September 1996:

Charlie's Angels 20th Anniversary
Twenty years ago, Charlie’s Angels premiered on the ABC network September 22, 1976. From that day forward America has had a love affair with six of the most beautiful woman to grace the television screen and the Townsend Investigation office. The three original Angels that Charlie hired were Sabrina Duncan (Kate Jackson), Jill Munroe (Farrah Fawcett) and Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith). These strong, centered, independent woman changed television for ever. The Angels showed that woman can go out and do the same job as a man and even better! Throughout the five year run the series had three other Angels. Kris Munroe, Jill’s little sister (Cheryl Ladd), Tiffany Welles (Shelley Hack) and Julie Rogers (Tanya Roberts). Who joined the cast for departing cast members, Fawcett then Jackson and finally Hack.

Today, the memory of Charlie’s Angels still lives on. Interviewers always mention the series and want to discuss those Charlie’s Angels years. We are constantly reminded of the Angels with Farrah’s constantly published swimsuit pose, Cheryl Ladd’s singing (Japanese CD release) to all the new merchandise from Sony Entertainment, and reruns on TNT. (there might even be a Angel newsletter) Even though the Angels have been at rest for fifteen years, America and the world are still in love with them. Take the unofficial website home page, over four thousand people have gone on and remembered the Angels! Now that is remembrance!

Charlie’s Angels left the air after 109 episodes on June 24th, 1981 with the fitting title Let Our Angel Live. Today the series has found a new audience with it’s first run ever in Vietnam which started this past year! Happy Anniversary Angels!

Interesting little known Angel facts!

  • The series had two alternate titles: The Alley Cats and Harry’s Angels..
  • Angels office phone number was: 555-0267.
  • In 1973, Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd first starred together in the Spelling/Goldberg TV film Satan’s School for Girls.
  • ABC wanted production shut down to recast Kelly. Spelling/Goldberg said they were keeping Jaclyn Smith. ABC gave in and said o.k.
  • John Forsythe received his role as Charlie Townsend because the original actor arrived drunk to do Charlie’s voice over. Spelling called up and asked John to do a favor for him. (a five year favor!)
  • Michelle Pfeiffer was up for Shelley Hack’s role, Tiffany Welles.
  • Veronica Hamel of Hill Street Blues fame turned down the chance to be one of the orginal Angels.

    (covers courtesy of PEOPLE & WHO magazine)

    Angelic Heaven's 1st Year Anniversary!
    September 1995 the very first issue of the Angelic Heaven Newsletter was sent out to the stars of Charlie’s Angels and known Angel fans. The top stories: Farrah posing for Playboy; One West Waikiki in syndication and Cheryl to begin filming Please for give me (later retitled as Kiss & Tell). The newsletter’s goal was to keep up with the busy schedules of the Angels. Within one year of publication the actresses have done a total of eighth television films, a Playboy pictorial, a children's book, a new line of clothing, one interactive film, two series, countless magazines covers and adopted a baby! The series itself has been remembered in countless television shows,magazines retro write ups, a mug, countless T-shirts, and a poster (by Sony Entertainment). It’s no wonder why Angelic Heaven is produced once a month. With so much information its hard for the staff to stay on their feet keeping up with the fast moving actresses and their ever growing careers. It’s only due to production cost that the newsletter is kept to only six pages each month!

    The original concept of the newsletter came about when Publisher/Editor Mike Pingel and his close friends (fellow Angel collectors) gathered in Tacoma, Washington. Pingel asked if there was any fan club or newletter based on Charlie's Angels. Only known fan clubs were, The Cheryl Ladd Newsletter, Tanya Roberts Fan Club and the infrequent Jaclyn Smith newsletter were mentioned. After arriving back home Pingel decided to start a newsletter based on Charlie’s Angels.

    What to call it? Pingel’s original ideas were Townsend Newsletter or Six Heavenly Angels, yet he finally decided on Angelic Heaven. Ironically many fans were not too excited about the newsletter. But for Pingel, Jonson and Stovich, the threesome have come out on top with producing one of the fastest growing newsletters. The repeated calls of “keep up the good work” allows the staff to work even harder to get the most interesting and up to date information for the fans and create a diary for the actresses of their past, present and future careers!

    (photo of editor: Mike Pingel, photo credit Joey Marshall)

    Aaron Spelling's New Book!

    Aaron Spelling's new autobiography "A Prime-Time Life" looks into the world of the biggest television producer of all times. Most people don't relize the number of shows Aaron Spelling has produced. Here are just a few: The Danny Thomas Hour, The Mod Squad, The Love Boat, Dynasty, The Rookies, Matt Houston, Hotel, 90210, Melrose Place, Savannah, and, of course, Charlie's Angels. Spelling allwos the televison viewer to see inside his world. Within the books pages Spelling discusses his childhood, casting choices and building the Spelling empire. Maybe after reading the Spelling story you will be able to become a television producer too!

    Aaron Spelling's "A Prime-Time Life" is available at your local bookstore for $24.95 from St. Martin's Press.

    (cover courtesy of ST. Martin's Press)

    October 1996:

    Jackson's New Plan
    Ms. Jackson is set to star in two highly acclaimed cable specials this month. Panic in the Skies, a action packed film for The Family Channel (October 13th) and hosting Celebrity Parenthood on E! Entertainment (premieres Sept 29 & re-airs Oct. 2,3,5) . After taking a hiatus from acting to begin a new chapters in her life (birth of Charles Taylor Jackson). Kate is ready to return back to her first love, acting. “Life is just starting again with a new baby and new goals.” Jackson states “I’m looking forward to all the good things ahead.” Kate would love to develop and star in a new sitcom. Be sure to catch Kate’s newest projects this month.

    (photo courtesy of The Family Channel)

    Yesterday Cover

    AHNL highlights the cover from New Zealand’s Woman’s Weekly (October 24, 1977). The cover story: Least known Angel ~Jaclyn Smith. Of course after Charlie’s Angels aired Jaclyn Smith was known around the world as Kelly Garrett.

    Angels on the Walk of Fame
    If your on your way to Hollywood, one place you want to see is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Spectators see the history of the Entertainment Business at their feet. In front of a Hair Salon on Hollywood Boulevard shines the star of Farrah Fawcett. On the way toward the Mann’s Chinese Theater one might stumble onto Jaclyn Smith’s star. Don’t be surprised when hearing Charlie’s voice walking over John Forsythe’s star. And don’t step on the stars of Aaron Spelling or Leonard Goldberg while trying to find your own star on the Walk of Fame.

    The Angel stars are just a few who have laid claim to a stars on the Boulevard. They shine beside Bob Hope, Max Factor, Ginger Rogers, and many others. How does one get a Star on Hollywood? Easy first have star power, give time to a note worthy charity and achieve Entertainment Awards! The Hollywood Star committee who is headed up by top industry individuals. The committee decides who will receive Hollywood stars each year (20-25 stars yearly). Farrah, Jaclyn and Aaron shine bright on Hollywood Boulevard. Hopefully Kate and Cheryl are up for their own stars! Angelic Heaven will put in a good word! Watch out and don’t step on an Angel!

  • Farrah Fawcett’s Star: 7757 Hollywood Blvd.
  • Jaclyn Smith’s Star: 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
  • John Forsythe’s Star: 6549 Hollywood Blvd.
  • Aaron Spelling’s Star: 6667 Hollywood Blvd.
  • Leonard Goldberg’s Star: 6901 Hollywood Blvd.

    November 1996:

    David Doyle can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Well not really, David played the preacher in the highly rated wedding episode of Louis and Clark. Mr. Doyle played the preacher who wedded the happy couple, before the ceremony was interrupted by the Wedding runnier, Delta Burke. But all and all the happy adventure couple was wedded by the end of the episode and were on their way to a wonderful exciting honeymoon.

    David Doyle is also on his way to home video with the new release of Newline Cinema's The Adventures of Pinocco. The video released in on November. The video cassette cover will come in a high-tech double image style. Pepe is not on the cover (Doyle’s character) yet the video is a true Bosley collector item!
    (photo courtesy of ABC)

    Cheryl Ladd's new book!
    The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship is the first title in a series of picture books designed to promote good values in children by Cheryl Ladd and her husband, Brian Russell. When a filthy tramp steamer enters the harbor, spilling garbage into the water and fouling the clean air, Little Nettie Windship convinces her friends Ottwell J. Otter and Perriwinkle H. Pelican to join forces with her to save the steamer before he sinks and help him clean up his act. In this charming, sweet story, Little Nettie teaches the tramp steamer and the reader all about preserving the environment and a good citizenship. The beautiful full-color illustrations from Ezra Tucker and Nancy Krause bring this story to vivid life.

    The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship is currently available at book stores now for $14.99 or can be ordered by phone from Dove Kids at 1-800-328-DOVE.

    Jaclyn & K-mart Beauty!
    Jaclyn Smith is turing the world on with her smile! Maybe not the world but at least the frequent shoppers of K-Mart. Jaclyn Smith graces the cover of K-Mart’s cosmetic quarterly magazine. Inside this special issue is a four pages of Jaclyn showcases the cosmetic tips and the make up from Max Factor.

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