September 1998:

Permanent Midnight
Now Showing!

Cheryl Ladd's newest theatrical film, Permanent Midnight premiered on Wednesday, September 16, 1998, in New York City. The National release date was Friday, September 18, 1998, in the top 15 markets (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle etc).

Permanent Midnight is based on the popular Hollywood autobiography by Jerry Stahl. This black comedy chronicles Stahl's rise and fall as a television writer in Los Angeles. Stahl, by day writes clever, cutting-edge television scripts and by night explores the steamy underbelly of Los Angeles in an often desperate quest to feed the habit that is self destructively sabotaging his career — drugs. He soon finds himself in a rehab in Phoenix where he meets Kitty, and due to their similar pasts and sexual attraction, it makes it easier for himself to open up. In the room of a cheap motel, Stahl narrates his poignant true story of a life filled with self-inflicted mental, emotional and physical pain. The film stars Ben Stiller as Jerry Stahl, Elizabeth Hurley as Sandra, his ex-wife and Janeane Garofalo as Jana, his agent.

Cheryl Ladd portrays Pamela Verlaine, the star of a television show. Pamela decides to hire Jerry as one of the writers for her series. Even thought she knows of Jerry's addiction, Pamela hopes that with the new job, Jerry will clean himself up. This film will be Cheryl's return to the silver screen. Cheryl's last silver screen appearance stunned audiences in Poison Ivy which she co-started with Drew Barrymore.

FYI - Cheryl recently finished filming in Belgium, "Dogs of Flounders" which is set for a spring release and she's currently up in Canada filming her newest film.

Click Here for the - Permanent Midnight Website

Photo Courtesy of Artisan Entertainment

Jackson in Person!

On Saturday, September 19th - Kate Jackson was on hand signing autographs for Just 5 Hair Color Event and Reading Is Fundamental (RIF). Jackson was at the Lord & Taylor Court in the Garden State Plaza Mall. Fans came out and gave their support for this worthy cause and Charlie's smartest angel!

October 1998:

Halloween Angels!

Many Charlie’s Angels fans have been e-mailing and asking what they should wear for Halloween as the 70’s Heavenly Trio! So us here at Angelic Heaven have made small check list to become Halloween Angels.

All Angels have to have a classic 70’s outfit and her own purse! Inside the purse should be: a hair brush, hair dryer, make-up and stunning shade of lipstick ...all most forgot a toy gun and wakike talkie!

There should be 3 Angels. Here is a brief description how each dress:

The Smart Angel — a.k.a. Sabrina Duncan
  • Clothing: Slacks and a nice blouse — or a turtle neck with pantsuit - no Bra
  • Hair: Brown in a med. cut

    The Street Wise Angel — a.k.a. Kelly Garrett
  • Clothing: Bathing suite or beautiful dress - no bra
  • Hair: Brown and shoulder length

    The Athletic Angel — a.k.a. Jill Munroe
  • Clothing: too-tight t-shirt, bell bottoms or tennis outfit - no bra
  • Hair: Blond and bellow shoulder length — a.k.a. “Farrah Fawcett Hairstyle”


    Holly Angel...there's a look-a-like "Farrah Fawcett" on the October 1998 cover of Details magazine!

    The 90's Angel, Pamela Anderson paid homage to the 70's Icon Farrah Fawcett on her most recent magazine cover! Anderson who's new series VIP, has been said to be Charlie's Angels for the 90's!

    But not even sexy Anderson can replace the timeless Fawcett! But who can blame anyone for trying to be one of Charlie's Angels?

    Angelic Heaven on Internet Tonight!

    The cable television program Internet Tonight highlighted this angelic website on September 23, 1998! ZD TV is available on cable and on DirecTV (channel 273).

    To visit Internet Tonight Website just Click Here

    Birthday Angels!

    Three of our favorite Angels are sharing their Birthday's once again! Kate Jackson (Oct. 29), Jaclyn Smith (Oct. 26) and Tanya Roberts (Oct. 15)! The entire staff of Angelic Heaven and all their fans would like to send them lots of love and best Birthday wishes. Happy Birthday, Angels!

    That Tanya Interview!

    Yes...that's right, Angelic Heaven's editor, Mike Pingel spoke to Ms. Roberts about her career, marriage, golf and of course Charlie's Angels. The interview will be up on the web in a few days, keep checking back! Until then check out That '70s Show new Website!

    The Fox's new series That '70s Show which co-stars Tanya Roberts is a huge HIT! The series is doing groovy ratings! Tanya Roberts plays Midge the mother of Donna Pinciotti! It looks like this Angels is on another hit show!

    That '70s Show now has a offical site click here or on Tanya's photo! That 70's Show! The site includes two new photos of Tanya!

    That '70s Show
    Series airs every Sunday Night
    8:30-9:00pm (EST/PST)

    Photo Courtesy of FOX

    November 1998:

    Ladd's New Fox-Family Film

    Cheryl Ladd’s newest film Perfect Little Angel will aired on Fox-Family Channel Sunday, Nov. 8th. Fox-Family will have encore showings this month on Sat. 14, 8pm & Mon. 23, 9pm. So tune in and watch Ladd's newest film!

    Ladd stars as Elaine Freemand, a widowed mother in search of a new life. After one too many dangerous city encounters, Elaine and her teenage daughter, Justine (Jody Thompson) move to the picturesque gated community of Elysium Meadows. However the picture perfect world is not that safe.

    The twosome find that the hole community is in a bizarre trance and soon even Elaine has been brainwashed by the evil Dr. Lawrence (Michael York). The Dr. wants see if he can create his own “Utopia.” But it’s Elaine’s daughter Justine will not conform and begins to unravel the Dr.’s world.

    “This is not the usual movie of the week fare,” says Cheryl Ladd about her newsiest Fox- Family movie. “It’s quirky, offbeat and very unusual. You’ll see my character go from cool, hip mom to Mrs. Cleaver overnight.”

    Perfect Little Angels
    Airs on Fox-Family Channel
    Encore: November Sat. 14, 8pm & Mon. 23, 9pm

    Ladd was interviewed on:
  • Leeza - Friday, November 6
  • E! Entertainment: Weekend Edition

    Jaclyn Smith also has finished filming a movie called Freefall for Fox-Family Channel. Freefall will be air on January 17th, 1999. Smith will also star in Before He Wakes which airs on CBS on December 1, 1998!

    Photos of courtesy Fox-Family Channel

    Jackson New Mission!

    Kate Jackson will be directing an episode of Showtime's anthology Dead Man's Gun. Jackson, will direct actor, Patrick Duffy (Dallas) in an episode dubbed "The Womanizer." It chronicles the romantic liaisons of a traveling musician turned con man, and will air in early 1999.

    Jackson, last year worked herself on Dead Man's Gun as an actor in the epiosde titled, Death Warrant. Dead Man's Gun will be Jackson's second time in the directing chair. She worked her heavenly directing magic on Scarecrow and Mrs. King epiosde, Pharaoh's Engineer in it's third season. Check out all the outstanding Scarecrow and Mrs. King websites on our link page!

    Ladd's NEW films & Buick

    Buick Motor Division announced (Tuesday September 28, 1998) - that they have signed Cheryl Ladd to a new one-year contract as the company's golf ambassador. Ladd, who will continue to represent Buick at golf tournaments, golf exhibitions and golf events nationwide.

    "I am thrilled to be able to continue my relationship with Buick," said Ladd, who learned to drive in a 1960 Buick LeSabre and currently drives a Buick Park Avenue. "The people at Buick are like an extended family to me and I look forward to continuing to spread the word about Buick golf and all the great work they do for charity." In 1997, Ladd, an avid golfer with a 17 handicap, became Buick's first female golf representative and the first non-PGA Tour professional to sign an endorsement contract with Buick.

    Currently Cheryl Ladd, can be seen in Permanent Midnight in theaters and October 1998 pages of Bikini Magazine. Ladd’s upcoming projects are The Dog of Flanders, for Warner Brothers and a new film for Fox-Family Channel, called Perfect Little Angel airing Sunday, November 8, 1998 at 8pm

    photo courtesy of Buick

    Telemundo's, Angeles Delayed!

    The new series by Sony Entertainment and Telemundo of the classic Charlie's Angels has been put on hold. The series, Angeles which was to air on Telemundos 1998-1999 Fall line up has been pushed back to a January 1999 air date.

    Telemundo will re-create Charlie’s Angels, One Day at a Time, Starsky and Hutch and Candid Camera . The Charlie’s Angels remake will be called, Angeles. The new series will feature three Latina actresses fighting crime. The new series will air this Fall on Telemundo.

    Ladd's Official Website!

    Cheryl Ladd has launched her very own "Official Home Page". Ladd shares her insights to her career, books, recipes and even her own "angelic" newsletter! Ladd also shares many photos from her personal collection. Plus, fans can even e-mail this Angel on her heavenly site!

    So click on the photo or here to see this Angels' site!
    CHERYL LADD'S Official Home Page

    A Heavenly Rumor!

    Don't believe everything you read! The rumor around Hollywood a few months ago was that Sony/Columbia Pictures upcoming feature film on Charlie's Angels had been cast. The leads for the 100 Million dollar film was said to be: Jenny McCarthy, Jada Pinkett-Smith (Scream 2) and Michelle Yeoh (Tomorrow Never Dies)

    This heavenly rumor even got into the pages of Daily Variety and People Online. But according to Sony the film is still in the early stages and no cast has been set. One can only hope Angels are looking out for this heavenly film to come true!

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