December 1996:

A Tangled (CBS) Web!
Cheryl Ladd’s newest film A Tangled Web (a.k.a. Deadly Seduction) aired on November 13, 1996. In this psychological thriller Cheryl Ladd portrayed Lucinda Michael a young woman on probation and pregnant who is trying to start her life over. She quickly falls in love with lawyer, Clay Harding (Mike Farrell). After the birth of Lucinda’s child, she begins to feel trapped in her marriage and begins to seduce her stepson, Nick (Michael Woolson). After a mysterious fire and the murder of her husband, Nick believes Lucinda has murdered his father. Finally at the end, Lucinda is found guilty of murder. The character of Lucinda Michael was Cheryl Ladd’s first “bad girl”. With Cheryl’s stellar performance CBS wanted to air the film early. Deadly Seduction, (it’s original title) completed filming in September of ‘96 only one month prier to airing. With the surprise airing of Tangled, minimal promotion was done for the film. Yet, Cheryl Ladd was able to do an appearance on The Rosie O’Donnell Show, to plug the film and discussed . Of course Rosie O’Donnell is one of the Angels biggest fans. Rosie is in good company! Angelic Heaven hopes to see Ms. Ladd do more meaty roles like Lucinda.
( cover photo courtesy of CBS)

Angelic Couple book signing!
On December 14th Cheryl Ladd and husband Brian Russell will have their next book signing of The Adventure of Little Nettie Windship at Brentano’s in Century City, Los Angeles (11-4pm). Angelic Heaven’s editor Mike Pingel caught up with the couple at their November book signing in Long Beach, CA. Pingel found the couple enjoys meeting the children who are falling in love with Nettie Windship. Yet, many adults were also on hand to meet the Angel One man enquired about Ken Wahl, Cheryl’s co-star in the film, Purple Hearts. Another fan was trying to get her son to have Ms. Ladd sign his new book. The boy really didn’t understand the idea of getting the book signed. Brian Russell explained it was like having a Power Ranger sign his favorite toy. For some adults meeting Ms. Ladd is like meeting the one of the Power RangersM of the 70’s. The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship book and audio (read by Ms. Ladd) are now available at book stores everywhere! Just a note, Cheryl Ladd’s series One West Waikiki is now in re~runs on the Lifetime cable channel on Sundays! (check for times)
(photo by Mike Pingel)

Beavis & Butt-head Charlie's Newest Angels!
Inside the new Beavis and Butt-head CD Do America (from their upcoming film) the duo’s premiered their version of the Angel logo! But which Angels are the boys portraying? One would say Butt-head would be Kelly Garrett, because of his fabulous brown hair and sexy moves, which makes him a dead ringer! Beavis as Jill Munroe there is no contest! Beavis’s one of a kind hair style is definitely his signature just as it was Farrah Fawcett’s in the 70’s. Many must wonder if Beavis himself will walk in Ms. Fawcett’s footsteps with producing his own sexy red swimsuit poster. The fans must wait to see, but the B&B Angel logo t-shirts and mugs are currently available at most pop culture stores. Beavis and Butt-head’s new CD Do America is now out from Geffen Records and their feature film will be in theaters this Christmas!

(logo courtesy of Geffen/Mtv/Paramount)

An Angelic Room!
During High School in Huron, South Dakota, Ms. Ladd waited on cars at the local carhop, The Barn. The Barn, now a restaurant, is owned by two brothers Jim & Jeff Nelson, who have dedicated an entire room to Cheryl Ladd. After dinner, site seers can see Cheryl’s career history. The mini~museum holds one of her crew chairs and a jacket from Charlie’s Angels, many photo’s from her past films and a recent poster from Cheryl’s series, One West Waikiki. The Barn is located on Route 5 at exit B336. So when you take that Angel road trip make sure you check out the museum. Jim & Jeff will be glad you stopped by.
(photo courtesy of Newsweek)

January 1997:

Ladd in INK!
Cheryl Ladd will guest star an upcoming episode of CBS’s INK. Ms. Ladd will portray a New York Madam who wants to have Mike (Ted Danson) publish her black book. The book contains all her clients names including the DA, who wants to send her to jail. INK also stars Mary Steenburgen. This episode will air Monday January 6, 1997 at 8:30pm. Tune in to watch the snow melt!

(photo courtesy of DreamWorks)

Jacskson's new film delayed!
Kate Jackson’s newest film, What Happened to Bobby Earl? which was set to air January 14 has been pulled from the CBS January line up and will air at a later date. In the upcoming film, Ms. Jackson plays Rose Earl, a mother of a college student who is found murdered. Rose begins a full scale investigation of her sons death and discovers that her son was involved in a life of crime. Bobby Earl will be Kate Jackson’s first film of the year, and sure to not be her last.

(photo courtesy of CBS)

Angels in 1996!
1996 has been a full year for Kate, Farrah, Cheryl, Jaclyn, Shelley, Tanya, David, and Aaron. The year started off with a bang when the woman of Baywatch paid homage to Charlie’s Angels in their spoof Baywatch Angels. Kate Jackson began with the adoption of her first child and starred in three films, first CBS’s The Cold Heart of a Killer (January), then to ABC’s A Kidnapping in a Family (February) and straight to the stars with The Family Channel’s Panic in the Skies (October). Kate also was a gracious host for E! Entertainment’s Celebrity Parenthood and ABC’s New Passages . Cheryl Ladd shined in three films as well, first ABC’s Kiss and Tell (January), then to Lifetime’s Haunting of Lisa (April) and in CBS’s A Tangled Web (November)!

The other Angels each did a film: Farrah Fawcett lit the television screen on fire in ABC’s Dalva (March); Jaclyn Smith scared us in CBS’s My Very Best Friend (March) and Shelley Hack got a lot of frequent flyer miles on ABC’s Frequent Flyer (March). And Tanya Roberts was seen hosting Cinemax’s series Hot Line (August) and in the CD-ROM release The Pandora Directive. David Doyle was heard in the theatrical film The Adventures of Pinocchio and on Nickelodeon's Rugrats. Of course Aaron Spelling had two new hits on the WB’s Savannah and Seventh Heaven, had continued success with Melrose Place and 90210, and the short lived series, Malibu Beach.

Aaron Spelling also released his first autobiography. But Spelling was not the only one in print, Cheryl Ladd premiered her first children's book, The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship this past September and Farrah Fawcett was found steaming up the summer on the covers of the German and Japanese Playboys. The actresses also graced many different magazine covers and write ups! And don’t forget the new Charlie’s Angels T-shirts by Sony Signatures and the creation of the first test market poster by Western Graphics. Not to mention the Angelic Heaven’s newest website, AH’s first back issue booklet and the Q&A on E! Online! One conclusion that must already be noticed is that Angels do live forever! One can only hope 1997 will be as special as 1996!

Farrah on Dream & Nun
Farrah Fawcett has been found in two different episodes on the newly released video series of The Flying Nun and I Dream of Jeannie, from Columbia Pictures. Farrah’s episode on The Flying Nun is called Marcelleo’s Idol (box title: Under A Spell) and on I Dream of Jeannie My Sister the Homewecker (box title: Jeannie Ties the Knot). Each series can be purchased in a box set or separately. The price for each retail for $9.95 and box set retails for $24.95. The tapes are on sale now at most record/video stores. (Collector note: Ms. Fawcett is not pictured or mentioned on the either video box)

(covers courtesy of Columbia Home Video)

Also current releases on Video:
  • George Washington ~ MGM/UA ~ Jaclyn Smith ($59.95)
  • Purple Hearts~WB Home Video~Cheryl Ladd ($19.99)
  • Jeckyll & Hyde ~Vidmark~ Cheryl Ladd ($9.99) (collector note: Cheryl Ladd is not pictured on Jecklyll & Hyde video box)

    Febuary 1997:

    Kate's New Ventures
    Kate Jackson stars in her first film of the year. Based on a true story, Ms. Jackson portrays Rose Earl, in a compelling new drama What Happened to Bobby Earl? The film is based on one mother’s quest to uncover the truth about her son’s death and to salvage his damaged reputation. The film will air on CBS on Tuesday, January 28 at 9-11pm.

    Catch up with Ms. Jackson while she promotes What Happened to Bobby Earl? Monday, January 27th on the Regis and Kathie Lee. Then Tuesday, January 28 she will appear on Crook and Chase; Fox AfterBreakfast; and USA Life (1:35pm). Jackson also dropped by the KTLA morning show in Los Angeles on Thursday 23. Angelic Heaven hopes to see more of Ms. Jackson this coming year!

    (photo courtesy of CBS/Ben Mark Holzberg)

    Farrah's Super Birthday!
    Age has never seemed to have caught up with Ms. Fawcett. Even today, she looks like she just walked of the set of Charlie's Angels. It's pretty amazing to think that on February 2, 1997, Ms. Fawcett turns 50. The Angelic Heaven staff would like to wish her all the best. Happy Birthday! !

    Check out Farrah celebrating her birthday with her home state magzine Texas Monthly.

    Where was that filmed??
    Where was that filmed?? is a new highlight series by AHNL that will feature various locations around the Los Angeles area where Charlie's Angels was filmed. The first two sights are a "must see" when in Los Angeles - the two Townsend Investigation buildings. Many probably never realized that these were "actual" buildings, notfacades found on Hollywood backlots. The first building, which was used in the series pilot, is located off Sunset Boulevard and is now part of a property management firm. And who could forget the second building that was used for the series entire five year run! This building, which is located on Robertson Blvd, has a slightly different look since the Agency closed their doors in 1981. The new owners decided to expand the windows on the first level. An Angel note: the second Townsend Agency building is available for rent. Maybe someone could open a shop and call it Charlie's Angels!

  • 8619 Sunset Blvd. corner of Sunset & Sunset Plaza Dr.
  • 189 Robertson Blvd. on corner of Clifton & Robertson

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