June 1999:

In the Los Angeles Times June 6, 1999 Farrah Fawcett appears in Los Angeles Times Magazine. With three new photos by photographer Roberts Sebree and story by Robin Abcarian. The story talks about Farrah's long career and upcoming films.

So check out the Los Angeles Times for your copy!

UPDATE! (June 1, 1999)

  • E! Entertainment series "True Hollywood Stories" has done an episode on Angel, Farrah Fawcett. The show will air on June 20 & 21 on E!. Check local listings for time.

  • Jaclyn Smith, later this month will begin filming her upcoming Lifetime movie Fishing with John in Canada.

  • Is that an "Angel" pictured? It sure is -- Carl Kester! Angelic Heaven is proud to support this "Angel" in the 1999 California AIDS Ride 6! Carl Kester is riding from San Francisco to Los Angeles and successfully raised $2765 for the cause! California AIDS Ride 6 raises funds to find a cure for HIV and AIDS. This years closing ceremony is in Century City, Saturday June 12 at 5pm on the Avenue of the Stars. Come support 2,500 cyclists who are true life "Angels" as they bike for a cure! Have a GREAT ride, Carl! -- "Angels" will be with you!

    Fawcett Interviewed on ET!

    Farrah Fawcett was interviewed on Entertainment Tonight talked about her carrer, family, and James Orr from the set of her newest CBS TV-film Silk Hope.

    Fawcett is not the only "Angel" at work, Kate Jackson will begin filming Satan's School For Girls in June and Jaclyn Smith is working on a new Lifetime Film!

    If you missed the interview check out the ET's ONLINE Interview with Farrah! Click Here: Farrah's Interview on ET ONLINE

    Jackson in 1999 "Satan's"

    Kate Jackson will star in the updated version of Satan’s School for Girls. The film will be produced by Aaron Spelling and co-star Shannen Doherty (90210, Charmed). Jackson plays the dorm mother in this 1999 version.

    The original version of Satan’s School for Girls stared Jackson with fellow “Angel” Cheryl Ladd. Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg produced the film for ABC which aired in 1973. The film is about a girls suicide which leads the dead girls sister to investigate an exclusive all girl's school. She soon finds herself in the same satanic grip that drove her sister and others to their death.

    Jackson will begin filming “Satan’s” in June. This will be the first time Aaron Spelling and Kate Jackson have worked on a project together since Charlie's Angles!

    July 1999:

    Jaclyn's Rose Garden

    Jaclyn Smith's "Rose Garden" is highlighted in the July 1999 issue of Bliss Victoria magazine. Smith is qoted to say that her english-style garden is her personal "haven!"

    The issue has three photos of Ms. Smith's garden and a classic photo of Ms. Smith by Charles William Bush. This angel has a heavenly touch!

    Birthday Wishes!

    It's time to send Happy Birthday Wishes out to two Angels, Shelley Hack and Cheryl Ladd. Hack's birthday is on July 6th and Ladd's is July 12!

    If you would like to send Cheryl Ladd a Birthday card, her fan address is:
    Cheryl Ladd
    P.O. Box 1329
    Santa Ynez, CA 93460

    Happy Birthday Angels!

    Roberts on Happy Hour!

    Aim, Set, Record! That's right, That '70s Show angelic-girl, Tanya Roberts will be a guest star on USA's Happy Hour this Saturday - July 3rd. Check out USA's website for times at USA NETWORK

    So keep up with all the angel-fun this month! Here is a highlighted list!
  • July 3 - USA - 9pm (PST) Happy Hour w/guest star Tanya Roberts (re-airs July 5)
  • July 6 - E! - 8:30AM (PST?) Out to Lunch: Cheryl Ladd
  • July 8 - TV Land - 3:00am (PST?) The Jeffersons. Episode title is "Charlie's Angels" - have never seen or heard of this before. Sounds interesting!!
  • July 12 - VISN-Odyssey - 11:00am (PST?) When She Was Bad (Cheryl Ladd)
  • July 12 - ABC - 9:00pm (PST) Frequent Flyer (Shelley Hack)
  • July 26 - ABC - 9:00pm (PST) A Kidnapping in the Family (Kate Jackson)

    photo courtesy of the USA Network's

    August 1999

    A Dog of Flanders - NOW PLAYING!!
    In Theaters Everywhere: Friday, August 27, 1999

    Nello (Jeremy James Kissner) was orphaned at birth and living with his grandfather (Jack Warden) in a small village in the early 19th century. Nello cherishes the sketchbook left to him by is mother. Nello sets out to become a great artist, like his idol, the genius Rubens. In his journey he finds solace, love and support for his best friend the beautiful and wealthy Aloise (Farren Monet) and championship from his beloved dog - a large Bouvier des Flanders named Patrasche.

    Poverty threatens to crush Nello’s dream and Aloise’s father forbids the two life-long friends from seeing each other. Nello finishes a beautiful painting for entry in to a competition - in hopes the recognition and the prize money will ensure his career and appease Aloise’s family. After losing the contest - Nello and his dog, begin a challenging journey that educates the young boy about the true value of friendship and ultimately teaches the villagers about compassion, mercy and forgiveness.

    In A Dog of Flanders Cheryl Ladd portrays Anna Cogez - the mother of Aloise. Anna encourages Aloise and Nello’s friendship and helps Nello in his time of need.

    Check out Warner Brothers website at A Dog of Flanders Site.

    Cheryl Ladd will be on the promotional circuit. Here are a few places you can find the heavenly Angel!

    Television: (no air dates yet - these interviews may change.)
    CNN Showbiz
    CBS Late Late Show
    The Daily Show
    The Today show

    People (Next weeks Issue)
    Parade (August 15th issue)
    Paper (September 1999)
    Detour (September 1999)

    (Interesting Facts: Cheryl Ladd's first husband David Ladd played Nello in the original film A Dog of Flanders back in 1959. The original is available on video from Paramount Video.)

    photos courtesy of Warner Brothers

    Matchbox/Charlie's Angels Van
    On Hold!

    The Matchbox release of the Charlie's Angels Van in their Star Car Collection has been put on hold! The line of limited edition vehicles come on a collector's blister card! This 1999 Charlie's Angels Van is done in the color orange, not pink like the original 1977 Corgi Van! One can only hope this will the first in many new "Angel" products from Sony!

    photo courtesy of Mattel

    Angelic Update (8/14/99)

    Tori Spelling’s film new Trick was screened at this years Gay and Lesbian - Outfest ‘99 festival. Her parents, Aaron and Candy Spelling show up to support the event! They are all little Angels!

    The air date for Farrah Fawcett’s upcoming telefeature has been announced! Silk Hope will premiere on CBS Sunday October 17, 1999! Stay tune for more information!

    Angel News!

    Music Video director McG is in final negotiations to direct the silver screen version of Charlie’s Angels set to star Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz. (Hollywood Reporter, 07.29.99) These is no further details on who will be the final Angel. Drew Barrymore was quoted about her new "Angel" film in Entertainment Weekly “It’s hard to stretch a Charlie's Angels episode over two hours, but I do love that episode where the girls infiltrate a roller derby.” Of course that episode, Angels on Wheels from season one! (pictured)

    Farrah Fawcett is being asked again about the evening she appeared on David Letterman! Fawcett is starting up some of the pre-publicity for her newest CBS film, Silk Hope. Fawcett mentioned that she does want to return to the Late Show but in the past their schedules have not matched up. Maybe she will grace the Late Show stage this fall!

    Columbia Tri-Star Television announced yesterday (07/29/99) that they will kick-off their new network Screen Gems Network with hours from their classic television vaults. Screen Gems Network will include re-runs of I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched and of course, Charlie’s Angels. So fans who were upset that Charlie’s Angels was pulled from TNT hold on until September 20, 1999 when Screen Gems Network is launched...or is it “going under-cover”?

    A New Charlie's Angels

    Columbia Tri-Star International Television has created a Mandarin version of Charlie's Angels! CTIT is moving into producing over 400 hours of television shows for the foreign market. Last year, was the launch of Telemundo's "Angeles" - it looks like Charlie's Angels legacy lives on!

    Jackson's Twice!

    Kate Jackson recently finished filming an upcoming episode of Twice in a Lifetime for the PAX TV. No air date at this time but known to air this fall! Keep an eye out!

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