December 1995:

Farrah on Playboy and has a Yard Sale!

For once the rumor came true, Farrah was on the cover of Playboy. The December issue is selling more than ever expected. Farrah looks just Angelic!

But this Angel also had a yard sale on October 28, 1995. The ad said there was to be sport & televison memorabillia, clothing and jewelery. It was just like a old fashion yard sale. Ms. Fawcett was selling all her unwanteds! Farrah's rented estate was beautiful. It was nestled between the trees of Coldwater Canyon. Three rooms of the estate were open to the public. Ms. Fawcett was nowhere to be found that day. As the old saying goes...your junk is someone's treasure!

(cover courtesy of Playboy)

A Tribute to Mr. Aaron Spelling

Daily Variety did a tribute to super producer, Aaron Spelling. Mr. Spelling has created such mega shows as Charlie's Angels, Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Melrose Place,and90210. In the tibute issue Kate Jackson, David Doyle and Shelley Hull wrote "Thanks Yous" to Mr. Spelling. The Staff at Angelic Heaven congratulates Mr. Spelling on 3000 episodes and wish all the luck with 3000 more! (Daily Variety, Nov. 17, 95)

(photo courtesy of Vantiey)

Kate Jackson Sightings

It was really great to see Kate Jackson this month. Ms. Jackson's new Mercury/Ford commercials are being aired in the Washington and Arizona areas. This is the third year that Ms. Jackson has been doing their commercials. The second sighting of Ms. Jackson was in the new issue of Vanity Fair. Kate was included with the group of actors that had depected television detectives. The unfortunate thing, Kate was the only Angel in the photo. Kate looks great! See, the other Angels were off on assignment finding Santa!

(photo courtesy of Vanity Fair)
January 1996:

A Little Angel

Kate is going be bring in the New Year with a bang! Kate is adopting a baby boy. At age 46 she will be the best Hollywood Mom! What should she name her litte Angel?
...Maybe Charlie.

(photo: English tabloid)

The Burning Bed's new cover!

Starmaker Home Video has just released a new box cover for Farrah Fawcett's 1983 television film The Burning Bed. The Burning Bed is Ms. Fawcett's most highly acclaimed perfomance in her long career. The video retails for $9.99.

Tanya Roberts: That Bond Girl

People (Dec. 4, '95) highlighted the woman of James Bond. "Once you've been typecast as a Charlie's Angels, you're set for life!" was Tanya's replay to the question on The Bond Girl stigma. Roberts who is now forty, quit acting in 1991 to get her head straight and now is trying to jump start her career again. Tanya recently auditioned for the recast of Kate Roberts on Days of Our Lives, yet she did not win the role.

(photo: Jonathan Exley/Gamma Liaison)


That's right, the girls of Baywatch are playing the Angels in an upcoming episode of the hit series! Yasmine Bleeth plays Kelly, Alexandra Paul is the smart Sabrina and Pamela Lee is totaly typecast as Jill! The Baywatch girls wonder how the Angels would catch the dangerous Ripley! After the Charlie's Angels catch Ripley in the 70's dream...the real Baywatch Angels capture Ripley...and wait for Charlie's next phone call!

(photo courtesy of Baywatch Productions

Febuary 1996:

Kate & Cheryl grace the small Screen

In January, Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd surprised Angel collectors with two new flims. "The Cold Heart of a Killer" on CBS (1/9/96) and Cheryl Ladd's "Kiss and Tell" on ABC (1/15/96. Both films were aired without much publicity. "The Cold Heart of a Killer" was about a woman and her quest for survival after a killer enters a racing competition. The Aaron Spelling production, "Kiss and Tell" took Cheryl Ladd down a path of being a house wife that thinks her husband is not only having a affiar, but is planing to kill her. Angelic Heaven infomed you of "Kiss and Tell" yet under it's original title "Please for Give Me."

Update's on upcoming films: Kate's "A Kidnapping in the Family" will air Febuary 23 (ABC), Farrah's "Dalva" will air March 3 (ABC, Cheryl's "The Haunting of Lisa" will premier in April (Lifetime).

(ad courtesy of CBS)

Charlie's Angels airs in Vietnam

September 1995, Charlie's Angels started it's run to thousands of new fans. Charlie's Angels is the first American televsion show ever to air in Vietnam. "It's action without violence, charm without sex" said Luc Boels, director of Alicam Ltd. That is the reason why the Angles are being aired in Vietnam. "Ba Nu Tham Tu" or in English "Three Woman Detectives" is the new title for the series. The only episode that was rejected was "The Seance" due to the Vientnams superstitions. So if you are ever in Vietnam turn on the tube at six and watch "Ba Nu Tham Tu"!

Farrah in German!

Farrah has been found again in the German Playboy issue (Feb. 96)! The issue has a different cover and three new photo's not seen in teh American issue. The cost of the German issue is around ten dollars. So check out you local international newsstand! The German Playboy blows the US issue out of the water! A real Valentine treat!

(cover courtesy of Playboy)
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