Aaron Spelling grew up the son of a poor Jewish immigrants in Dallas,Texas. He attended Southern Methodist University where he won the prestigious Harvard Award for he best original one-act play and only student to direct a major play in the history of SMU. After graduation, Spelling moved to Hollywood in 1953. As an actor, Spelling appeared in more than fifty shows and a dozen films. He appeared in Dragnet, Gunsmoke and I Love Lucy. In 1954, Spelling began his writing career with the Zane Grey series, Last Man and Playhouse 90. Four years later Spelling produced his first series called Johnny Ringo. He went on to be producer for two other series. Spelling started his first partnership with Danny Thomas and during the three year partnership they produced The Danny Thomas Show, The Guns of Will Sonnet and The Mod Squad, plus six movies of the weeks for ABC-TV.

In 1971, Spelling formed a partnership with Leonard Goldberg, produced 38 television films and many top rated series: Charlie’s Angels, Starsky and Hutch, Fantasy Island, Hart to Hart and Family. During the late 80’s, Spelling’s company moved into theatrical films, with producing such hits as: Mr. Mom, ‘night Mother and Soapdish. Spelling also has produced some of the most talked about television movies in history of television with The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, Day One, And the Band Played On. Spelling won Emmy’s for Day One & And The Band Played On. Currently, on television Spelling produces, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, 7th Heaven, Pacific Palisades, and Sunset Beach. And seems to be no end insight for this prolific producer!

Aaron Spelling has been married twice. His first marriage was with actress, Carolyn Jones. Carolyn is best known for her role as Morticia on The Adams Family. The couple divorced before both of their careers were successful! A few years latter, Spelling meet Candy Marer, who he fell in love with as been married ever since. Candy and Aaron have two children, Tori and Randy. Candy is seen on QVC selling her dolls that she creates, and the profits go to Centro de Ninos, a free daycare for the poor. Tori, actress, plays Donna on Beverly Hills, 90210 and has done many television films. Randy, actor, works on the day time drama, Sunset Beach.

Spelling's most current projects were the theatical film Night Falls on Manhattan and Stephen King's Thinner. Mr. Spelling has his hand producing milions of hours of entertainment, it's truly hard to kept track!

Series produced
  • Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theatre~~CBS/1956-1962
  • Johnny Ringo~~CBS/1959-60
  • The DuPont Show with June Allyson~~CBS/1959-61
  • The Dick Powell Show~~NBC/1961-63
  • The Lloyd Bridges Show~~CBS/1962-63
  • Burke’s Law~~ABC/1963-66
  • The Smothers Brothers Show~~CBS/1965-66
  • Honey West~~ABC/1965-66
  • The Danny Thomas Hour~~NBC/1967-68
  • The Guns Of Will Sonnett~~ABC/1967-69
  • Rango~~ABC/1967
  • The Mod Squad~~ABC/1968-73
  • The New People~~ABC/1969-70
  • The Silent Force~~ABC/1970-71
  • The Most Deadly Game~~ABC/1970-71
  • The Rookies~~ABC/1972-76
  • Chopper One~~ABC/1974
  • Starsky adn Hutch~~ABC/1975-79
  • S.W.A.T.~~ABC/1975-76
  • Charlie’s Angels~~ABC1976-81
  • Family~~ABC/1976-80
  • The Love Boat~~ABC/1977-86
  • The San Pedro Beach Bums~~ABC/1977
  • Vega$~~ABC/1978-81
  • Fantasy Island~~ABC/1978-84
  • Hart to Hart~~ABC/1979-84
  • Friends~~ABC/1979
  • B.A.D. Cats~~ABC/1980
  • Aloha Paradise~~ABC/1981
  • Dynasty~~ABC/1981-89
  • Strike Force~~ABC/1981-82
  • T.J. Hooker~~ABC/1982-87
  • Matt Houston~~ABC/1982-85
  • At Ease~~ABC/1983
  • Hotel~~ABC/1983-88
  • Glitter~~ABC/1984-85
  • Finder of Lost Loves~~ABC/1984-85
  • MacGruder & Loud~~ABC/1985
  • Hollywood Beat~~ABC/1985
  • The Colbys~~ABC/1985-87
  • Life with Lucy~~ABC/1986
  • HeartBeat~~ABC/1988-89
  • Nightingales~~NBC/1989
  • Beverly Hills, 90210~~Fox/1990-present
  • Melrose Place~~Fox/1992-present
  • The Heights~~Fox/1992
  • The Round Table~~NBC/1992
  • 2000 Malibu Road~~CBS/1992
  • Winnetka Road~~NBC/1994
  • Burke’s Law~~CBS/1994-95
  • Madman of the People~~NBC/1994-95
  • Models. Inc.~~Fox/1994-95
  • Heaven Help Us~~Syndie/1994-95
  • Robin’s Hoods~~Syndie/1994-95
  • University Hospital~~Syndie/1995
  • Kindred: The Embraced~~Fox/1995-96
  • Savannah~~WB/Fox/1995-1997
  • 7th Heaven~~WB/1996-present
  • Sunset Beach~`NBC~1997-present

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