The Tanya Interview!
Interviewed by Mike Pingel

“’s Tanya hope you don’t mind I called early!” It was Tanya Roberts best known for her role as Julie Rogers in Charlie’s Angels. She is currently acting on FOX's hit series That '70s Show!

This actress, wife, golfer, animal lover - has it all. And she has worked hard to keep it! After Charlie's Angels was cancelled back in 1981, this Angel moved right onto the silver screen. Her first two theatrical movies, The Beastmaster and James Bond's A View To A Kill were very successful. However, her third movie Sheena didn't have the box office success as her previous movies had. This led to rough roads during the late 80's for her.

In the early 90's, Roberts took a hiatus from the industry to get her feet back on the ground. She returned to the industry in 1996 with a new CD-ROM The Pandora Directive and to host the Cinemax's series Hot Lines. Then this year, her second big TV series came along, That '70s Show which is produced by the same people who created Roseanne and Third Rock From the Sun.

Once again, this Angel has landed on top! She has a new hit TV show that has been picked up for the full 1998-99 season! It was an honor to speak to Tanya Roberts who rounded out the world of Charlie's Angels. She does have it all and this is her party!

What was the audition like for Charlie’s Angels compared to That '70s Show?
The audition for Charlie’s Angels was combined with readings and many screen tests. For That '70s Show, I went in for many readings with the producers. I’m so excited to be working with Producers of That '70s Show....and to have a great job.

How did it feel to be the new kid on the block - on Charlie’s Angels?
Great and tough - the stars were tired of the show and knowing the end of the series was coming soon. I came at the end of the party.

How was a day on the set of Angels compare to a day on That '70s Show?
On That '70s Show, I come in at 10am and leave at 4:30pm. We rehearse all week - first day read through the script, then script into re-writes - everyday the cast works on read throughs. Then on Thursday, we have dress rehearsals and on Friday we shoot the show. On Charlie’s make-up at 7am then got home at 7pm! In filming Charlie’s Angels we did a lot of waiting around, for different shots..such as close ups. I hate waiting around.

What do you love most about working on your current project?
What I love about That '70s Show, the work is always "growing” - as an actor I am “feeling throughout” the character. This show is an actors dream.

So compare Hair and Make-up on That '70s Show to Charlie’s Angels.
Charlie’s Angels they did my make-up. On That '70s Show make-up is only one day - taping on Friday. I can look like a slob all week long!

What’s something your fans would not know about you?
I love to golf! Have been golfing for over two years. The only thing I hate is putting. I hear that Cheryl Ladd also is a avid golfer, I would love to play with her.

What’s your handicap?

What did you like most on Charlie’s Angels?
Going to Hawaii and joking around with David Doyle. Doing Charlie’s Angels was a whole new experience and everything was going so fast!

Anything strange happen on Charlie’s Angels?
When we got to Hawaii, I filmed four shows and then went on a three month hiatus due to the actor strike.

What was your favorite episode of "Angels"?
The Hawaiian Angels

What did you feel about not having a Julie (Rogers) Doll?
Julie Doll? (laugh) I can live without out a Julie doll...maybe I'll get a doll being on the ground floor of That '70s Show ..who knows!

What was your favorite magazines cover?
Let me think....many of the European magazine covers. Can't remember the titles.

What do you think about producer Aaron Spelling?
Aaron's Classy!

Lets talk about marriage. You and Barry have been married how long?
We have been together over 20 years. I'm not really sure, we don't celebrate anniversaries. I feel it only leads to divorce. Barry and I are best pals. We're both physical people and have similar interests. Yet, Barry does not like golf!

As an actress are you more comfortable with doing comedy or dramas?
I have done both. Comedy and drama on the stage. But doing comedy makes me happy. I love doing That '70s Show! I have very high energy.

What is your favorite project that you have done?
Sheena. I’m an avid animal lover!

Tell me your thoughts some of your most Famous projects?

1) Charlie’s Angels - gorgeous, fabulous
2) A View to a Kill - total luxury - best of everything
3) Sheena -- fabulous -- LOVED Africa
4) The Pandora Directive - interesting and different - a new craft (filmed and new technology)
5) That '70s Show - MOST FUN I EVER HAD
6) Hot Lines - weird - strange
7) Playboy (layout) - strange - I’m shy with being naked - scary - never will do again
8) The Beastmaster - magical - surprised never expected - cult hit - wonderful.

How does it feel to return to a regular commitment?
I'm happy...I live 4 minutes from the dressing room to my house! That '70s Show is the most fun ever! I work with the best people. Hope it last for years!

Will your poster ever be on That 70’s Show walls?
My poster came out in 1981 the final year of Charlie’s Angels. My poster probably be found on Eric’s wall in about four years!

How is it taping in front of a live audience on That 70’s show?
A big Celebration! We all hug before and tell each other that it’s going to be great! When the filming done it’s really satisfying. Our week of work is done!

Hopes for That '70s Show?
I hope it lasts for at least five years. I'm really happy and very grateful.

Tanya do you have address where fans can write you?
Sure, fans can send letters to my mailing address:
Tanya Roberts
8024 Mulluhand Dr.
LA, CA 90046

Any upcoming projects in your future?
Not really interested in searching for another project. I'm really happy with That '70s Show.

Tanya Roberts is very comes cross in her voice. This “Little Angel” has found a wonderful acting venue to bring her back into the mainstream of the entertainment business. Tanya Roberts looks back at the past with no regrets. She feels all work leads to more work - and it has. She loves acting and works hard for it! Roberts is an inspiration to everyone who works hard for their dreams.

As Barry arrived home, I knew this Angel needed to go. I could tell with the joy in her voice, "Oh your home!", so I finished up my last question. Until next time, hats off you to Tanya. May your show go on for years!

That '70s Show airs
Sundays 8:30pm on FOX

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