February 2006

Angels on DVD
In the coming months, there are some additional "Angel" related dvds being released to DVD . . . . . .

Dalva staring Farrah Fawcett out January 10  CLICK2ORDER
Dead Before Dawn staring Cheryl Ladd out Jan 24 CLICK2ORDER
Family Album staring Jaclyn Smith out  February 7  CLICK2ORDER
Making Love staring Kate Jackson put February 7 CLICK2ORDER


Angel Updates!
Cheryl Ladd will be on “Praise the Lord” on Thursday March 2nd at 7:00 pm on the TBN Network

Tanya Roberts' E! True Hollywood Story is set to air on May 7th on E! Entertainment.

Farrah Fawcett is seen inside the March 2006, InStyle magazine naming her one of the worlds beauty "Icons" in the article "The New Beauty Icons" (page 430).

Cheryl in Las Vegas Ad
Cheryl Ladd has been spotted in the new Las Vegas ads which is currently running in the new issues of US, People and National Enquire. The ad is to promote that Las Vegas is moving to Friday 9pm on NBC. 

..and don't forget that TNT is now airing the show.  On Monday, March 6th the network will air "Viva Las Vegas" which has an appearance by Ladd

Farrah on Harry O
March 6, at 5pm & 8pm, the
American Life Network channel will be airing the Harry O episode entitled "Lester Two" which will  feature Farrah 4th appearance on the show.


Ladd on ET tonight!! Feb 20th
(c)2006 ET OnlineCheryl Ladd will be interviewed on Entertainment Tonight,  Monday  Monday Feb 20th.  She sits down with Mary Hart and chats from everything to
plastic surgery, Charlie's Angels and being a smoker.

Do check out the ET website where you can read more about the interview and see a clip.  ET with Cheryl Ladd:  CLICK HERE

Also an extended version will air on Entertainment Tonight's weekend edition this Saturday Feb. 25 (check local listings for actual time and date)

PREMIERE DATE:  Ladd's new film Though None Go With Me is set to air on the Hallmark Channel on April 8th! :-)

Ladd's Charmed on DVD
Ladd fans
Season 5 of Charmed is set to be released to DVD on June 6.

Cheryl Ladd made a guest appearance on the show playing the "Charmed ones" new stepmother in the episode "The Day the Magic Died".  Ladd was not a nice angel -- she tied to kill the Charmed ones!!!!  Heaven help us!!

Farrah in National Enquire
Farrah Fawcett did an interview with the National Enquire about her son's drug addiction, Ryan O'Neal's role and the false allegations that she is addicted to drugs.

She says, "The reason we're not together is over our different views on parenting... For Redmond, living with his dad was like being at Disneyland."  Fawcett also admits that she has missed out on acting parts because Hollywood thinks she is on drugs which is false.

The National Enquire is on newsstands now and the second part of the interview will run in next weeks edition.  

Season 3 to be released on July 4th!
Hot NEWS!!!!  The new release date for Charlie's Angels: Season 3 is Tuesday, July 4th!   (of course, this date is subject to change!)  :-)  Now, talking about some heavenly exploding fireworks!

The release date for Charlie's Angels: Season 3 dvd box set has been changed.  The original date was April 25, 2006 but this date has been moved back. 

YES.. Sony will be releasing the 3rd season box set...how do we know for sure?  Mike Pingel is helping out with the box cover artwork!  :-)  CharliesAngels.com will let you know the actual release date when Sony pins it down! 

New to DVD
Jaclyn Smith's movie Ordinary Miracles is being released to DVD on March 14.  CLICK 2 PRE-ORDER   The dvd retails for $8.99

Cheryl Ladd's movie Evil in the Deep is being released to DVD on March 7 in a box set called "Hollywood Beauties" . . . Evil in the Deep is a different edited version of Treasure of Jamaica Reef.  "Evil" retains all the subplots which are cut out of "Treasure" version and there is some different footage used in "Evil" that isn't  in "Treasure" and vice-versa.   CLICK 2 PRE-ORDER.  The dvd retails for $6.99

Making Love Comes Out
Check out this interview on BigGayPicture.com  with MAKING LOVE Screenwriter Barry Sandler.   In the article he chats about the casting and other interesting items about the film:  CLICK HERE

Sander says:  "Kate [Jackson] was desperate to do it. Her manager was calling every day. So we went with her."

Making Love comes out on DVD next week. To order CLICK HERE

Happy B-day Farrah!
Angelic Heaven staff would like to send the warmest Birthday wishes to Farrah Fawcett! February 2, is this Angels Birthday!

You are ageless and oh so heavenly...have a great birthday month! And may all your wishes come true!


Anyone Seen This Ad?
I just found out about this rare ad from Chasing Farrah.  Her face is slightly different!  I heard it was hung up in grocery stores in NYC.... did anyone see them or get one???  Let me know! ~ Thanks Mike


Please email me @ mike@charliesangels.com

NEW CharliesAngels.com eBay Auctions!
We have new auctions signed by Farrah Fawcett now online.  The three new items are a pair of Sunglasses, Hair Clip and a Playboy invitation (pictured). To bid on the items see the links below...

Click on the links to see the auctions!
1) Farrah Fawcett Playboy Invite
2) Farrah Fawcett Sunglasses
3) Farrah Fawcett Hair Clip

Farrah Classic Harry O
2 of Farrah's early appearances on Harry-O will be airing on the American Life Network (ALN) in the next couple weeks:

 "Double Jeopardy" will air on January 23 - 5pm
 "Lester" will air January 30 - 5pm

Double check the air times.  And these episode will re-air again 3 hours later after the first showing.

Jackson's Dark Shadows DVD
Kate Jackson on Dark ShadowsDVD Update:  Kate Jackson's appearance on the Dark Shadows TV series will begin with the release of Dark Shadows Collection #22 disc set on January 31, 2006.  

Kate was seen on the rest of the series so she will be on all of the DVD releases forthcoming.   To PRE-Order: CLICK HERE.

Some Heavenly Projects
Cheryl Ladd will being filming a new TV movie for the Hallmark Channel titled Though None Go With Me.  No air date has been set, but look for it this fall.

Tori Spelling's show Notorious has been picked up by VH1. The network will begin airing the show on April 2, 2006.  Farrah Fawcett already shot the pilot episode playing Tori's next door neighbor

Season 3 coming in 2006
HERE IS THE BIG NEWS!!   CharliesAngels.com has learned that Charlie's Angels: Season 3 is set to be released onto dvd on April 25, 2006.

Charlie's Angels: Season 3 is best known for Sabrina Duncan's new hair style in the 2 hour premiere episode Angels in Vegas! (which also co-starred Dean Martin) and of course the return of Farrah Fawcett as Jill Munroe in "Angel Come Home."  The third season was also Kate Jackson's final season on the series.  Other fan favorites in season 3 are:  Seeing double-trouble in "Counterfeit Angels," Jamie Lee Curtis in "Winning if for Losers" and Jackson's final episode "Angels Remembered."  

We might have to wait a bit (7 months) but YES.. FINALLY season 3 is on the way!! Thanks Charlie!   (...and Sony!)

Making Love comes to DVD!!
making love Kate Jackson's film Making Love is finally coming to DVD!!! The film will be released by 20th Century Fox on February 7th, 2006.  Jackson plays Claire, a TV executive who is living her dream life, great job, new home and a loving husband.  But when her husband falls in love with another man, her life falls apart.  To pre-order Making Love CLICK HERE

Also coming to DVD on December 26, is Seaquest DSV- season 1. In the 2-hour series pilot, Shelley Hack played a villain .  To pre-order CLICK HERE


Jackson Petitions
There are 2 petitions going on right now trying to get Kate Jackson's TV series The Rookies & Scarecrow & Mrs. King released to DVD.  Don't know if these online petitions actually work... but can't hurt to try! 

Here are the links to add your names to the list:

The Rookies:

Scarecrow and Mrs.King:


Surfing with Farrah
Jeff Brewster's 'Surfing with Farrah' photo is the cover shot for January 2006 issue #60 of  BLUE magazine.

"Blue" is a gay magazine from Australia which runs about $25.00 an issue. Fans can view the magazine @ studiomagazines.com  or check out the  great work of Jeff @ www.jeffbrewster.net.

The January issue of BLUE is on newsstands now.


Jackson TONIGHT on Larry King
Kate Jackson from her 2005 appearance on Larry KingKate Jackson will be appearing on Larry King Live tonight Feb 3, 2006 on CNN.  The show is titled "Surviving Heart Disease" and Jackson will speak about heart disease.

 The show airs at 9pm (est) 6pm (pst)  and re-airs at 9pm (pst)/12(est) on CNN.

Farrah Noxzema Commercial - Saturday
Farrah's Noxzema commercial which she costars with Joe Namath will be airing on a new special Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials: Top 40 Countdown which premieres on Saturday Feb 4, 2006 on CBS at 8pm (est/pst).

Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials: Top 40 Countdown also scheduled to air on the NFL channel Monday, Feb 6  at 9am, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, and Tuesday, Feb 7 at 12am, 10am, 2pm.

January 2006

Eve's Christmas comes to DVD 
Cheryl Ladd
TV film Eve's Christmas will be released to dvd on November 1, 2005. 

In the film Ladd plays the mother to Eve. Eve is an unfulfilled ad executive who wakes up on Christmas and finds herself re-living her life - In her parents house and engaged to the man she ditched 12 years ago. 

To pre-order click here.

Jackson's Thunder & Lighting DVD
Kate Jackson's 1977 film Thunder & Lighting will hit dvd on December 13, 2005.  

Jackson co-stars with David Carradine who plays a  young man who hauls liquor for moonshiners comes up against a competing gang of moonshiners who intend to get rid of him and take over his operation.

To pre-order this 250 proof film of fun  CLICK HERE! 

Captain & Tennile & Angels

Captain & Tennille's Specials which showcases the original Charlie's Angels, Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith  street date has now changed.  The box set will hit stores on November 15th, 2005

To order the DVD box set:   CLICK TO PRE-ORDER

Cheryl Ladd for Krementz
This holiday season Angel, Cheryl Ladd now turned Supermodel for the new Holiday Gift Guide for Krementz. 

The catalog which is now available at fine jewelers and showcases five new photos of Ladd wearing heavenly jewelry. 

If your in Florida drop by De Paula Jewelers in Tavernier!  and thanks to Alex for sending us a gift book!


Fawcett New Product Spokesperson
RG Global Lifestyles, Inc.  announced this week that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Aquair, Inc., has signed a letter of intent with famed celebrity Farrah Fawcett to represent the Company as the pure water spokesperson for its products.

Terms of the definitive agreement will call for Ms. Fawcett to make
personal appearances at the AQUAIR
trade shows, to appear in print ads, TV ads and direct response medium to promote the Aquair line of products, which will include pure drinking water.



CharliesAngels.com eBay Auctions!
We are beginning to do ebay auctions on rare Charlie's Angels items and authentic signed items. For our first auctions we have some exclusively signed magazines and a T-Shirt from Farrah Fawcett!!!  

Click on the links to see the auctions!
1) Farrah Fawcett Blue T-shirt Signed
2) HTexas Magazine signed Name
3) Autogrpah Magazine Signed with Love & Happiness
4) Autogrpah Magazine Signed Name Only

Next item which will be auctioned is a pair of Farrah Fawcett sunglasses!!!! 

December 2005

Angels Are Everywhere
Tanya Roberts Jaclyn Smith is featured as one of the interviews on Oprah Winfrey Show "20th Anniversary Collection" DVD set.
UPDATE -- This info might not be true.  Fans have emailed to say they have not found Smith on the dvd!  Let us know if you have!  info@charliesangels.com

Farrah and Tanya both appear on the WE channels I Can't Believe I Wore That specials.  There are 4 specials "The 70's", "The 80s", "The 90s" and "The Millennium". 

A new interview with Tanya can be seen in "The 80s" and is briefly seen in "The Millennium".  Check out the Women's Entertainment channel line-up, since these programs will continue to re-air throughout rest of the this week and next week.

Jaclyn on The View - Wed.
Jaclyn Smith will host a Kmart fashion show this WEDNESDAY, DEC. 7 on the ABC's The View.

More on Smith's clothing line at Kmart visit her online store! Click Here


Ladd on Vegas - Dec 5
Cheryl Ladd will be seen on Las Vegas again on Monday, December 5 @ 9pm (est/pst) on NBC.  

The episode titled, "Down And Dirty" - Jillian (Ladd) visiting an old flame which gets her husband, Ed (James Caan) hot under the collar!  Just when a televised national poker tour comes to the Montecito Danny (Josh Duhamel) and Mike (James Lesure) have a hunch that someone is cheating so they investigate security footage despite protests from the show's producers. 


TVGuide.com's Daniel Coleridge on the set of TNT's WANTED with stars, Lee Tergesen and Josey Scott.   Photo: Patrick Ecclesine/TNTIs this the new male version of Charlie's Angels??

We can only wish.. but it's TVGuide.com's Daniel Coleridge on the set of WANTED with stars, Lee Tergesen and Josey Scott. 

Daniel went deep undercover to find out the dirt on the show as he plays a drug addict kid who is arrested from a LA crack house! 

You can find more about his experience on the set on his online "Wanted Set Diary"! CLICK HERE.  Daniel's episode of WANTED airs on Monday, Dec 5 on TNT @ 10pm (est/pst).

Charlie's Calling Daniel... Time to go to work!!! 
You Go Angel!!!! 


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