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WELCOME FANS! We here at Angelic Heaven felt some of the wonderful photos we receive should be shared with all fans of "Charlie's Angels" This page will grow as we receive fun "Angel" stuff from fans. Items can be sent via e-mail or mail. If you have an interesting photo of your collection or any of the actress please let us share them with other fans! Thanks and drop by often!

More Jaclyn Stories!
Joel Satterfield  with Jalcyn Smith.
Mike, Let me once again tell you how great your site is. Thanks for letting me know that Jaclyn was in New Jersey too. She was amazing! I just wanted to thank you . Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Joel Satterfield 



Dennis K. Yates  with Jaclyn Smith and friendHi to all, I got to meet my fourth angel this past week and she was awesome to say the least.  Jaclyn Smith could not have been more accommodating for us.  She is a true southern Lady.  Thanks to Mike Pingel and all those at for telling me about it through their site.  Love, Dennis K. Yates 


Jaclyn Smith is seeing DOUBLE when she saw an old KMart standee.  PHOTO COURTESY FROM  Dennis K. Yates I have enjoyed Jackie's work for may years. When I saw she would be in Long Island, I figured this was the closest I would come to finally meeting her. I left my house in Syracuse, New York by cab at 4:30 in the morning, took a Greyhound at 6:00, arrived in Manhattan before 11:00, and took the Long Island Railroad to Farmindale. From the station, I took a cab to The Place Furniture Gallery. I arrived at 1:30, exhausted. I was in fear of not seing her because there were about 200 people ahead of me. I finally did--at the last minute--and she was a real doll, a real lady, very gracious, sweet, and kind. I arrived back home at 12:30 the next morning, but it was well worth it. It was a thrill to meet such a nice woman whose work I have enjoyed for many years. Best regards, Stephen Morga

Angel in New Jersey
Once again...another great fan story with meeting Jaclyn Smith!  

I met Jaclyn Smith at Sofas Plus in Fairfield, New Jersey on August 12. My friend Alex Tuttle joined me. I had previously met Jaclyn back in March 1981 in New York City when she was promoting a perfume for Max Factor. Jaclyn was beautiful, gracious, and generous with her time. She signed a color picture for each of us and gladly posed for pictures. I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity to meet Jaclyn twice and hope to see her again soon. Jaclyn is a true Angel and I am still floating on Cloud Nine!  ~ Keith Mason

Meet Jaclyn Smith this weekend
Joey Marshall, Scott Jonson, & David Ross all went up to meet Jaclyn Smith at her recent appearance last weekend in Portland, Oregon.  Smith was on hand for the kick-off BedMart's "Sleep In For The Cure" event benefiting the Susan G. Korman Breast Cancer Foundation.

Smith was beautiful and gracious to all her fans who came out in support.  She took time for photos and to sign memorabilia.  She even chatted about her favorite episode which was # 71 - Avenging Angel, the one where she was addicted to heroin! 

You to can meet Jaclyn Smith!  She will be in the New York & New Jersey area this weekend (Aug 12 & 13) meeting fans as she opens two "Jaclyn Smith Home" Studio Galleries.

  • Friday, August 12th 5pm-8pm
    Sofa's Plus
    275 Route 46 West 
    Fairfield, NJ
  • Saturday, August 13th 12pm-4pm
    The Place Furniture Galleries
    1640 Broadhollow Rd 
    Farmingdale, NY 

Farrah's Pillow!
Just wanted to encourage you for doing such an awesome job with the Charlie's Angels Website....I have been a fan from the age of 12 years old (in 1976) and just recently was bestowed with the honor of a handwritten letter and personal pillow from Farrah Fawcett....

Wanted to share it with you and to celebrate what a wonderful person that she is and how thankful and grateful that I am to her...

Take care and hope that your day is "heavenly"... Shon Hudspeth 


Philly ANGELS!

It's Tom Ryan in Philly --I just finished doing the show Barnum at a local community theater and we were all punchy one night in the dressing room - so thought I'd share the attached photo with you and the readers of  Angelic Heaven (aka  Guess who organized it - LOL




Meeting Jaclyn Smith
Last month I met Jaclyn Smith in Houston, Texas. (thanks to the information post on charlie's!) She was promoting her Largo furniture line at the Finger Furniture Store. Although there was a Huge line, Jaclyn was kind enough to spend quality time with me. Her beauty and class reflected a true angel! I was in awe and a day I'll never forget. Wow, I met two angels in one month! Maybe I'll start "Chasing Farrah!"   by Fritz Sitterding



Heaven in Chicago! (a fan story)
Regularly, I check the literary and CD release events in my community. I have met some very charismatic and unique individuals. Cyndi Lauper, Bonnie Bramlet, Clive Barker, Anne Rice, Christopher Rice, Jim Brickman and Trevor Grieve to name a few. Imagine my surprise when Cheryl Ladd's name was posted...I was so there! I made a little trek out to Naperville 7 hours early to gain a good place in line. It was so hot and by late afternoon I began dehydrating -never the less I vowed when it was my turn to have my spot in the sun (speaking with Cheryl), I would be witty, engaging and utilize my few moments to convey how much her existence has meant to me growing up and throughout the years. 

Cheryl's plane departing New York was canceled and her second, delayed. The excited energy of those swarming Anderson's bookstore became giddy when we were told she was in the limo rushing to meet us. Passing strangers clutching books of "Token Chick" began to warm up to each other and conversations and warm smiles unanimous. There were many wonderful faces and bubbly fans -The man who flew from Great Britain, a woman in a wheel chair with the dynamic personalities, the beautiful gay boys who had bodies like superman and clothing that must have been painted on because of it's tightness.

When Cheryl entered I was stunned. It reminded me of her introductory moment on Charlie's Angels when she came pouring in through doors and greeted Kelly and Sabrina. So much energy, joy, enthusiasm for life and awareness of her own space; amazing. A broad smile planted on my face. We locked eyes a few times as Cheryl did with others. She looks so much younger in person and if possible even more beautiful. We were entertained by Cheryl's humor ( she had a funny comment about OJ Simpson on the golf course), and delighted by her smile. I think everyone -men and women were starstruck.

I was the seventh person in line and suddenly I began to tremble. I kept dropping my books and bag and water bottle. "Oh no", I told myself, "of all the times to have an epileptic seizure this is not it". Panic. What happened to those words? What do I say? I walked up to her table with two gifts in my hand; one from Scott Johnson who lives in Tacoma. I greeted Cheryl and luckily got out a few sentences then from the back of my mind I heard "This is Cheryl Ladd" -I lost it. "Cheryl, this tape is from Scott Tacoma". Puzzled, "Who", She asked. I could not remember the state of Washington nor Scott's last name and here is where I began to stutter and found myself heading down the path of "I've fallen and can't get up". Luckily I remembered to get a picture with Cheryl and sat next to her. I could not remember where the muscles on my mandible which bring the face to a smile were located. I was in a long awaited dream and as I sat with my arm around this angel I was flying high. Cheryl asked if thought the photo came out fine and I looked into her eyes and could not respond. She asked if I wanted another photo and I said, "I am so nervous". She smiled and those near laughed. She was so kind and allowed me the moments to make a fool out of myself without rushing me along. 

Cheryl was so kind, she even stayed late to sign other items after all books had signatures. My head was in the clouds and I shared the glow with others at the signing. It two days to begin to come down. Although I am glad to have the photo of Cheryl and myself -I look like such a dork! I will treasure it always. Written by John Jay.

Keith Mason meets Cheryl Ladd at B&N in NYC An Angelic Meeting 
I met Cheryl Ladd in New York on May 24. It was a thrill of a lifetime. I have wanted to meet Cheryl ever since I saw her first aired Charlie's Angels episode "Angels in Paradise" in September 1977. Cheryl was so beautiful, kind, and friendly and was eager to pose for a photo with me. I am hoping to see Cheryl again in the near future. After meeting her, I was floating on cloud nine. I have met a true Angel. 

~ Keith Mason

A Heavenly Fan Story by Fritz 
My flight from Atlanta, Georgia arrived in Lexington, Kentucky on May 10th, 2005. Cheryl Ladd was scheduled to discuss and sign her book "Token Chick" at Joseph-Beth Booksellers It was a day I had dreamed of for meet Cheryl Ladd. I eagerly arrived with my gift basket full of golf items for the angel. I also had a bag of angel memorabilia for Cheryl to sign. I had a front row seat (of course)! Cheryl arrived in a pinstripe navy pants suit with her bubbly personality and infamous smile as she waved to the audience.

Cheryl discussed her golf experiences and various famous golfers she had played with over the years. She mentioned her favorite golf course was Pebble Beach. She also told us the story of her "hole in one" with great enthusiasm. In the audience, there was a lady from Cheryl's home state of South Dakota. 

After speaking, she opened the floor to questions. Someone asked her was her favorite memory was of Charlie's Angels. Cheryl said her favorite memory of Charlie's Angels was when David Doyle "mooned" the angels after a long day of shooting. She also reported that she is going to be returning to the TV show "Las Vegas" for some episodes airing in the fall. She said to other golf books are in the works for her, including one about celebrity couples. (Of course wouldn't we just LOVE an autobiography from Cheryl!!!) 

Cheryl's manager announced that she would only sign her book and one piece of memorabilia. I looked like a shopping bag lady and had lots for her to sign (my heart sank!) My plan was to be the last one in line, and then hopefully she would sign my items! Then, the moment arrived! I was both excited and nervous to finally meet the angel I had been a fan of since I was a boy. My heart was pounding. 

I first presented her with a gift basket and she was very receptive. She said, "Oh, you're the one who flew in from Atlanta!" I then asked her if I could get a photo with her. I informed her that I had props (actually two toy guns I had purchased from Wal-Mart before jumping on the plane!). She asked if I had another gun and I answered "of course" as pulled it from the shopping bag. She laughed out loud and said we had to pose back to back and then had to aim the guns forward. It was an awesome photo opportunity with the angel. I was so glad she was a good sport about the guns modeling! 

In addition to her book, she was kind enough to sign my poster, lunch box and photos as well. I felt obligated to buy two more copies of her book since she was kind enough to sign for me. I asked her about "Jamaican Reef" one of her earlier films. She said "wasn't that the worst movie ever?" I even surprised her with an actual McCall's sewing pattern that she had modeled the cover. She said "my hair was so 80s!" 

She also mentioned that she would like to do a comedy movie with her daughter Jordan. She mentioned her TV movie "Bluegrass" which was actually filmed in Kentucky. After she finished signing books for the bookstore, she was headed for her next city to continue the book tour. After a hug and a kiss goodbye, she left the bookstore. I was still on a cloud! I was in Angelic heaven

SUPER FARRAH FAN!  David Ross & Farrah Fawcett A FAN STORY:  After Farrah Fawcett's Jimmy Kimmel Live interview David Ross (who was also seen on camera during Farrah's interview!) got to spend some quality time after the show with his favorite angel!  She signed his Jill Munore doll and posed for photos!  "Farrah was very gracious and then went out side and signed and took pics for almost and hour." said Ross.



 Charlie's Angels CRISTINA, CLAUDIO, ALBERTO hanging out and sending all the Angels in LA a warm hello!

Charlie's Angels Flaming Hot!

Tomorrow's Angels

Here 3 of the most funny, nice and friendly Italian fans of the WONDERFUL

Ladd with her Angels! David Chick, Philipe B. Lopez Rocque and Patrick Here is Cheryl Ladd with some of her New York Angels! These foxy fans saw Ms. Ladd perform in Annie Get Your Gun on Broadway. Clockwise angels are, Philipe B. Lopez Rocque who flew all the way from Spain to see Ms. Ladd! Second is the famous Boston artist, David Chick and the final is Patrick! These heavenly angels had a great time meeting a true angel, Ms. Cheryl Ladd!

 Holly Halloween!!!! Here is a photo of three heavenly Halloween Angels 2000! Doris, Denise and Kathryn were playing heavenly Angels in Skillman, New Jersey! Cover me Angels!

 Here are three little angels - Cheryl Ladd, Tanya Roberts and David Ross (Long Beach, CA)! David was excited to meet the angels! He meet Tanya Robert's back stage of her hit show, That '70s Show and meet up with Cheryl Ladd at one of her book signings! David is such a cutie -- he too is a true heavenly Angel!

 In the crazy world of New York City, Angel fan Robert Oppici, Jr. found an Angel! Yes, at one of Farrah Fawcett's recent visits they bumped into each other! New York City "LOVES" Farrah!



 Undercover: Two Greek Gods and The Angels! Here are to top "Angel" collectors in Greece. Christos is a true fan of Kate Jackson and Panayotis is a fan of all the Angels! Both "greek gods" have their own website! So check out Angelic Heaven's web links and check out these true Angels!



 Fans of Cheryl Ladd were able to meet her in person when she was signing her children's book titled The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship during the first publishing in 1998! Many fans found out where Ladd was signing through the Angelic Heaven! Here pictured is Ken Stovich, Brian Thomas and Joey Marshall (right)! Cheryl Ladd even showed the boys how to say "Freeze" just like an Angel!

Many Angelic Heaven viewers got to meet Charlie's smart Angel, Kate Jackson when she held a autograph signing in New Jersey to heighten awareness for RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) which was sponsored by Just 5 hair color. Pictured is Dennis Kendell Yates (left) and Joey Gardener (right). Mr. Yates wrote editors of Angelic Heaven, "My life dream to meet my favorite actress and Angel came true - within my very first issue of Angelic Heaven newsletter there was a notice to see 'Jackson Live in Person' - I truly could not believe my eyes when I read on the to see that my favorite star and Angel would be appearing live in New Jersey. I was ecstatic!!!"




Who are these two silly Angel fans waiting for???? Well, all the Angels at the television office which is a real building in Los Angeles! If one is Los Angeles you can drive by the building it's located at: 189 Robertson Blvd. on the corner of Clifton and Robertson. Who are those fans on the steps of the office building??? Angelic Heaven's own editors Mike Pingel and Scott Jonson!



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