April 2008

Heavenly New DVDs
Check out these Angels TV films to be released on October 2 onto DVD.  Cheryl Ladd's Vows of Deception and The Other Side of Love (aka Locked Up: A Mother's Rage); Jaclyn Smith's Three Secrets and Shelley Hack's Frequent Flyer (this film is already out). The films are listed for $5.95 each.

Click for Ladd's The Other Side of Love

Click for Ladd's Vows of Deception

Click for Smith's Three Secrets

Click for Hack's Frequent Flyer



The Rookies 1st Season
Sony Entertainment will be releasing the first season of The Rookies out on dvd July 17, 2007 to TO ORDER CLICK HERE

The Rookies stars Sam Melville as Mike Danko, Michael Ontkean as Willie Gillis, and Georg Stanford Brown as Terry Webster. They portray three young and handsome new police officers learning to protect and serve the public under the watchful guidance of Gerald S. O'Loughlin as Lt. Ed Ryker.

Also starring is Kate Jackson as Jill, a practicing nurse married to Mike Danko. The Rookies depict the personal and professional adjustments officers make as they embark on their careers and focus on the dramatic police cases they are assigned.

Notable guest stars the first season include  Cheryl Ladd, Martin Sheen, Tyne Daly, Louis Gossett, Jr., and Dick Van Patten.

*** Also Kate Jackson will be in the season 2 of Criminal Minds release on DVD September 25.  Jackson made a guest appearance on the episode "Honor Among Thieves".   TO ORDER CLICK HERE *****

PRE-Order Josie & the Pussycats!
Cheryl Ladd's Josie & the Pussycats is coming to DVD on September 18th. The two disc set contains 16 episodes on 2 discs.

Josie & the Pussycats was based on the popular Archie Comic created by the late Dan DeCarlo. The show was produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and aired on CBS in 1970. 




Smith's newest DVD
Elizabeth Bentley is a successful lawyer who suddenly has some "punkish" daydreams of being "Rambo" right around the time her clueless boyfriend Brad asks her to marry him. After a therapy session, she quits her job to the surprise of her family and Brad, and goes into the detective business, opening her own private-eye office. Unfortunately, the ghost of the private-eye who owned the office still lingers and Elizabeth's the only one who can see or hear him. At first, she becomes an unwilling partner in Nick Peyton's unfinished investigation, but then she finds herself falling for the salty, but dead, guy.

You can buy your own copy of "Love Can Be Murder" starring Jaclyn Smith & Corbin Bernsen just CLICK HERE



Jackson's Hard Evidence
Kate Jackson's movie "Hard Evidence" has been released to DVD. .  . it's available through amazon.com  And even better, it's under $10.

This 1994,  film original title was "Justice in a Small Town"  Based on a true story,  A civil service worker in Georgia places her family at risk when she agrees to help expose high-level corruption.



The first season of Fall Guy is to released onto DVD June 5.  Farrah appeared in the pilot episode of the series.

Smith on Hardy Boys DVD!
Jaclyn Smith's appearance in the season 2 episode of the Hardy Boys "Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom" will be released to DVD on June 12. 

To pre-Order CLICK HERE





Jaclyn's Love Boat
New to DVD is the first season of The Love Boat, Vol. 1 with Jaclyn Smith's Episode. 

She is in episode #2 called "A Oh Dale/Main Event, The/Tasteful Affair" which she co-stars with her then husband Dennis Cole.

To order you copy today CLICK HERE



Cheryl's Muppet Episode on DVD
The third season of The Muppet Show will be coming to dvd on May 20th Cheryl Ladd is one of the guest stars for the '78-'79 season! 




Shelley Hack on Oprah!
This walkin' Angel was on Oprah today chatting about how "Charlie" cologne changed her life!  Here are a few screen captures!  Enjoy Angels

DVD Updates:
Here are some Angel dvds that one might have over looked.  The films are listed for about $7.00 each!!!  

Cheryl Ladd's Aftermath; Jaclyn Smith's Kisses Before Lives and Shelley Hack's Shattered Silence.

The links are below to check them out on amazon.com

Cheryl Ladd's Aftermath CLICK HERE

Jaclyn Smith's Lies Before Kisses CLICK HERE

Shelley Hack's Shattered Silence CLICK HERE 



March 2008

Angel Links!!
Check out this new interview with Cheryl Ladd on Bankrank.com CLICK HERE

A chance to meet Jaclyn Smith at High Point Furniture Market on April 8.  CLICK HERE for more info. 

Christos from Greece has created a new Charlie's Angels website.  The site looks at the original Angels plus the feature film angels.  It also includes photo galleries, articles, and magazine covers Check it out @  http://www.charliesangels.gr


Farrah in Rome
Super Farrah fan, Alberto went to see a exhibition of portrait of Timothy Greenfield-Sanders in  a famous museum in Rome and who did he run into?? Farrah!
...ok a just photo of her. 

If your in Rome got to Museo Carlo Bilotti. The exhibition runs through March 2008. 



Cheryl's recent appearance in Chicago











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