick Classic, Buick Challenge and the Buick Invitational. To see upcoming events for Buick go to the PGA Tour website click here: Buick PGA Tour

Q: You're also a Goodwill Ambassador for "Childhelp USA" - an organization which is dedicated to helping abused children. What are your responsibilities?
C: I'm kind of a Lobbyist. I talk to congressmen and fundraise! Most recently I did an online chat which was sponsored by Buick. Buick auctioned off a Regal Car on Ebay and the proceeds went to Childhelp USA.

For Childhelp USA website click here: CHILDHELP USA

Q: Any childhood mentors?
C: Yes! Fess Parker. Fess played Daniel Boone on the television show (1964-1970). We have become good friends. I remember watching him on TV as a kid. Sometimes when we are talking that 9-year-old little girl in me comes out and I can't believe he (Daniel Boone) is chatting to me! He's a good friend.

Q: The early part of your career was spent singing. Will you be performing again?
C: No plans with any professional singing. But, I have thought about making a CD with a fellow piano player. I would record songs from the 40s and sell them on my website! That would be fun!

Q: On the Josie and the Pussy Cats cartoon series, were you the voice of Melody?
C: Only the singing voice of Melody. There were three of us who sang on the show. We were an early version of Charlie's Angels. (laughs) They were even experimenting with the idea of the three of us touring but that never happened.

Q: What has been the highlight of your singing career?
C: Meeting my husband Brian Russell.

Q: You and Brian have been together, how long?
C: 18 years! We just recently celebrated our wedding anniversary this past weekend! We spent the weekend at an Inn and had a great time together.

Q: What is the secret of a successful marriage?
C: Romance, fun and respect! We have the same interests, we both love golf but dislike skiing! We are a perfect fit! But we do disagree on some items...which gives our marriage some spice!

Q: You both have raised two talented girls. What are they up to?
C: Jordan has just finished three films! Lindsay recently finished a small part in a Lifetime film and she is pounding the streets of LA for acting work!

Q: What is the highlight in your personal life?
C: A loving family that God has given me. They love me warts and all! (laughs)

Q: Looking today like you just walked off the set of "Charlie's Angels," how do you keep in such great shape?
C: I work out 3 to 4 days a week. I used to jog but not anymore, now I take long-fast walks and do a light weight lifting. I feel if you are healthy anything is possible!

Q: What's one of your fondest memories of "Charlie's Angels?"
C: Sitting on the set and having long conversations with David Doyle. I could never have made it through "Angels" without him. He had a great sense of humor and I miss him.

Q: What were your feelings about becoming the "New Charlie's Angel"?
C: Well, I turned down the role twice. Farrah was all that! I thought people would hate me if I took over for her. Aaron (Spelling) finally got me in his office for a meeting. Together we worked on a character who would become more of a comedic "Angel" and not just a replacement for Farrah. "Kris" became the underdog, who could make mistakes but end up on top. It was Aaron who thought that my character should be Jill's little sister. The audience loved me and took me under their wings!

Q: Was Circus of Terror your first episode?
C: Yes, Circus of Terror was my first episode. By the time Circus of Terror filming was finished, the whole thing was a done deal. I was the new Angel.

Q: How did it feel becoming a "superstar"?
C: Crazy! Overnight I was the most interesting person in the world. I had not changed at all, but everyone cared what I ate, said, and wore. Becoming a star overnight is life changing. Some lose themselves, we see it all the time in Hollywood. I made it though because I liked who I was, Cheryl Stoppelmoor! That got me through it all.

Q: How much control did you have over scripts and character development?
C: None. I tried, but the show was on top and they felt there was no reason to mess up something that was working.

Q: How was it filming the "alligator" episode (Winning is For Losers) on "Charlie's Angels"?
C: I vaguely remember filming that scene. I think the alligator was rubber, my stunt double shot most of that scene. I was probably in my trailer doing my nails! (laughs)

Q: What was the last day on "Charlie's Angels" like?
C: Sad and a relief. It was like leaving school - a place that was safe and stepping out in the world and leaving behind bonded memories. It was truly an end of a great chapter of my career.

Q: Did you ever think that in 20+ years that people still would collect "Charlie's Angels" toys?
C: That's great! It was an amazing show. It's so special how Charlie's Angels is still part of people's lives!

Q: How was doing your series "One West Waikiki"?
C: That series was really fun! It was like playing a grown-up Kris Munroe, but of course with better dialogue and a better job!

Q: Why was it syndicated so soon?
C: Well, after the summer CBS had a higher up shake-up and the show got lost in the CBS shuffle. So "Waikiki" found a new home in syndication!

Q: Do you collect anything?
C: Yes, cows! I have a variety of hand crafted cows. My favorite is the traditional black and white ones. I have also painted a cow called "North Americow" which you can buy one of the limited editions on my website!

Q: What has been the response to your new website?
C: Unbelievable! I get so much e-mail which I need to work on answering all of them more personally. If I have not answered I soon will! The great thing about my site is if I'm having a bad day, my e-mails always lift my spirits! I'm proud that I have touched so many people in my careers.

Q: Any exclusive "Cheryl Ladd" products being sold on your site?
C: Glad you asked that, Mike! Under my new catalog page on my website, I'm selling personally signed photos of me and also prints of my "North Americow" painting! So be sure to drop by!

Q: Is there something that fans would not know about you?
C: I'm a handy craft girl! I love painting things and refinishing stuff! I also love to read! If I'm not working on a project I'm always reading a book!

Q: What is your website address and where can fans write to you?
C: Cheryl Ladd's Official Web Site website: www.cherylladd.com
E-mail: cheryll@ibm.net\

or write to me at:
Cheryl Ladd
PO Box 1329
Santa Ynez, California 93460

I sat down on January 6, 1999, and called Cheryl Ladd for my second "Angel" interview. What a way to start a New Year!!!. I have been blessed getting to know Cheryl Ladd. She is a sweet and caring person. She has given countless hours of entertainment to her fans from her TV series and guest appearances, to her films. Cheryl is still on top, always working as an actress, mother, ambassadors, wife and STAR! She still shines bright today...you are an Angel!

...Pingel's Personal Note:
Believe it or not, this was actually one of the hardest interviews I've ever had to do. It was interesting that Ladd mentioned to me about her childhood television hero, Fess Parker (Daniel Boone). Even though they are close, that little 9-year-old Cheryl Stoppelmoor still can't believe they are friends! I feel the same way about Cheryl Ladd. She has been kind enough to let me into her life. Every time I talk to her, that 10-year-old little boy named Mike Pingel comes out and still can't believe his favorite Angel is actually talking to him. Regardless if Angelic Heaven goes away tomorrow, I am happy and proud that I know Cheryl Ladd! THANK YOU CHERYL!!!!! You have made this all worth it to me! ~Mike Pingel

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