February 2007

Farrah Turns 60 & is Cancer Free!
Farrah Fawcett turns 60 today (Feb 2) also announced that she has gotten clean bill of heath from her doctors! She is cancer free!!!  Here is the statement she released today and what Kate & Jaclyn had to say

Statement from Farrah Fawcett:

"This is an extraordinarily happy day for me and my family. I have been on a journey for the past four months and during this time received a tremendously aggressive treatment which doctors initially warned me would be the most difficult fight of my life. I was told they needed me to “bite the bullet” and that would require great courage and unfailing determination. In the face of excruciating pain and uncertainty, I never lost hope and it never occurred to me to stop fighting - not ever. 
This experience has also humbled me by giving me a true understanding of what millions of others face each day in their own fight against cancer. I hope that my news might offer some level of inspiration to others who unfortunately must continued to fight the disease. So to those who are still struggling toward their own victory, stay determined, “fight the fight” and I will keep you and your families in my thoughts and prayers.
I am deeply grateful to my team of physicians, my loving and supportive family and devoted friends who have sustained me as I battled this terrible disease, strengthened by my faith in God and the encouragement of so many.”  -Farrah Fawcett

Kate Jackson said: "I have never seen anyone go through so much with such dignity and determination.  I am in awe of her strength and courage.” 
Jaclyn Smith said: "I'm so proud of Farrah's courage and positive attitude in facing this difficult challenge.  It's a testimony to her spirit as well as early detection that allowed her to beat this dreaded disease.  I love her and as girlfriends do, I look forward to good times together." 

We all send your love to Farrah!!!  Happy Birthday and so glad you won your fight!!!!

New CA Yahoo Group
We have had so many questions for a page that fellow angel fans can chat and communicate with each other.  So CharliesAngels.com has  set up a YAHOO! Group for all who want to chat and connect! 

To join click on the link:  http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/charliesangels2007/


Fight the Fight T-shirt!
Farrah has released so many new items on her official website...it's going to be a HAPPY HOLIDAY for many Farrah fans!! 

She has new up on her site her own designed cross bracelets the ULTRA rare "All of Me" dvd  which in last month Playboy called "All of Me"  an ultra RARE item.  You can even get the dvd signed by Farrah!

Also she has released "Fight The Fight" t-shirt which showcases her motto as she has gone through her personal fight against cancer.  This might be the must have T-shirt of the Holidays with a potion of the profits going to The American Cancer Society.

Visit Farrah's website @ www.farrahfawcett.us

Donny & Marie on DVD
The new Best of Donny and Marie: Volume 1 dvd contains a one segment which showcases Cheryl Ladd. 

The dvd contains 4 episodes with highlights taken from many episodes of the Donny & Marie Variety Show which aired on ABC. 

Each episode is not a complete show - that is way there is only one part with Cheryl Ladd on it.

To buy the dvd: CLICK HERE


Charlie's Angels Locally in LA
Charlie's Angels is popping up all over on local tv now!!  Here in Los Angeles the show is now airing on KDOC-TV weeknights @ 7pm.

Also on Thanksgiving day, ION will be airing a Charlie's Angels Marathon!  Now..that is something to give thanks for!



Cheryl Ladd signed items!
On Cheryl Ladd's official website @ www.cherylladd.com Ladd has just released a new batch of fun signed items for sale. It's not to early to start your holiday shopping!!! 

Go to www.cherylladd.com/store.html to see all for sale.




Farrah's Commerical Found!
This ultra cool Farrah Fawcett commercial for Lady Schick Speed Styler has just surfaced on YouTube.com! 

But we uncovered that you can own it for yourself in the dvd release called: The 70s DimensionsCLICK HERE TO ORDER THE DVD.

and...watch the commercial online for free just below!!!




Farrah Farrah Farrah!
This week on CBS.com Farrah is up for the BEST SUPERBOWL Commercial ever with one of her Noxzema commercials!!!  Help out Farrah with voting for her @ CLICK HERE  

Farrah's Saturn 3 will be re-made by director James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Schwarzenegger is rumored to be the voice of the robot.

Farrah's A&E Biography will be released on February 27 onto DVD. 

Smith's Hosts Reality Series
Bravo's upcoming reality series Shear Genius will be hosted by Jaclyn Smith.  The show will on the client-driven, high-end competitive world of hairstyling. 

Shear Genius is scheduled to premiere in spring 2007



Angel Updates:
Cheryl Ladd is currently film new episodes of Las Vegas!  Rumor has it she will be in the next 3 episodes.  Oh how heavenly!!

Tell Sony Home Entertainment to release "The Rookies" next!!!! (we really think Season 4 of Charlie's Angels should be first!) ...but at least we'll see more of Heavenly Kate Jackson!!!!   CLICK HERE to vote

March 20 Comedy Central's William Shatner Roast will hit DVD which features Farrah Fawcett.  To Buy CLICK HERE


January 2007

Note from Pingel on book
Dear Angel Friends, 

I know some of you have not gotten your book from the publishers.. and I'm very sorry about that!

I have been told they will be in this week and shipped.  I know I sound like a broken record..but I'm doing everything in my power to get them to you ASAP.

If you bought a copy from Amazon.com and you enjoy your book or at least liked it could you be so kind to post a review on Amazon.com.  Many of the posting that are online where for the 'BAD" book which had missing words and messed up photo layouts...any nice comments would be appreciated. 

Thanks so much & Happy New Years!  Mike Pingel

Wagner Losses CA Lawsuit
Robert Wagner's claim for millions of dollars in profits from the "Charlie's Angels" movies has been rejected by a Los Angeles appeals court.  The lawsuit main point was that he was eligible for a share of the profits due to the movies  based on the 70s television series

Actor, Robert Wagner whom with the late Natalie Wood where "silent" partners/owners with Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg of the original Charlie's Angels TV series.

The two films made over $500 million dollars and was based on the original TV series. Both films were produced by Leonard Goldberg who also produced the series with the late, Aaron Spelling. 


December 2006

Jaclyn Shares Holiday Tips!
Jaclyn Smith is sharing some great Christmastime Decorating tips on her personal website!!!

You to can decorate like an ANGEL!!!  Go to www.jaclynsmith.com!


Farrah's Note to Fans
Yesterday, (Dec 5) Farrah Fawcett has given an exclusive Personal Note to Access Hollywood in the response to all the great support fans have shown and their AH story "Letters to Farrah."

Check your local listings for times of Access Hollywood for their great story and do check out their website @ www.accesshollywood.com


Farrah's Note To Her Fans

To My Friends Around The World,

All your cards and letters have meant so much to me during what has
been a very difficult time in my life . . .

So many of you wrote that I had inspired you in one way or another over
the years. Well, now you have done the same for me. Your words of
encouragement have helped keep me strong during these last six weeks. And now that I have completed my treatments, I am happy to say that the hardest part is over. Of course the passage of time will be the most accurate test, but I am starting to feel better and I am looking forward to going back to work after the holidays.

Until then, I wanted to thank you all and wish you and your families a
Happy and Healthy New Year.


Jaclyn Smith mentioned at her a recent signing in Virginia
that she and co-star Angel, Cheryl Ladd will co-star in a film
for Hallmark.

Smith also said she will be doing a guest appearance with
Ladd on Las Vegas this season!

Now..that's a heavenly rumor!

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