September 1997:

Smith's Married to a Stranger
Jaclyn Smith stars in The Family Channel World Premiere Movie Married to a Stranger. Inspired by a true story, the romantic drama will air on Sunday, September 28, 1997 (7-9pm).

Jaclyn plays “Meagan Potter”, a wife and mother who finds herself hospitalized with amnesia caused by accidentally striking her head and falling. Meagan, with her amnesia, regresses to the age of 16 — losing all memory of her husband David and daughter Lacy. Meagan consults Jesse, a psychiatrist with more than a professional interest in mind regarding her than sorting out her dreams Of course, David pursues Meagan in hopes to finding the love they once shared. Unfortunately he finds Meagan newly a “headstrong teenager” planning to pursue a art degree in Italy.

Will Megan remember her loving family? Will Meagan reinvent her life by going to Italy? or Will Jesse sweep Meagan off her feet?

Tune in on Sunday, September 28 at 7pm on The Family Channel to find out!

Jaclyn Smith will be on the promotional tour with her new Family Channel film. Jaclyn is set to been seen on CNN, and will be doing interviews via-satellite link from Los Angeles! Currently no interview airdates.

(photos courtesy from The Family Channel

Jacskson on Alley McBeal
Kate Jackson will guest star on FOX Television’s new series Ally McBeal on Monday, September 22, 9-10pm ET/PT. The episode entitled “The Kiss,” centers around Ms. Jackson, who portrays Barbara Cooker, a news anchor.

In the episode, Ally McBeal (Caslista Flockhart) works her magic in the courtroom while representing her client Barbara Cooker (Jackson) who finds herself involved in an age discrimination lawsuit and seeks Ally’s help.
(Photo courtesy of FOX/Andrew Semel)

Angel videos release
That's right Angel fans, Columbia Home Video will be releasing four episodes of Charlie's Angels onto two tapes. The first tape entitled Angels in Chains will contain Angels in Chains and The Blue Angels. The second tape entitled Angels Under Cover will feature To Kill an Angel and Night of the Strangler. The tapes will hit stores on October 28, with a retail price $9.99 each. Angelic Heaven hopes to pre-sell these Angel videos next month!

Happy Birthday Angelic Heaven!
Angelic Heaven is turning 2 years old this month! I must say this past year has been a lot of fun, full of "Angels" and a growing experience for us! From all the press that Angelic Heaven and Farrah Fawcett's Pay-Per-View have received, to the actresses various projects, to the passing of one of our Angels, David Doyle. With Doyle's passing, we have realized that these Angels are real people too! He will be missed by friends, family and his fans.

Throughout Angelic Heaven's second year, we were able to help fans (and co-editors) around the U.S. to meet one of their favorite Angels, Cheryl Ladd, at her numerous book signings. As well as helping fans around the world to keep up with the Angels with not only the Angelic Heaven Newsletter, but also with Angelic Heaven Website! Within one year's time, the website has had over 2,000,000 fans checking out what those Heavenly Angels have been up to!

I personally was happy to work with Dateline NBC for their Farrah Fawcett segment "All of Her" and Columbia Home Video (CHV) with an online questionnaire to help CHV choose what episodes fans wanted released onto video. I even provided my archive Charlie's Angels photos for the video cassettes covers! It's really great to be able to support the actresses and to lend my expertise on such quality projects!

I hope you find the new style of Angelic Heaven to be really cool! Be sure to tune in for Jaclyn Smith's newest film it sounds like a real winner! Next month we have lined up an in-depth look at how a video box is designed with the Charlie's Angels video box designer. Thank you everyone for a wonderful second year and for coming along with us for our third and best year yet!

~Mike Pingel, editor of Angelic Heaven

November 1997:

Jaclyn Smith Weds!
On October 11, 1997, Jaclyn Smith wed long time boyfriend, Brad Allen, at an intimate ceremony held in West United Methodist Church in Los Angeles.

Their nuptials took place in front of the couples' most dearest friends, including Angel, Kate Jackson. This is Jaclyn's fourth marriage and Brad's second.

The couple is currently honeymooning around Europe.

Europe "Remixes" Angels
Is that the Charlie's Angels theme playing in the hippest European nightclubs? Better believe it, Charlie. The Charlie’s Angels theme has been released in France. There are now, three new dance versions of our favorite theme. The remixed versions of Droles de Dames (a.k.a. Charlie's Angels) were done by DJ Bosley! This new cutting edge version is part of a European CD entitled: "Europride '97" At this time, it is not known if the new retro version will be released in the United States.

Yesteryear Cover
This month Angelic Heaven features Farrah looking stunning as ever on this International cover of Cosmopolitan in Espanol! The Angelic Heaven's staff lack of Spanish leads us to believe that the story is on the Lee and Farrah break- up. Even without knowing what is inside article is about, this cover shot is still Heavenly.

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