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Official Movie Site
Charlie's Angels Word Logo Click and find out about Charlie’s newest Angels, Natalie, Dylan and Alex. Sony’s official movie site for Charlie’s Angels recently went online. It currently showcases the trailers, posters, and one can even find which “new” Angel is right for you.

So drop by Sony’s new website at or click on the photo. (8/4)

Charlie's Angels: The Movie

Charlie's Angels Moive Collage Once upon a time there were three little different little girls.....who grew up to be three very different women....with three things in common...they're bright...they're beautiful....and they work for name is Charlie.

Charlie's Angels will finally hit the big screen on Friday, November 3rd, 2000. The premise is that the Charles Townsend Detective Agency has never closed...we just have not meet the newest Angels. The "Angels," Alex, Natalie, and Dylan (Liu, Diaz & Barrymore) still work for a man they have never seen, named Charlie. Who calls them on over the phone to give them their newest case. Behind the scenes is still Bosley, (Bill Murry) who helps out in every way he can with the case. But the difference with these Angels -- they don't use guns -- but a the finer art of marshal arts. With high-kicking-high-heels these new Angels begins their newest case.

The new angels are
  • Drew Barrymore as Dylan Sanders. Dylan is gorgeous, reckless, street wise, tough and jaded -- "The Wild Angel."
  • Cameron Diaz as Natalie Cook. Natalie is beautiful, brainy, determined, and analyzes everything -- "The Scientific Angel"
  • Lucy Liu as Alexandra "Alex" Munday. Alex is daring, self-possessed, lethal hands and looks to match -- "The Sexy Angel"

    In the Angels newest case,
    The Angels are hired out to find kidnapped engineer Eric Knox the owner of a cutting edge communication Software Company. The kidnaper has also stolen Knox's "identification software", which in the wrong hands could spell disaster for the world. The Angels go deep undercover with their only lead, Roger Corwin (Tim Curry), owner of Red Star Systems. The Angels rescue Knox's, but they still have to find the stolen "identification software." That's when the true "Angel Adventure" begins...

    Charlie's Angels hits the silver screen on
    Friday, November 3rd, 2000.

    Photo ©2000 Columbia Pictures (10/22)

    Original Angels LIVE!

    Cahrlie's Angels Live (Sunday, November 26, 2000) I received a personal call from the "Smart" Angel, Kate Jackson about a upcoming Charlie's Angels event online! The event would be streaming video of the original Angels that's right - Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. But, Ms. Jackson needs help from ALL Charlie's Angels fans by emailing the two address in the letter below. Tell all your friends to e-mail ASAP -- your e-mails will make this heavenly event happen!! -- Thanks, Mike Pingel (11/26)

    Charlie needs a little help, he needs "the real ones" together again for fans all over the world to watch (live) for the first time in 20 something years...Farrah, Kate, and Jaclyn. The Original Charlie's Angels live to remind us of the magic, WATCH, ask questions, and share some time remembering what "Charlie's Angels" REALLY was and REALLY meant to us .... be part of live worldwide event......but they gotta know you're out there and will log on!!!!!!!

    E Mail (ASAP)
    and 2)
    Message: We want "the real ones!!"

    (remember me, the smart one?)
    Kate Jackson

    High Kicking Numbers!

    Beached Angels Charlie's Angels kicked a weekend draw of $20.2 million from 31 markets and in the USA alone the film has broken the $100 million dollar mark to bring in $106 million!

  • U.K. in four days: $4.5 million
  • France in five days: $2.8 million
  • Australia in four days: $2.1 million
  • Italy in three days $1.4 million
  • Brazil $966,000 in three days
  • South Korea $812,000 in two days
  • Taiwan $609,000 in two days
  • Sweden $272,000 in three days
  • Hong Kong $499,00 in three days
  • Switzerland, Norway, Malaysia, Turkey & Belgium combination total: $1.8 million

    ..the Charlie's Angels does not stop there! The heavenly trio will open in ten more territories in the coming weeks. Charlie (or the heads of Sony) must be so proud of the Angels! (11/28)

    New CA Dolls!
    cover cover cover
    Looking for the new movie Charlie’s Angels Dolls??? These three Signature Dolls from Jakks are now currently in stores! Each doll has the image of each of Charlie’s newest Angels: Drew Barrymore as Dylan, Lucy Liu as Alex and of course, Cameron Diaz as Natalie! has them for sale now for only $14.99! So click on the photo or the link below and take home an Angel today!

    Cameron Diaz as Natalie
    Drew Barrymore as Dylan
    Lucy Liu as Alex

    Ladd is Mrs. Beasley

    Ms. Beasley & Cheryl Ladd Cheryl Ladd is the voice for the new Mrs. Beasley soon to hit the doll market in January. Mrs. Beasley will have eleven original saying by Ladd and % of the proceeds from the sale of Mrs. Beasley go to benifit Childhelp USA the organization which is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of child abuse. Cheryl Ladd has been a Childhelp USA ambassador for many years.

    The doll will be available in two versions -
    1. The limited edition of 1000 has a porcelain head and cloth body and retails for $119.95.
    2. The unlimited second edition is crafted of vinyl just like the original doll and retails for $89.00.

    Mrs. Beasley, Buffy's favorite doll in the hit television show Family Affair, has been authentically reproduced by Collectible Concepts under licensing agreement with Viacom. To pre-order your very own Mrs. Beasley click on the photo or here: Doll Page. (11/25)

    Charlie's Angels 2

    Charlie's Angels 2 logo Only after two-weeks stint at the top Charlie's Angels stepped back to third place brining in $13.7 million which comes to a grand total of $93.6 million in 17 days. Angels came in #1 in Mexico this weekend and will open in 27 more countries this coming weekend including England & France.

    Columbia Pictures has already begun developing a script for a sequel currently has had meetings to being creating a Charlie's Angels 2. The studio hopes to bring back Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu will reprise their Angel roles with also enlisting director McG and writer, John August to round out the winning cast once again.

    Yet, the big question is will the "Angels" go back to work for Charlie? None of that has been worked out, but it is known that the Diaz, Lui, Barrymore and Murray each signed for only one picture, so there might be a high price tag for Columbia to have Charlie's Angels to come back to work! (11/20)

    Angel Update!

    Ladd in Annie Get Your Gun
  • Charlie's Angels movie earns $25 million this past weekend.
  • Cheryl Ladd is currently in US magazine talking about Annie Get Her Gun and Charlie's Angels.
  • ABC bought the rights to the Charlie's Angels movie for broadcast in 2003.
  • Charlie's Angels opens in England on November 25, 2000.
  • Angelic Heaven website is blown off-line with over 76 thousand angel fans on November 3, 2000. (11/15)

    Cool Angelic Write Ups!

    Charlie's Angels Hey, Angelic Heaven fans, check out some of the cooler write ups which mentioned the website! Angelic Heaven also has been mentioned recently on Inside Edition, Los Angeles CBS2, and Access Hollywood

    A Angel Trivia - written by Mike Pingel
    USA Today's story on Mike Pingel
    USA Today story on "The new angels vs old angels"
    USA Today Story on the Film.
    USA Today's look-back at Charlie's first Angels

    Fans LOVE Charlie's Newest Angels!

    Charlie's Angels Movie Collage Due to the fans, the big-screen remake of Charlie's Angels flew off in the No. 1 position with a heavenly haul of $40.5 million at the North American box office, according to studio estimates issued Sunday. Here is some praises from "angel" fans!

  • "I'm 15 years old..we just wanted to tell you that your movie is the best ever! We have seen it 6 times since it came out yesterday! They (Angels) are inspiring to young girls everywhere and they have taught us, that we can be anything we want...AND WE ARE INDEPENDENT WOMEN!!!" - Kara Stevenson & Helen Pflaum

  • "I think the movie was terrific!!!! I hope to find out soon if there will be a Charlie's Angels #2!!! Thank you so so much for coming out with this new movie, I'm now your biggest fan!!!!" - Brianna. D

  • "I had just finished watching your movie and it was great!! I loved the way you girls fight and how you do those quick stunts!!!" - Michelle

  • "My favorite Angel is Alex, because she is so womanly but at the same time she kicks butt!" - Gaby Guajardo

  • "Hi!! I just saw your movie with about 6 other friends. When it was over, we all started pretending we were spies." - CLC126

  • "I have to tell you I have been so inspired by your new movie. It really shows that girls can kick butt in this world and still look fabulous. Thank you for being such an inspiration." - Elizabeth Wolf

    Jaclyn Smith on Becker!

    Jaclyn Smith on Becker Jaclyn Smith guest stars on CBS’s hit show Becker starring Ted Danson on Monday, November 13 at 9:30pm. The episode entitled “The Wrong Man,” has Smith portraying Megan, an old college girlfriend of Dr. Becker who reenters his life in hopes of rekindling the passion of their past affair. There is only one problem ....she’s married!!!! Will he or will he not???? Who knows maybe a little angel helps him decide! Tune in and see!

    Jaclyn Smith Guest Stars on
    Monday, November 13 at 9:30pm

    ©2000 Paramount Pictures

    Angels Movie Update

    TV Guide Cover The new Charlie's Angels can be found on the current covers of TV Guide (with two different covers) and Marie Claire. But catch these angels on some upcoming specials. Here is a list of were to see these heavenly gals before the movie hits the screen. Check you local listings for times in your area!

  • The Rosie O'Donnell Show Thursday, October 2
  • Charlie's Angels Movie Speical on Mtv
    October 29, 30 & November 3

  • Charlie's Angels: First Look on HBO
    November 1, 5, 8, 10, 13, 18, 27 - HBO
    November 3, 4, 7, 16 - HBO Plus
    Novmeber 5, 20 - HBO Signature

  • Behind the Scenes: Charlie's Angels on E!
    November 4, 5, 6, 10, 17

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