December 1997:

Jaclyn & Christmas
Jaclyn Smith and her daughter, Spencer Margaret, get all decked out as they team up with McCall's (December 1997) to turn her elegant estate into a festive holiday showplace.

The twosome share their very special decorating ideas, from dressing Christmas trees and wrapping packages, to setting a dining table for a festive holiday dinner. There is also an added bonus of Ms. Smith's own Christmas stuffing recipe.

Unfortunately, these "Angels" are not on the cover of this holiday issue of McCall's (cover, Reba McEntire), however, this three page spread is full of Holiday cheer.



Farrah Stocking Stuffers
Just when you finally gave up finding anything on your Christmas list, STOP! Farrah Fawcett has just released two more items for sale from her successful "All of Me" product line. The first stocking stuffer is Farrah's full body poster of the "1997 Playboy Newsstand Cover" for $19.95. Then as present under the tree, you can find a new set of photos from the her Playboy shoot for $60.00 (set of 3). Whether you've been naughty or nice, one can ONLY buy these new Farrah items on her All of Me site! The address is

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!



The Apostle Premieres
What is one to say about the anticipation of Farrah Fawcett's first theatrical film since, Man of the House?

Well, the word is that both Farrah's and Robert Duvall's performance in The Apostle are Oscar caliber! That's why October Films is releasing The Apostle for a limited engagement in Los Angeles and New York (December 17) so it will be qualified for the upcoming Oscar race.

The film has been a 15 year work of passion for Duvall, who also directs it. Duvall has a strong and solid feeling for his project and those involved with it. Duvall choose Fawcett to portray the preachers wife, due to her great talent. Duvall feels that Ms. Fawcett is one of the most underrated actors in America.

Fans from around the world can hardly wait to see the upcoming film, which will be released in a larger scale on January 30, 1998. Until then, rent some of Farrah's most critical acclaimed films: The Burning Bed, Small Sacrifices, and Extremities.

Premiere Dates: Los Angeles & New York one week Dec 17th. Open in wide release on January 30th, 1998 (photo courtesy of October Films/Van Redin)



Yesteryear Cover
Is that our Tiffany Welles with Santa Claus' Rudolph "the Red Nose" Reindeer?

It sure is! Back in December 1979, Shelley Hack graced the Los Angeles Magazine for their Christmas Cover!

Angels and Reindeers..only spell a Happy Holiday!

January 1998:

Farrah & Letterman Again???
Farrah Fawcett has been very public about saying "No" to going back onto David Letterman's talk show to plug The Apostle. She told USA Today "If I go on and I'm calm and professional, the only thing they'll say is, 'She must've been stoned or on drugs.' If I go on and try to play, they'll say, 'There she goes again'" .

So what is this Angel to do? Give in to the media or be true to her projects? It's a tough call, especially for what happened on her last appearance on his show, when Farrah's playfulness turned into a tabloid front page "drug scandal." Good luck Angel!

(photo courtesy ofCBS)



Golging Cheryl
Cheryl Ladd, golf enthusiast, has been sponsored by Buick Corporation to play golf. She will be found on the greens in February. Besides working her magic to get a hole in one, she will also continue working to bring attention to CHILDHELP USA.

(photo courtesy of Buick Corp.)



1997 came and went so fast. Some might think it never happened. But the past year was filled with many high and lows for our favorite Angels. Farrah Fawcett has had one hell of a year! A split with Ryan, allegations of being a thief, her second Playboy layout, a Pay-for-view, The Letterman Interview, best-selling All of Me video, special guest appearance in The Lovemaster, and rave reviews for The Apostle! Yet, Jaclyn Smith found herself losing her memory inThe Family Channel's Married to a Stranger, while still waiting to see her CBS film Before He Wakes and she also shared her Holiday Spirit in the pages of McCall's, not to mention a Happy Marriage to Bradley Allen. Kate Jackson found herself guest starring on Ally McBeal and Dead Man's Gun. While Cheryl Ladd signed into 1997 with her children's book The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship, and filming Permanent Midnight. Shelley Hack was doing some Diagnosis Murder and working her charm in a Theracel Infomercial, leaving Tanya Roberts running from the law in Riptide. The saddest news was losing one of our most loved Angels, David Doyle. David will be remembered by kids of all ages with his work on Rugrats and Charlie's Angels. And let us not forget the release of Charlie's Angels on home video, and the hope for a film version of Charlie's Angels. May 1998 holds as much, if not more than 1997. Happy New Year!

Yesteryear Cover
Who are these "five" Angels on TV Favorites Magazine (May 1977). Along with Farrah, Kate and Jaclyn, David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser are featured on the cover showcasing two of Spelling/Goldberg's hottest new shows - Charlie's Angels and Starsky & Hutch. This magazine has many features on each Angel, and includes a full color pull-out poster of the Angels (praying hand pose!).

February 1998:

Farrah & Letterman Postponed
Farrah Fawcett who has been very public on not returning to the David Letterman show, surprised everyone when she decided to return for a second appearance. The interview was scheduled for January 26, 1998. Yet, her interview has postponed until February 9, 1998. Farrah fans will have to wait a bit for her second appearance. Although, January has been a stellar month for Ms. Fawcett.

Independent Feature Project (IFP), a non-profit group dedicated to promoting American independent filmmakers, announced nominees for its 13th Annual Spirit Awards. The Apostle received six nominations - among them is Farrah Fawcett for "Best Supporting Actress". To be nominated, a film must have been shown at a commercial theater during 1997, or have played at one of six major film festivals in the United States. The Spirit Awards will be presented Saturday before the Oscars, March 21, under a tent on the beach in Santa Monica.

Now, the race is on for the Oscars! "In consideration for Best Supporting Actress", a full page promotional ad featuring Farrah appeared in the January 5 issue of Daily Variety. She will also be appearing in upcoming issues of McCall's, Details, and Mirabella. So check them out at your local newsstand.

Ms. Fawcett was also on hand with Robert Duvall at the Private screening for President Clifton at the White House earlier this month.

The Angelic Heaven staff would like to send this Birthday Angel - A heart felt birthday kiss. Happy Birthday Farrah! Farrah’s Birthday is Feb. 2!

The Apostle has opened nationwide in most major cities.

(ad courtesy of October Films)



Cheryl Ladd: Pro-AM Tour
Avid golfer, Cheryl Ladd and her sponsor, Buick have team up together for The Buick Cheryl Ladd Celebrity Pro-Am tournament. The tournament which will be held at the Oakmont Country Club in Glendale California on Wed Feb. 11 - Thurs., Feb. 12 will feature some of the top names in the entertainment industry as well as the top players from the LPGA Tour.

The Buick Cheryl Ladd Celebrity Pro-Am tournament will benefit CHILDHELP USA, an non- profit organization which is dedicated to research, prevention and treatment of child abuse. Ms. Ladd since 1979 has been one of CHILDHELP USA’s Goodwill Ambassadors with bring awareness to the foundation. The tournament will also benefit LPGA’s Urban Youth Golf Program and the Glendale Memorial Breast Cancer Center.

(photo courtesy of Buick)



Yesteryear Toys
Packing is one most dangerous assignments an Angel must encounter. One slight miscalculation could blow their cover! At least with these cool three piece luggage sets (by Travel Toys), these problems are few and far between. The first set features Jill, Sabrina and Kelly. The second set features Sabrina, Kelly and Kris. These pieces of luggage range from $25-$55 per set. With one "special" wink, the bellhop will never misplace that Angelic hairdryer again!

Yesteryear Cover
It's February! Time for cupid to aim his arrow of love once again. Even Angels are known to get into the action as this one finds her own TV Log heart during the week of February 12, 1978.


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