November 2006

Let Sony Know you want Season 4
FAKE box cover artwork by Mike Pingel/CharliesAngels.comWe have gotten thousands of emails regarding if Sony will release season 4 & 5 on to DVD. The answer is we don't know.  But if the fans show support with a release than maybe they will move faster with them.

If you'd like to see seasons 4 & 5 of Charlie's Angels released to DVD, email Sony a message at

The image is a "fake" box cover artwork made by Mike Pingel.  posted (11/1/07


Angels on Cover of PEOPLE!
On the new issue of People the top left hand corner are ANGELS!!  The angels are interviewed and there is a stunning picture inside. But also in OK, US, IN-Touch there are also shots of the angels!!  Nice to have our angels back!!!


The Angels also where on English newspapers!


....and also on the FRONT COVER of the Los Angeles Times on Monday, Aug 28!!!!   Now that's heavenly....

Angels Reunite on Emmy
(c)NBCThe original Charlie's Angels came together for a special tribute to Aaron Spelling on tonight's primetime Emmy's. 

When the Angels arrived onto the stage... it took the Emmy audience by storm with  HUGE applause and shouts!  

Farrah, Kate & Jaclyn looked stunning like they just walked of the set of Charlie's Angels in 1976.  The trio spoke heart felt speeches about Spelling, a man who produced Charlie's Angels which shot all of their careers into super stardom.  Good to see your Angels.....MORE PLEASE..

If you missed the show the first time you can watch the repeat on Bravo check their listings for a date and time.

FAN DVD reviews of Season 3!
Thanks to all the fans who sent in their thoughts on the new box set! ~ Mike Pingel

"Love the episodes, but was disappointed with the fact that there were ZERO extras! COME ON SONY! Would it have been THAT difficult to get an actor commentary on even ONE episode? Jaclyn would have done it! I would have loved to see a "featurette" about Charlie's Angels merchandise... or even a commercial or ad for the products or the show.
Basically, the episode quality was good, the episodes were great (as expected) but EXTRAS are what the fans would love!  Someone from Sony should start recruiting Shelley Hack NOW for a commentary on the Season Four set!" ~Geret Coates

"I am really enjoying the third season, and I hope that season's 4,and 5 are released soon."  ~Gary S.

"I am an avid fan of Charlie's Angels. I have purchased the Season 3 set and I love it to death. All episodes seem to be complete as I remember them when they were first aired on TV. Best Episodes on this set is Terror On Skis. This particular season, I don't get tired of watching them over and over as I do Season 1." ~ Albert S.

"I really love Season 3. It was released at just the right time. I was home sick for 2 weeks & my friend bought it for me so I wouldn't be bored. I watched "Angels in Vegas" & a few other episodes. Why is it that Kate Jackson always got to have a romance and never had to wear a bathing suit, showgirl costume or anything remotely sexy? I even got to watch an episode that they hardly ever re-ran. I vaguely remember this episode. It's the episode where "Sally Miles" is the target & NOT the angels, called "Angels Belong In Heaven." I really enjoyed "Twilliger's Twenty" I especially liked when Jaclyn Smith had to jog in place to remember the license plate of the kidnappers.

I must say my favorite episode on this DVD was "Mother Angel", mainly because we had the opportunity to see 4 angels & Gary Collins play against type. I loved the interaction between Jill & Kris Munroe. It was fun seeing them being sisters. Also Olivia Barish at the little girl who is trying to be so grown up did a good job. "Mother Angel" is a must see! I think everyone should buy Season 3. I can't wait for Season 4
& 5!!!!"  ~ Janice Ogata

"I'm obviously enjoying the DVD and can't wait for season 4. However, I'm always disappointed in the lack of extras. It would be great to have interviews on seasons 4 and 5, and I wonder if there are bloopers somewhere out there. I have not finished watching them all. I'm not sure if the 2 hour episodes have edits, like the 2-hour season 2 episodes did." ~ Charlie's Angels fan

"I really love the Season 3 dvd.  I can't wait for the 4th and 5th seasons to arrive here. Nice Job!" ~Mike

"Excellent package and an exciting experience to see the first episodes
that Farrah did after all these years" ~ Denis Rivera

Jackson's New TV Movie 
Kate Jackson from the 2006 Emmy's  photo(c)2006Pingel
Kate Jackson's new film A Daughter's Conviction will air on Nov 19, 2006 on  Lifetime - 9 pm est/pst. 

A Daughter's Conviction  is a taut, nail-biting drama about a woman who has been imprisoned for the brutal murder of her husband. When beloved Seattle Tribune columnist and community hero Jack McBride is bludgeoned to death in his home, the only suspect is his wealthy wife of six months, Maureen Avery. Found passed out on a combination of antidepressants and alcohol, she has no recollection of the night in question. Although all evidence points directly to Maureen, her daughter Jo Avery sets out to prove her motherís innocence. As her investigation deepens, it seems thereís no one in town who wasnít somehow caught up in Jackís scandalous secret life of gambling and womanizing. Now itís up to Jo alone to figure out whoís guilty of Jackís murder and to clear her motherís name.


Ladd on Las Vegas this Friday
Cheryl Ladd will be on the new Friday episode of Las Vegas! 

in the episode titled " Delinda'S Box, Part I And Ii"  in this 2-hour episode secrets aren't the only thing buried as Ed (James Caan) and Danny (Josh Duhamel) only have twelve hours to save Delinda (Molly Sims) from her kidnappers, so they must steal 50 million dollars from the Montecito or she will be buried alive.



October 2006

Happy B-day Angels!
This week two of our favorite Angels are sharing their Birthday's Jaclyn Smith (Oct. 26) and Kate Jackson (Oct. 29)! 

May all your Birthday DREAMS come true!!!   With lots of LOVE Happy Birthday, Angels!


Belated Happy Birthday Tanya! 
It was Tanya Roberts Birthday this past week on October 15!  
Happy Birthday ANGEL!!

Forsythe Diagnosed with Cancer
John Forsythe the voice of Charles Towensend has been diagnosed
with colon cancer. He is currently being treated and is
expected to return home this weekend and have a full recovery.

Forsythe played Charlie in both the series and the two feature

Chico's Angels are BACK!
CHICO's ANGELS #2 LOVE BOAT CHICAS re-opens for a limited 3 week run November 3rd - 19th

Someone is out to kill Charo and the only detectives/models ready for the case are the Angels. Join Kay Sedia, Chita Parol, and Frieda Laye as they set sail for mystery, intrigue and lust on the love boat.

Playing at The Cavern Club Theater Inside the Casita Del Campo Mexican Restaurant  (1920 Hyperion Ave Silverlake, CA 90027)

Fridays and Saturdays @ 9PM
Thursdays and Sundays @ 8PM

$20 reserved or $25 at the door RSVP online @ 
Or Call 323-969-2530

Farrah is doing GREAT!
This is the news story running on to view the story on line CLICK HERE

October 26, 2006) Ė Is Farrah Fawcet's condition worsening in her battle against anal cancer?

"She is having her good days and bad days," her spokesperson tells Access Hollywood.

"She looks great and her friends and family are rallying around her. She is not going to have a hysterectomy."

The last statement was issued in response to Internet reports that her health was rapidly deteriorating, and that a hysterectomy might be necessary.

Farrah was seen yesterday in this photo with Ryan O'Neal, leaving UCLA Medical Center in Westwood, Calif.

"She's in week 3 of her treatment and has 3 more weeks to go," her spokesperson continued. "She's had no setback with her treatment. Her prognosis is 100% and the doctors say she will fully recover. Ryan O'Neal is still by her side."

Angel DVD
On October 22, the second season of Batman Beyond is coming out on DVD. Kate Jackson did the voice of  "Bombshell" in the episode titled "Mind Games" during that season.  CLICK TO PRE-ORDER

Season 5 of Silk Stalkings is coming out on DVD September 5, which contains an episode in which Tanya Roberts made a guest appearance. CLICK TO PRE-ORDER

Chico's Angels are BACK!
The New and improved Chico's Angels 3 "Chicas in Chains" is BACK!!!! Someone has been slashing up young hookers and the Angels are all to eager to put on fishnets and cha cha heels to catch the bad guys! Come join a fun crazy cast and of course the Angels! Kay Sedia, Frieda Laye and the RETURN of the original Chita Parol, as they go under the covers to solve there next case.

Chico's Angels Opens Friday August 25 and runs thru Sunday October 1, and will play Friday and Saturday's @ 9 PM and Sunday's @ 8 PM, (note there will be NO SHOWS Sep. 15,16, and 17).  The show runs at the Cavern Club Theater inside the Casita Del Campo Mexican Restaurant. Tickets are $20.00 with reservation and 25.00 at the door. To make a reservation call 323-969-2530 tickets


Angel Reunion Talks
Last week USA TODAY and now the story has been picked up around the world about the original Angels are being asked to do a special.  They are being approached by Henry Winkler who has produced many reunion specials such as Dallas, Happy Days and Dynasty.  

Reports say that Farrah & Kate are not on board as of but Cheryl and Jaclyn are.  We will all have to see what happens! 


This week Farrah Fawcett is on the cover of People magazine 
as her friends are chatting about her fight with cancer.

Kate Jackson told People - "Farrah is overwhelmed by the wave 
of love and concern," said Kate "I ask that people who do pray, stick
in a word for Farrah."

Jaclyn Smith looks GREAT in this photo in the new issue of EMMY Magazine.
The shot was done by Charles Bush and was taken backstage of
the Emmys.

Kate Jackson has finished a new film for the Lifetime Channel. 
We don't know the title of the film but it should air in the next
few months.

Cheryl Ladd will be hitting the small screen this month when 
Las Vegas premiere is month on Friday, Oct 20th on NBC @ 9pm. 
Ladd also has a new "Menopause" commercial currently running 
on TV. 


Sept 2006

Pingel Celebrates with New Article's Mike Pingel celebrates the 30th Anniversary with a new article in the Gay & Lesbian Times.

There are new interviews with Pingel & heavenly Angel (& Mike's favorite Angel) Cheryl Ladd for the article.

Is that Pingel with Farrah & Jaclyn???  To find out more CLICK HERE


Celebrate 30 years of Angels!
30 years ago... way back on Sept 22, 1976 the very first episode of Charlie's Angels hit the airwaves.  Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith became known around the world as "Charlie's Angels"   Their very first case as Sabrina, Jill and Kelly was "Hellrider"  where the Angels go deep under cover to uncover a plan to steal diamonds. 

The first TV guide ad for the Sept 22, 1976 episode for "Hellrider"

TV landscape would never be the same and Charlie's Angels became an overnight success.  The Angels took the world by storm with magazine covers, posters, toys and just being heavenly.   For 22 episodes the heavenly-trio would fight crime and flirt with the voice on a speaker box. 

Charlie's Angels lasted for 5 years on ABC-TV.  Through those years three more Angels graced the Towensend Detective Agency.  Cheryl Ladd replaced Farrah Fawcett as Kris Munroe.  Ladd stayed with the series for the last 4 seasons.  Shelley Hack joined the cast after Kate Jackson left as Tiffany Welles. Hack only was around for one season.  The final Angel was Tanya Roberts who played Julie Rogers.  Jaclyn Smith was the only Angel to stay all five years. 

To celebrate in heavenly style...pull out those bell bottoms, your Farrah wig and put in the first season DVD of Charlie's Angels.... and take yourself back when the bad guys where bad and the Angels where ooohhhhh soooo good!!!! 

Happy 30th Anniversary Charlie's Angels!! 
You will be REMEMBERED forever!!!!


Fawcett Celebrates with Website opening!
Farrah Fawcett is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Charlie's Angels with the grand opening of her official website @

The site is filled with new and vintage items to buy. It also includes up-to-date info on Fawcett's current career!!! 

So drop by and check out Farrah's OFFICIAL website @


Statement from Farrah Fawcett
Throughout the journey of my life, I have maintained 
a strong faith in the power of the human spirit to 
overcome adversity. I deeply believe in oneís own positive will 
to overcome even the most daunting challenges.

I am resolutely strong and I am determined to bite the bullet and fight the fight while going through the next six weeks of cutting edge, state of the art treatment. I should be able to return to my life as it was before at the end of my treatment.

I am so grateful for the overwhelming outpouring of concern, love, prayers and compassion from all over the world. You are all a source of enduring strength.



Angel Updates.....
Cheryl Ladd will appearing on an upcoming episode of My First Time on TV Land, July 26, at 10pm (PST).  Check your locals listings for air times.

Cheryl Ladd's movie Though None Go With Me will released to DVD on September 6.
Farrah's appearance on So Notorious will be released to DVD on October 17 - as the entire series will be released.

Angel Round-up
All this weekend you can catch the new episode of Project Runway on Bravo one of the designers must make a outfit which represents the style of icon Farrah Fawcett in the episode titled "Icon Statement."  Go to for times and dates.

Cartoon Network has released the first official season of Johnny Bravo onto iTunes. That means the episode containing "Johnny meets Farrah Fawcett" is available for only $1.99!

Emma an Angel fan has hit the web with a new Charlie's Angels website @

Angels Shopping Together!
Cheryl Ladd & Jaclyn Smith got together and took some time to do some heavenly shopping together!!!  We have not seen these Angels together since the 1994 People's Choice Awards when they honored Aaron Spelling!    The photo/article ran in the Sun Mirror in England on Monday, Aug 6th, 2006



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