March 1997:

The Farrah Fawcett Issue!
On Saturday Feb. 22, 1997 Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal separated after 15 years. Farrah and Ryan were never married but they do have one child, Redmond (age 12). The couple will jointly participate in the upbringing of their son. After the sad news Angelic Heaven staff felt it only fitting to make the March issue: Farrah’s month. Last month the newsletter found itself bombarded by Farrah, Farrah, Farrah! Ms. Fawcett celebrated her fiftieth birthday by shining on the cover of her home state's magazine, Texas Monthly (February 1997). The article, written by Skip Hollandsworth, shares with the readers Farrah’s fondest memories of her fast pace career and Skip finds himself on his own “Angel” adventure as Farrah does some character research! Also in February, the Angelic Heaven got a "whiff" that being released in Brazil is a new line of Farrah Fawcett fragrances. The perfume's slogan is "For Women More Woman Than Ever". It has been rumored that this is the first in a line of women skin care products that will bare Ms. Fawcett's name. It's unknown if her cologne will ever hit the US (you could take a summer trip to Brazil). The Eau De Parfum comes four different ways, la Belle, la Provocante, la Fraiche, and la Jolie. One can only hope to be able to get a sweet smell of Farrah's newest venture! across the sea! What would it smell like? Maybe a meadow of roses mixed with sunflowers and tulips or just something Angelic!

Farrah has also landed on the cover of Australian Playboy (February 1997)! Her fourth Playboy issue includes the same photos from the US issue and cover photo from the Japanese/German issues! Coming up, Farrah will be seen on the runway modeling part of Nolan Miller's newest collection. The collection's premiere will take place in Palm Beach, Fl. As for Farrah's sexy Playboy video, it'll first be released as a Pay-For-View program in June 1997, then in late summer it'll will be released onto video. There is a rumor that Playboy magazine will be doing an upcoming feature as well. Entertainment Tonight highlighted Farrah as she steamed up the TV screen during the filming of the video, which she uses her body as a paint brush to artistically paint onto a canvas. Summer will be very hot! Update on the Disney cartoon The Brave Little Toaster goes to Mars which was to be released last summer, there is still no release date! In The Brave Little Toaster, Farrah Fawcett and her son Redmond worked together for the first time. And on her upcoming theatrical film The Apostle, is currently being edited for a hopeful winter release date. So there you have it, Farrah, Farrah, Farrah! She keeps getting better!

For back issues of Texas Monthly call (512) 320-6900

(Playboy cover courtesy of Playboy Entertainment)
(Farrah Fawacett Colonge Ad courtesy of Farrah Fawcett)

Yesteryear Toys
Do You Remember When You First Received your Official Farrah Fawcett Fan Club Kit?

Arriving in the mail and placing that membership card in that open space of your wallet! But did you know that Farrah had two fan clubs during the late 70's? Each of the Farrah Fawcett Official Fan Clubs arrived in a kit which consisted of a large assortment of photos, giant full color poster, personal biography, official membership certificate, official fan club membership card, full color folder and fan club newsletter. The first packet featured Farrah during her "Angel" years. The second packet showcased her during her Faberge shampoo days. Both of the Farrah Fawcett Official Fan Clubs were produced by the Fan Club Corporation of America.

collector note - There were also two fan clubs on Cheryl Ladd in the late 70's as well. One which was produced by the Fan Club Corporation of America, the other by Century Merchandising Corporation.

Color Me Farrah
Farrah lipstick - it can't be, but it is! Carol Shaw the makeup artist for celebrities and top models, spent thousands of fruitless hours searching for perfect skin care. Carol Shaw finally decide to produce her own line, called LORAC. (Carol spelled backwards). LORAC has a strong following from makeup artist, models and celebrities around the world. Shaw has now, in return, paid tribute to many of her high-profile actresses, with naming shades of lipstick after the actresses signature names including Farrah (Fawcett), Anjelica (Huston), Demi (Moore), Meg (Ryan), Geena (Davis), amongst many others. Ms. Fawcett even wears her named lipstick! Farrah's' signature color is a true "Angel color" being a light shade of pink. For a small price you can pick up Farrah and take her for a ride around town!

To order your own Farrah Lipstick the address is: LORAC 8539 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 137, Los Angeles CA 90069 or call 1.800.845.0705 Checks, Visa, Master Card accepted! Item number is: 0090-FARRAH cost: $17.50 S&H is $2.00 for on lipstick, 3-4 is $3.00 return policy: no refund or exchanges

April 1997:

David Doyle dies at age 67
On Wednesday, February 23, 1997, David Doyle, who played the beloved John Bosley on Charlie's Angels, died of a sudden heart attack at the age of 67. David Doyle continued to work up until the time of his passing. Mr. Doyle was the voice of Grandpa Pickles on Nickelodeon's "Rugrats" and had made recent guest appearances on Aaron Spelling's "Sunset Beach" and ABC's "Lois and Clark."

David's career ranged from Broadway shows, theatrical & television films and several television series. He was a regular character on "Bridget Loves Bernie, and "The New Dick Van Dyke Show." Mr. Doyle is survived by his wife, Anne, his daughter Leah and his two grandchildren. The tender hearted man worked throughout his life to find a cure for Retinitis Pigmentosa, a hereditary eye disease which Anne, his second wife has lived with for most of her life. David Doyle's passing is a great loss to us all!

Notable notes: On March 2, 1997, ABC's "Lois and Clark" re-aired Mr. Doyle's episode and attached a remembrance of him at the finish of the episode. Nickelodeon's "Rugrats" will also be dedicating an upcoming episode to Mr. Doyle. The voice of Grandpa Pickles will be re-cast.

(cover courtesy of People) .

Ladd at LA Festival
Cheryl Ladd and Brian Russell will be two of the authors at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on Saturday, April 19th. (4-5pm) Ms. Ladd will be reading her book The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship and then will hold a book signing. The couple will be located at the Target booth.

If you can’t make it, one might want to pick up the new Dove Audio’s Fifty Poems of Emily Dickinson. Cheryl Ladd along with Meryl Streep, Sharon Stone, and other celebrity read the moving works of Ms. Emily Dickinson. Cheryl Ladd performs seven of the poems, which include "Parting", "With Flowers", and "He put the belt around my life". The compact disc is available at your local book store or by calling 1.800.368.DOVE. (cost $12.98/runs 45min). (order/IBSN number: 0-7871-1196-1)

Jaclyn on Audio!
Jaclyn Smith has just finished shooting a new made-for-TV movie CBS's "Before He Wakes." The film is based on a true story of a woman who murders both her first and second husbands. This will be Ms. Smith's first movie since "Her Very Best Friend" (CBS) There is no word on her film deal with The Family Channel.

Did you know? Jaclyn Smith uses her Angelic voice to read two wonder stories for Dove Audio, "Thumbelina" and "The Princess & the Pea." The combination of two children heroines -- one very tiny and one with remarkable sensitivity -- make this pair of stories a special treat. Showcased with Ms. Smith's wonderful talent the cassette is a heavenly treasure! The project was released in 1993 but still shines as a wonderful classic collectable for her.

Visit Dove Audio Online

May 1997:

Remember Rosemary's Paiting
Remember this painting from "Rosemary for Remembrance", recalling how it had a striking resemblance to Kris Munroe? At Ms. Ladd's recent book signing, Jules, who worked on the set of Charlie's Angels, showed up with the painting to have Ms. Ladd sign it.

This one-of-a-kind painting is a really cool collectable! Jules mentioned that after breaking down the set, the crew could not find Ms. Ladd to give her the painting, so they were going to throw it away. Being at the right place, at the right time, Jules saved it from death and has treasured it over the years. Nothing like be hit with the past!

Upcoming Farrah Events
Farrah's newest film, "The Apostle", is scheduled to be unveiled at the Toronto Film festival in September. Until then, there is no national release date set for the feature. As for her Playboy venture, "Farrah: All of Me", this will air on June 11, 1997, on most pay-for-view channels. The video release of this venture is set for August. Tune in next month to find out more on Farrah "Playboy" Fawcett!

(photo courtesy TV guide)

Cheryl Ladd is Target!
On April 19, 1997, Cheryl Ladd and her husband, Brian Russell, were on hand at the 1997 Los Angeles Times Book Fair. They arrived at 5pm and began signing autographs at the Target Booth. The couple was surrounded by fans and kids, who all wanted to get their picture taken and have their book The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship signed. The smiles on the kids faces only helped to bring on even bigger smiles to the Angelic couple.

Earlier that day, Ladd and Russell attended a Childhelp USA luncheon honoring Kathy Lee Gifford and Lisa Gibson. Childhelp USA organization helps abused children and Ms. Ladd has been a Goodwill Ambassador for Childhelp USA, for many years. Ladd and Russell do have a upcoming book signing on May 3rd, 1997.

Yesteryear Cover
This month, Angelic Heaven brings you the cover from the 1981 TV Roadshow Yearbook that was produced in Japan. This is the only known magazine that was exclsively on the last trio of Angels. The yearbook contains great color shots of Jaclyn, Cheryl and Tanya. And it even has sheet music for Cheryl Ladd's song "Just Another Lover Tonight".

Yesteryear Toy!
Keeping time, like the Angels do, is not as hard as one might think.

This classic Toy Fashion Watch works just like a real watch. It ticks and keeps time, and the coolest part is the Angel logo actually moves! This watch, which was made my GLJ Toys, came in two different colors, blue and red. The average collectible price range is approx. $20-$50! It can take a licking and keeps on ticking!

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