Tanya Roberts as Julie Rogers Suffering from sagging ratings, producers felt new blood could jump-start their one-time hit TV show.  Auditions were held and Tanya Roberts emerged as the new Angel.  Roberts was a up-and-coming actress in Hollywood.  She recently finished a guest spot on the producers series, Vegas for a possible spin-off, Ladies in Blue.   

The fifth season saw many changes.  Besides having a new Angel, the office temporary moved to the Hawaiian Islands.  For the first time on the series,  all three Angels were solving crimes wearing bikinis.  Hawaii never had it so good!   Then came the Screen Actor Guild strike.  Production of the series was halted and the Angels joined the picket line.  After the strike ended, the the series moved back to Los Angeles.  Once again, they were protecting the "City of Angels". 

Smith, Ladd - Season Five

On Sunday, November 30, 1980, season five began with a three-hour kick-off "Street Models to Hawaiian Angels" (later renamed Angel in Hiding and To See An Angel Die in syndication).   Even with the exotic locations, bikinis and a new Sunday night time slot, the show suffered from lackluster ratings.  In an effort to improve ratings, the series was moved to Saturdays.  Soon the audience lost track of the Angels.

By February 28, 1981, ABC put the show on hiatus (translation - CANCELLED).  Three months later, the show returned back to it's original Wednesday night time-slot, this time at 8pm to show the final four episodes.   And on June 24, 1981, after 109 episodes, the Charles Townsend Detective Agency closed it doors with the final episode, Let Our Angel Live.

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