December 2000:

Kate Jackson, A True Angel

Drawing of Kate Jackson I wanted to share a wonderful Christmas story. My neighbors were driving around Los Angeles a few weeks ago and came upon a large sale for an organization called Food For Feet, an organization which raises food money for the homeless in LA. Food For Feet ask celebrities to donate items for the sale. Well, in the vast amount of goodies there were donations from true Angel, Kate Jackson. She donated many items including books, Mad Magazine covers, and a cool b/w drawing of the actress (pictured - which I received as a Christmas gift!) Ms. Jackson's generosity help to feed those in need - a very heavenly thing to do.

In this wonderful time of year, we here at Angelic Heaven hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday. But, as Ms. Jackson shared, we hope you too find time to help those in need. If it's giving Toys for Tots, feeding the hungry or giving that extra change to the Salvation Army. It's Christmas... remember your fellow man.

Merry Christmas ~ Mike Pingel

An Angelic Update

Jaclyn/Brad at Ball
  • Sony Entertainment has sued Snoop Dogg for infringing on the Charlie's Angels logo design, which was adapted for the cover art of the new Doggy's Angels single.

  • Jaclyn Smith and husband Brad Allen showed up at the 2000 Carousel of Hope charity event. The event which has raised over 50 million dollars benefiting juvenile diabetesthis since its inception. (12/15)

    Angels VCD's!

    Charlie's Angels VCD Cover Recently, Charlie's Angels has been released in VCD. VCD is also known as Video CD, it plays on VCD player, DVD player which claims to play VCD, and all computers. BLUE LASER has all four VCD's for sale. Each episode cost $16.00 (US) each.

    Episodes Released:
  • To Kill An Angel
  • Angels in Chains
  • Blue Angels
  • Night of the Strangler

    Please click on the photo or click Here for Blue Laser website. (12/15)

    A True NYC Angel!

    Ladd & Russell at Sardi's Cheryl Ladd has received the honor of having her caricature drawn for the world known Sardi's Restaurant in New York City. The drawing of this "Annie Get Your Gun" star was unveiled on Wednesday, January 10, 2001 - and will hang on the walls of Sardi's.

    On hand for the event at Sardi's were Ms. Ladd's "Annie" co-star Patrick Cassidy, husband Brian Russell, John Ritter, Henry Winkler and Reba McEntire (the next "Annie Oakley").

    Sardi's Restaurant is located on West 44th Street in New York City. And Ms. Ladd final performance on Broadway will be on January 25, 2001.

    For more photos of the event surf over to
    (pictured are Cheryl and husband, Brian Russell.)

    January 2001:

    Heavenly Grammy's!

    Independent Women The Grammy nominations were announced on Wednesday, January 3, 2001. Among them were the two nominations for the Charlie's Angels Soundtrack.

    1. Independent Women Part 1 songwriters: Samuel Barnes, Beyonce Knowles, Jean-Claude Olivier & Corey Rodney are up for Best Song Written Specifically For a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media.

    2. Maurice Joshua, was also nominated for Remixer of the Year, Non-Classical, with a total of 6 remixes of various works/various artists which includes Destiny's Child Independent Women (Maurice's Carnival 2000 Mix).

    Destiny's Child was nominated several times in various major categories for other works yet, not for their Charlie's Angels hit. (1/4)

    Fawcett's 1972 Noxema Commerical re-airs

    Fawcett Viewers with a historical bent can enjoy a retrospective Saturday, January 27 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. ``Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials" reaches back to a 1972 Noxema spot with Joe Namath and an as-yet-undiscovered Farrah Fawcett. And, yes, it will include that 1980 Coke spot featuring ``Mean'' Joe Greene.

    So set your VCR's Fawcett fans!(1/27)

    Ladd's Last Day
    on Broadway!

    Cheryl & David in Annie Get Your Gun Heavenly Angel, Cheryl Ladd is currently preforming on Broadway in Annie Get Your Gun!!! Ladd will be only in the production until Thursday, January 25, 2001. So be sure to catch this angel under the Broadway lights this month!

    Annie Get Your Gun is playing at the Marquis Theater (Broadway & 46th St) for tickets call Ticket Master 212.307.8383 or 1.800.755.4000.

    February 2001:

    Smith on Becker!
    This Monday!

    Jaclyn Smith guest stars once again on the hit CBS show Becker this Monday (February 12) at 9:30.

    This epiosde titled Pretty Poison brings John Becker's (Ted Danson) former flame, Megan (Jaclyn Smith), unexpectedly at his door. Megan announces that she has left her husband and wants to move in with John.

    But now...were does that leave the hot steamy couple??? We don't kiss and tell...but Angels do! Tune in for a slice of 30 minute heaven. (2/8)

    Fawcett's CBS film Jewel
    airs TONIGHT!

    Fawcett & Bergin in CBS's Jewel On Wednesday, February 7 at 9pm CBS presents a new television movie starring Emmy Award nominee Farrah Fawcett and Emmy Award winner Cicely Tyson titled Jewel. The film is a touching drama which spans nearly 20 years of a woman's love for her children.

    Jewel (Fawcett) is a loving mother of four children and a devoted wife. In the simple life of Mississippi, Jewel waits for her fifth child, yet her perfect life will soon be turned upside down as Cathedral (Tyson) makes an prophecy that Jewel's fifth child will be her god-given challenge.

    After the birth of Brenda Kay, the child is diagnosed with Down syndrome, Jewel feels if the family loves Brenda Kay enough, she will turn out ok. Jewel beings to virtually ignore the rest of her family as she tends to Brenda Kay's every needs. After little change, Jewel uproots her family to move to Los Angeles so Brenda Kay can attend a school for mentally retarded children.

    After 10 years, Jewel finds that her other four children also need their mother. She realizes that Brenda Kay needs to find her own independent, which is the hardest challenge for Jewel to face.

    Premiers Wednesday, February 7th, 2001
    on CBS at 9pm

    Farrah Promotional schedule
  • Late LateShow on Tuesday Feb 6
  • Early Show on Wednesday, Feb 7th (morning)

    Photo:CBS Farrah Fawcett & Patrick Bergin from Jewel

    Sweet Valentine Auctions!

    Smith & Ladd is a non-profit Internet-based organization that is an umbrella for many of the most vital and productive children's charities. Currently, is showcasing a charity auction on Yahoo!. Two of Charlie's Angels are helping with the cause by signing Ethel M Chocolates.

  • Cheryl Ladd has signed one "Love & Kisses, Cheryl Ladd". Certificate of Authenticity. Bidding is starting at: $75.00. Click here to bid on: Cheryl Ladd Valentine Chocolates

  • Jaclyn Smith - Signed "Much love! Jaclyn Smith". Certificate of Authenticity. The current bid is at $75.00. Click here to bid on Jaclyn Smith Valentine Chocolates

    But you better hurry! Cheryl Ladd's ends in two days and Jaclyn Smith's ends in three!

    To check out auctions pleas click here: Other Auctions. (2/1)

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