March 1998:

Marabella, Canne and Farrah
This month Farrah lands herself on the cover of Mirabella. In the issue, Farrah discusses with Steve Friedman her past roller coaster year, the role written for her in Foul Play, and eating at Denny's. Two stunning b/w photos of this Angel by photographer, Matthew Rolston accompany this article. Also hitting the newsstands this month is the new issue of McCall's featuring an article and new photos of Farrah.

As Farrah's star continues to shine, so does her role of Jessie in The Apostle. Although she was not blessed with an Oscar nomination, Robert Duvall received one for best actor. This Oscar recognition is helping to bring a larger audience to see these wonderful performances just as it will when it's screened at the internationally renowned Canne Film Festival this year. No word if Farrah will attending the festival.

However, the year did not start out well for Farrah. On January 28, 1998, Farrah's boyfriend, James Orr, allegedly abused her. Even though it is unknown what really happened that evening, the tabloids ran allegations of Farrah being hit and slammed against a driveway by Orr. To clear up some of the confusion, Ms. Fawcett released the following two public statements:

"Although it is frustrating not to be able to correct the many inaccuracies being reported, due to the pendency of charges against James Orr, I feel it is inappropriate to comment on the underlying circumstances. It is disappointing that something I neither endorse nor support would receive so much attention." ~Farrah in response to the filing of criminal charges against James Orr.

"Two good friends had a small misunderstanding. The misunderstanding has been cleared up. We are still good friends and have moved on with our lives. We appreciate the concern which has been expressed about us. We both are doing great". ~the Fawcett and Orr statement.

(cover courtesy of Mirabella)



Aaron Spelling Special
ABC's Tribute to Aaron Spelling will hit the air waves on Saturday, March 7, 1998 (8pm EST). The show will feature many of Spelling's actors from his current and past shows which include some of the cast of Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210, 7th Heaven, and his classics Starsky & Hutch, The Love Boat and of course, Charlie's Angels.

Don't be miffed if there are no photos of the trio released in the newspapers or in magazines. Angelic Heaven was told that the trio was not photographed during their tribute to Aaron. But the Angels' segment will air as part of the All Star Party for Aaron Spelling! So get your VCRs ready and warm up the set, fans will once again see their favorite Angels heat up the screen on ABC!

(photo courtesy of ABC Television)



Yesteryear Toys
Around the world, there were a variety of Charlie's Angels books that were published. In the United States, there were five paperback books (also in hardback) written by Max Franklin. The number of books released in foreign countries is unknown, but here is a small sampling of them! (pictured are from Japan, France and Brazil)!

Yesteryear Cover
Cheryl, and Jaclyn share with the newest Angel, Shelley Hack, the strange things that happen when you become an Angel. The sexy trio share the November 1979 cover of TV Star Parade.

May 1998:

Angel on Video

Columbia-TriStar Home Video will release a new set of videos on The Partridge Family entitled "The 6 Partridges meet 3 Angels".

The tape,which will hold three episodes, will feature guest starring Angels Cheryl Ladd, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith! Set to be released on July 7, 1998. So jump on board the checkered bus and rock with a really groovy family and some Angels!

Any new Charlie's Angels videos? Currently there is no date set for the release of any new Charlie's Angels videos. The earliest the additional episode may be released is late 1998 or early 1999. Columbia Tri-Star was not impressed with the sales of the Charlie's Angels videos.

But...AVAILABLE SOON ON VIDEO: The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars is now available at your local video store. Upcoming release of Farrah's The Lovemaster and Jaclyn's My Very Best Friend. PLUS..recent re-releases include Farrah's Murder on Flight 502, Cheryl's Treasure of Jamaica Reef and Kate & Cheryl's Satan's School for Girls. Check you local Music or Video store to order!



Angels Larger than Life!

In March, Farrah Fawcett's Mirabella cover was larger than life on billboards and bus stops in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. Th stunning March/April cover of Farrah Stands about six feet tall and is simply breathtaking! Farrah sure knows how to stand out in the crowd...and standing out in the crowd, did you catch Cheryl Ladd on the cover of Prevention Magazine's Walking Fit? If you missed it, it's still available at local grocery stores until May 26, 1998. Inside Cheryl talks about everything and the magazine showcases a great photo of Cheryl, Jaclyn and David from the Circus of Terror.

Farrah's Eyes!

County music's most beloved band, Alabama has a new track, She's Got That Look in Her Eyes. The song gives praise to their favorite Angel, Farrah Fawcett. Check out your nearest CD shop for you copy. Plus see Farrah's famous swimsuit poster in the video!

Yesteryear Cover!

Here is one of the Poster Monthly's on Charlie's Angels which came out in 1977-78. It showcases Angels, Kris, Kelly and Sabrina. The poster monthly has various articles inside of the Angels and then makes into a huge poster of the trio.

Yesteryear Toys
Packing is one most dangerous assignments an Angel must encounter. One slight miscalculation could blow their cover! At least with these cool three piece luggage sets (by Travel Toys), these problems are few and far between. The first set features Jill, Sabrina and Kelly. The second set features Sabrina, Kelly and Kris. These pieces of luggage range from $25-$55 per set. With one "special" wink, the bellhop will never misplace that Angelic hairdryer again!

Yesteryear Cover
It's February! Time for cupid to aim his arrow of love once again. Even Angels are known to get into the action as this one finds her own TV Log heart during the week of February 12, 1978.


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