November 2001:

Ladd a Champion
Cheryl Ladd
Champions of Industry showcases the best and brightest companies in today's global marketplace. Heavenly, Cheryl Ladd is one of the companies hosts for over 60 of these series. Online one can check out the videos. The web address: Champions of Industry. (11/01)

Jackson Revisits the House
Kate Jackson in Dark Shadows
After the screening of the 30th Anniversary of Night of Dark Shadows it was announced that the original cast of the film will be returning to voice over some of the rare lost footage recently found. Which after the footage will be restored it will be replaced in the original film. No word on release of the restored film to the theaters or DVD at this time.

Most of the scenes recently found showcase Kate Jackson. These scenes were cut out of the original film to get a PG ratings. One can check out more about the film at NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS website

Darren Gross (Dark Shadows historian) is searching for a 16mm prints of House of the Dark Shadows held by collectors that have 5-10 mins of cut footage from that film and are offering a $1000 reward in order to find it and preserve and restore that footage. Check the website for more info. (11/01)

Fawcett on Spin Tuesday

Farrah Fawcett
Farrah Fawcett will make another guest appearance as Claire on Spin City in an episode titled Chinatown.

Plot: Election Day tensions rattle Winston's staffers, who are further frazzled by the Mayor's sudden urge to speak his mind at a press conference.

This new episode will air on ABC Tuesday, November 27th at 8:30 PM(est/pst).

Farrah's thrid spin!

Farrah Fawcett
Farrah Fawcett will make another guest appearance as Claire on Spin City in an episode titled Sleeping with the Enemy and She's Gotta Habit. This new episode will air on ABC Tuesday, November 6th at 8:00 PM(est/pst).

October 2001:

Charlie's Angels Dress 4 Sale
Jaclyn Smith's Charlie's Angels Dress Nolan Miller, the costume designer for Charlie's Angels is selling a rare mixed-media pencil and watercolor drawing and the actual dress Jaclyn Smith wore on the series in 1979. The black dress was not only worn on the opening episode Love Boat Angels but the one she wore in one of the main photo shoots for that season.

The drawing's opening bid is $500.00 and the dress' opening bid is $800.00. Both are being auction off on Sothebys. The second dress worn on Angels is going for $500. Here are the links to each! (10/24)

  • Nolan Miller's Mixed-media pencil and watercolor on board
  • Nolan Miller's creation worn by Jaclyn Smith on CA
  • Nolan Miller's Gown Worn on Charlie's Angels

    An Angel OutTake!

    From People's Styles of the Stars Now on newstands is People Weekly soft cover book Styles of the Stars. The book has a 2-page photo spread of a cool outtake from the Charlie's Angels very first photo shoot which was first seen in Good Housekeeping magazine in 1976 to promote the new series.

    People's Styles of the Stars retails for $11.99 at newstands now. (10/13)

    Ladd's On Location

    Cheryl Ladd Cheryl Ladd is currently in Toronto, Canada filming her next film for the Lifetime network titled My Best Friends Husband. The film should air early next year! (10/1)

    Happy B-Day Angels

    Birthday Angels Three of our favorite Angels are sharing their Birthday's this month! Tanya Roberts (Oct. 15), Jaclyn Smith (Oct. 26) and Kate Jackson (Oct. 29)! The entire staff of Angelic Heaven and all their fans would like to send them lots of love and best Birthday wishes. Happy Birthday, Angels!

    Halloween Angels
    Halloween Angels!

    Many Charlie’s Angels fans have been e-mailing and asking what they should wear for Halloween as the 70’s Heavenly Trio! So us here at Angelic Heaven have made small check list to become Halloween Angels.

    All Angels have to have a classic 70’s outfit and her own purse! Inside the purse should be: a hair brush, hair dryer, make-up and stunning shade of lipstick ...all most forgot a toy gun and wakike talkie!

    There should be 3 Angels. Here is a brief description how each dress:

    The Smart Angel — a.k.a. Sabrina Duncan
  • Clothing: Slacks and a nice blouse — or a turtle neck with pantsuit - no Bra
  • Hair: Brown in a med. cut

    Angels The Street Wise Angel — a.k.a. Kelly Garrett
  • Clothing: Bathing suite or beautiful dress - no bra
  • Hair: Brown and shoulder length

    The Athletic Angel — a.k.a. Jill Munroe
  • Clothing: too-tight t-shirt, bell bottoms or tennis outfit - no bra
  • Hair: Blond and bellow shoulder length — a.k.a. “Farrah Fawcett Hairstyle”

    Buy a Charlie's Angels Tank Top and look like a real Angel! CLICK HERE.

    Shelley Hack on Love Boat!

    Shelley Hack on THE LOVE BOAT Don't miss this Love Boat episode which stars the heavenly, Shelley Hack! The episode titled DUMB LUCK, Julie's friend, Carol Ketay (Shelley Hack), a nuclearphysicist, takes the cruise and doesn't attract any men. After Julie gives her some advice, Carol plays it to the hilt and learns a lesson when she meets an attractive man (Kevin Tighe).

    This episode of The Love Boat will air on Friday, October 26 at 8pm (est/pst) - Please check local listings for actual time in your area. (10/20)

    Dark Shadows Screening

    Kate Jackson from Dark Shadows On Thursday, October 25, 2001 starting at 7:30 PM, there will be a special screening of the film NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS which starred Kate Jackson. Many of the films stars will be on hand for the viewing and signing autographs, it's not sure if Kate Jackson will be attending.

    30th Anniversary NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS screening all proceeds for the event go to benefit the Women's Care Cottage a charitable Los Angeles foundation that benefits homeless women. Tickets are $15.00 each and include admission to all events, a commemorative program booklet, popcorn, soda, and may be purchased at the theatre box office at The Vista Theatre 4473 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. (10/22)

    Jackson's new film airs Tonight

    A Mother's Testimony Kate Jackson fans guess what! Jackson's 2000 film will finally air here in the USA! A Mother's Testimony will air at 9:00pm (et/pt) on Monday, October 22 on Lifetime. The film also stars Susan Blakely and Chad Allen.

    A Mother's Testimony Plot: Kenny is released from prison and wants to begin a new life, but then Warren, a prison buddy, shows up. After a battered corpse turns up and the most likely suspects are Kenny and Warren, Kenny's mother confronts them. Kenny accuses Warren of the murder, but Warren has proof that Kenny, not he, is the killer. Confused and torn, Kenny's mother must face up to the worst about her son. (10/9)

    Premiers on Lifetime
    Monday, October 22 at 9:00pm (ET/PT)

    The Rookies - This Weekend!

    The Rookies See a few episode of The Rookies starring on TV Land. On Saturday, 20 10:00 AM & Sunday, 21 10:00 AM. So set you VCRS -- these are classics! (10/8)

    September 2001:

    Charlie's Angels 25!

    Charlie's Angels 25th Anniversary It will be twenty-five years on September 22, 2001 since Charlie's Angels first hit our TVs. Angelic Heaven has created a new site to remember the series with bios, timelines, photos and fun itmes.! Please check the site out and rember this great show which turns 25!

    Charlie's Angels 25 Annivesary Site

    Pingel's New York Photos
    Pingel in NYC with Ladd So here are my photos from my New York City trip to see Ms. Cheryl Ladd on Broadway -- there only two months late! It was a wonderful seeing Ms. Ladd on stage in Annie Get Your Gun.

    Click on the photo to see the rest of my photos.

    Fawcett on Spin City - Tonight!

    Farrah Fawcett as Claire Simmons on ABC's Spin City - ABC Photo Permission has Expired Farrah Fawcett hits the set of Spin City once again on Tuesday, October 9th at 9:30pm. The episode titled, "The Apartment." she returns as the Governors girlfriend, Claire Simmons.

    So set you VCR, Fawcett fans -- this angel is back!

    Farrah might be on David Letterman Monday, Oct 8th & Regis and Kelly on Tuesday, Oct 9. TV Guide has listed her as a guest.

    Photos copyright c2001 ABC, Inc./Mitchell Hasseth

    Farrah on Spin City Tonight!

    Farrah Fawcett on ABC's Spin City  - ABC Photo Permission has Expired Farrah Fawcett will be guest starring in the opening episode of Spin City when it premieres on September 25 on ABC.

    Fawcett will play a Claire Simmons, a judge who is having an relationship with the Mayor. The one hour episode is titled "The Arrival."

    Fawcett as Claire Simmons on ABC's Spin City - ABC Photo Permission has ExpiredFawcett has already film a second episode of Spin City which will air in the next few weeks titled, "The Apartment." There is no airdate set. Yet, Ms. Fawcett might be back later this fall on the series!

    Upcoming Apperances:
  • Live with Regis & Kelly - Sept 28
  • David Letterman - Sept 28 - CBS 11:35pm (PST - Seattle)
  • Great Entertainers "Farrah Fawcett: America's Angel" - Oct 4 at 5pm/9pm, Oct 5 at 1am Biography channel

    Photos copyright ©2001 ABC, Inc./Gale M. Adler

    Pingel Live on BBC - tonight

    BBC London Live Angelic Heaven's editor, Mike Pingel will be interviewed tonight (September 19, 2001) live by Paul Coyte on BBC London Live 94.9. Pingel will be chatting about the Anniversary of Charlie's Angels.

    Coyte's show airs in the London at 2.00am - 6.00am. But USA listeners can hear Pingel on the show live at 7:30pm pacific standard time on the BBC London Live website at

    Farrah this Fall on Spin City!

    Farrah Fawcett Spin City producers have announced that Farrah Fawcett has agreed to appear in a couple of episodes sometime during this season.

    Spin City will air on Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. this fall on ABC.

    Angel News

    Aaron Spelling Charlie's Angels is highlighted in the current issue of Style Magazine, with three really COOL shots!

    Jaclyn Smith is seen in the current issue of People magazine in the style fashion section!

    Aaron Spelling,78, has successfully completed radiation therapy for a lesion in his throat. Spelling, was found to have the lesion in June.

    On August 18th, Jack Elliot, the composer who created the opening theme for Charlie’s Angels with Allyn Ferguson, has died in California, aged 74, of a brain tumor. (8/25)

    Roberts will not Return to '70s Show
    Tanya Roberts Tanya Roberts will not returning to her hit Fox's television series That '70s Show for the new fall season.

    Roberts, has played Midge Pinciotti, the slightly ditsy and recently converted feminist for the last three years. (7/20)

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