June 1996:

More Ladd in '96
This year has been a busy one for Cheryl Ladd. She has already been quite Haunting (of Lisa) on Lifetime and proved she could Kiss and Tell on ABC. What is next for Ms. Ladd? The big news is Cheryl will be adding children's author to her list of numerous talents. Look for The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship on the shelves in September. Cheryl created the story with her husband Brian Russell. Dove Publishing and Ms. Ladd are proud to be able to make a donation to CHILDHELP USA on behalf of their book project. CHILDHELP USA is an organization that helps abused children, which Ms. Ladd has been a Goodwill Ambassador for many years. Windship is to be the first in a series of children books by Ms. Ladd and her husband.

(photo courtesy of Ms. Ladd Collection)

Farrah & Playboy a winning combination!
This past month, Playboy took the full back page of the Daily Variety (May 2, '96), Hollywood's prestigious newspaper to thank Farrah Fawcett for gracing the cover of their best selling issue in the nineties. The December 1995 issue sold close to four million copies! Good work from a great team!

(courtesy of Playboy/ Photo layout: Daily Variety)

July 1996:

Japanese Farrah!
Surpise, surprise, surprise! Farrah was finally found on the cover of the Japanese Playboy! She appeared on the June's issue (1996). This cover by far, out sines the American and German versions. After finding out about the cover Angelic Heaven checked with Playboy to find out what is happening with that rumored sexy video. Playboy didn't have much to say on the topic yet promises to keep Angelic Heaven posted with any developments on the project!
(photo cover Playboy)

Jaclyn dismisses rumors!
Jaclyn Smith's K-Mart clothing line was dragged into the Kathy Lee Gifford sweat shop scandal. Kathy Lee had mentioned that possibly other celebrities clothing lines were victims of the use of sweat shops. Jaclyn stopped all the allegations when interviewed by Extra. She stated that sweat shops are not used in producing her clothing line for K-Mart. Despite being pulled into the Kathy Lee disgrace, Ms. Smith and her K-Mart line were not hamed by the allegations.
(photo courtesy of K-Mart)

That all so famous pose!
Farrah's famous swimsuite pose has been getting some what of a face lift. Collectors have been getting excited with the finding of several different poses from the same shoot which produced the poster that sold millions. In the past few months several different shots have surfaced making collectors go wild. The "cookie" shot was the most recent to be found. These poses willnever over shadow the fame of the one~of~a ~kind swimsuit pose that made Farrah Fawcett a star.

Hollywood "Angels" Fever!!
The Angel rage is on in Hollywood! First it was Baywatch Angels who honored the Angels in a dream episode. Married with Childern did a spoof on the Angels. Then The Naked Truth did a rip-off with the male stars playing the Angels and Tea Leoni playing Charlie. (Angel Fact: Tea Leoni an ex-Angel from the never made series Angels '88) This past month Entertainment Weekly's cover highligthed the actresses of ER and named them ER's Angels and now Ellen Angels? This current press photo shows Ellen Angels hard at work in their Angels poses. Who's next? Seinfeld Angels or Cybil's Angels? Must these "counterfeit angels" be the current rememberacne or will that ill fated rumor of a moive ever come trun form Columbia Pictures? No work on the film. But it's notable seeing these shows paying homage to Charlie's Angels. Ellen Angels job well done!
(photo courtesy of Touchtone Television)

August 1996:

David Doyle just a kid at heart!
David Doyle seems to be a kid at heart! David has lent his voice this summer to the film The Adventerus of Pinocchio (New Line Cinema). In the film, David Doyle plays Pepe the wisecracking cricket who looks over the helps his friend Pinocchio through his exciting adventure. David Doyle has also been the voice of Grandpa Pickes in the hit television show Rugrats (Nickelodeon). Lou Pickles is the classic cantankerous, old geezer. He lives upstairs in the Pickles' house, and oftern acts as a convenient baby sitter for his rugrat grandson Tommy. Grandpa is indulgent with the kids. As such he is almost more of a "rugrat" than an adult functioning as a bridge between the world of kids and the world of adults. But if you find Grandpa napping, your sure to find Tommy sneaking away on to his adventures. Find out more on Rugrats on the world wide web at the The Unoffical Rugrats Web Page and this fall in stores Rugrats on video and a string of toys. Yet, no word on the Grandpa doll yet. It might be like Charlie's Angels where there was no Bosley doll in site!

  • Rugrats airs on Nickelodeon Weekdays: 6:30pm and Saturdays &:30pm & Sundays 10am
  • The Adventures of Pinocchio: in Nation wide released.

    (photo courtesy of Kaspy-Cuspy)

    People & Angels

    People magazine released a CD-ROM for their 20th Anniversary in 1994. The CD-ROM lets the viewer to enjoy 1,038 People covers (1974-1994). Charlie's Angels have graced People with over 18 different covers throught the years. In the Charlie's Angels section you can browse thought Lee & Farrah's first cover to Charlie's Angels 10th Anniversary to Kate Jackson's brave batle with breast cancer in '94. Other special features are: Star Maps that connects the stars romantically, artistically, fiancially. Morphs which blend People covers on top of each other and a Search area which the viewer types in who they are looking for on the cover. The cover comes up and allows you to ready to ready the cover story and see the cover crystal clear. The only draw back is that it does not show the photos that accompanies the cover stories! Yet it's a great collectors item, it does't take up too much space and it's just people fun! People 20 Amazing years of POP Culture is avialable at you local computer store or by calling Voyager at: 1.800.446.2001. The cost is $29.95, enjoy all the people!

    (photo courtesy of Voyager)

    New Charlie's Angels poster in test Markets!

    Angelic Heaven recently found that Western Graphics Manufacturing has designed a new poster with the Charlie's Angels trio: Kate, Jaclyn and Cheryl. The pose was chosen from the famous "sofa" shot and has the logo in the left corner. The desgin is quite similar to the poster that was made in Europe during the late seventies by Bi-Rite International. The new poster is currently in 17 different test markets around America. The poster will only be tested for a few more months. If the posters do not sell in the markets, the poster will not be produced and released for national distribution. Western Graphics in the past produced both the Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts posters during the final years of Charlie's Angels One can buy this poster from the Angelic Store for only $12.00! Hang Angels on your walls!

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