September 1999:

Angelic Update (Sept. 29, 1999)

  • Cheryl Ladd's Intimate Portrait on Lifetime will air on Monday, November 29, 1999 at 7pm! So take a look at this angels' heavenly career!

  • Jaclyn Smith has taken on being the spokes person for Schools on Wheels! There is currently a commercial which showcases Ms. Smith

  • Did you miss it?? We did, Comedy Cental's South Park did an episode which featured the boys playing Charlie's Angels. Keep an eye out for re-runs.

  • Farrah Fawcett is also going to be working on a new film called Baby this fall! And next week we'll have all the info on Silk Hope!

    Jackson on Twice in a Lifetime

    Kate Jackson will guest star on the next episode of Pax TV's Twice in a Lifetime this week! The show airs on Wednesday, September 22, 1999 at 8pm on your local Pax channel. Jackson plays a wealthy woman who returns to 1974 as a waitress in a greasy restaurant.

    October 1999:

    Happy Belated-Birthday Angels!

    Three of our favorite Angels are sharing their Birthday's once again! Kate Jackson (Oct. 29), Jaclyn Smith (Oct. 26) and Tanya Roberts (Oct. 15)! The entire staff of Angelic Heaven and all their fans would like to send them lots of love and best Birthday wishes. Happy Birthday, Angels!

    Angels' November Airdates!

    Ok Angel fans...some heavenly Angels will be seen on TV during the month of November! Here is a list..check back for more details!

  • Cheryl Ladd on Two Guys and A Girl November 10th - episode title: "Foul Play" -- Ladd plays the mother of one of the guys! Ladd will also be seen on Lifetime on her very own Intimate Portrait on November 29th!

  • Farrah Fawcett will be seen on Ally McBeal on November 29th - episode title: "Changes"

  • Kate Jackson will be seen on Cinemax with her long waited film Error in Judgement - November 21st. The film will air the rest of the month on Thriller Cinemax - check local listings.

  • Jaclyn Smith will be seen on TV Land on a replay of her guest appearance on the 1970's series Switched - November 2 & 18th!

  • Tanya Roberts can be seen on That '70s Show running on FOX

    The "BOND" Angel!

    Tanya Roberts is in the November issue of Vanity Fair. She is showcased in the lay-out of the “Woman of James Bond.” Roberts is featured with other ladies who worked their magic with the 007 through the years. The issue is on newsstands now! "...oh, James."

    Angelic Update (10.20.99)

    Farrah Fawcett has just signed on to a new feature film staring Richard Gere titled Doctor T & The Woman. Fawcett will begin filming on November 8th TNT's film Baby produced by Glen Close. But watch out for Fawcett on a upcoming episode of Fox’s Ally McBeal. The episode will air this November and she might be back for more episodes later this year!

    Cheryl Ladd will be seen in an upcoming episode of ABC’s 2 Guys & a Girl in November - it has been even rumored that she might be become an recurring role! Ladd will also be singing at the upcoming benefit for Childhelp USA in Arizona. The evening proceeds will go to Childhelp USA. ($250 dollars per dinner!) It would be worth it to see Ms. Ladd sing in live! But will she sing “Think It Over” — we could only hope! Ladd will also be seen on Lifetime on her very own Intimate Portrait.

    Kate Jackson's film Satan’s School for Girls still does not have an air date! Neither does Jaclyn Smith’s upcoming Lifetime film titled Fishing with John.

    *TV GUIDE from Seattle Post (10.17.99)

    Newton Leaves Film!

    Actress Thandie Newton, is said to be no longer with the Charlie's Angels project. Now the production is back down to two Angels.

    Fawcett's Silk Hope
    This Sunday!

    Farrah Fawcett returns to network television with a new movie of the week, titled Silk Hope. Farrah Fawcett portrays, Frannie Vaugahn, a woman who after the death of her mother finds a reason to change her irreverent and irresponsible life. Frannie in the process falls back in love with the family farm and fights to save it. Silk Hope will air on the CBS television network on Sunday, October 17, 1999 at 9pm EST/PT.

    Story: Frannie Vaughan (Farrah Fawcett) is vivacious and charming, but too many parities and too many men have tarnished her reputation in the small North Carolina town where she was raised. Her pragmatic younger sister, Natalie (Ashely Crow), learned long ago not to depend on Frannie for anything. But, when Frannie comes home to discover that her mother has died and Natalie was unable to find her, she becomes inconsolable.

    Frannie realizes how much the family farm means to her. Unfortunately, Natalie plans to sell the farm. Desperate to hold onto the sanctuary, Frannie takes a job at a textile mill and turns to rasing pigs to save the farmhouse. The last thing Frannie expects to find is a man. Frannie will find a shocking surprise that will alter her life, forever!

    Silk Hope
    Sunday, October 17
    9 pm on CBS

    Farrah Fawcett will also be on the promotion circuit. There will be more listings to come. Check back for dates. (subject to change without notice):

  • People Magazine - NOW on newstands
  • The Rosie O’Donnell Show - October 14
  • The Late Show, with David Letterman
  • Regis & Kathie Lee
  • Later

    photos courtesy of CBS

    *Ms. Fawcett has recently finished filming an upcoming episode on Ally McBeal! The episode will air later this Fall!

    Movie UPDATE!

    Reported in Daily Variety (Oct 6, '99)- the job for the final Angel in Columbia/TRI Star film version of Charlie's Angels is being offered to actress Thandie Newton. Newtown is best known for her role in Beloved - but will soon be seen this winter in Paramount's release of Mission: Impossiable 2 which also stars Tom Cruise.

    Other Charlie's Angels: The Movie rumors:
  • Sam Rockwell as Drew Barrymore's on screen boyfriend
  • Bill Murray being asked to be the films' Bosely
  • John August, writer of GO is re-writing the Angel's script

    "We wanted it be right before we went in front of the camera," Leonard Goldberg has said about the films delays. The new film was to begin filming in October but now has a December 1999 start date.

    November 1999:

    Fawcett on Ally McBeal

    Farrah Fawcett will guest star on the hit Fox show, Ally McBeal on Monday, November 29 at 9pm (ET/PT).

    Fawcett plays Robin Jones, a magazine editor who is suing her company for sexual harassment. The episode is titled, "Changes" - also if your an Ally McBeal fan someone at Cage/Fish & Associates decides to quit! So turn in for all the heavenly fun!

    Ally McBeal
    Monday November 29th, 1999
    9pm — FOX

    photo credit: Carin Baer/FOX

    Ladd's Intimate Portrait

    Lifetime presents an Intimate Portrait on Cheryl Ladd on November 29 at 7pm. The evening look at this angel holds interviews with such stars as Jaclyn Smith, Jon Voight, Christina Applegate plus, husband Brian Russell. The portrait looks back at Ladd’s career from her first break as “Melody” on Josie and the Pussycats to superstardom in Charlie’s Angels and her on-going successful career in television and films. Watch and enjoy!

    Intimate Portrait: Cheryl Ladd
    Monday November 29th, 1999
    7pm — Lifetime

    Third Angel!!!

    ``Third Angel,'' was announced by Columbia Pictures on November 22, 1999. Lucy Liu one of the stars of Fox’s Ally McBeal will star in the action-adventure Charlie's Angels: The Movie, with Drew Barrymore, & Cameron Diaz slated for a November 2000 release.

    There is currently no official word who will play Bosely or the voice of Charlie. It was speculated that Bill Murry was to play Bosely but as recently dropped out of the picture.

    They're brilliant, they're beautiful...and they work for Charlie. In a smart, sexy update of the '70s television show, Charlie's Angels' revolves around three female detectives -- Natalie (Diaz) the bookworm, Dylan (Barrymore) the tough girl, and Alex (Liu) the class-act -- as intelligent and multi-talented as they are gorgeous and disarming.

    Scheduled to begin shooting in Los Angeles on Dec. 6, the film marks the directorial debut of celebrated music video director McG. Leonard Goldberg (``Double Jeopardy”), who served as an executive producer on the original ``Charlie's Angels'' television series that ran from 1976-81 on ABC, produces; Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen (``Never Been Kissed'') also produce under their Flower Films banner. Betty Thomas (``The Brady Bunch Movie''), Jenno Topping (``The Brady Bunch Movie'') and Joseph M. Caracciolo (``Big Daddy,'') serve as executive producers.

    Magazine Angels!

    Angels, Farrah Fawcett and Tanya Roberts are having lots of coverage in numerous magazines!

  • Farrah Fawcett is on the cover and inside December issue of Talk Magazine! The issue has three new photos of Fawcett, plus a story! But Fawcett can also be seen in number of magazines who have picked Ms. Fawcett as the woman of the 70s for her hair & beauty!

  • Tanya Roberts is in the current issue of TV Guide with another new photo of her and fellow Bond gals! There is also a perfect new photo of Roberts on That 70's Show website! So check it out! That 70s Show

    Angel Movie UPDATE!

    Actress Thandie Newton, is no longer with the Charlie's Angels project. Now the production is back down to two Angels.

    Other Charlie's Angels: The Movie rumors:
  • Lucy Lu (Ally McBeal) is rumored to be the thrid angel around Hollywood
  • Sam Rockwell as Drew Barrymore's on screen boyfriend
  • Bill Murray being asked to be the films' Bosely
  • John August, writer of GO is re-writing the Angel's script

    "We wanted it be right before we went in front of the camera," Leonard Goldberg has said about the films delays. The new film was to begin filming in October but now has a December 1999 start date.

    2 Guys and a Girl's Angel

    Cheryl Ladd guest stars on Two Guys & a Girl on Wednesday November 10,1999 at 8pm.

    Story line: Berg and Ashley's romance hit bumped off course after they take a trip to see Berg's pushy parents who are played by Cheryl Ladd and Steve Ladesbery.

    It as been a very long time since Cheryl Ladd as been seen on ABC on a Wednesday night. Wednesdays was the day Charlie's Angles use to rule teleivison back in the 70s! Welcome back - Angel!

    Two Guys & a Girl
    Wednesday - November 10th, 1999 - 8pm

    photos courtesy of ABC by Jerry Fitzgerald

    Update 10.7.99

  • Jaclyn Smith is in the November issue of W in their first ever television issue.
  • Cheryl Ladd can be seen in the pages of TV Guide in a sexy red dress & she will be on Donny & Marie Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (don't know the airdate) promoting Two Guys and a Girl.
  • Tanya Roberts' hit series That '70s Show has a new website look! (

    Angels this WEEKEND!

    This weekend aim your guns toward Entertainment Tonight: Weekend Edition as they take us back to 1976 when Angels fought crime on ABC!

    E.T.'s Angel Weekend will showcase new interviews with Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd, Tanya Roberts, and Aaron Spelling. Plus a mystery voice ('s Charlie) will do the voice overs for E.T's Angel Weekend. So grab you lipstick and your hairdryer and sit back as Entertainment Tonight takes us back to Charlie's Angels.

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