Mattle & CharliesAngels.com will be doing a heavenly giveaway with two new Farrah Fawcett's Black Label Barbie Collector's dolls.

Barbie® Collector pays tribute to beloved actress Farrah Fawcett and the look that turned her into a worldwide sensation with the Farrah Fawcett Barbie® doll.

Known for her girl next door charm, mega-watt smile and feathered blonde hair, The Farrah Fawcett Barbie® doll brings Farrah’s iconic red swim suit poster (which sold over 12 million copies) to life with a uniquely sculpted doll that captures the legendary poster and famous pose.

Just like the best-selling poster, the doll wears a red one-piece swimsuit and a gold necklace. With her hand in her hair and a huge, care-free grin, the doll sits in front of a re-creation of the striped blanket as seen in the original poster.

Farrah Fawcett Barbie® doll is now available at www.barbiecollector.com   $34.95

FYI - the Farrah Fawcett Barbie is now  sold out on their website. 

The Farrah Fawcett Barbie® doll contest is over. Winners will be announced shortly.


Retro Flashback:  An old article from 1977

2 New shots from Ladd's upcoming movie

Ladd's film set to airs in October 2011
Cheryl's Hallmark film,
Love’s Everlasting Courage will air in October on The Hallmark Channel.  CherylLadd.com will be releasing a new photos from the film until the film airs.

  • Farrah Updates:
    Star Magazine, on newsstands now is running an exclusive story that Ryan O'Neal busted with lost Farrah Fawcet Warhol. The story tells of the University of Texas searching for the second Andy Warhol painting he did of Farrah in 1980. The Farrah Fawcett Estate told them it was missing, but on O'Neal's reality show - everyone in the world can see it clear as day above his bed.

    O'Neal was been on the talk show circuit talking about his new show and Monday on the that his "wild" kids were to blame for Farrah's cancer!  What the F*&^%!  Come on that is one crazy statement. CLICK HERE TO watch

    Nevis speaks out about Ryan in his own words on The Morton Report: CLICK HERE TO READ

    Farrah Fawcett fans are coming together in-support to try to get the California's Attorney General office to start an investigation of Farrah's estate.  Join them on Facebook page: Farrah Fawcett - "We Want The Truth"

    Troubles with Charlie's Angels 2011
    Here is some news on ABC-TV's troubled revamp series.
    Well, the new series was only picked up for 11 episodes (not a full season). In TV world equals that ABC is not backing the series fully with not buying a full season of the show. 

    William Keck wrote in this TVGuide column that Robert Wagner who was to be the voice of Charlie has now  "scheduling conflicts" with recording the voice of Charlie.  Really? John Forsythe always said doing the voice of Charlie was the easiest job in Hollywood.  Maybe Wagner read the scripts?

    The 2011 actress will be at Comic-Con this Saturday, July 23 to get comic fans excited about the show.  Really comic book fans?  What about Charlie's Angels fans?  It's funny (or sad) that CharliesAngels.com's was not even told about the event.  They didn't even reach out to invite Mike Pingel to join the panel or even come down to meet the new Charlie's Angels. 

    CharliesAngels.com also has not been shown the pilot, offered zero interviews  or given any exclusives.  It reminds us when NBC did that horrible unauthorized TV movie on the show and they to would not play ball with CharliesAngels.com either and we all know how unwatchable that film turned out to be.

    Once again, it seems the powers to be really don't care about true fans of the original show.  Maybe they should have just called the show "The Alley Cats" because it doesn't seem anything like our heavenly "Charlie's Angles" which created a world wide sensation and created some of the most loyal fans around the world. 

    Other odd things about the new series...

    Where is Drew Barrymore?  Have not seen her do one interview to support the new series which her producing name is attached to.  She was all over the media supporting the two feature films...but nothing for this series.

    Why is the show set in Miami, Fl?   What was wrong with shooting the show in Los Angeles? The Angels can wear bikini's in Los Angeles too! Just ask Cheryl Ladd or Tanya Roberts!

    Why is one of the Angels named Kate?  We all think of Kate Jackson when the name "Kate" is mentioned with the series.  Did they name the character "KATE"  just to get true Charlie's Angels fans to remember the original series?  ..of course they did...a pretty cheap trick...why not name the other two Farrah & Jaclyn??  

    These new Angels are to be more edgy and full of criminal backgrounds but those are not Angels PLUS past criminals can not have guns or even associated with each other? So how can these "angels" work together? 

    Angel Birthdays - July!
    Angelic Heaven wants to send out "Happy Birthday Wishes" to two heavenly angels, Shelley Hack and Cheryl Ladd.
    Hack's birthday is on July 6th
    Ladd's is July 12!

    Happy Birthday Angels!

    Farrah Fawcett Forever
    Today, June 25, 2011 is the 2nd anniversary of Farrah Fawcett's passing.  She lost her life after a three year fight with cancer.
    Fans around the world are taking time to remembered our Angel, Farrah Fawcett.

    A group are expected to gather at her grave this afternoon in Westwood, CA.

    Many fans are lighting candles and having masses in the name for Farrah.

    Others will take the time to watch their favorite Charlie's Angels episode or movie.

    However you take time today to remember Farrah Fawcett. She would want you to enjoy life and enjoy your family and friends.  Life is to short not to share your love with the ones you love. 

    Below is the video of which was made for her birthday this year.  Enjoy!










    Chico's Angels Music Video
    Chico's Angels Theme Song- Music Video funded by all of the Chico's Angels Fans from Kickstarter, Facebook and beyond!!! This is the first one in a series of Three!!!


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