June 2000:

2000 - Dolls!

Jakks Products will be producing the new Charlie’s Angels movie dolls who are modeled after the 2000 Angels, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. The release date of these heavenly collectibles is not known yet...but here is a sneak photo of what the dolls will look like! Truly keeping with the feel of the original Charlie’s Angels series. (6/22)

"Angel Gate" again?

Actor, Robert Wagner has sued Aaron Spelling Productions once again for $20 million dollars of damages for profits owned to him for Beverly Hills 90210. Wagner is owed a % of the profits due for the never-produced series titled Angels 88 which he was to be given a percentage due to the contract for the 1976 series Charlie’s Angels which Robert Wagner and his late wife Natalie Wood owned 45% of the original series.

Fox who gave the green light to the series 90210 after Angels 88 never got off the ground. Which in-turn a portion of the profits were due to Wagner. (6/22)

"Stunt" Angelic Contest

Stunts Corporation Online website currently has a competition for the angel fans who knows more about James Bond! The winner will receive a stunt crew T-shirt which was signed by Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu!

...and coming up on the Stunts Corporation Online site will be exclusive backstage photos of the stunts from the upcoming Sony film! The company’s own Vic Armstrong worked on the stunts for the upcoming film version. So due drop by and check out the site at www.stuntsincorporated.co.uk/ . (6/22)

Farrah, a "Jewel"

The big news today was that Farrah Fawcett is currently to start filming a CBS movie Jewel. But in the glow of a new film was the rumor that Fawcett was fired from the indie film, Night of the Golden Eagle. Fawcett was playing a hooker, and printed reports said that she was hours late to the set, and was fired. But Eagle's production release a statement which said, "It was a scheduling conflict. Farrah is in demand right now and, unfortunately, she was unable to move around her schedule."

Yet, this busy angel has her plate full with two upcoming film release of TNT's Baby and indie film Mr. T and the Women later this fall! Fawcett is very much in demand!

Hometown Kate

Here is Kate Jackson's ad for her hometown Birmingham, Alabama! The ad campaign is to promote tourism. Only one word comes to mind, "Gorgeous"!

Movie Poster!

Angel fans here is the new “pre” movie poster for Columbia/TRI-Stars upcoming hit film Charlie’s Angels: The Movie. The film was to have wrapped production this past week and is to hit theaters on November 3, 2000! So look out bad guys...the office is back in business! (06/04)

July 2000:

ET's Sneak Peek!

Today (Friday, July 28, 2000) Entertainment Tonight will show a sneak peek scene from the new Charlie's Angels movie! So check local listing for times in your area and see Charlie's newest Angels in action!!! (7/27)

'70s People!

On newsstands now is People’s tribute to the 1970s!!!! It showcases what was "hot" during the years were Angel hair ruled, Travolta ruled and The Brady Bunch ruled!!! The book/magazine has dedicated a two page spread and the entire back cover to Charlie's Angels. Not to exclude, on the front cover Ms. Fawcett's famous swimsuit poster and several more photos of her inside. This special edition of People magazine is a true collectors item! (7/14)


Television is a DRAG! 2001 calendar have the most heavenly drag queens giving tribute each month to some of TV favorite shows as Bewitched, Lucy, Baywatch and of course, Charlie's Angels. Released by Ggallery this 16 month calendar for 2001 should be in stores very shortly for purchased. Retail price is $12.95 (in the USA). (7/14)

Birthday Wishes!

It's time to send Happy Birthday Wishes out to two Angels, Shelley Hack and Cheryl Ladd. Hack's birthday is on July 6th and Ladd's is July 12!

If you would like to send Cheryl Ladd a Birthday card, her fan address is:
Cheryl Ladd
P.O. Box 1329
Santa Ynez, CA 93460

Happy Birthday Angels!

Angels at 16

Charlie's Angels came in at number 16 out of "TV's 25 Greatest Detectives" in the current "large" edition of TV Guide (July 8-14, 2000 - now on newsstands). But in the hearts of angel fans, these girls will always be #1!!!

August 2000:

Update: FARRAH!

Farrah Fawcett has been very busy at work! She has three films coming out this fall and she is currently working on her fourth coming telefilm titled Jewel. October is to be a stellar month for this glowing actress!

Premiering October 8th at 8pm, Fawcett will star in the TNT’s film Baby. Fawcett is Lily, a mother who is grieving over the loss of her baby, who died shortly after birth. As she cares for an abandoned baby, Lily and her family confronts their grief and finds the secret of life and love again.

On October 13, 2000, Farrah will portray the a woman who is regressing into her childhood and a wife of a Dallas Gynecologist (Richard Gere). Dr. T & The Women will be released on the big screen.

The Flunky, an independent film directed by Vincent Van Patten showcases Fawcett as herself in a guest spot in the film. The Flunky website is located at www.theflunky.com — yet no word were or when you can see the film! (8/18)

(photos ©TNT & ©The Funky)

Ladd on Broadway!

It was announced last week that heavenly Angel Cheryl Ladd will be on Broadway!!! Ladd is replacing Bernadette Peters in the musical, Annie Get Your Gun on September 6, 2000.

Ladd is scheduled to be with the cast until January 28, 2001 — who knows maybe she will even record a cast album!!!! This is sure to be one of Ladd’s biggest dreams coming true and huge treat for her fans.

Annie Get Your Gun is playing at the Marquis Theater (Broadway & 46th St) for tickets call Ticket Master 212.307.8383 or 1.800.755.4000. Ms. Ladd opening night will be September 6, 2000! (8/16)

"Pin-Ups" airs Saturday night!

The Learning Channel will air on August 12, 2000 at 10pm (est/pt) a new documentary called Pin-Ups. The documentary looks through the year of the ‘50s-’90s of the most beautiful women. Of course for the ‘70s, Farrah Fawcett was picked! Charlie's Angels producer Leonard Goldberg and Angelic Heaven’s own, Mike Pingel speak about the huge impact Ms. Fawcett made as a pin- up. So set you VCRs! (8/4)

Saturday, August 12, 2000 at 10 pm
Saturday, August 19, 2000 at 2 pm

The Angels Premiere!

The actress of Charlie’s Angels: The Movie are gracing the September 2000 “Fall Movie Preview” issues of Premiere magazine. The story written by, Trish Ditch Rorer gives fans the inside scoop of how the film came to be made, the Angels friendships, and what really happened between Lucy Liu and Bill Murray.

Also in this issue of Premiere is a TVLand ad for the original series and mentions Farrah Fawcett’s upcoming fall film Dr. T. & the Women which will hit theatres on October 13, 2000. This heavenly issue is on newsstands now!

Movie Meborabilia 4 Sale

So want a piece of Charlie’s Angels movie memorabilia? On the second biggest auction site Bid Bay.com is holding an auction of an airstream trailer which was used in the filming of the Charlie’s Angels. The opening bid starts at $400.00 and the seller describes it as “being shot full of holes and blown up.”

If you are interested drop by Bid Bay.com and check out the Trailer it’s item #965189437 or click on the Bidbay logo. (8/5)

Heavenly TVLand & DVD

TVLand is currently running a new Charlie’s Angels commercial to promo the series airing this fall. Charlie’s Angels will begin airing in October 2000 on TV Land.

Currently on Amazon.com one can pre-order Charlie’s Angels on DVD. It’s on sale for $17.95 and is due out in October 2000.

The photo is the TVLand's Charlie's Angels ad titled: Jerry Springer: "My Boss is a Male Chauvinist Pig with a Speakerphone Fetish." The ad is current running in the Sept. 2000 issue of Premiere. (8/4)

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