David Doyle aka John Bosely

David Doyle grew up in Nebraska in a tight loving family. Doyle spent two years at The University of Nebraska studying Latin. But in 1950 he began attending New York's Neighborhood Playhouse where he begging working on his acting career. His first big break was when he replaced Walter Matthau on Brodaway show Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?. David moved on to work in numerous productions and directing over 60 plays. In was not until David hit Hollywood when he became a notable face. One of his first feature film breaks was staring with Kris Kristofferson in Vigilante Force. David moved onto working onto TV series, he played the Irish dad in Bridget Loves Bernie and the star's boss in The New Dick Van Dyke Show.

After Doyle's first wife Rachel died, he vowed never to marry again. But he was swept of to sea with a actress named Anne Nathan when the two worked on a revival of South Pacific. The happy couple found that Anne was stricken with the hereditary eye disease, Retinitis pigmentosa. David has one a daughter, Leah from his first marriage.

It was in 1976, when David signed on to the role of Bosely for a pilot film by Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg called Charlie's Angels. Although his part was small on the pilot, after ABC picked Angels up for the fall season, Aaron and Leonard combined the lawyer and Bosely characters together and David Doyle became Charlie's only male Angel. David stayed with the series throughout its full run (1976-1981).

During the 80's Doyle worked on many pilot's for series and did many stage and film productions. In the 90's, Doyle worked on the successful children's series Rugrats as the voice of Grandpa Pickles and the voice of Pepe of the major motion picture The Adventures of Pinocchio. David Doyle died on February 26, 1997 of a heart attack.

 We'll miss you David!

David Doyle, who is best remembered as the beloved John Bosley on Charlie's Angels, died of a heart attack on Wednesday, February 26, 1997, at the age of 67. Doyle is survived by his wife, Anne Doyle, and his daughter, Leah. Mr. Doyle's career consisted of over fifty films, Broadway shows, many television series including Bridget Loves Bernie, The New Dick Van Dyke Show, and most recently Nickelodeon's Rugrats as the voice of Grandpa Pickles. Doyle also had recent guest appearances on Aaron Spelling's Sunset Beach, ABC's Lois and Clark and New Line Cinema's The Adventures of Pinocchio.

But how can one forget the lovable "Bosley, John Bosley", who was the cornerstone for the Angels throughout the series entire run (1976-1981). "Charlie should be calling!" or his unforgettable wonderful warm laughter that rang throughout his life and career. David Doyle will be greatly missed by his loved ones, the Angels, and by millions of people around the world. We'll Miss You David!!!

Thoughts from the Angels on David Doyle

"David was one of the nicest people I ever worked with in my life. A man filled with humor, love and sincerity. I will miss him." -Aaron Spelling

"David Doyle always brought a smile to my face and made me laugh. My heart goes out to his family. My memories will always be treasured of a dear sweet friend." -Jaclyn Smith

"David was a wonderful human being and a joy to be around. He was a man who worked tirelessly in the fight against Retinitis Pigmentosa. I love the twinkle in his eye, the gravel in his voice, the joy in his quick witted laughter. David will always have a place in my heart." -Kate Jackson

"He was one of the kindest, gentlest people on he planet. I will miss him terribly." -Cheryl Ladd

Any cards of remembrance should be sent to:
Anne Doyle
c/o Ginger Lawrence/House of Representatives
4000 South Beverly Drive, Suite#101
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


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