March 2000:

HOT off the Press!

On Monday, March 27, 2000 the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences presents inaugural ATAS Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic. Celebrities expected to tee off include Cheryl Ladd, Clint Eastwood, James Woods, John O’Hurley, etc. The event will be held at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, CA.

Then, on Wednesday, March 29, at 4pm, Tanya Roberts will be appearing on Pajama Party on the Oxygen channel.

Satan's aired 03.13.00

Kate Jackson’s newest film Satan's School for Girls airs on Monday, March 13, 2000 at 9pm. The telefilm is based on the classic 1973 television movie of the same name which also originally stared, Cheryl Ladd. In this updated version produced by Aaron Spelling (Spelling also produced the 1973 version), Kate Jackson plays Olivia Burtis the schools dean, who can not escape the maze of terror that surrounds the school she oversees.

Story Line:
Beth Hammersmith (Shannen Doherty) is distraught and deeply puzzled by the suicide of her sister. Her search for an answer leads her to her sister's school, Fallbridge Women’s College, a seemingly serene and tranquil school in New England. But the idyllic campus is held in the grip of evil, personified by a mysterious secret club known as “the five.” As Beth gets closer to learning the terrifying secret of the school, she uncovers a sisters web of intrigue and danger that puts her own life in peril. The terror has just began.....

Satan’s School for Girls
Monday, March 13
8pm on ABC

(photo courtesy of ABC/Julie D'Amour-Leger)

Update [3.3.00]

All of Jackson
Kate Jackson’s re-make of her 1973 film Satan's School for Girls will air on ABC March 13, 2000. Check back for a sneak peek!! Jackson will also be in the 2000 campaign for her home town of Birmingham, Alabama. The Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitor Bureau campaign will be seen in upcoming publications as Successful Meetings, Meetings & Conventions, Medical Meetings & many others.

Pilot Video was Pulled
Some surprising news on the Columbia Home Video Club realease of Charlie’s Angels this past month. The club originally released the Charlie’s Angels pilot at first — but the pilot has been pulled and all new members receive their first tape which showcase episodes, Hellrider and Angels in Chains. A few lucy Angel fans recived the pilot tape - no word if the pilot will be release again at a later date.

New Angel Dolls!
JAKKS Pacific Inc. has recently signed a deal with Sony Pictures Consumer Products to produce a line of dolls for the upcoming movie staring Barrymore, Diaz and Liu. No word if there will be any collectibles will be made with the original angels yet.

April 2000:

Ladd Goes to Washington

Cheryl Ladd’s angelic visit to Capital Hill was calling for measures to help stop child abuse. Ladd for many years, has been lending her celebrity status to CHILDHELP USA, an organization which helps abused children.

If talking to Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott or House Speaker Dennis Haster, her heavenly presence will hopefully persuade Congress that tougher laws must to placed to help the children. Ladd is a true Angel.

Click here for CHILDHELP USA Website(4/25)

Ms. King Lives

Kate Jackson’s hit series Scarecrow and Ms. King has found a new case on the PAX TV cable channel. The series plays daily at 4pm (EST) . Scarecrow and Ms. King was Jackson’s huge hit during the mid 80s which she played a mother rasing two young boys while works as a spy. Check you local listings for times in your area. (4/25)

Angel Video Finds!

Ever what to see Kate Jackson’s James at 15 or own a copy of Cheryl Ladd’s mini-series Bluegrass or Farrah Fawcett in her 1974 film The Girl Who Came Gift-Wrapped? Well fans, now you can! Fast Food video has all these titles for sale! The videos sell for $5.99 (plus S&H) and are recorded in EP speed.

  • The Girl Who Came Gift-Wrapped - starring Farrah Fawcett in this 1974 movie produced by Aaron Spelling & Leonard Goldberg. The film about a woman (Karen Valentine) who comes gift-wrapped in a bikini to sing Happy Birthday to a very depressed bachelor (Richard Long) which turns into a romantic comedy.
  • James at 15 - starring Kate Jackson released in 1977 on ABC. The film is about a young boy, James Hunter (Lance Kerwin) life as a teenager.
  • Bluegrass - starring Cheryl Ladd, Mickey Rooney was release on NBC in 1988. Story based on a woman starting her life over with the harsh world of horse- breeding.

    To order just call Madacy Entertainment at 1.800.991.8766. Or order online at

    Other titles the have are John Travolta’s The Boy in the plastic Bubble & Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Best Little Girl in the World. (4/15)

    Heavenly Drama!

    Reports are creeping all over Hollywood about the problems on the "Charlie’s Angels: The Movie” set! Gossip was flying within the columns of Mitchell Fink’s and USA Today’s Inside Movies this past week.

    First up, Lucy Lui and Bill Murray butting heads with creative differences. Which had Mr. Murray walking off the set, yet returning later. Second, the script and filming locations have been scrapped and re-written on the fly numerous times. Third the movie budget now has moved into the 90 million dollar arena!

    Sony should have just paid, Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, & Jaclyn Smith 20 million dollars a piece and spent $30 million on filming! Now that would have been a real heavenly adventure!

    But hold tight, surely Charlie at the end will come and rescue his new Angels from these jeopardizes and create a happy ending — a hit movie! (4/15)

    Ladd on ABC!

    Cheryl Ladd guest stared on ABC’s hit show Two Guys and a Girl. Ladd reprised her role as Berg’s mother in a new epiosde called "The Undercard". This was Ladd's second apperance on the series! The episode aired this Wednesday, April 19th at 8pm. (ud 4/15)

    Charlie’s Angels: The Movie

    So what's up with the most talked about movie? The new angels’ Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu have been out and about Hollywood! They have made appearances at the Sony party at Sundance Film festival and the heavenly threesome opened the 2000 Academy Awards.

    The film which started filming February 10, 2000 is still shooting. Kelly Lynch, Cristpin Glover, Bill Murray (playing Bosley), Sam Rockwell and Tim Curry are the big star line up for the supporting cast. The tentative opening is November 2000.

    Angel fans...there is still no word if any of Charlie’s “original” Angels will appear in cameos. But Farrah Fawcett took a moment at the 2000s Independent Spirit Awards for a photo with new Angel, Cameron Diaz!

    My Angel Book???

    This Story has been pulled.

    The story on my book was not harm to anyone at Sony. The story was to allow Sony Consumer Products to see that there is a HUGE Charlie's Angels base and to hopefully encourage the company to produce more products on the original series.

    Most of the time, fans can NEVER be heard. Thank you for those who wrote e-mails - your voice's have been heard - regardless of the risk of my book never seeing the light of day. ~Thanks Mike Pingel

    May 2000:

    Heavenly Rumors

    There has been talked that original Angel, Tanya Roberts has filmed a cameo for the upcoming movie. But it was confirmed today that none of the former Charlie’s Angels has filmed any cameos for the upcoming film. Although Cheryl Ladd who played Kris Munore from 1977-1981, was one of the hostess at the TV LAND advertising luncheon in New York City last week. She shared the spotlight with good guy, Mr. T!

    Charlie’s Angels will being airing on TVLand in October 2000 and will be fighting crime right along side The A Team which is already running on the channel. (5/25)

    Picture courtesy of

    Angelic Press

    Well, good old Angelic Heaven has been getting some really good press coverage! Today (May 25, 2000) our own Mike Pingel was a guest for Michael Lewittes on! Pingel chatted about the upcoming movie, his collection and angel cat fights! The show will be in the archive of, if you would like to hear Pingel, go to, click onto the Entertainment area, click on the Michael Lewittes Show, and choose archive show May 25, 2000!

    Angelic Heaven was also written up in Entertainment Weekly and Who Magazine. Here are the links to each write up:

    Entertainment Weekly Click Here
    Who Magazine Click Here

    We’ll keep you update with all of the upcoming press on your favorite heavenly website. (5/25)

    TV Land Angels

    Charlie's Angels will begin airing on the cable channel TV Land during October 2000! TV Land has also filmed a documentary on the series, with interviews with some of the series stars, producers, directors, writers and even Angelic Heaven's own, Mike Pingel! The special TVLand Inside: Charlie's Angels will premiere on October 9, 2000.

    One HOT Trailer

    Yesterday, Sony Pictures released a seek peak of the first Charlie's Angels: The Movie trailer. Then later that day, the trailer was taken down. It's been reported that Entertainment Tonight will be having the trailer's debut on TV this Friday night (May 12, 2000).

    If you would like to see the trailer now, venture over to The website has the trailer in Quick Time for you to watch! (5/11)

    Eyes of Ladd

    Cheryl Ladd is currently endorsing a new product called Varilux. Varilux is a new brand of progressive lenses which helps the condition known as Presbyopia. “When my vision changed my life didn’t have to thanks to Varilux.” says Ladd. This angel is pictured on the companies website, yet no word if she has shot a commercial for the product. Click her for the Varilux Website (5/05)

    Roberts "Live" Chat

    Tanya Roberts was on TV Guide Online on May 15, for a live chat with her fans. She talked be discussing,That '70s Show, James Bond, and Charlie's Angels.

    Ms. Roberts will also be on an upcoming episode of The List on VH1 this week! What is Ms. Roberts favorite song??? Check your local cable listings for time & channel for The List and tune in! (5/11)

    Angels Speak

    Yesterday (May 3, 2000) Lucy Lui one of Charlie’s newest angels talked to USA Today with setting the record straight about “creative differences” between herself & Bill Murray. “Oh, no,” she replies, “He’s great. I have heard that there have been problem with our chemistry. I have not read any of the stories, but it’s hurtful. I have not done anything wrong. I do my job as best I can and try to get along with everyone. I don’t know why they printing stories like that. There are absolutely no problems. Just wait until the film comes out. You’ll see.”

    “Why would I want to do it?” Jaclyn Smith told Mitchell Fink (New York Daily News) about her film cameo, “It’s 25 years ago. My life is different. My life goes on.” Even for a paycheck of $100,000 for each, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith have publicly turned down the film. There is still six weeks of filming for the hopeful November 2000 release. Hopefully those heavenly angels will change their minds! (05/04)

    A True Angel!

    This year, Angelic Heaven is sponsoring Laura Peszynski for the 7th Annual California AIDS Ride. Laura with hundreds of other riders will be peddling from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money for AIDS. All the money Laura raises will benefit the Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic and other HIV/AIDS related services of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center.*

    If you are interested in also supporting Laura’s Ride, please send checks (for any amount) to:
    California AIDS Ride 7
    135 S. LaSalle
    Dept. 3949
    Chicago, IL 60674- 3949
    c/o Laura Peszynski #7498.

    **Please make sure you make checks out to: California AIDS Ride and place Laura’s Rider number #7498 & her name on your check!

    Everyone here at Angelic Heaven is proud to support Laura Peszynski, who is a real hero for giving up her time with supporting the fight against HIV/AIDS. She is a true ANGEL!!!! (4/30)

    *all pledges are tax deductible and will be sent a letter of acknowledgment for tax purposes

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