February 2008

Dancing with the Stars Rumor
TV Guide recently mentioned a rumor that Cheryl Ladd will be doing the new season of Dancing With The Stars. 

Cheryl has confirmed with us that she is not doing the the new season. She also wants all her fans know if she ever decides to do the show she will let us know right away as she sure would need and appreciate our support!!! (02/03/08)




PRE-Order Josie & the Pussycats!
Cheryl Ladd's Josie & the Pussycats is coming to DVD on September 18th. The two disc set contains 16 episodes on 2 discs.

Josie & the Pussycats was based on the popular Archie Comic created by the late Dan DeCarlo. The show was produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and aired on CBS in 1970. 




The Rookies 1st Season
Sony Entertainment will be releasing the first season of The Rookies out on dvd July 17, 2007 to TO ORDER CLICK HERE

The Rookies stars Sam Melville as Mike Danko, Michael Ontkean as Willie Gillis, and Georg Stanford Brown as Terry Webster. They portray three young and handsome new police officers learning to protect and serve the public under the watchful guidance of Gerald S. O'Loughlin as Lt. Ed Ryker.

Also starring is Kate Jackson as Jill, a practicing nurse married to Mike Danko. The Rookies depict the personal and professional adjustments officers make as they embark on their careers and focus on the dramatic police cases they are assigned.

Notable guest stars the first season include  Cheryl Ladd, Martin Sheen, Tyne Daly, Louis Gossett, Jr., and Dick Van Patten.

*** Also Kate Jackson will be in the season 2 of Criminal Minds release on DVD September 25.  Jackson made a guest appearance on the episode "Honor Among Thieves".   TO ORDER CLICK HERE *****

DVD Updates:
Here are some Angel dvds that one might have over looked.  The films are listed for about $7.00 each!!!  

Cheryl Ladd's Aftermath; Jaclyn Smith's Kisses Before Lives and Shelley Hack's Shattered Silence.

The links are below to check them out on amazon.com

Cheryl Ladd's Aftermath CLICK HERE

Jaclyn Smith's Lies Before Kisses CLICK HERE

Shelley Hack's Shattered Silence CLICK HERE 

Heavenly New DVDs
Check out these Angels TV films to be released on October 2 onto DVD.  Cheryl Ladd's Vows of Deception and The Other Side of Love (aka Locked Up: A Mother's Rage); Jaclyn Smith's Three Secrets and Shelley Hack's Frequent Flyer (this film is already out). The films are listed for $5.95 each.

Click for Ladd's The Other Side of Love

Click for Ladd's Vows of Deception

Click for Smith's Three Secrets

Click for Hack's Frequent Flyer



Who am I? 
OH YEAH, I'm Kris Munroe.

Charlie's Angels - Angel on My Mind

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A new Kate Jackson Commercial!



Happy Birthday Farrah!

It's Farrah Fawcett's  birthday today!  All of us here at CharliesAngels.com hope she is having a wonderful day!

Fans around the world send their birthday wises via YouTube! Kiko, who put the video together also had a brand new Farrah Fawcett song produced specially for this video!  ENJOY!


January 2008

Farrah on Entertainment Tonight
Starting on Thursday, Jan 31 - Entertainment Tonight and The Insider will be doing a multi-part interview titled Farrah Fawcett:  The fight for her life. 

Farrah going through her cancer crisis as video taped by her friend Alana Stewart.  



Help the Fight
Farrah Fawcett is hoping you will continue to help her with the Fight To Fight campaign with buying a Fight the Fight T-shirt and receive a special collectable gift!  This offer has been extended thru January.

The t-shirt costs $45.00 which includes shipping contact: Keith at Stillchasingff@aol.com  for details where to send payment for the  T-shirt w/free gift. (1/9/07)





The L Angels
The new episode of The L Word this week has done a parody of 'Charlie's Angels'! So check it out all this week on SHOWTIME.  Watch the lesbian episode below!!

Tomorrow 1/22 8:00 PM
Thursday  1/23 11:00 PM
Friday      1/24 10:00 PM
Saturday  1/25 11:00 PM



Oprah looks at Shelley
Oprah! On tomorrow's Wed, Jan 23 show, they are going to have a show about everything American.

They are going to be featuring a Charlie commercial from the 70s that made Oprah want to take stride down the street.

Who knows.. maybe Shelley Hack with show up and do her famous walk.  (but we don't know if she will be a guest on the show)




December 2007

Ladd on Happy Days
Cheryl Ladd's will appears on the second season of "Happy Days" out next week on DVD.  Ladd plays a Hollywood starlet which Richie wins a date with.  To order CLICK HERE.

Here are a few photos from Ladd's episode" "Wish Upon A Star"


Fawcett on book cover
Farrah Fawcett
is featured on the cover of The Best of Cosmopolitan.

The Best of Cosmopolitan: The 70s and 80s is a fascinating trawl through these hallowed pages, the woman's Bible to all things sex, fashion and romance. Featuring the very best of the big name interviews, frank relationship advice and just the occasional fashion faux pas, this is a must have purchase for all fans of the magazine.

The book is available in England and can order copies through the Amazon England website (www.ebay.co.uk)  Or you can pay double the actual price and get one on ebay. (12/8/07)




Angel Alerts!!
On November 1, EXTRA will be doing a feature on "Farrah's Home Movies Shot by Ryan O'Neal" - so check out your local listings for times and channels.

Cheryl Ladd will be seen on two covers in Nov/Dec.  The Grand Magazine (cover with her grandson Nehemiah) will be the December issue! (see image)  She will also be on the cover of Viva magazine Nov/Dec issue.  These both might be on newsstands now.

Two snippets of Farrah's 1994 Larry King Live interview (equaling a little over 2 minutes) is featured on the "Larry King Live: Greatest Interviews" DVD set. CLICK TO ORDER

Jaclyn Smith was featured on last months cover of the Paula Young Wig Catalog. Not sure if it's available anymore.  www.paulayoung.com

Ladd's on Vivid
Cheryl Ladd is on another cover this month on Canada's Vivid magazine! 

So all you Canadian fans run out and buy a copy!!  (this issue is even being given out free at stores)

..and send us over here at CharliesAngels.com a few copies!!! :-)  (12/12/07)




Ladd helps to create a change
Cheryl Ladd is a new spokesperson for the company Create the Change   Create the Change donates 100% of its profits to helping those in need.

Help out with their Holiday project, Christmas Stockings.  The stockings are being sent to men and women serving in the military, to children who are in the hospital for the holidays, to families who are in need, and to people undergoing chemotherapy. Each stocking will contain gifts suitable for the person’s age, gender and situation and only costs $25.00 each. 
To help out go www.createthechange.com

"Create the Change is a beautiful concept that brings people, progressive products and charitable work together, and makes it easy for anyone to help change the world" ~Cheryl Ladd



Jackson on Porntourage
Kate Jackson makes a guest appearance in Porntourage.  She is only in the show for a brief second in episode three.

If you want to see her bit part go to  http://www.porntourage.net/index.html



Ladd Hole-in-One!
Callaway is giving Cheryl Ladd the first in a series of limited edition drivers…as a result of her hole-in-one performance at the Riviera last month!!!

The Callaway Golf limited edition teal FT-i driver to support the Callaway Golf Foundation Women's Cancer Initiative.  A portion of the proceeds from each driver will go toward helping fund treatments and finding a cure for Ovarian Cancer.  Only 1,000 of the drivers were produced and each is individually numbered, making this club a highly sought after and collectible item.  (12/8/07)



It's the Holidays!
What if Angels worked at the North Pole with Santa?? Well...the Angels have just been ELF'ed!  Check it out... Happy Holidays!




Jaclyn's New Interview!

Tanya's Golf Show
Here is a video of a new show Tanya has filmed.  Not sure if it's been picked up yet...but it's fun to see Tanya & her Beastmaster co-star Mac Singer together again! 

The show named CELEBRITY TEE TIME is hosted by PGA Pro and Instructor Tom Ward and Tanya Roberts.






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