2 new projects for Ladd
Cheryl Ladd in Eve's Christmas Cheryl Ladd has a new holiday movie tilted Eve's Christmas. No word if it will air in theaters or on TV. 

Then on May 4, 2005, she will release a new book Token Chick, an autobiographical book recounting her experiences with the sport of golf. The book follows Ladd's experience from being introduced to the game by her husband to stories of celebrity golf tournaments and pro-ams.

Story Behind Pro-Art
Now you can read the incredible story of Pro Arts! The company that brought America the Farrah Fawcett Red Swimsuit poster as well as many more. 

Read about the double dealing dirty lawyers, inept judges, shady investors and the laundered Mafia loan that contributed to the demise of the 70s poster giant. This amazing and TRUE story is brought to you courtesy of PIE International. Learn how the American legal system really works. 

CLICK HERE to read the book online.

New Smith Ads
OOOPPPSS... she did it again. Jaclyn Smith looks stunning in two new ads for her fresh new KMart line!

The 2-page ad can be found in the November issue of Oprah, and the October 25 issue of People magazine. The 1-page ad can be found in the November issue of Martha Stewart's Living.


Ladd's Story in Guideposts
Cheryl Ladd writes a story for the spiritual magazine Guideposts. In the story Ladd explains how her golf game has help moved her  closer to God.  

The October 2004, Guideposts can be found at grocery stores and newsstands. 


Ladd on H&F Nov 26
ABC/ERIC LIEBOWITZHOPE & FAITH -"9021-Uh-Oh"  - The family flashes back to Thanksgiving Day a decade ago, with Faith hosting a frenetic and hilarious holiday dinner in her fabulous Hollywood pad. She goes to great lengths to impress her parents (Cheryl Ladd and Robert Wagner), including posing as the girlfriend of -Beverly Hills: 90210- hunk Brian Austin Green, who has left Charley star struck. All hell breaks loose when family secrets are exposed.

To find more photos from Jaclyn & Cheryl's appearances on Hope & Faith -  CLICK HERE

Hope & Faith,- FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 26 (9:00-9:30 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. 

Smith on H&F Nov 12
HOPE & FAITH - "Stand By Your Mandi" ­ Hope and Faith upset their dad, Jack (Robert Wagner), when they try to prevent him from marrying Mandi (Jenny McCarthy) when he truly loves Anne (Jaclyn Smith). But Jack insists on wedding the mother of his expected baby, unaware that Mandi is still involved with her boyfriend, 

To find more photos from Jaclyn & Cheryl's appearances on Hope & Faith -  CLICK HERE

Hope & Faith, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12 (9:00-9:30 p.m., ET), on the ABC.

Roberts in NYC - Nov 19-20
Tanya Roberts will be making an appearance at the The National Comic Book, Art, and Sci-Fi Expo in the NYC.  She will be at the show only on Friday, Nov 19 & Saturday, Nov 20.  

Other stars in attendance:

The National Comic Book, Art, and Sci-Fi Expo is located at the Penn Plaza Pavilion, between 7th Ave. and 33rd St., across from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station in New York City. Admission price is $15.00 per day. Hours: Fri 1p-8p, Sat 10a-7p, Sun 10a-6p. For more info go to: 

Ladd on Vegas - Monday

Cheryl Ladd will appearing on Monday's (November 8) episode of Las Vegas titled "Two of a Kind" . . . . . so tune it in on NBC at 9pm.



Tanya on That 70s Show
Tanya Roberts will once again appear on That 70s Show.  The episode tilted Rip This Joint airs Wednesday, Nov. 3 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

On the episode:  When Eric encourages the gang to pull a prank on a crazy neighbor, their fun comes to a screeching halt and Eric is left to fend for himself. Meanwhile, when Kitty takes a Cosmo quiz, she learns that she has low self-esteem and must throw a “coming out” party for herself. The party is all fun and games until Bob accuses Midge of flirting with W.B.

October 2004

That 70s show on DVD!
that 70s show -- first season on DVD CLICK HERE TO ORDER
The first season of That 70s Show which co-starred that heavenly angel Tanya Roberts will hit the stores on October 26th, 2004.

Tanya Roberts played Midge Pinciotti,  the slightly ditsy mother of Donna Pinciotti.  Roberts played Midge for the first 3 years of the series.  Last year she returned for the final episode of the season. 

To pre-order CLICK HERE

A Cheryl Ladd Bobble-head!
The South Dakota minor league baseball team is planning a promotion for 2005 where they'll make Bobbleheads of some famous South Dakotan's.  The top 3 will win.    Other SD alumni are Tom Brokaw, Pat O'Brien, Mary Hart, Bob Barker to name a few!   

So Angel fans lets make a home run and VOTE for our favorite South Dakota Angel, Cheryl Ladd! 

To vote go to: 



Buzz on Farrah
Farrah featured on the cover of this week's "Star" - November 1, 2004 issue.

Article is about classic stars whom are making comebacks this tv season.  

The photo is a small part of the full cover of The Star.


Chasing Farrah Airs Jan 2005
Chasing Farrah
is scheduled to premiere January 19, 2005 and anchoring TV Land's Wednesday programming block at 10 p.m.

Chasing Farrah will be 6 episodes long with cameras chasing the 70s Angel from NYC to LA to her roots in Texas.  

Smith on H&F Nov 5 &12
HOPE & FAITH - "Natal Attraction" ­ Hope and Faith play matchmakers between their dad (Robert Wagner) and their gynecologist, Anne (Jaclyn Smith). But the budding relationship is in jeopardy when they discover Mandi (Jenny McCarthy) -- Faith¹s former friend, Anne¹s patient and Jack¹s one-time fling -- is pregnant with Jack¹s child, on Hope & Faith, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5 (9:00-9:30 p.m., ET), on the ABC

HOPE & FAITH - "Stand By Your Mandi" ­ Hope and Faith upset their dad, Jack (Robert Wagner), when they try to prevent him from marrying Mandi (Jenny McCarthy) when he truly loves Anne (Jaclyn Smith). But Jack insists on wedding the mother of his expected baby, unaware that Mandi is still involved with her boyfriend, on Hope & Faith, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12 (9:00-9:30 p.m., ET), on the ABC.


Hope & Faith & Angels! 
Jaclyn Smith & Cheryl Ladd will be appearing on Hope & Faith this November.  It was reported in TV Guide (October 3 issue) by TV Guide Insider guru, Michael Ausiello.  

So it looks like November will be a "heavenly" month once again for ABC-TV!  


Chasing Farrah
Crews film fans for Chasing Farrah. (c)Joe SmileuskeFarrah Fawcett has her own new reality TV show titled Chasing Farrah the show is slated to be 6 episodes long and will air on TVLand. 

Pictured is the Chasing Farrah crew interviewing Farrah fans outside of David Letterman while they wait patiently  to get pictures and autographs with the Angel. 

Thanks to Farrah fan - Joe Smileuske sent this photo! 

New "Angel" Show Appearances 
Cheryl Ladd will be appearing in Las Vegas on the the Monday, September 27, episode title "Blood is Thicker", at 9pm (PST). 

Tanya Roberts will be That '70s Show on September 29, episode titled "Beast of Burden", at 8pm (PST)


Jaclyn is Back @ K
Jaclyn is back in Kmart
Jaclyn Smith is looking ultra sexy in her new ads for Kmart!  Currently two new ads are running in magazines this month. One in the Martha Stewart Living Magazine (Oct '04)  which is a very cool 1-page ad.  Then in the Lifetime magazine (Oct '04) - there is a 2-page ad.


Current Ads:

Ad which is running in Martha Stewart Living Ad which is running in Lifetime Mag.


September 2004

Navigating the Heart - now on dvd
Jaclyn Smith's 1999 Lifetime's film Navigating the Heart will hit shelves on May 4, 2004Jaclyn Smith's 1999 Lifetime's film Navigating the Heart will hit shelves on May 4, 2004.   

The film chronicles the story of an unlikely romance between a cosmopolitan career woman and a small town fisherman  Headstrong, New York magazine journalist Edith Iglauer (Jaclyn Smith) is sent to British Columbia to do write a meaningless article on the high price of salmon. Edith is forced to use the hardheaded fisherman, John Daly [Tim Matheson] as the main source for her story. As their two personalities clash, they find themselves caught in a fierce storm which brings the threat of death. Edith & John discover each other and begin to fall in love. The film if based on Edith Iglauer’s autobiography Fishing with John.

The dvd on costs $6.99 -- to order CLICK HERE.

Smith's New Film
Hallmark Channel TV
upcoming film Ordinary Miracles new film will star Jaclyn Smith, as a judge. The film will be set in a courtroom in San Diego, CA. No air date has been set yet. 



Tanya on That 70s Show
THAT 70s SHOW begins it's seventh season with the entire cast retuning which even includes Tanya Roberts (Charlie's Angels).  

That 70s Show premiere Wednesday at 8.7c.


Jaclyn & Farrah Commercials
There is a brand new DVD that has been released featuring commercials of both Jaclyn Smith and Farrah Fawcett . . .not sure what commercials are featured. The DVD is called Hit Celebrity TV Commercials and sells for $9.99.  CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW



Let Columbia Know You Want Your Angels!
Charlie's AngelsYIPPEE!!! Sony recently released Season 2 onto dvd.  Now lets keep them going!  Let's see if you the fans can kick some Sony DVD Booty and get Season 3 out before Christmas!  

By now we all know that in CA: Season 2 openings episodes where edited,  how about suggesting to CTHV  that they should ask's Mike Pingel to help out on the next release.  

E-mail address:

Pingel, Jackson & Smith
New DVDs coming starring Mike Pingel & Jaclyn SmithThe 70's: Bellbottoms to Boogie Shoes has been released onto DVD. On the DVD for the year 1976, they show a brief clip of Farrah's Wella Balsam commercial and they interview Mike Pingel of and show part of his collection.  BUY NOW

Kate Jackson's heart story is included in the pages of Larry King's new book: They Triumphed Over the Nation's #1 Killer--And How You Can, Too!  The book will be released on May 18th  The book will inculde Arnold Schwarzenegger, Peggy Fleming, Regis Philbin, Walter Cronkite, Joyce Carol Oates on how they have waged their own battles with heart disease. PRE-ORDER

Jaclyn Smith's earliest works on film was in Paramount Picture's Goodbye Columbus where Smith played a model. The film stars Richard Benjamin, Jack Klugman and Ali MacGraw. Goodbye Columbus will be released on June 6th.  PRE-ORDER

Angels on TV
Farrah Fawcett will be seen on Sunday, September 26, at 2:00 am on a local channel (KONG for those of you in the Northwest), the syndicated program is called "Kickin' It" 

Shelley Hack will be seen on Friday, September 24, at 8:10am (PST), the "Love" channel in her 1978 movie If Ever I See You Again.

Angel Marathon on Lifetime! 
Lifetime TV is having "Angel Sunday" - this coming Sunday, September 19, starting at 11am (PST). They're be airing the following movies: 

Farrah Fawcet's - The Substitute Wife  @ 1pm
Kate Jackson's -   Empty Cradle @ 3pm
Jaclyn Smith's -    Three Secrets  @ 5pm 
Cheryl Ladd's -     Her Best Friend's Husband  @ 7pm



Farrah is NOW Cooking! 
The Cookout  movie poster
In The Cookout, Todd Anderson is chosen as the #1 professional basketball draft pick and signs to play for his home team, the New Jersey Nets, for $30 million, he finds that his newfound wealth and buys a home in a stuffy white neighborhood. Where Farrah Fawcett plays one of the neighbors and the wife to the Judge played by Danny Glover.  The new film will hit theater on September 3rd, 2004. 

You can also check out the first trailer @

P.S. - Farrah will can also be seen on the movie poster! 


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