Jackson Mentions Reunion
Kate JacksonKate Jackson was on The Wayne Brady Show today (11/13/03) chatting about "Open The Door To A Healthy Heart," a national consumer education campaign to raise awareness about America's No. 1 health problem - heart disease - and how to prevent it through simple dietary changes.

Also when she was on the show she mentioned an upcoming "Charlie's Angels" reunion with Farrah, Jaclyn and herself -- "The REAL Charlie's Angels."  We all will have to wait and see..... 

For more info on The Healthy Refrigerator campaign go to: 


Smith on The District - Saturday 

Jaclyn Smith will appear in Saturday's (Nov 8) episode of The District @ 10pm on CBS. 

TV Guide had her listed for last week -- which if you tuned in -- oopppss - she was not on!  (11/6)


Tanya Roberts in Person 
Tanya Roberts Upcoming Shows Here are some upcoming chances to meet Charlie's final Angel Tanya Roberts!  

Roberts Upcoming Appearance

November 20-22, 2003
Coventry, England


Ladd This Monday
James Cann & Cheryl Ladd on LAS VEGAS

Cheryl Ladd  will be on Monday's episode of Las Vegas "Luck Be a Lady", at 9pm on NBC. So set those VCRs!!

Check out the newest photos of Cheryl from Las Vegas.  

Childhelp USA with Ladd Foreword
Cheryl Ladd has written the foreword to the new Childhelp USA book titled Silence Broken.  The book tells the story of Childhelp USA founders Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson whom single handily have helped over 3 million kids from child abuse and neglect.

Childhelp USA  is an amazing tale of courage and determination. For forty-four years after its founding, the pair, beautiful and lively as ever, are celebrating the anniversary of the charity they founded, Childhelp USA (

Ladd has been a Childhelp USA Goodwill Ambassador for over 20 years. Lending her name to raise money and bring attention to help abused children.

Silence Broken will be in stores November 2003.  (10/7/03)

October 2003

Interview with John August
john augustTo toast the release of the second Charlie's Angels film, Mike Pingel sat down and chatted with writer, John August who wrote both Charlie's Angels features.  

Pingel asked that question which so many of Kelly Garrett fans have been emailing... is Kelly Garrett dead????  Well -- you will just have to read the Q&A to find out!  CLICK HERE  (10/25)


Full Throttle Released in Stores
Angels on the beach  -- DVD and Video of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle is now in stores.Yes, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle is in stores today! (Oct 21, 2003) The film comes in two versions the theatrical release rated PG-13 and an "Unrated" version.  What's the difference?  As far as the movie -- there was only  2 minutes of new footage added into the "Unrated" version. 

The "Unrated" DVD version does have 35 minutes of exclusive features not found on the "PG-13" release.  The features are "Turning the Angels in to Pussycat Dolls," "Rolling with the Punches" then behind the camera look at the motor cross segment in "XXX-Treme Angels" and look into the music of the film with "Full Throttle Jukebox"

Which one to pick in the store???  It's your choice... you still will receiving all the action of Charlie's Angels!  ...and don't forget the scene with Kelly Garrett! 

Hot Angel News (10/03/03)
Farrah Fawcett's first BB ad - Ran in NYTimesFarrah Fawcett's first news paper ad ran last week in the Sunday New York Times for her upcoming Broadway play Bobbi Boland. She was also seen on CBS's Early Show  this past week and the plays new website will be up soon @ 

Jaclyn Smith will be making her 2nd appearance this season on The District, Saturday, October 4, 10pm (PST) on CBS.

Cheryl Ladd is making the casinos heat up on Las Vegas with her "brief" appearances every Monday on NBC @ 9pm

Angels Appearances

Jaclyn Smith will appear in Saturday's (Nov 1) episode of The District "Jupiter For Sale" at 10pm on CBS. 

Cheryl Ladd will appear with making her third appearance on Monday's (Nov 3) Las Vegas "Semper Spy" at 9pm on NBC.

Hollywood Wives Website
CBS has launched their Hollywood Wives 2 web page which will air Sunday, October 19th @ 9pm (est/pst).  Hollywood Wives 2 Website CLICK HERE 

Lissa Roman (Fawcett), Taylor Singer (Melissa Gilbert) and Kyndra (Robin Givens) are the new Hollywood wives, all of whom lead very complicated lives. Lissa is a film and music superstar whose new blockbuster is about to premiere. She's also about to finally kick out her younger, hunky husband who has been playing around on her. For protection, she hires a sexy private investigator, Michael Scorsinni (Scalia), and the sparks fly between them. (10/7/03)

UPDATE: Check out some cool photo of Farrah on!

NBC's Unofficial Charlie's Angels Film
Charlie's Angels blurred -- NBC makes Charlie's Angels movieAs most everyone knows NBC is producing a unofficial behind the scenes TV movie on our beloved series Charlie's Angels.  This film is unofficial and based on a unofficial book. None of the original stars (Fawcett, Jackson or Smith) are involved with the project.  The film will only deal with the first season of Angels -- and most likely it will turn out to be the "Farrah Fawcett Story". 

We try here at to bring you - the fans -  the current news on what is happening with the actress and the series. Now if the original angels were involved with it  -- NOW that would be something to talk about. (10/25)

September  2003

Smith Meets Smith 
Charlie's Angels fan Nancy Smith meets Jaclyn SmithJaclyn Smith did make her personal appearance @ the Nebraska Furniture Mart on Saturday, September 20th in Kansas City, KS. One fan drove 750 miles to meet this heavenly angel!  Here is what Nancy Smith had to say about meeting Jaclyn Smith. 

"She was absolutely wonderful.  She took time to speak with each fan, and really put forth extra effort to make everyone feel special.  I have always been a big fan of hers but after Saturday, I was even more impressed.  She just radiated class.  It was a day that I will never forget and well worth the 750 mile drive." ~ Nancy Smith

Silk Hope comes to DVD
Silk Hope Box Cover Farrah Fawcett's movie Silk Hope is being released to DVD & VHS on November 25, 2003. 

Farrah Fawcett portrays, Frannie Vaugahn, a woman who after the death of her mother finds a reason to change her irreverent and irresponsible life. Frannie in the process falls back in love with the family farm and fights to save it.  cost is around $8.99 -- Pre-Order from CLICK HERE 




Jackson Has Canceled 
Jackson and fan from last years Fan Source Kate Jackson was scheduled to attend the fourth annual FanSource A Fan Appreciation Weekend in October.  Jackson has canceled out due to filming the upcoming film No Regrets. 

"I'm sorry I won't be able to join you for this year's FanSource A Fan Appreciation Weekend.  I'll be on the east coast filming the independent movie NO REGRETS.  I so enjoyed meeting everyone last year and was looking forward to seeing you again this year.  Hope to see you next year." ~ Kate Jackson (Sept. 19, 2003)  (8/23/03)

Kate Jackson in Person 
Jackson and fan from last years Fan Source Kate Jackson is scheduled to attend the fourth annual FanSource A Fan Appreciation Weekend will take place the weekend of Oct. 17, 18 and 19, 2003 at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Universal City, California.  

This year's fun-filled weekend event includes free celebrity photographs and autographs, and a souvenir program book.  In addition, opportunities for celebrity book signings and silent auctions of exciting celebrity memorabilia. A memorabilia room will be open on Saturday and Sunday mornings, offering some rare, fun and exclusive celebrity collectibles. Other celebrities set to attend are Stephanie Powers, Linda Gray, Melissa Gilbert, Morgan Fairchild, Barbara Eden, Bruce Boxleitner. For more check out  Please let them know you heard about the event from!!! 

Angel "HOT" News
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle now has broken over the $100 million dollar mark here domestically. The film after the three day weekend has grossed $100,262,649 with it's 10 week run in theaters. 

TVLand has taken Charlie's Angels off their line up.  The network had bought the syndication rights for the show from 2000-2003.  No word if the network will bring the angels back.  

Farrah Fawcett has been confirmed as the star in the new comedy by Nancy Hasty, Bobbi Boland on Broadway by Playbill.  The  Broadway opening scheduled for Nov. 24 and previews begin at the Cort Theatre on Oct. 31.

Cheryl Ladd is rumored to be hosting a Discovery Channel show set to air this month.
Ladd's new show Las Vegas will premiere on NBC, Monday, September 22 at 9:00 p.m. PT/ET.

Kate Jackson is suing the Nuhair corporation due to non-payment and royalties. For more on check out the story on Celebrity Justice - CLICK HERE

Smith on Globe
This weeks Globe with Smith.  issue Sept. 9th -- ON NEWSSTANDS NOWJaclyn Smith graces the cover of the Globe, this week (Sept 9, 2003). The story is an exclusive interview with Smith regarding her battle with breast cancer.  Inside is a two page story (with tons of photos) of the heavenly angel.  

The article mentions how Farrah & Kate have been a huge help with her battle and Smith's return to the set of The District for the new fall season. Globe is on newsstands now. (8/31/03)


Farrah @ The Cookout! 
The Hollywood Report reported  last week about Queen Latifah's new film "The Cookout" which beings filming this month in New Jersey. The film will have a star-studded cast of stars making appearances including Farrah Fawcett.  Fawcett will play one of the neighbors and the wife to the Judge played by Danny Glover. 

Update: Fawcett's TV film Hollywood Wives 2 will air on CBS Sunday, October 19th @ 9pm (est/pst).  (8/13/03)

New Angels to DVD
Farrah as the Fawcett in the upcoming DVD release "Brave Little Toster Goes to Mars.The following movies are being released (or have released) on DVD and are now available.

1. Now and Forever (w/Cheryl Ladd) - now available - CLICK HERE 
2. Troll (w/Shelley Hack) - release: August 26 - CLICK HERE 
3. Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars (w/Farrah's voice) - release: September 2 - CLICK HERE
4. Almost Perfect Affair (featuring Farrah very briefly) - release: September 23. - CLICK HERE 

UPDATED: Meet Jaclyn Smith
Jaclyn Smith (c)jaclynsmith.comJaclyn Smith will be making a personal appearance @ the Nebraska Furniture Mart on Saturday, September 20th in Kansas City, KS. Smith will be on hand from 10am-2pm for a meet and greet with her fans.

Her appearance is to promote the Jaclyn Smith Home Collection by Largo.  As a special gift the first 100 people will receive a free Jaclyn Smith Wooden Jewelry Box (while supplies last).  Yet, everyone there can sign up for the giveaway of a Jaclyn Smith Cocktail Table. (updated 8/15/03)

The Farrah Hair
The Farrah - Farrah Fawcett's hair still talked about today!!! Surely Farrah Fawcett is as surprise as "We" all are that her haircut from the 70s is still talked about today! ..and the "We" channel is cutting some hair to undercover the craze!  

In it's documentary tilted "A Cut Above: Beautiful Hair" which will air  tomorrow September 13, 2003 @ 6pm (est); 3pm (PST). The special looks at famous celebrities hairstyles such as "The Farrah," "The Dorothy" and "The Rachel." (8/12/03)


Farrah on Tonight Show - Wednesday
Farrah FawcettOn Wednesday, Sept 10 - Farrah Fawcett will have a guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  The Tonight Show airs on NBC @ 11:35pm. 

Fawcett should be chatting Jay up about her two upcoming projects Hollywood Wife's 2 and Bobbi Boland. (and don't forget her Emmy n
omination for her work in the CBS TV show, The Guardian)  (9/8/03)

Farrah Hopeful Return to Broadway
Farrah has reported that Farrah Fawcett is in negotiations to star in the upcoming Broadway production this fall of Nancy Hasty's Bobbi Boland.

In Bobbi Boland, centers around a former Miss Florida who is perfect in every way... and married her high school-sweetheart, football hero Roger, she owns her own beauty salon and lives a seemingly perfect existence. That is until 20-year-old-free-loving Kim arrives in town, with an eye for her man. Now Bobbi has to suddenly do what she has not done in a while--fight for what she wants.  For more info visit .

Fawcett gets Emmy Nomination
Farrah FawcettFarrah Fawcett today (July 17, 2003) received a Emmy nomination for her work in the CBS TV show, The Guardian.  Ms.  Farrah played the recurring role of Mary Gressler and had done four appearances this past season. Unfortunately, her Emmy nominated character was killed off as part of the story line.

The 55th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards to air on September 21, 2003 on your local FOX Channel.

Fawcett in Hollywood Wives 2
Farrah Fawcett According to The Hollywood Reporter, Farrah Fawcett will co-star with Melissa Gilbert in CBS's TV movie Hollywood Wives: The New Generation, based on Jackie Collins's recent best-selling novel.

This will be the follow up to the hit 1985 mini-series  which starred Candice Bergen.


Fawcett's Art Moves to Pittsburgh
Farrah working on her art - photo from Fawcett's book -- as her art is moving to the east coast.Liz Smith reported that Farrah Fawcett's art exhibition is moving to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh this month. The Museum is calling the exhibition a "birthday present" to Warhol, who would have turned 75 Aug. 6.

For more on Fawcett's art check out her book, Keith Edmier and Farrah Fawcett: Recasting Pygmalion by Lynn Zelevansky. The book is a look with photos of Keith & Farrah working on their art together. The book retails for $29.95. Click here to order the book @ Click To Buy Now

Charlie's Angels NEW Van

Hey Angels...Charlie's Angels has a new collectible for collectors!  Racing Champions is releasing Charlie's Angels Chevy Van (1:64 Die Cast Metal) in the color black with the logo on the side! 

The new van looks similar to the Corgi Jr van from the 70s, but now has a sleek new black design to make it ultra cool. The van is being shipped and is due out in stores in June 2003! 


Super-Bit Charlie's Angels DVD
Charlie's Angels: The Movie - SuperBit DVD out May 27th.
Charlie's Angels: The Movie will be released in "Super-Bit" here in the US on May 27th in a two disc set. Also the dvd will come with a free movie ticket for Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Extras include a exclusive sneak peek at Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Set design, fashion, martial arts and stunts, special effects, and director McG featurettes. Deleted and extended scenes.

Regular retail price is $24.95.

The PRE-ORDER price is $18.71
Click Here to BUY NOW!

What is superbit??? The Superbit titles utilize a special high bit rate digital encoding process which optimizes video quality while offering a choice of both DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.

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