March 1999:


Jaclyn Smith is currently shooting her newest film for CBS titled, 3 Secrets. The film has a tentative Fall 1999 airing!

Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson are in the pages of People Magazine's 25 Years Special Edition. Fawcett talks about leaving Charlie’s Angels and Jackson came back for the photo shoot with the cast of Aaron Spelling past and present casts. Jackson was quoted saying “We all owe Aaron a big thank-you,”

Cheryl Ladd’s opening Charlie’s Angels scene is highlighted in this months Maxim magazine! Such an angelic bathing suite!

Charlie’s Angels series will begin re-runs throughout the U.K. and Europe on channel Granada Plus starting in April. So stay tune for more information!

New Jackson Cover!

Kate Jackson is on the newest cover of Prevention's Guide's Fit & Firm! The magazine includes several photos of this Angel! Inside Jackson talks about cancer, mammograms, stress, and embracing 50!

This angelic cover of Fit & Firm in sale at your local grocery stores until April 27, 1999! Jackson your beautiful!

Cover Courtesy of Prevention

Barrymore Newest Angel!

Drew Barrymore is working out the final negotiations to star and produce the Columbia Pictures sliver screen version of Charlie's Angels. Leonard Goldberg will produce the new feature and Columbia Pictures has asked John Forsythe to reprise his role as the voice of Charlie! Columbia is hoping to begin shooting the movie in the fall. The James Bond - tongue-in-cheek film was written by Ed Solomon and Ryan Rowe. But no word on if any of the actress of the original series will return for cameos. The film should explode in theaters in 2000!

April 1999:

Angelic News (04/22/99)

CBS will be airing not one but two “Angel” movies in May. First up is 3Secrets starring Jaclyn Smith on May 11. Then on May 23, Cheryl Ladd will star in The Michael Landon Story! In the next week - or so - Angelic Heaven will feature more on these two films!

People magazine has a “Special Cover Issue” now on newsstands! The issues is all their People covers! The “Angels” were on the cover for People numerous times and there is even an “Angel” section. So cover me!

Cheryl Ladd’s theatrical film Dog of Flanders will not be released until Fall 1999.

cover courtesy of People

Angelic Update (04/08/99)

This weekend Lifetime is having a "Angel Marathon" on Saturday & Sunday (April 10 & 11)! Lifetime are playing numerous films on Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd! Plus Lifetime has a heavenly commercial running to promote the weekend! So tune in!

If you in the Boston area there’s a new play based on Charlie’s Angels! Charlie’s Angels in the Flaming Cave of the Tobacco Heiress, by Ryan Landry, at the Dollhouse Theatre in Boston. This campy and funny on-stage-episode plays now through April 25, for tickets call: 266-8511! Charlie's Angels in the Flaming Cave of the Tobacco Heiress stars: Penny Champayne (Kelly), Ryan Landry (Sabrina) and Afrodite (Jill)! So check it out!

Farrah Fawcett and her "new look" are shown in the pages of the National Enquirer. (April 13, 1999) Great shots of Farrah!

photo: Peter Urban

Second "Movie" Angel!

Cameron Diaz is signing on to star in the feature movie version of Charlie's Angels, with Drew Barrymore. (Daily Varity April 5, 1999) It was reported that Diaz will earn $12 million for her role.

But who will play the third Angel? Rumors around Hollywood peg actress, Angelina Jolie, Liv Tyler, Jada Pinkett Smith and Lauryn Hill, are all in the running for the final "Angel" role! Producer Leonard Goldberg said about the third Angel: "We're including Drew and Cameron in the conversations about who should be the third woman, because what's most important is that these three women look like friends, and hopefully be friends,"

The director for the feature "Angel" project has not been chosen, but Columbia Pictures still hopes to have the film into production by this Fall!!!!

A Very Busy Ladd!

Cheryl Ladd has a few new projects forthcoming! Ladd will begin filming A Father's Son: The Michael Landon, Jr. Story for CBS to be air in May 1999. Lifetime is also producing a Intimate Portrait on Ms. Ladd and she will shine on a upcoming issue of Woman's World.

Currently, the new Cheryl Ladd's Gift Catalog on her official website is NOW open for business! For Sale on Ladd's Catalog page is her North Americow limited Art Print, official autograph photos and even a official "Cheryl Ladd Mug"! So get your credit cards ready and surf over to this Angelic Angel site to buy some really Heavenly-Ladd collectibles! Click here CHERYL LADD'S GIFT CATALOGE or on the photo!

May 1999:

Ladd's New Film - TONIGHT!

Cheryl Ladd plays "Lynn Landon” in the upcoming CBS film, Michael Landon Story, The Father I Knew. The movie is directed by Michael Landon Jr. and is based on the book about his relationship with his father.

The film shows the family everyone dreams about having. Michael Landon Sr. (John Schneider) is a successful star of the hit TV show “Bonanza.” He marries his second wife Lynn (Ladd) and is a devoted husband and father with a public image beyond reproach. Landon Sr. turns all his attention to his second family and turns his back on his first family.

The years move on and Landon Sr. begins to show is temper from the pressures of stardom and unresolved issues form his childhood which still haunt him. He begins to see a young make-up artist and his affair hits the tabloids. Lynn tries to save her marriage, as Michael Jr. turns to drugs and alcohol after his not-so-perfect father leaves them behind to build a new life with a new family.

Michael Landon, The Father I Knew
Premieres May 23, 1999 on CBS

Promotion tour:
E! Daily News, Thurs. 20
“E! Out to Lunch” Tue 18, 9am & Fri 21, 12:30am
CBS's Late, Late Show Thur 20
Online Chat:
TV Guide Online Wed. 19 (
Los Angeles Only:
KROCK (radio) Thur 20
CBS Local News Thur 20.

photo courtesy of CBS

Roberts Golfing - This Weekend!

Angel, Tanya Roberts is scheduled to appear* at The 28th Annual Los Angeles Police Department Celebrity Golf Tournament on Saturday, May 15, 1999. The Tournament benefits the Police Memorial Foundation which helps familles of Police officer's families who's life has been taken away.

The Tournament will be held at The Rancho Park Golf Course, 10460 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles,CA at 9 am. Tickets are $4.00, one can buy the tickets at local Los Angeles Police Department.

*Roberts was unable to appear for the event.

Smith's Three Secrets - TONIGHT!

On May 11, 1999 Jaclyn Smith’s film Three Secrets will air on CBS.

Jaclyn Smith and Tyne Daly ("Cagney & Lacey") star in the a modern remake of the 1950 theatrical motion picture of the same name, revolves around three women, each of whom gave up a baby boy for adoption on the same day eight years earlier and is now anxiously awaiting word about whether or not the sole survivor of a plane crash is that child.

Eight-year-old Spencer Garrison's parents give him the birthday present of his dreams: a chance to sit in the cockpit of a small chartered plane during a private flight. But when the pilot loses control and crashes into a mountainside, killing the pilot and the boy's parents, young Spencer is left alone in the frigid darkness to radio for help. Spencer's extraordinary circumstances give his three potential birth mothers Diane Caulfield (Smith)a successful anchorwoman, Kelly Thompson (Nicole Forester) a soon-to-be bride and Cassie Hopper (Katy Boyer) an ex-con, the rare opportunity to revisit their original choices to put their babies up for adoption, the women form a bond that transcends the individual hopes of each that the boy is her own.

Jaclyn Smith will be doing a TV Guide Online Chat Monday, May 10 at 9est/6pst. Visit and click on "Chat" to sign up.

starring Jaclyn Smith
CBS - May 11, 1999 at 9pm

Photos courtesy of CBS: Spike Hannarello/CBS

Ladd's Woman's World

Cheryl Ladd shines on the current issue of Woman's World (May 25, 1999). Ladd shares with the reader the book called "Eat Right 4 your Type." The artical also has two new "sexy" photo of this past Angel! To find out more about Ladd's diet check out her webpage or pick up a copy of Woman's World today!

Matchbox NEW Charlie's Angels Van!

Matchbox has just released a new Charlie's Angels Van in their Star Car Collection! The line of limited edition vehicles come on a collector's blister card! This 1999 Charlie's Angels Van is done in the color orange, not pink like the original 1977 Corgi Van! One can only hope this will the first in many new "Angel" products from Sony!

The new van is currently available at toys stores NOW!

photo courtesy of Mattel

Fawcett's "Biography"

A&E has produced a Biography titled: Farrah Fawcett: America’s Angel. The Biography premiered on May 17, 1999. The show will showcase friends, family on this in-depth look at the icon of the 70’s. Farrah Fawcett “Swimsuit Poster” sold millions in the 70’s. In the 80’s she shined in such films as The Burning Bed,Between Two Woman, and Extremities. The 90’s Fawcett sold millions of Playboys in 1995 and shined on the silver screen in The Apostle. She has captured the worlds heart and now A&E! The show will be seen on A&E now and again or you can buy a copy at

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