June 1998:

Tanya's New Series

Tanya Roberts will be seen on the small screen once again beginning this Fall! Tanya will head up the cast for FOX's new series Feelin' All Right, from the producers of Roseanne and The Cosby Show.

The new series is a 1970 retro-hip situation comedy set in the era of bell-bottoms, smile buttons and 8-tracks. Feeling All Right is a nostalgic and funny flashback to the "Me" decade. The series will be on local FOX channels this Fall on Sunday nights at 8:30pm.

A Powerful Hero

No one can argue that Farrah Fawcett has had to be very strong these past few months. It doesn't help that the tabloids have not made it any easier on Ms. Fawcett either with the overexposing of her break-up, Letterman, Tipper O'Neal and the ongoing saga of James Orr. Yet, Farrah will be taking the stand against ex-boyfriend James Orr sometime this month. James Orr was charged for abusing Ms. Fawcett.

Farrah has always been an advocate for abused woman and has encouraged women through her heroic victims in such films as The Burning Bed and Extremities. Her films show woman that they must stand up for their personal rights and that no wrongdoing should go unpunished. If Farrah takes the stand against James Orr, she once again will give woman a powerful hero. She will show woman around the world that our icon will not take this quietly.

What's this about Farrah falling apart in Cannes? Is this true? The supermarket tabloids seem to have exaggerated the truth! (What else is new!) From the words of Liz Smith, reported in her June 5th column, Farrah has been taking cooking classes at the fabulous Le Moulin des Mougins in the South of France. Also, Farrah has been on a shopping spree buying various sculptures and has even taken up tennis once again. Sounds like this Angel has been having one great summer!

On the collecting side, The Brave Little Toaster goes to Mars has finally been released to video-but what about The Lovemaster? The release date has been changed so many times it's hard to keep up on it. Eventually it will be released onto video, unfortunately we just don't know when.

Photo from Brave Little Toaster courtesy of Buena Vista

AIR loves Kelly

The French musical group AIR has recently released a song based on their favorite Angel, Kelly Garrett. The song is called "Kelly Watch the Stars." AIR’s video for the song features one of the members wearing a Jaclyn Smith shirt! Charlie would be proud of these two Angels!

Click here to the AIR's website "KELLY WATCH THE STARS!"

Charlie's Angels Back on TNT

Beginning this month (June) TNT will begin airing Charlie's Angels again! The series will run on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10am EST. The series will also be seen this month on TNT, Wednesday, June 3 from 3-5am. The two episode to be shown will be "Mother Goose is Running for Her Life" and "Island Angels." Do check your local TV guide for times in your area! Well Come Back, Angels!

July/August 1998:

Telemundo remakes Charlie’s Angels

The Spanish television network Telemundo plans to remake some of America’s favorite television. Telemundo which was sold to Sony Entertainment is revamping their schedule to regain the Spanish viewers.

Telemundo will re-create Charlie’s Angels, One Day at a Time, Starsky and Hutch and Candid Camera . The Charlie’s Angels remake will be called, Angeles. The new series will feature three Latina actresses fighting crime. The new series will air this Fall on Telemundo.

A Heavenly Rumor!

Don't believe everything you read! Last week the rumor around Hollywood was that Sony/Columbia Pictures upcoming feature film on Charlie's Angels had been cast. The leads for the 100 Million dollar film was said to be: Jenny McCarthy, Jada Pinkett-Smith (Scream 2) and Michelle Yeoh (Tomorrow Never Dies)

This heavenly rumor even got into the pages of Daily Variety and People Online. But according to Sony the film is still in the early stages and no cast has been set. One can only hope Angels are looking out for this heavenly film to come true!

2 Angel Movies!
Kate Jackson's ONLINE Chat!

Kate Jackson & Cheryl Ladd will be on the small screen with their newest television films in August!

Kate Jackson new film Sweet Deception is set to air on The Family Channel on August 2nd. Jackson plays a bitter ex-wife of her murdered ex-husband and is the first suspect for her ex-husbands young wife.

Family Angels, Cheryl Ladd & Jordan Ladd will star in Every Mother’s Worst Fear, August 19th on the USA Network. This film is based on actual events of a daughter being kidnapped after being be- friend on a Internet chat room. Her mother uses all her means to rescue her daughter!

Also coming in August are two video releases. First, Farrah Fawcett's The Apostle and then Jackson’s direct-to-video film Error in Judgement.

on Talk City!
Monday, July 27 - 6:00PM PT

Kate will be taking about her new film, "Sweet Deception" and taking questions from fans!
Talk City is on the web, so click here: TALK CITY (www.talkcity.com).
To chat one needs to sign up, but it is free.
So drop by next Monday and ask that Angelic question!

Photo of Cheryl and Jordan Ladd courtesy of USA Network
Photo of Kate Jackson courtesy of The Family Channel

All Angel Videos!

So have you ever wanted to see Farrah on Donny & Marie or Cheryl Ladd on The Streets of San Fransico? How about Kate Jackson's or Jaclyn Smith's old TV moives?

Well, there is a new site that does just that! Angel Video, a bran new site that allows all fans of all the Angels see past shows that you loved, missed or just want to watch over and over again! Fly on over to Angel Video buy clicking on the photo or here on Angel Video!

By the way, can you remember which epiosde the Angels photo's are from?

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