May 2001:

Farrah & Keith
Farrah & Keith at work Artists, Farrah Fawcett and Keith Edmier are collaborating on a conceptual sculpture for the Art Production Fund & Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.

The exhibition date is yet to be determined, but soon you will be able to buy a print of the collaboration. Yet, right now you can check out their website at Farrah & Keith (5/16)

CA2 Filming in 2002
Charlie's Angels 2 The sequel to ``Charlie's Angels,'' could start filming as early as spring 2002. ``Depending on whether a strike happens, we should have the script in four to six weeks, (and are) planning to begin shooting in the spring of 2002,'' said producer Leonard Goldberg. ``We'll take it to the Angels for their perusal, and if they like it, Sony can sit down with them and make a deal.''

The first film, which starred Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, grossed $125 million at the North American box office. John August (''Go'') is writing the script for the sequel under the supervision of director McG., who filmed the original. Goldberg is producing with Barrymore and her Flower Films production partner Nancy Juvonen.

(5/10) Photo ©2001 Sony Entertainment

Corgi's New Angel Van
Corgi New Angel Van Corgi Classics is re-issuing the 1977 Charlie's Angels Van this September 2001. The new van is in a darker pink then the original run and the package will not be released with any character figures.

The company has already released the new Starsky & Hutch car and soon will release The A-Team (August), The Dukes of Hazzard & Knight Rider (July).

(5/10) Photo ©2001 Corgi Classics

Rare Tanya Roberts film released!
tanya roberts on DVD A rare film title The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover has just been released exclusively through The film show cases Tanya Roberts in bit part as an airline stewardess. The film was released way back in 1978 and was one of her first Hollywood roles.

Many other cool Tanya Roberts titles are available on If you are interested here are some links or when on the site just search for this heavenly angel!


Kate Jackson on Hollywood Squares
All this Week!

Hollywood Hills "I'll take an Angel for the block!" for the week of May 21-25, 2001 on Hollywood Squares!

That's right, it's a heavenly angel is one of the squares on the hit syndicated game show Hollywood Squares. Kate Jackson is working her halo with answering questions for a full week!

Charlie's Angels Collectors Sell!

A huge Angel auction Fellow Angel collectors, Greg Davis & Bill Morgan and authors of TV TOYS Vol 1& 2 are now auctioning off their huge collection of TV memorabilia!

You got it classic TV fans, everything is for sale! Charlie's Angels, Dukes of Hazard, I Dream of Jeannie, The Love Boat, Bewitched, Beverly Hills 90210, Happy Days, The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, Josie and the Pussycats, and so much more from your favorite shows!!!

If you ever wanted to start a collection or add to you’re existing collection here is your chance! Just a few of the Charlie's Angels items on sale are vintage posters, notebooks, tumblers, travel Pack, iron-ons, puzzles, and the list goes on.

The auction is being done by Collectors Universe and ends on May 23, 2001. There will sure be some lucky winners and when you are on the site do a search for your favorite show! (5/3)

Angel News - Farrah, Cheryl and Kate!

Angel Updates!
  • Court TV is airing Hollywood & Crime - American Beauties on Wednesday, May 23 at 6:00 pm (e/p). The episode is a a profile of several court cases involving Hollywood sex symbols such as Kim Basinger and Farrah Fawcett.

  • The USA Network is replaying the Cheryl Ladd episode of Jesse titled Crazy White Female on Wednesday May 23 at 9:00am (e/p). The episode has John (George Dzundza) who is tempted by a former classmate (Ladd).

  • Kate Jackson has given an interview to Christos' Kate Jackson Site. Christos' website is dedicated to the "smart angel" - Ms. Jackson. Click here to read Kate's Interview. (5/19)

    Tanya Roberts on The TEST

    Tanya Roberts on The TEST! Tanya Roberts will be a guest on FX Network series The Test which is hosted by Jillian Barberie. Ms. Roberts, test is titled "The Ego Maniac Test"! So tune in at 11pm e/p on FX this Friday, May 18, 2001. Re-plays on Monday, May 21, at 2pm e/p

    p.s. Barberie is a big fan of Charlie's Angels!

    (5/14) Photo ©2001 Fox Networks

    Angels, Daughters & People!

    People Magazine May 21, 2001 In the new issue of People magazine (May 21, 2001) has a story about what famous Moms say about their daughters.

    The magazine highlights two angels, Jaclyn Smith (also on the cover) and Cheryl Ladd. The stars chat with People about their memories of their heavenly daughters. The new issue should be on newsstands now!

    (5/12) Photo ©2001 People Magazine

    Smith's new Kmart Commercial

    Jaclyn & Kmart Kmart has just started to run a new TV commercial showcasing Jaclyn Smith promoting her Signature Collection! Ms. Smith promotes a valuable 25% discount on her personal apparel just in time for mothers day!

    So keep close eye out for her new TV spot and don't forget Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 13. Your mother is a true Angel!

    (5/7) Photo ©2001 Kmart

    April 2001:

    Jaclyn Smith a true "Hollywood Mom"

    Hollywood Moms Bookcover Just in time for Mother's Day this new picture book from Abrams publishing, titled Hollywood Moms. The book was photographed by Joyce Ostin and showcases celebrity mothers with their kids. On the Angel front, Jaclyn Smith is pictured inside with her own mother and daughter. Amanda Goldberg shines with her mother in an angelic photo. Amanda Goldberg is the daughter of Leonard Goldberg, producer and creator of Charlie's Angels, she also was a associate produced on the hit film.

    Also pictured are tons of fellow "Hollywood Moms" such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Goldie Hawn, Carol Burnett and many more! If you are interested in buying a copy -- just click on the photo and that will take you to (4/24)

    Ladd teams with Varilux

    Ladd hooks up with Varilux April 2001 is Presbyopia Awareness Month and Cheryl Ladd is teaming up with Varilux to educate baby boomers about this inevitable eye condition.

    Ladd was working on Two Guys and a Girl last year and she noticed that the words on the script seemed fuzzy and unreadable. "My eye doctor explained to me that eventually, everyone gets presbyopia - it's inevitable," said Ladd. "My whole generationis experiencing the signs of this eye condition, but most don't know what is happening to them. You can't prevent presbyopia and you can't reverse it, but with the technology available today, there's no reason this condition should come between you and the lifestyle you used to." Presbyopia is a diminishing ability to focus on object close-up and many boomers in their 40s and 50s, like Ladd, are beginning to notice it telltale signs and the new Varilux Boomer Watch survey found that more than 76 percent of boomers aren't familiar with the condition.

    To learn more go to Varilux website by clicking on the photo or here: Varilux Website
    Photo ©Varilux (4/4)

    Heavenly Divas: Simply Singing!

    Project Angel Food Divas: Simply Singing! is a concert which benefits Project Angel Food and Caring with Babies with AIDS. So if you are in Los Angeles on May 5 7:30 pm, come by and see some really gifted performers give it all for a great cause. Scheduled to perform: Tiffany Roberta Flack (honorary DIVA), Diana King, Moe Daniels, EG Daily, Nnenna Freelon, Sherly Lee Ralph, Elizabeth Berkley, Victoria Rowell, Charlene (You've Never Been To Me), Abigail, Vann Johnson, Joanna Pacitti. The event will be held at the Wilshire-Ebell Theatre, tickets can be ordered on-line, or through TicketMaster at 213-480-3232. (4/27)

    Josie and the Pussycats Marathon

    JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS MARATHON This Saturday, April 28, 3-6 p.m. (e/p) Cartoon Network presents a special three-hour matinee marathon of adventure and music starring the rockin' feline supergroup Josie and the Pussycats. Josie, Melody and Valerie kick out the jams and solve crimes as they travel around the world with a crew that also includes their manager, Alexander Cabot III, his trouble-making sister Alexandra and hunky heartthrob Alan.

    Also during the three hours hear Cheryl Ladd as the singing voice of Melody! (4/27)

    Cheryl Ladd on The View

    Ladd on The View Here is some, Angel breaking news! Cheryl Ladd will be seen on ABC's The View tomorrow April 24,2001!

    Check local listings for time! (4/23)

    Tanya Roberts on Hollywood Squares
    This Week!

    Tanya on Hollywood Squares "I'll take an Angel for the block!"

    That's right, it's a heavenly angel is once again one of the squares on the hit syndicated game show Hollywood Squares. Tanya Roberts is working her halo with answering questions! She will be on for the rest of this week! (4/16)

    Cheryl Ladd hosting Movieguide Awards!

    Ladd hosts Movie Guide Awards Cheryl Ladd will be hosting The 9th Annual MOVIEGUIDE® Awards Gala here is Los Angeles, California. But everyone can watch the event when it airs on PAX-TV on April 15th. Check local listings for times in your area!

    The awards is sponsored by the Christian Film & Television Commission, The Annual MOVIEGUIDE® Awards Gala are dedicated to commend media programs that reflect the faith and values of the large church-going community. All movies and television program honored have strong elements that reflect the faith and values of the Christian community.

    March 2001:

    Dark Shadows
    on SCI-FI

    Kate Jackson Kate Jackson's full year of Dark Shadows is currently playing on the cable channel Sci-fi. Jackson filmed over 90+ episodes in Dark Shadows final year. Here is your chance to see a very young Jackson learning her craft! Please check your local listing for time and channel. (3/16)

    Tanya Roberts on Hollywood Squares!

    Tanya on Hollywood Squares "I'll take an Angel for the block!"

    That's right, it's a heavenly angel in one of the squares on the hit syndicated game show Hollywood Squares. Tanya Roberts is working her halo with answering questions! She will be on for the rest of this week! (3/28)

    A Fawcett Update

    Fawcett at 2001 Vienna Ball ©BBC Online
  • Farrah Fawcett was the celebrity star at this years annual extravaganza Opera Ball held in Vienna, Australia. Fawcett said ``I feel like I'm in a period film, filled with very elegant and exquisite things. It's an honor to be here.'' She did look heavenly in her red dress!

  • Artists, Farrah Fawcett and Keith Edmier are collaborating on a conceptual sculpture for the Art Production Fund & Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. Currently, the exhibition date is yet to be determined. But you can check out the website at Farrah & Keith (2/25)

    The Angel and Mr. Winkle!

    Smith and Mr. Winkle © Now which little angel was upstaging each other at the recent fashion show benefiting Actors and Others for Animals in Los Angles, California??? Jaclyn Smith or Mr. Winkle???

    That's right, the heavenly duo stole the runway! If you want to learn more about this small angel, visit his home page at Mr. Winkle! (2/25)

    Farrah's Birthday!

    Farrah Fawcett's birthday is of course today on February 2, 2001! We all here at Angelic Heaven send out warmest wishes to one of our favorite "Angels." Happy Birthday Farrah! You are ageless!

    Don't forget to watch Farrah's new film on CBS titled Jewel this month, February 7!

    Farrah on DVD!

    Hey DVD and Farrah fans! Some of Farrah's coolest films are now available on DVD! What a great copy of Logan's Run or Saturn 3 or how about of of Fawcett's first TV films Murder on Flight 502??? Of course, still on DVD is her 1997 hot release Farrah Fawcett: All of Me and her most recent film Dr. T and The Women was just released!!! So click on the photo or the titles names to buy a copy today on! And bring Farrah Fawcett home tonight!

    Saturn 3
    Murder on Flight 502
    Logan's Run
    Dr. T and The Women
    Farrah Fawcett: All of Me

    Charlie's Angels
    Movie Video Release!

    Charlie's Angels Movie DVD Cover Well, Charlie's Angels movie fans the new film will hit video stores on March 27, 2001. Here at Angelic Heaven we just got a sneak peek at the "Special Edition" DVD and it's a slice of heaven!

    The special features seem to go on forever, which includes two music videos (Destiny's Child & Apollo Fourty-Four), two theatrical trailers, three extended/deleted scenes, and four special mini-documentaries with interviews with the films stars!

    But there are two disappointments, the "Outtakes and Bloopers" are the same as the films ending credits and not one photo or mention of Charlie's "classic" Angels. This film was based on a hit TV show, right???

    The Charlie's Angels DVD is priced for around $27.00, yet the video is selling for $112! If you are interested in buy in the DVD click on the photo and surf over to to buy! Bring home these kicking butt angels tonight!(3/16)

    Josie & The Pussycats!

    Buy Josie Video Link! So how is Josie the Pussycat related to Charlie's Angels? Heavenly halos! Cheryl Ladd got her first singing start her in Los Angeles way back in the 1970s as the singing voice of Melody! "We were a early version of Charlie's Angels." Ms. Ladd told Angelic Heaven in her 1998 interview.

    Josie Video CoverBut sadly, Cheryl Ladd will not be seen in the film which opens on April 11, 2001. If you want to hear Ms. Ladd as "Melody" Warner Bros will be releasing two Josie & The Pussycats videos later this month! Click on the links below or on the photos to surf over to Amazon to buy a copy. (3/12)

    Josie and the Pussycats - The Melody Memory Mix-Up (1970)
    Josie and the Pussycats - Chile Today, Hot Tamale

    Kate Jackson at Dark Shadows Event!

    Kate Jackson in Dark Shadows The Museum of Television & Radio in Los Angeles, Ca will present the eighteenth annual William S. Paley Television Festival. The festival this year will celebrate the gothic daytime soap, Dark Shadows on Thursday, March 8 at 7:00 p.m.

    The evening will hold a screening of the series and a Q&A with a panel of cast and crew from the series. Scheduled to attend includes, Kate Jackson, Robert Cobert , Dan Curtis, Roger Davis, John Karlen, Jerry Lacy, Lara Parker, Christopher Pennock , Mitchell Ryan, Kathryn Leigh Scott , David Selby, James Storm, Lela Swift, Sy Tomashoff .

    Tickets are currently still available. To buy tickets please go to on - search for "Dark Shadows." Ticket cost is $15.00

    For more information on this event please go to MT&R Paley Webpage.

    Pingel on TLC

    Bellbottoms and ©TLC Hey Angel fans, set you VCR's and record this kick back to the '70s in a two-hour special The‘70s Bellbottoms to Boogie Shoes which is narrated by Danny Bonaduce.

    The special looks at the "me generation" with such 70s stars as, Cheryl Tiegs, The Village People, Barry Williams (The Brady Bunch), Shirley Jones, Harry Wayne Casey (KC and the Sunshine Band) and Linda Blair (The Exorcist). The show will also showcase an interview with Mike Pingel (Angelic Heaven) and his Charlie's Angels collection!

    So tune in to The Learning Channel,Tuesday, March 6 9 p.m. and midnight ET/PT and Saturday, March 10, 6 p.m. ET/PT to see more of the '70s! Click here for more information The Learning Channel's -'70s Stuff!

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