Smith, Jackson, Ladd - Season TwoAs the court battle between the producers and Fawcett continued, they decided  to look for a new Angel since it was likely that she wouldn't  be returning.   One particular actress came to their mind, Cheryl Ladd.  But when initially offered the role,  she declined.  After continuing their search, they kept returning back to Ladd.   Spelling finally convinced Ladd to come into his office to discuss the role.   She said she would do the role if her character could be "the Rookie", who could be funny and be able to make mistakes.  

On her first day of filming, new Angel Ladd joined Smith and Jackson on the set of "Circus of Terror" as Kris Munroe, sister of Fawcett's Jill Munroe.   As soon it  became apparent that Fawcett was definitely returning back to the series,  the new cast was whisked off to Hawaii to begin filming the season premiere "Angels in Paradise" - introducing Kris Munroe to the world.  

Cheryl Ladd

The shows other big change was the time slot.  ABC decided to move the show from 10pm on Wednesday, to 9pm - to give the show a larger  audience.  It was a success!  The audience took to the new angel and the ratings were just as high as they were during the first season.   

As for Fawcett, eventually the lawsuit was settled.  She was released from  her "contract" with the series.  However,  she was ordered to make six guest appearances over the next two years.  

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