September 2000:

Heavenly Update

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  • MSNBC will air this Monday (September 25, 2000) a Headliners & Legends with Matt Lauer on the world famous angel, Farrah Fawcett. The show airs at 10pm EST/PT but check local listings for air times.
  • An interveiw with Farrah Fawcett on her role in TNT's Baby! Click here: Farrah Interview
  • Jaclyn Smith will be a guest star on CBS's Becker this fall
  • Kate Jackson finished a new telefilm to be seen this fall called A Mothers Testimony
  • Cheryl Ladd and daughter Jordan Ladd can be seen in the current issue of Good Housekeeping (October 2000)
  • Destiny's Child video for their song, "Independent Woman, part 1" from the upcoming Charlie's Angels movie soundtrack is currently playing on MTV!
  • Sony has just launched Japan's "offical" Charlie's Angels moive website. Click here to check it out! Japan's Charlie's Angels Website

    Fawcett @ Interviews on TV!

    Fawcett & Gere On Tuesday, September 12, 2000, a news conference was held at the Toronto International Film Festival for Farrah Fawcett’s upcoming theatrical film Dr. T and the Women. Fawcett joined director Robert Altman and co-star Richard Gere to bring light to their upcoming film.

    Here is a new list of where you can see Ms. Fawcett on the her promotion tour for Dr. T and the Women & Baby. Check local listings, shows and dates due to change.

  • October 2000 - Vanity Fair - Q&A with Fawcett and a new photo
  • October 2000 - Interview Magazine -- with two NEW photos!
  • October 4th — Late Night with David Letterman
  • October 5th — The Rosie O’Donnell Show
  • October 6th — The Today Show
  • October 6th — The View

    (photo courtesy of AP Photo/CP, Tannis Todey) (9/13)

    Jackson Tonight!

    Kate Jackson Tonight, (Sunday, September 17, 2000) ABC is showing a special called The '70s: The Decade That Changed Television at 7 p.m. (ET/PT). This two hour special produced by the Museum of Television & Radio is a retrospective which looks at the '70s most memorable programs. From groundbreaking sitcoms, variety shows crime show and will look at the changing roles of woman on TV.

    With in the two hours, there will be interviews with, "smart angel" Kate Jackson (Charlie's Angels), Mike Farrell (M*A*S*H*), John Ritter (Three's Company), Melissa Gilbert (Little House) and many more. So check local listings and watch the stars talk about the era which some of the best television came from!

    Ladd on Broadway!

    Cheryl Ladd in Annie Get Your Gun Heavenly Angel, Cheryl Ladd is currently preforming on Broadway in Annie Get Your Gun!!! Ladd replaced Bernadette Peters in the musical and is scheduled to be with the cast until January 28, 2001 — who knows maybe she will even record a cast album!!!! This is sure to be one of Ladd’s biggest dreams coming true and huge treat for her fans.

    Annie Get Your Gun is playing at the Marquis Theater (Broadway & 46th St) for tickets call Ticket Master 212.307.8383 or 1.800.755.4000.

    Here are a few of Ladd's upcoming TV appearances. Dates, shows and times can change at anytime. Please check local TV guides.

    Rosie Sept. 15th (hopefully will perform)
    The View on Sept. 21st (9/13)

    October 2000:

    South Park Angels!

    South Park Spoof Now, down in South Park there are three little angels too!! Check out this Charlie's Angels Trailer Spoof (a.k.a. "Mr. Garrision's Angels) -- as the South Park kids do some angelic moves!!! Click the photo to see the South Park Angels (10/26)

    Mike Pingel's Premiere Photos!!!

    Charlie's Angels Premiere Holy Angels...what a premiere...stars...cameras...and even a classic Angel! Click on the photo to see Mike Pingel's personal photos from the Charlie's Angels: The Movie premiere party! Just click on the photo to the left and see Pingel's photos!!!!

    Click and find out about Charlie’s newest Angels, Natalie, Dylan and Alex. Sony’s official movie site for Charlie’s Angels showcases the trailers, new photos, and one can even buy new Charlie's Angels movie stuff!!!

    So drop by Sony’s new website at

    Photo ©2000 Reuters (up 10/17)

    CA's New Collectables

    Charlie's Angels New Products Holly Angels....a new crop of collectables are being uncovered with the new Charlie's Angels movie! Most of these great Angel items can be bought on or click on the photo!

    The Jakks' Pacific Charlie's Angels dolls leads the pack with not one but two signature action fashion dolls (six dolls in all). These new Charlie's Angels dolls were made with Real Scan technology, which took a 360 scanned each actresses head to achieve 100% accuracy. These life-like dolls stand 11.5", and have 16 points of articulation, which will bring to life super action kicks -- to kick Barbie's butt! The dolls can also be bought at for $14.99

    Next up angels, are these so cool products from Worldwide Dreams. First, a Charlie's Angels Organizer Agenda, which any Angel can put their important phone numbers and dates to solve the crimes. Second, a Charlie's Angels mini-dome backpack with a cool "Angel Power" logo on the front. The dome comes in black...very fashionable for going undercover work. CA Mini-dome Backpack sells for around $13.99 & sold at Musicland, Alloy and Newbury Comics. The CA Organizer retails around $8 and can be bought at & Claire's. Both will be available after November 1st.

    An Angel is completely, naked without some really cool jewelry! There is huge Charlie's Angels Jewelry line. Charlie's Angels jewerlyThe line showcase chokers, bracelets, earrings, etc. The jewelry would go nicely with Freeze's new line of T-shirts which showcase the new Angel logos on them! One can buy these Baby-T's at Yet to complete your "new" Angel outfit, one must go to Sunglass Hut for the Charlie's Angels sunglasses collection. These are just like the ones the Angels ware in the film!!! They retail for $69.00 to $79.99 and can buy these cool shades on line at

    There is even a new Charlie's Angels poster (produced by Funky) -- that right boys, you can hang Charlie's newest Angels on your bedroom wall! The poster sells for around $4.00.

    Charlie's Angels booksWell, for the smart angels out there. Pocket Books has produced the novelization of the film by Elizabeth Lenhard based on the screenplay by Ryan Rowe and John August. The novelization comes with 8 full color pages! But, if you want more photos try the Official Charlie's Angels Magazine produced by H&S Meida - the magazine is full color and packed with photos! The book retails for $5.99 and the magazine retails for $3.98.

    To get some real action, one should check out these Hot Properties releases! The company has designed a line of magnets, pins, and key chains with some really cool photos from the film! Retail prices range from $4-$12.

    Check out and buy some new stuff, Angels! (10/22)

    Hello Angels, Week! on A&E!!

    A&E Week Angels UPDATE! A surpise host for the A&E Angel Week is Shelley Hack and John Forsythe!!! Glad to see these two Angels back in the office!!!

    A&E cable channel will be running a full week of Biography's on some of the most famous angels! The week begins on Monday, October 30th, with the premiere of a new Biography on Cheryl Ladd, and then will show bios on Farrah Fawcett, Drew Barrymore, Jaclyn Smith and John Forsythe. So set you VCR's and look inside the heavenly world of Angels.

    Biography airdates on A&E:
  • Monday, October 30 - Cheryl Ladd
  • Tuesday, October 31 - Farrah Fawcett
  • Wednesday, November 1 - Drew Barrymore
  • Thursday, November 2 - Jaclyn Smith
  • Friday, November 3 - John Forsythe

    Charlie's Angels Halloween
    Halloween Angels!

    Many Charlie’s Angels fans have been e-mailing and asking what they should wear for Halloween as the 70’s Heavenly Trio! So us here at Angelic Heaven have made small check list to become Halloween Angels Click on the photo to the "Halloween Angel" page!

    Dr T & the Women
    Now Showing!

    Farrah Fawcett Dr. T & The Woman

    Farrah Fawcett will hit the silver screen in Robert Altman’s newest comedy/drama film Dr. T and the Women on Friday, October 13, 2000. Fawcett co-stars with an extraordinary cast which includes, Richard Gere, Helen Hunt, Laura Dern, Shelley Long, Liv Tyler, plus many more.

    In the film, Dr. Sullivan Travis (Gere) is a man at the top of his game, a rich and successful Dallas gynecologist who “religion” is women. In his immediate family and in his office, women surround him. He is loving and giving to each and every one at all times. Yet, his over booked schedule starts to take it’s toll. His home life starts to boil over, his beloved wife Kate (Fawcett) has regressed into a childlike state just as plans for the upcoming wedding of DeeDee (Hudson) shift into high gear. With Dr. T’s champagne-loving sister-in-law Peggy (Dern) moves in with her children - the overwhelmed doctor retreats to his country club’s golf course, which adds yet another woman into his life, a golf pro, Bree (Hunt). With the gale forces of the Texas blue northern, Dr. T and Women holds a lot of surprises of the long revisited topic of relationships between men and women.

    Fawcett finds new ground with the character of Kate Travis. The character steps out of reality and into the “Hestia complex.” Fawcett said research meant studying the Greek goddesses, namely Hestia one of the virgin goddesses. Fawcett literally give it her all, stripping down to the character's core, a surprise twist that actually occurs at the beginning of the film in a fountain. It’s sort of a freeing of Kate’s “spirit.” “She becomes very uncomplicated, mentally,” Fawcett said, “There’s a contradiction here because her condition complicates everyone else’s life, but for her, she’s trying to simplify things.”

    Well, to see what did happen to Fawcett’s character in the fountain drop by your local movie theatre on Friday, October 13, 2000 for Dr. T and the Women!

    Photo ©Artisan Entertainment/Zade Rosenthal

    Fawcett snubs Ladd?

    farrah fawcett & cheryl ladd What is this? No photos of the two Munroe sisters at Fawcett's premiere of Dr. T and the Women??? That's right, and the press is having a heavenly stap at Fawcett. It was reported in the New York Daily News that Farrah Fawcett kept her distance from Cheryl Ladd and refused to take a photo with her.

    Anyway, on the brighter side of things, both actress looked STUNNING at the premiere! Ladd even told Inside Edition that doing Annie Get Her Gun is her most favorite job she has ever done! Congratulations to both Angels on their on going careers! (10/14)

    TVLand & Angel Power
    Now Playing!!!

    TVLand's Charlie's Angels Logo
    Monday, October 9th, 2000, Charlie Townsend called once again his Angels (Sabrina, Kelly, Jill, Kris, Tiffany and Julie) into the office to go to work! That’s right, Angel fans — the girls are back with all the “‘70s Girl Power” on TV Land! TVLand will pre-empt their entire network schedule to present a comprehensive salute to Charlie’s Angels in TV Land’s Angels Heaven 24/7!

    TV Land is having Angel fans pick their favorite episodes on TV Land’s website ( and a chance to win the TV Land’s “Be an Angel for a Week Sweepstakes.” 100 runner-ups winners will receive TV Land Crime Stoppers CD and an exclusive TV Land Charlie’s Angels T-shirt. Yet, the grand prize winner will receive seven full days of adventure, glamour and, of course, beauty treatments! The Sweepstakes runs until November 4th, to enter just click on the Angel photo and it will take you right to TV Land’s website!

    TV Land’s Angel Heaven 24/7 also includes the premier of the original documentary Inside TV Land: Charlie’s Angels, which takes fans with an in-depth look at the success, heartships, and struggles of the hit series with NEW interviews with shows stars, Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd, Tanya Roberts and John Forsythe. There are also interviews with Aaron Spelling (producer), Leonard Goldberg (producer), Faith Hill (fan), Kathie Lee Gifford (Angel Wannabe), Allan Edwards (Farrah Hair Creator), Elaine Rich (producer), Mike Pingel (fan), Barney Rosenzweig (writer/ producer) and many more! The show also includes rare footage of Farrah, Kate & Jaclyn at the People’s Choice Awards from 1977, ABC’s Charlie’s Angels commercial, Shelley Hack’s Charlie commercial, plus many more! The documentary will air on Tuesday, October 10, 2000 at 10:00 PM (ET/PT).

    Fawcett's BABY

    farrah fawcett & BABY cast Farrah Fawcett stars with Keith Carradine and Jean Stapleton in the TNT Original film Baby which premiers on Sunday, October 8th at 8pm. The film is based on the best selling novel by Patricia MacLachlan and was executive-produced by Academy-Award-Nominated actress Glenn Close.

    Baby is a wrenching but ultimately uplifting journey inside The Malone family. From the outside The Malone’s appears to be the perfect family. But their outward appearance mask a very different reality. Each member of the family is dealing, in their own way with the death of Lily’s (Farrah Fawcett) infant son. Lily, grappling with depression and guilt over the recent loss, her marriage is drifting away and her 12 year- old daughter is left alone to deal with her brothers death.

    As the family, begins to break apart, an abandoned baby girl named Sophine is left at The Malone’s doorstep. The mother of the baby, has left the child in the families care and promises to someday return. Despite initial misgivings of the child the family decides to take-in Sophine. The young Sophine, brings a new bond to the family and helps the each member deal with their grief and begin to love each other again. (9/18)

    Premieres: Sunday, October 8, 2000 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT)
    Sunday, Oct. 8 at 10 p.m.
    Tuesday Oct. 10 at 8 pm.

    An interveiw with Farrah Fawcett on her role in TNT's Baby! Click here: Farrah Interview

    All Photos © TBS, Inc. All rights reserved. Photos by, Brook Palmer & Andrew Eecles. (9/14)

    Tanya's 3rd Season!

    Tanya Roberts
    Hey Tanya fans, the third season of That '70s Show will began on Tuesday, October 3rd at 8:00pm on Fox! Tanya Roberts took some time off to do a interview with Angel Heaven editor Mike Pingel to chat about the new fall season of That '70s Show, the new Angel movie and what new for this angel! To read the new interview click on photo!

    Charlie's Angels & TVLand
    TVLand's Line Up
    for Angels Heaven 24/7 week
    October 9 - October 14

    Monday, October 9 - Friday, October 13
  • 6am-6pm ET/3am-3pmPT
    Charlie’s Angels Episodes from 3rd, 4th, 5th Seasons
  • 6pm-8pm ET/3pm-5pm PT
    Before They Were Angels - Stars of Charlie’s Angels in early TV guest-star roles
  • 8pm-6amET/5pm-3amPT
    Charlie’s Angels - “The Farrah Years” — Episodes from the first season

    Tuesday, October 10 — 10:00pm ET/PT
  • Inside TV Land: Charlie’s Angels PREMIERS
    Encores: October 13, 14 & 15 — all at 10:00pm ET/PT

    Saturday October 14 — 3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT
  • Charlie’s Angels Fandemonium Marathon
    — A weekend-long marathon chosen by TVLand viewers who voted online at under “Fandemonium” (9/26)

    Voting for Tickets! is sponsoring a Charlie's Angels: Be an Angel Look Alike Contest with the grand prizes tickets to the world primere of Columbia Pictures theatrical release of Charlie's Angels at the world famous Mann's Chinese Theatre on October 22, 2000!

    Fans young and old are encouraged to vote for their best "Angelic" photos on the online contest. Three winners, chosen by you on will fly to L.A. for the Gala World Premiere Event!

    So click on the photo to get to's website for all the heavenly details! ...and Good Luck Angels! (9/28)

    Fawcett Update!
    Premieres Sunday!

    farrah fawcett & cheryl ladd Tonight (Sunday, October 8th) at 8pm on MTV is an episode of Celebrity Deathmatch which will be having Farrah Fawcett & Drew Barrymore duking it out! Which Angel will win?

    Then this Friday, October 13, Farrah Fawcett is scheduled to be on Late Late Show with Craig Kilbourn

    . ...and which Angel is on the guest list for the premiere of Dr. T & The Women in New York City?? Jill's little sister Kris! Cheryl Ladd is on the list of celebrities to attend the evening events! (10/8)

    Premiere Tickets! is sponsoring a Charlie's Angels: Be an Angel Look Alike Contest with the grand prizes tickets to the world primere of Columbia Pictures theatrical release of Charlie's Angels at the world famous Mann's Chinese Theatre on October 22, 2000!

    Fans young and old are encouraged to submit their best "Angelic" photos for the online contest. Three winners will be chosen by fans on and flown to L.A. for the Gala World Premiere Event!

    So click on the photo to get to's website for all the heavenly details! ...and Good Luck Angels! (9/28)

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