August 2002:

Charlie Gets Married
John Forsythe
John Forsythe got married again! At the young age of 84, Forsythe wed Beverly Hills businesswoman Nicole Carter, 61, in a private ceremony held in Solvang, Calif. This is the third marriage for Forsythe. YOU GO CHARLIE!!!

Forsythe was married to his second wife, Julie, for 52 years until her death in 1994. Forsythe is currently in talks to reprise his voice-role as "Charlie" in Charlie's Angels 2: Halo. (8/22)

Jackson's New Print Ad
Kate Jackson ad for NuHair
This week in the National Enquirer (issue Aug. 13th) there is an ad showcasing Kate Jackson for NuHair. The ad has a new photo of the heavenly angel. On newsstands now. (8/4)

Charlie's Angels 2: Halo Begins Filming
Charlie's Angels 2: Halo films
Well, it's official the new film based on Charlie's Angels has started filming. Here are is a photo of the "Angels" doing a clean up job on a car in a carwash. The film is due out Summer 2003. (8/4)

Smith on ET
Jaclyn Smith on ET
Jaclyn Smith will be on Entertainment Tonight tonight(8/21). She will be talking about her role in The District and her role in the new Charlie's Angels: Halo movie.

Also check out ET Online at to see part of the interview online and more on the story! (8/21)

The Farrah Trilogy!
Farrah Trilogy
Ever wonder what Farrah would be like if she had her very own talk show??? Well the brilliant minds over at Probot Productions has done just that! They have taken the "Farrah" (actually her "Farrah" doll) with her side kick "Cher" (her best friend) in their wild adventures when "Farrah" gets her very own cable access talk show! The short films also doll-co-stars the sexy, Joey Lawrence and Special doll-guest star The Bionic Man! The three episodes (called "Farrah! Trilogy") are over the top and very funny!

One can pick up a copy of the film at Probot The cost for VHS or VCD (plays on your Computer) is $12.00. (8/11)

Smith's Cancer Scare
Jaclyn Smith
"Jaclyn's in perfect health," is what Jaclyn Smith's agent told me today regarding the cancer scare which is seen on the cover of the Star tabloid magazine and has been picked up in numerous media outlets.

Star magazine had, Dr. Brad Allen, Smith husband , quoted by saying, "She's fine and doing great. She caught it early and is taking a safe and conservative approach to this."

Yesterday, (8/9) Entertainment Tonight was on the set of The District from my understanding, Smith was speaking about how the cancer story is false.

Her manager told me that ET was there only to do film b-roll of Smith’s new role on the series. They also told me that the cancer story is not a big story, I should not even bother posting the info. on the website.

Here at Angelic Heaven we send out well wishes to Jaclyn Smith to help her though this tough time. (8/10)

Fawcett Talks About CA 2
Farrah Fawcett
Tonight (8/8) Farrah Fawcett chats with Access Hollywood regarding her connection to the new film Charlie's Angels 2: Halo. Who knows what this Angel will say...something heavenly we're sure.

Also Demi Moore has signed onto Charlie's Angels 2: Halo as a fallen Angel who turns to the darkside!! Sound very fun! Moore has always been an Angel in our book. (8/8)

Fawcett On The Guardian - Next WEEK
Farrah Fawcett Farrah Fawcett will guest-star on the season premiere of CBS's The Guardian next week on Tuesday, September 24th. She has shot two epiosdes of the series the second one will be aired on October 8th.

Fawcett will play a mother of the stripper who got Nick Fallin placed in jail and will help set him free.

Also check out Fawcett in the Mark Schwed's Scoop & The Guardian ad in next weeks TV Guide -- on newsstands now. (8/18)

July 2002:

Fawcett On The Guardian
Farrah Fawcett Farrah Fawcett has signed to do a two-episode guest spot on CBS's The Guardian this fall. Fawcett will play a mother of the stripper who got Nick Fallin placed in jail and will help set him free. (7/16)

Smith's Son's Death False
Jaclyn Son's Death A Rumor In Europe there has been numerous false reports that Jaclyn Smith’s son Gaston has been killed in a motorcycle accident. From what we were told today by Smith's PR firm is that Gaston is alive and well. (7/8)

June 2002:

Jaclyn Smith's
Jaclyn Smith Home
Jaclyn Smith Home, will introduced a line of furniture at the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point this fall. Jaclyn Smith HOME will include up to 40 pieces and will be available in retail stores in early 2003.

Jaclyn Smith Home will have hallmarks of her own personal style and her own collection of antiques. Two unique divisions of the collections will be Southern Heritage by Jaclyn Smith and Angel by Jaclyn Smith.

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