March 1996

"Dalva" airs this month
Farrah Fawcett's "Dalva" his the small screen! The long waited film for ABC, has had gone through several delays to get its final airing on March 3rd, at 9pm! "Dalva" is an adaptation of the novel by Jim Harrison. Farrah plays the lead role of Dalva, a woman in search of her 15 year old son that she gave up at birth. It is rumored that Farrah will soon be on the cover of the Japanese Playboy which will include new photos! Fans can only hope. What is next on the list of credits for America's favorite Angel? Who knows, but it will be great!
(photo's courtesy of: ABC; Playboy and Entertainment Weekly)

Kate is Back!!
1996 could be Kate's best year yet with two new films all ready aired! "A Kidnappin in the Family" (Jan) and "The Cold Heart of a Killer" (Feb) plus a new son! Wow, Kate Jackson has it all! Kate mentioned in TV Guide that she would love to do antoher series! It would be great to see her again every week on the small screen! Kate's current film "Kidnapping" was a strong acting venue. Her character was quite a change from any other film she has done before. Kate is back!!

(photo: ABC/Dana Fineman)

April 1996:

Cheryl's Supernatural suspense-thriller!

Cheryl's has been very busy this year with her syndicated series One West Waikiki and two new films. Unfortunately, Rysher Entertainment confirmed the series' cancellation, but acknowledged it could return in the future. On a happier note, Kiss and Tell (ABC 1/15/96) did very well in the ratings. Cheryl now looks to win big cable ratings with her new film "The Haunting of Lisa" which premiers on Lifetime in April. In "Haunting," Cheryl plays a mother dealing with her daughter's psychic powers. Angelic Heaven has a vision that we will see more of Cheryl this year!

(photo courtesy of Lifetime)

Shelley shines in "Frequent Flyer"

Shelley Hack surprised fans with her recent film "Frequent Flyer" on ABC (March 10). Shelley was the wife of a pilot who had two different wives in two different cities. Though Shelley enjoyed doing "Flyer", she has put her acting/modeling career on hold to be a mom. "Frequent Flyer" did well in the ratings landing in at #11 and out scoring "The People's Choice Awards." Congratulations, Shelley!

Best Friends!

Jaclyn Smith's new film for CBS "My Very Best Friend" aired on March 27,1996. Smith was a woman who murders her wealthy husband of several weeks. She then moves in with her best friend only to make moves on her husband, a man with whom she shares a dark secret. Smith did a good job as a psycho killer.
(photo courtesy of CBS)

May 1996:

Jaclyn new deal!

Jaclyn Smith has recently signed a three picuture deal with MTM to produce first run moives that will air on their cable subiidiary, The Family Channel. Projects are in development and no schedule has been set. AHNL will update readers when more information becomes avaiable.
(photo courtesy of K-Mart)

Tanya Roberts New CD-ROM!
Tanya Roberts becomes the first Angel to fly into the interactive world. She comes to life in this four million dollar adventure that is directed by Adrian Carr (The Man From Snowy River, D.A.R.Y.L). The Pandora Directive is not just a moive, but an experience that gives a whole new meaning to audience participation. Pandora transforms viewers into producers of their own movie. The viewer is no longer an observer, but the creator who decides the fate of the moive. Tex Murphy, PI returns as the star of The Pandora Directive to solve a brand new mystery! Tex is hired to track down an old friend Thomas Malloy and joins forces with a mysterious woman, Regan Madsen (Tanya Roberts). In Pandora there are three narrative paths and depending upon the player's choices, there are three different endings!

The Pandora Directive is available now for $49.99 at your local computer store or by calling Access Software at 1.800.800.4880.

(cover courtesy of Access Software, Inc. )

Danielle Steel's Angels Columbia House Video is releasing as a set, the television moives based on novels by Danielle Steel. The collection's premiere video was Kaleidoscope starring Jaclyn Smith. Changes with Cheryl Ladd, is also included with the video packets. Each video cost is $14.99. To sign up call Columbia House Video at 1-800-547-62222.

Other Current Video for Sale:
  • Man of the House (Disney) - Farrah Fawcett - $14.99
  • The Substitute Wife (Vividmedia) - Farrah Fawcett- $9.99
  • Small Sacrifices (Starmaker)-Farrah Fawcett - $29.99
  • The Grace Kelly Story (Columba/TRI Star) - Cheryl Ladd - $19.95
  • The Hasty Heart (KLV) - Cheryl Ladd - $19.95

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