Q&A with Tanya Roberts 2000
Interview by Mike Pingel

Q: What will be happening with your character on "That 70s Show" this year?
A: They are giving me a hair dressing salon. They have me coifed, more Ď70s this year. Lori, who is the daughter of Debra Joe, is going to beauty school and is joining me in the salon. So I assume weíll wreck a lot of peoples hair.

Q: I loved the fact that in one of last years episodes the "Bond" girls makes a guest appearance. I was wondering, why the "Angels" werenít on there too.
A: I bet they probably donít want to do it. The "Bond" thing is further away from everyoneís lives. I donít know what it is, but somehow "Bond" people donít mind doing "Bond" stuff. It seems like "Charlieís Angels" never like to do "Charlieís Angels" stuff. I really donít know why that is?

Q: Whatís the inside scoop of any former "Charlieís Angels" alumni being on your show this year?
A: As far as I know - no. Whether they are going to have their poster, I also donít know that either.

Q: Since you are on season three of that Ď70s show, will your poster start showing up soon?
A: Yeah, of course, but we do two seasons for every year. We were in 1976 for our first two seasons, 1977 is the third and fourth, unless we go nine years I wonít be hung.

Q: Any thoughts about the upcoming movie version of Charlieís Angels?
A: No, I really have not thought much about it. I have heard itís different stories. They always do movies of series, most of them suck. But, hey I really donít know much about it. It's cool.

Q: There were rumors that you actually did a cameo in the film?
A: No. As far as I know they didnít want anyone to do a cameo.

Q: Any upcoming projects or TV movies?
A: Not yet, I basically took my four summer months off. As you know I go on a lot of Celebrity Golf Tournaments and I just bought a new house. I was just really happy to take the time off during the last two hiatusí. Now everyone is getting on my case. I guess next year, after this seasonís over, I will have to work or something. I really enjoyed being lazy!

Q: Any plans for a fan website of your own?
A: No, not at the moment.

....Once again, a BIG "Thank You" to Ms. Roberts for taking time to speak with me about her upcoming year on That '70s Show! Be sure to watch the premiere on Tuesday, October 3rd at 8:00pm on your local Fox channel! ~Mike Pingel

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